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I remember Regan and that law, sure was nice of him ;-)) - NM (honest)

Posted By: mac on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: We get gifts every year. sm - Happy Webmedx-er

see???? there is no message here. 

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Thanks Nice & honest!
Exactly what I have been saying! Not everyone is in it to make a lot of money. Some are happy just making extra money. Those that have nasty things to say about the industry as a whole are just mad because they may have to work 2 jobs to make full time money!
1986 I believe it was Regan. Never forget, was working at the VA and at the end of budget time, we had to go home due to no budget being approved.
How nice is this keyboard? Nice light touch?
I have a regular Microsoft ergonomic one now but I'm thinking I should probably get a replacement and use mine as a backup. 
I was nice today, and people were nice to me.
If you steer away from the nastiness, there are a few nice and encouraging posts in there. 
I liked it all, to be honest!
I felt like their pay was comparable to other big companies, I liked their benefit package. I worked with very nice people and the platform I was on was good.  I didn't mind the clocking in and out.  The only reason I left was because I was offered another opportunity outside the world of MTs at home (working in-house) which I couldn't pass up. 
To be quite honest, I really don't know. sm
I don't think it did but I used Roundup a week later to kill the bindweed which did kill the grass, but I don't think the bug spray killed it. Either way, I just used it about three inches around the perimeter of the house and most of what I have around my house is perennial plants, not all grass, and they are still alive. LOL--only the bindweek and creeping charlie are dead from the Roundup.
Just be honest!
I am sure when you explain your paid by production situation you will be excused, no more to it. Good luck!
to be honest...

Every QA I've ever come across has never admitted that they were wrong even with proof.  I've never seen it.  I do believe they believe they do no wrong.  Just my opinion of course from my own experience.

Being honest
I would love to say, but I am sure the message would just vanish again.
Still, they could at least be honest about it, and - sm
instead of just the rubber-stamp *you failed* reply to those they didn't hire, maybe they should at least let a qualified person know that:
a) The job was filled before their application was processed.
b) They lost the application.
c) They didn't want to pay this experienced applicant what she was worth.
d) And so on.....
To be honest

It might be worth your while to take a course with a reputable MT teaching course.  You are going to be more and more frustrated and it just won't get much better.

Be careful and try to find a good course, then attempt going out in the world again. 

well, to be honest...sm
I have not really heard YOU say anything intelligent about this profession either. All I really hear out of you is how much you dislike all the whining and complaining from others about this profession. Seems to me all YOU are doing is *whining* and *complaining* about others whining and complaining. So there is no difference. They whine and complain about one thing, and you whine and complain, at the top of your lungs I might add, about the whining and complaining. And, yes, you do put yourself up on a pedestal simply because you have been doing this profession for most of your adult life, and yes, you probably had it rough. But some of the rest of us have had it rough too. However, some of us who have had it rough and kicked and clawed our way to the top, have not become bitter about it, as you obviously have. This profession, as with any profession, is only as rough and difficult as YOU choose to make it. If you have a positive attitude about things, the roughness will not feel so rough. You seem to have the idea that in order to *get anywhere* in this profession, you must beat your subordinates into submission, in order to make yourself shine. Your anger towards your chosen profession is eating you up from the inside out and the outside, at this point in time, is not a very pretty picture.
No, I don't do that many lines, but to be honest...
I quit MQ for this job because I was more often that not WITHOUT WORK!  It didn't matter what I "might" have done, it wasn't there consistently enough to make it.  Couldn't count on an income.  I am not a power transcriptionist like you must be.  I can't sit there for 12 hours a day with my butt in a chair typing at breakneck speed.  I have to move around, and with too much speed comes too many errors for me, so I'm happy typing my 1,200 lines a day in 6 hours.
I suspect you are the honest one
I was skeptical above when I read the responses to "How much have you made so far with the year half over".  Awfully amazing how much money they claim (maybe overestimate) they make -- equivalent of full-time income with how much time they take off for their kids or "life".   There was an allusion to the truth about the MT who said she is a second paycheck to her husband MBA.  But I suspect you are the honest one, stating that it isn't the money.  It certainly isn't the virtually non-existent benefits. 
FAIR and Honest... sm
I have worked for DSC (Document Solutions Center) in Alabama for many, many years, and have become good friends with the owner of the company... she is very fair to her girls - they come first, she is very flexible, they have a tightly established management team, and the work is abundant... she pays very fair, and gives bonuses and raises as often as she can...    Another GREAT company is OSi...  I am currently working for them, and they are just the BEST... I get the best pay per line, the greatest accounts, never-ending work, constant bonuses, gifts, 24/7 contact with staff...  I can give you contact information on either if you wish... and no, I am not looking for a finder's fee...  I am honest, and just enjoy helping those out who are asking for help...  Contact me by email anytime... Bobbie
Here is an honest answer from another
Amphion employee. They have way overhired. There is very little work. PAy is only fair. Do not make a mistake or you will regret it. Sad, but true. Wish I had listened to the others. The ones who are saying it is the best are upper management obviously
Honest feedback. SM
Personally, I would be very willing to relocate as I plan to do that soon, anyway. Just haven't decided where yet. Plus, if your particular location is on the east coast, that would be a definite bonus for me (personally).

Keep us posted, please?
Honest to God truth...
I couldn't believe it. I just stared at this employee in disbelief and said "You're kidding, right?" She said no, they have different people all the time doing the "order taking" who read off a script - she said she wishes they would just let one of THEM do it because these "employees" are always getting the order wrong, offering drinks that they don't have in their particular franchise and generally making it harder on them to do their jobs. I told her I could REALLY relate to that!
At least you're honest about it. NM
to be honest, 30 mins may not be
But it depends on the breed. Some breeds need more physical AND mental exercise than others. I honestly can't see any breed being satisfied with only a half an hour of exercise a day NOT including walks. If you talk to any vet or trainer, they will tell you that dog walking is a critical part of a dog's life. It not only provides them with "potty time" and exercise but also provides them with daily structure and discipline. A dogs world is based on a "pack" and they look at you as their leader. Without that structure, they can become confused or rebellious, etc.
Anyway, in a nutshell, you really need to talk to a vet & get in touch with a trainer to learn how to solve your problem & how to properly train & take care of your dog. Best of luck.
To be honest, you need something a bit more drastic than WW
WW is a good program for those who need to lose 50 pounds, but at the weight you are now, you are risking your health. I should know, I weighed more than you before I started Medifast and my health was definitely headed for the pine box (well, not that bad, but bad enough).

With Medifast you will lose an average of 5 pounds a week if you work the program. You will also learn healthy eating and portion control. It is a low calorie diet, but is perfectly balanced including all vitamins and minerals you need daily. It is also soy based so no problem with lactose intolerance.

You eat 5 of their meals which you choose from a variety of soups, oatmeal, bars, shakes, fruit drinks, hot drinks, chili, etc. You also eat a meal you prepare of a protein and vegetables called a lean and green.

This diet is so easy to follow as you don't even have to think about points or core foods or spending too much time figuring out menu plans and shopping and then cooking everything.

Please check out the message boards at Medifast1.com or Makemethinner.com. You'll find people there who have tried every diet ever written about with no success, but have been able to stick with Medifast and really reach their goals, most for the first time ever.

There is one lady named Pat on the Medifast board who is a true inspiration to all of us. She has lost over 163 pounds with Medifast and still working her way to goal. She has never cheated once on the plan in all the months she has been on program. She was even able to come off her oxygen a month or so ago.

There is no program to compare with Medifast. It works. I have lost over 40 pounds in 8 weeks with a huge drop in my blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.

This is the only diet plan that I have been able to stick with. It may just be the perfect plan for you, too.

To anyone reading this post who has been thinking of gastric bypass, do try Medifast first. You'll wonder why you ever thought a bypass was a good idea. That's a fact.
Be honest and say you have no experience.
Then, after a year of proving yourself, you will be able to be compensated for your hard work.
You are being honest and upfront and you have got to do what you have to !! nm
IC is a rip off if you are an honest person.
I guess it works great for people who cheat.

you're *being honest*?.....N/M

I think this is what happened to be honest.
Paris was voted off last week.  All the people who normally vote for her, had to find someone else to vote for.  She was jazzy and bluesy and soulful.  I think these ppl voted for either of three and did not vote for the "hard rocker."  Gotta remember that each time someone leaves, there is a whole new fan base who need to decide who their favorite is now.
Mom_Of_3 being honest
Never feel low whatsoever. But, did you ever think that maybe that is how you come across as well. We all need to vent and this is the site to do so. Let us not judge those you have had bad experiences. We all have and we all need to vent to those other than family members....they just don't understand like those who post on this board.
The lol helps in determining if it's a joke or not.
I think we are all between a rock and a hard place, and I am sorry also if I came across as "harsh", but I just don't care to hear those words, "not using your brain". We all have to start some time, some where, and learn from our mistakes.....as we all will do, and are still doing. Did it ever once come across your mind that the PS is only doing what "he/she" is told to do and they have no clue whatsoever. That's usually the case. Produce, produce so you make "me" look good at my job. Moving forward, your opinion is regarded as above most due to your name, Mother_Of_3....most probably think of you as "mom". LMBO! Congrats to you for making 24K/yr at 24 h/w and still hold down 3 children, 4 counting hubby or significant other. LOL.
Honest opinions please...sm

Here is how the story goes.  Have been married for 5-1/2 years to a great man.  We are young, in lower 30s, have one child who is almost 4.  My husband is disabled due to mental illness which is somewhat controlled with medication.  We get disability for him.  I work from home as a MT.  We were doing great but then became careless with our money a bit.  That was fine.  I could make extra money, but then my work became VERY LOW for about 2 months straight. Bills got behind, we almost lost our house in foreclosure, etc.  We have no help.  Then I became surprisingly pregnant, which we were both HAPPY with but only to end in miscarriage days after we found out I was pregnant.  My doctor, probably since I have no medical insurance, said "let nature take its course" by letting the miscarriage happen and remove itself on its own.  This was grueling - took almost one solid month which I had to get blood test every 6 days to see how low the count was going.  We recovered from that and my work began to pick back up - thank God.  I have been working a lot, almost getting out of our crunch - would be out of this mess by mid-July.  The problem:  During this time period we had gotten into some fights, he left and went to his parents (who always - and I mean ALWAYS - interferes with our business), they went and switched (the same day of our fight) his mom to be representative payee for his monthly check.  So when we made up the next day he told me this.  I was irrate! First of all, I would NEVER EVER try to steal his money or what have you - he should know that by now.  I am not like that.  Well during the course of the next few months we had always missed the date to switch it back to my name and they said to wait until next month.  Well, we have been fighting for a few days lately, but I thought everything was okay - just a fight.  His mom tells us how she is going to spend his money for July - which I disagreed on because I have a set schedule of certain bills automatically withdrawn - so I get a little upset and tell him as soon as the beginning of next month happens, we will switch me back to being his rep. payee for his check ---he tells me "NO, my mom is staying my rep. payee!"  I LOSE IT!!!  I tell him I am not working my tail off for his parents to decide how OUR money is going to be spent.  He thinks all of the hardship is my fault, which honest to God I haven't bought any clothes, shoes, got my hair fixed, bought makeup or ANYTHING for just about this whole year.....He was gambling heavily awhile back - not hundreds but money that we could have used for something important, he wasted on that.  So I talk civilized to him and say, "Maybe we should separate a bit and you can pay your bills (credit cards, car) and I will pay for the house, utilities, my credit cards, and care for my son....this is AFTER he said he is going to have his mom take his money and pay off HIS bills since I was so horrible at it. 

Sorry this is so long....

The thing is what else can I do?  There is nothing that I want to do.  I feel like I have gotten the shaft here horribly.  But he thinks he is totally right.  His parents come first - what they say he believes even if he said the sky was purple and he was looking at and saw it blue he would still believe it was purple because they said so....I think a lot of his mental issues are from his parents and upbringing.  How do I handle this the adult way?  I offered to help pay on 2 of his credit cards because I helped with them - but total for both is only like 800.00.  I am sticking to my guns of him NOT coming back as long as his mom is rep. payee.  I just don't see how a marriage can work like that. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I guess I just wanted to vent and see where did I go wrong.  I know I have been grouchy lately at times due to stress but I don't cuss or anything so he was never cussed out or anything....I take care of ALL bills, do ALL cooking, do ALL laundry.  He sleeps until 1-2p every day while I get up early, try to work and watch my son.  He has gotten lazy since he has been disabled.  Before he worked MANY HOURS and was NEVER EVER LIKE THIS....Help.

honest opinion

I think you need to work as much as you can to take care of your bills and your son.  Think of any income from DH as extra.  I have been single for a long time now and it's not easy.  I have 2 sons, the oldest (16) one's father left me when I was pregnant and was ordered to pay $43 a week in child support.  He went to jail 4 times for arrears.  He passed away when by son was 5.  The youngest (11) one's father was around until he was 5 when I finally kicked him out.  I''ve been on my own now for 5 years and it's not easy, especially with this MT business.  But, I did it all myself too and still do.  It was easier for me to do it alone, without someone laying around watching me do it.  It took me about 3 years to get the nerve to kick him out but finally I did.  We were not legally married but believe me, I would of rather gotten a divorce than what he put me through.  I have been taken to court over 30 times, spent over $20,000 - yes - on lawyers - custody, child support, etc.  My son's father is just plain sick.  I went to court 11 times in 1 year and I was the defendant every time.  So here's another honest opinion, if he's not abusive - verbally, mentally, or physically, maybe just try to deal and make the best of an uncomfortable situation.  Stash what you can and save up for a rainy day, in case you need it.  It's not easy being single.  I miss the extra money, but my son's life was in danger.  You could not believe what I would come to after work.  I got to the point where I could not be in the same house as this person.  You'll know when this happens.



honest opinion
RUN - fast as you can
You have to honest with her and true to yourself.

Ever hear " Do what you say and say what you do."?  Decide how much you can do with her, tell her in writting (e-mail) and then stick with it.  When she sends too much immediately e-mail her that you will not be able to do it...no excuses, no reasons...wham bam....you cannot do it.  Period.  You don't have to be rude or think you are being rude just because you want limits.  Sounds like you might have to do it every day but keeping what you do have and want to do would be worth constantly reminding her of your chosen limits. 

Good luck. 

Being perfectly honest, I had my CMT and let it go because it
just did not make a difference in my pay.  AAMT did nothing for me when I was a member and because they warmly encourge offshore transcription, I just can't have anything to do with them anymore.  CMT and the new RMT are, in my opinion, a big waste of time.  They do not really represent the US MT at all and I believe they're even changing their name to something that is as representative of America as what it once was. 
ESL - at least they're honest about it
At least they're admitting their accounts are primarily ESL. I've been hired by more than one recruiter who made all kinds of promises, then once I was trained (and they realized they had an experienced, conscientious person) all I got was ESL, with none of the specialties and/or worktypes promised.
Being upfront and honest with MTs

I started with a company a few months ago and loved it.  Then, I began getting more and more ESLs, which is fine because I know it's part of the job.  NOW, that is all I'm getting.  When I ask about this, I'm told "We have no control of how the hospital sends over the files." 

Today they said they assigned Dr. X to various transcriptionists because the main MT for Dr. X is out sick. ???  How can this be done if they have no control of who gets what file? I knew they were not being honest with me from the beginning because I worked at a hospital and know how files are sent over, assigning files, etc. 

Just when I thought I found a place I could stay with - and they wonder why morale is down!  - Can't wait to get out of this business! SAT (sick and tired)

Yay! I have friends! Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm just trying to keep it honest. nm
heck if they were honest
If they were honest no one would work for some of them!  We cheat you out of lines, we don't know what we are doing in Quality, we don't understand the BOS, we will stick to our guns even though you (the MT) are right.....  And the newbies don't know they are being cheated and taken advantage of but are grateful for a job.  Why change a good thing (for them)?
Thank you for your honest opinion
I am the first to admit I am not an experience MT. But I am also willing to do the work needed to get the job done. I read another post awhile back from an experienced MT that said she has always had her own accounts and the doctors wouldn't even know what the BOS was. I am just tired of all the rejection. I have a degree in Business management and a certificate in MT along with the fact that I aint no spring chicken(LOL) I really feel that I can work with a local doctor in a general field (with a lot of communication) and really make this work.
Thank you for your honest opinion!
Since we have posters from all walks of life and all age groups on this board, I am very interested in hearing all of the opinions both good and bad. I apologize if you are offended by the avatar, and I will take that into consideration when making my decision. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this MT's question.
Don't mean to be rude, just honest...
How many clients do you want? You should not be starting a business without capital, in my opinion. You can always apply for a business loan to purchase what you need.
You can be honest w/o being blunt

There was a huge discussion about negativity a few days back on the main board, and many were in denial about rude comments taking place. WELL  - HERE YOU GO.  Prime example.  You know - you can be honest without being blunt and rude.  Did that ever occur to you?

To be completely honest sm
I sat down with my DH and my parents to try and decide what kind of job I could go to school for and then work from home. I checked into several differnt things and decided on transcribing. Now I know that most people don't start from home, and while I have been doing this off and on for about 8 years, I have always worked from home. I know I have been lucky, but for one job I was offered (which I didn't take but not becuase I wouldn't be at home) I would have to work in the hospital for 6 months and then work from home. I also realize many think this is an easy cushy job, which really grates on me, but being at home was the reason I chose this profession.
Well, I'm glad you are honest

about the fact that you work nights and every waking moment.  The money sounds great, but if there's no time to spend it, what have you accomplished?  Some day you'll regret working all of those hours when your body and mind can't take it any longer.   

I'm glad you make that salary and I know how you do it; it's called double dipping.  I've done it myself.  When you get burned out though, it's hard to bounce back.  I really don't know how old you are or whether you have a family or whatever, but please take time to smell the roses. 

Working hourly from home can give you the opportunity to double dip.  In other words, you can get the work done faster since you're probably a great Transcriptionist and basically work two jobs at once.  So, actually you are making 50 grand a year but you work 2 jobs since you put in 12 hour days/nights; hence, the 100 grand a year.  You are probably working more than 12 hours though, I'd put a bet on it.

50 grand is still great; don't get me wrong, but having a life is worth way more than 100 grand a year; trust me!

So for the doubters, it can be done, but it's like working 2 full-time jobs and it's not having anything other than work, work, work going on in your life, which is not healthy at all.  Money does not buy everything. 

I'm a success story at 45 grand a year but it's only because that suffices for me and I've worked a long time in this industry and know that it takes working on-site to really understand the medical terms. 

The other thing I'd love to see with you hotpink is a nice QA audit when you least expect it.  Sleep deprivation is not something to tool with as you probably already know.  It can cause you to make mistakes and in this industry, there's no room for that because it can cause death.

Sorry to rain on your parade and also bring the sun, but this is just my experience as an MT for many years and I think I've pretty much seen it all. 

As for the OP: Yes, go ahead and get the education as an x-ray tech or whatever because you'll have a job when everything goes streamlined and there is no longer MT work.  There will come a day when transcription will not exist and it's already happening.   


Hey - she's got a C phone for ya - just send her $150 and she'll get that right out to you - honest!

honest transcription company

 Does anyone know of an honest transcription firm.  Looking for names.

To be honest, might be the best thing to happen.

I can understand that concern. To be honest, I believe
that there will still be lots of opportunity for overtime.

There's going to be a few months of transition and, with any luck, the unhappy MTs will leave and that situation, coupled with constant new accounts coming on board, will generate more work than you're thinking about right now. It will have to be done, period.

There may be some occasions where overtime isn't as readily available but I expect that we will have plenty of times where we have some offer of overtime.

That's my speculation, at least.

To be quite honest, I absolutely do not do any proofreading
at all!! Never have, don't have the time, and nobody has E-V-E-R given me a report back or told me that I have transcribed something wrong. If I cannot get a word, I leave it blank. I've been doing this for quite a looooonnnggg time and realize that most doctors do not read their reports.
Good luck to both of you. Just be honest
with him but don't go into graphic details - that only hurts them even more.

It'll take a very long time before he can trust you again so be prepared but don't give up if you truly love each other.
The best advice - be honest and true always!
What goes around always comes back around good and bad! Integrity speaks volumes!

Good luck in your dilemma.
honest to God truth - I would not tell my best friend to go into this now.

Just couldn't figure out why an engineer with all the time and money spent on education would switch - staying home ain't all its cracked up to be sometimes - a lot of us clock in and out on time clocks and are held accountable for all of our hours.  I know it sound glamorous - but not really.  A lot of us have already returned back into the regular work force, commuting and everything and more of us are likely to follow.  Don't get me wrong - I love what I do, but don't think it is going to hold out much longer. 

Time to get out. It could have been an honest (but stupid)
mistake, but it could also mean there are money problems.  Absolutely they should have cut you another check, although you would still need to return the unsigned one.