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MQ gave out some really extraordinary gifts!

Posted By: I thought it was well done! on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: did anyone get any... - anmt


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John Lennon didn't do extraordinary things?
I'd say forming the Beatles, changing the face of rock music forever as well as fashion and writing a song like Imagine R pretty extraordinary, in my book.
for what god gave her in beauty, the devil gave her in insanity.
she is one scary chick to be raising kids.
I just gave notice at my job and all I gave them was when my last day would be. SM

I don't think they even cared why I was quitting.  I called the supervisor to tell her in person and she simple said "I need it in writing and when will your last day be".  Personally, I like things quick and painless. 


Seems to me I always give to the accounts and my IC's and I do get a bonus from one of my accounts but I have yet to receive anything from my IC's but I am sure anything would be appreciated.   Even cookies or candy would be appreciated as I rarely have the time.




Good stuff <G>

I used to send bagel baskets and coffee
I'm 50ish and every year my older brother sends me a gift certificate for Victoria's Secret.  That way he doesn't have to worry about style, color, size, etc, and he knows I wouldn't normally shop there.   They have clothing, but also large assortment of perfumes, lotions, etc that are very nice.  Can't think of a single woman I know that would not like that.  It's a fun place to shop if you're not spending your "own" money....
I agree with something they wouldn't get for themselves. If you know shops near where they live, a manicure is always nice, I never do this for myself because I'm always on the computer and think I'm "not worth it" but boy, does it feel good and they're only $12 at the local shops popping up all over the place. Lotions are great but some "smells" bother people, have to be careful there. Local mall certificates are great, that way they can pick a store but if they have kids, they'll probably spend it on them. Good luck, what a nice brother you are! How about a nice scarf, they are in all prices and sizes.
yes. I have gotten a bonus from my company every christmas and I also sent a gift to the *office* last year for anyone who worked there. I don't know their personal home addresses, and probably don't want to, so just sent it to the office. I sent a combination of items from Popcorn Factorym but I am opting for chocolate this year! lol
Christmas gifts
I don't know your sisters, but if they are practical like I am, they might enjoy receiving a flowering plant (something to enjoy for months/years to come).
Also, with the price of gas as high as it is, a "gas card" would be nice. Or maybe a phone card for cell phone 'minutes'. How about a maid for a day? (I would love for someone to clean my windows for me.) Well now that you know what I want for Christmas, I will just sit back and wait . . . ;)
Girl gifts

Girls are so easy to shop for b/c we love everything! lol

Yes, bath & body works are great but if you are like me, then you already have a year's supply left over from previous gifts so i would actually pass on the bath sets.

I think that every girl, no matter what type of personality, loves being pampered at the spa. A nice massage or mani/pedi combo is best. I wouldn't give a facial though b/c some women don't like them (they are not good for sensitive skin) Or if you don't want to do the spa, how about a gift cert to her favorite hair salon?

Then of course, every gal loves any type of jewelry! Or if they already have a lot of jewelry, how about a new jewelry box or stand?

And don't forget technology! A new cell phone or a digi cam. Or if they already have both, new accessories for the phone or digi cam.

Want more ideas? How about a movie-themed gift? you could do a gift card for the local cinema, or buy some of their fav movies on DVD and include a small throw blanket & some microwave popcorn so they will have everthing they need to snuggle up this winter & watch a nice movie.

Then there are always gift cards to their fav restaurants, or you could get them tickets to a local theater show, or tickets to a wine-tasting event.  as i mentioned earlier, girls are easy to shop for! i am sure they will love anything you get them this holiday!

happy holiday shopping!!

We get gifts every year. sm
This year was a little candy jar full of goodies with the company name & logo on it. Not much but it is something.

For Xmas we got copies of the QuickLook Drug Book. Every year at least something.

No, I don't think MT week will go away - it is written into law and signed by Pres Reagan back in the 1980s.
grad gifts

I think that it varies throughout the country and the circumstances.


My husband and I are on a budget so we don't spend much.  For his great-nieces and nephews, we send a card with gift certificates for fast food restaurants and it is for 5 bucks.  Might not sound like much to many but they seem to appreciate it and we feel better not breaking the bank.  He has a huge family and to do more would be tough.

Graduation gifts

What is the going rate for a graduation gift?  It is the granddaughter of an acquaintance of ours.

Outdoor gifts
Such as concrete statuary for flower beds.  Even a beautiful flowering shrub that celebrates every year with them.  Now is the time to plant shrubs and trees so that would be great if they have a home and not an apartment. 
Gifts to doctors
St. Jude's Childrens Hospital sends a nice card if you donate money in their name. I think it would make the doctor feel wonderful and you are doing a great thing, everyone benefits. That's what I think is a great gift for someone who is a professional. Look them up on the Web.
I also make many gifts throughout the year....
and spend alittle on the grandkids. This year I'm making a collage of pictures of my mom and dad (both deceased) for my sister, and my 3 sons. Friends get baked goodies and candies.

Grandkids will each get a toy (yes "A" toy), and a couple of small books (I'm the "Book Gran"). I'll make stocking for my 3 sons, my DIL and my 3 grandkids, just trinkets, etc that I find at the dollar store, and fruit and candies (like M&M's). And that's it.

Christmas isn't about GIFTS, its about love, hope, and faith.
Most industries do not gives gifts or bonuses...
I would be happy if I got something from my company, but I would not be upset it I didn't.
Shopping - yes, making gifts - no
I still have pictures to frame and pillows to finish sewing and stuffing.
Good for you for homemade gifts
I at least try to make my cards each year.  It's nice to put a little homemade into the holidays.  By the way, I'm done.
One of the greatest gifts I have are my parents.
My father is a very strong Christian man. He worked hard all our lives and provided a living well enough that allowed my mother to stay home with us.

He took us to church, structured rules for us as teenagers, and loved us fiercely.

As I grew up and got married, I found my husband to be completely incapable of providing for me as my father (and mother) did. While it left me confused for quite a while, I finally realized that no man was worth my time or energy unless he could take care of me as well as or better than my father did and that I do.

I am shocked and hurt at the number of stories I hear from others everywhere about their lack of a wonderful family and childhood.

Honestly, I feel like I am the most blessed person I know considering my family, my children, and where I am in life.

My father gave me strength, discipline, a love for truth and self responsibility, and most importantly the key to knowing God.

I think I would just note "no gifts please".
Nor would I ever suggest only money be given.

If this is Spheris, they said the gifts were held up in
Christmas bonuses/gifts

Two questions: Do you receive any Christmas bonus or gift from your company, and do you give your company or team leader anything?  I was just curious. This is my first year to be working at home, as I have always worked in-house.  That was always the "fun" of working in the hospital -- the gift exchanging and Christmas parties!!!


gifts of pounding the pavement with
After several months of debating, I want to get out there and see if I can acheive my goal of trying to get accounts of my own.  Does outdoes anyone have any cool ideas of little gifts to leave along with my cards at doctors offices? Thanks a bunch!   
Did they register for gifts at cerain places? That
To any ICs out there who send Christmas gifts to MTSO, see msg
I'm looking for a different idea than Harry and David.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks.
We're not mentioning gifts in the invitations...sm
but are trying to figure out how to handle it when people call/e-mail/write and ask about gifts and do so tactfully, even when we say "no gifts preferred."
Well, that's all folks. All gifts have been given. It's been a wild ride
URGENT REQUEST: An MT that we sent a box of gifts to did not receive the package.

It was delivered to their porch according to UPS but she did not get it.  It contained gifts for her children.  Because we did not put insurance on the package, UPS will do nothing to assist.  The box alone to ship had cost $45.00 and insurance would have cost another $25.00.  It is a sad story, but what it boils down to is that the kids won't have a Christmas.  All monies in the Santa's House for Christmas Angels fund have been dispersed through the Christmas Angel program.

So, I am here to ask for help.  I would like to raise $150 to $200 today if at all possible and for anyone who donates $10.00 or more to this special cause, I will give a software package that contains a word Expander and spellchecker that is worth over $100.00 for your trouble.  Donations can be made to sales@mtstars.com via Paypal.

Again, thank you for your consideration.


What's wrong with "no gifts please" and then if some DO give money or
We received some nice gifts and it was great just to be acknowledged for a job well done.
I hope appreciation never goes away..
My favorite gifts over the years were the homemade ones - congrats for having the energy

I think you sound self absorbed to feel you deserve gifts. Being a mother is selfless. nm
p.s. my clinics give me Bday gifts and bake stuff for me! I'm a skinny single girl and I guess th
someone gave me a tip...
to make it larger, maybe it will help make it smaller:  Ctrl and scroll on mouse to adjust  -  any help?
you gave me an idea about E-bay...sm
I'll go check it out, but is it easy to sign up to sell something? What kind of account(s) do you have to have (Pay Pal, or will they send you a check?). Let us broke MTs know.

Congrats on the saved backside! We've all been there; in fact, I'm right there with ya!

Thanks for the E-bay suggestion!
MedQuist gave what they can
I also am in agreement with what Medquist did was great!

It doesn't matter what we think or feel, it is what the people receiving that money feel, and they are grateful! That is a lot of money in anyones eyes. Common sense should tell you that you only give what you can and if 20,000 is what MedQuist could give then that is not worth picking apart.

The points being brought up about how MedQuist just spent millions on legal fees should say something right there, they still gave didn't they? YES SIR!

No gripes here for the amount that MedQuist gave:)
VR would be better if they gave MTs the machine and
So the machine only has to get used to our sweet little voices instead of these speed demons and speech impedimentalists. 
I gave up proofreading...
when it became clear that  I had to move fast to produce reports in bulk  in order to make my production requirement as well as a decent hourly wage ($20 to $25 which I feel is fair for this type of work).  My feeling is that if that MTSOs wanted error free reports they would pay by the hour and not by production.  Most places which say they want 98% accuracy get this figure from a  random sample of reports sent to QA.  If you were falling below this consistently, and I am talking gross  mistakes in the reports, hopefully the service would hear it from the dictator, who has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring his/her  work is accurate.   
I don't believe that. God also gave us free will. nm
It all hangs on what you DO with what God gave you.

I gave the tip about using control+K
for command entries.

I purchased ShortHand and it is in the instruction manual that came with it.
Thanks to all that gave info:)
I gave them about 6 weeks.....
I kept thinking it would get better and after about 6 weeks when it was getting worse I just quit.
I really like the ideas you gave here
I, for one, am about to freeze my tush off this morning but I just came into my room to check email and such before any work today. The one I like the most, I think, is about the lap throw. I have seen the electric blankets but am not really sure about this. Is this a Wal-Mart item also? As I want to see any outside activity, sit in front of a really big window with the shutters open so that let in some of the cold, keep space heater going at my feet because like you, want to keep costs down in the rest of the home. Only 1 here most days and do not need to heat up this great big place. Thanks for the hints.
I just gave up IC for employee sm
My kids grew up, I paid off my house and I don't have enough expenses personally to itemize. What happened? I got screwed! Last year my taxes were $11000. I am expecting about the same this year.

What happened is that that is such a significant part of what I make that I was financially strapped. I have literally been saving for my taxes FOREVER to mount this kind of money up to pay them and it is the same every year. No expenses much, can't make less income because I can't eat, can't make more because well, I type enough!

I made excellent money last year. All my friends made 1/3 to 1/2 of my income for 2007. They all got newer cars. They all had some sort of a vacation. They all could go out to dinner once in a while. My vehicle is 15+ years old, but runs. I have not had a vacation in 10 yrs and I can't afford to eat in, let alone eat out. I buy my clothes off the Walmart $3 rack because that is the only way I can afford it.

For having no mortgage or rent, being VERY frugal and careful...I have no money and no life. I will never be an IC again.
Gave me the giggles!!! LOL!!!
LOL...wicked giggles...kinda makes me wonder if the above MT can bring themselves to type the terms for private parts...or are they offensive also? One could wonder...hmmm...Please forgive me, I truly mean no offense, I just could not resist. I have a nice set of horns to counter your halo.

On a professional note, I too believe that if it is stated, it should be type. Those types of direct quotes help indicate a patient's character and/or state of mind. They are a very important part of the medical record and should never be left out unless specifically asked by the client!

People...please do not take offense, I have a truly wicked sense of humor is all!!! LOL.
Probably. I am an IC and my MTSO gave
me a copy since that is what they use. I used to use the counter in MS Word before that.
I donít think she gave the impression
of working for a MTSO. I personally thought the amount she was saying was that she did have her own accts. The question was how much you make, not whether you were your own boss or working for others.
You gave notice to your old job w/o knowing
what your line rate would be? Am I understanding that correctly?