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which item did you win? nm

Posted By: mq_mt on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: Some people are just ungrateful, period. - The gifts were extremely nice.


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Regarding item #2
  You must have some of my former MTs ....
Just saw an item about this on
a news station yesterday. This was coming from a M.D., believe it or not. He said accupuncture actually working better than most everything else. Study has been done and back pain turned out better with that than other measures. Surprised to hear a doctor say that.
They ring an item up, put it in a bag
that is separate from the rest of the stuff, or accidentally put it on a ledge below the counter. When you get home, the item is not there.

You also have to watch Walmart prices. The advertised ale price on the shelf is frequently not the price that rings up on the register when you check out. They will change it for you (but not everyone else) if you call it to their attention.
Read the comments. Even if they left positives, if item not exactly right, will state that. Also,
RE: I keep getting an e-mail from Ebay as a reminder for aun upaid item - a Dell computer - sm
but I've never even ever bid on one.  Anybody know what's up with that?  It keeps saying respond to this e-mail but I haven't done that - is this some type of scam?
The price of gasoline is reflected in the price of goods. Having said that, one item
higher, MOMENTARILY, than Walmart, does not really make a case against Walmart. You want to make Walmart a bad guy because they don't have a shopper out there matching the grocery stores' price so be it. But MOST people I know shop at Walmart for lower groceries prices AS A WHOLE, and that is what makes Walmart successful. So buy your cheaper Bounty towels at your grocery store if that makes you happy. Your grocery store HAS TO MAKE MONEY and they will get you on something else. It is the retail law. Walmart will not be successful with higher prices than the grocery store. They aim to succeed. They have been sucessful in undercutting other stores. Your Bounty towels will not bring down the Walmart empire but it may cause you to shop at your grocery store where they will charge you more on other items to stay in business. Quit the knee-jerk responses. If you don't like Walmart and don't want to shop there that's all well and good. If you don't shop there because of Bounty towels, well that's just crazy.