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YIKES!!!Got our oil contract for this winter and almost passed out!!!

Posted By: Not a speed typist on 2006-06-02
In Reply to:

Last year I paid $845 for  600 gal of oil with a 2 months to pay. Yesterday, I recieved our contract for this winter and it would cost $1517!!!!!

Guess who won't be taking the contract.  That's ridiculous. The country is going to go broke at this rate. They want $759 for 300 gallons. That takes us 3 months into the winter, but......where do they think the seniors  and others are going to get this money?

Guess old Mamma Bear is coming out of storage this year. Wood is no problem for us. We have a stockpile for the garage coal & wood stove and a friend that has 11 acres of woods he likes certain areas cleared every year.

I feel bad for others who have no access to another heating source.

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Google contract samples, basic contract examples, etc.
Just for giggles this winter sm
I used my electric potpourri pot with some liquid potpourri added to the water. I helped out tremendously while adding a nice scent to the air.  It didn't toss out white dust like my cheapie humidifier did and the noise of a running humidifier wasn't there either.  I also put bowls of water in front of the register in both winter and summer for a little humidity. 
Winter wonderland in NH
I guess we are supposed to get about 10 inches.  Its awful to say this but I had no idea it was even going to snow, I've been so busy lately working and doing errands that I haven't watched TV.  It was a shock to me when my neighbor called and said the kids were getting out of school early today because of the weather, I looked out side and was like why, it wasn't even snowing :)  Oh well, its the start of my weekend so I guess I can't really complain...stay warm!
Nope, it's seasonal. Aug. 31 through winter.
Anybody go south for winter and continue working?

Hubby and I are thinking of going south for the first time this coming winter.  I've found some sublets with internet access, mostly wireless, one wired.  My work uses DocQScribe and internet based.   I use a desktop computer for work but have a laptop capable of the job. 

Have any of you done this?  If so, what was your experience?  Any tips or precautions as far as wireless internet security?  At home we have a wired network with a hardware firewall/router so no experience with wireless.  I'm not high tech but not a complete novice either.

As for paying bills and accessing cash in a different locale, did you use online banking and ATMs or some other method?  I confess some hesitation about online banking even though most of my friends and neighbors have used it for years!

Thanks to anyone who can help. 

We just signed up for our propane for winter.. It's gone up a dollar per gallon...
from last year.  There is no shortage of propane as far as I know.  They just raise the price because they can.  We're paying 1.89 per gallon.  Thank goodness we have 2 wood stoves, but I'm sure a cord of wood will double too. . You can't win.
Space heaters can be very expensive as I found out one winter
by just trying to heat my office and leaving the reest of house cold. The cost to use the space heater was more than the gas furnace would ahve been.
Ya know, winter doesn't officially start until tomorrow

And, I'm already tired of the cold,

tired of all the snow,

but my kids love it and I can't move.

Then consider the heat bill.....now I'm crying

Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Work some holidays - don't really mind during the winter months, but
when summer rolls around, I am at the beach on the holidays and do not work them. As an IC, we get nothing extra as far as $$ just the extra work.

Can't complain - have plenty of work all of the time.
I heard crickets til I realized it was winter. Was really the start of chronic
i still use my fan even during fall/winter and turn it towards the wall but drowns out noises. nm
How are you planning to deal with the oncoming high winter heating bills?
I'll be bumping the thermostat back another degree or 2, down to whatever leveI I can  not be cold at.  Otherwise there will be less "fun" money spent if it has to go to the oil companies!
The HandEze gloves are nice w/the wrist support. I like them in the winter. Other brands to
I use regular thin winter gloves and cut the fingertips off. Works great! nm
I want my bread crumbs white so I let them dry up in the open overnight (winter brings low humidity)
a very good way not to waste stale bread (aside from pudding).
Contract/no contract -- same rights
You do not have to have a written contract to take them to court.  All you have to do is to prove you have been providing  work to him, past statements/invoice will do that,  you just fill out the small claims forms and go to court.   But first of all I would personally go in and talk with someone about it.   Could be the office manager/bookkeeper and not the doctor that is not paying you.   He may not know anything about it.   And please do not  make the "joke" as above mentioned, that is very LOW class, tacky and not professional at all.  Especially if you are in a small area -- you need to conduct like a professional.  But call and make an "appointment" to talk with the doctor either in person or through a phone call.  Some doctors do not know what is going on in their office and perhaps the office manager wants to be paid first.  If the doctor does know, then in person or over the telephone inform him that you have no other choice but to pursue the debt just as they would if someone did not pay their bill and if that involves going to small claims court, then that is the route you must take.   Good luck.  I did take one to court without a contract and won. 
thanks everyone! I've passed all of this
info to my mother. i'm so glad it's her house and not mine :)
Oh how sad! I did not know she had passed.
I agree, RIP Shelly!!
Just passed the CMT...sm
I'm just bragging on myself.  I have 2 years' experience.  The transcription was easier than I thought!
yea - i passed
had gotten an error message - emailed the site - and was supposed to get back a response - of course, on this board, the response has never come. Not surprising. They don't care unless you post something controversial - then they are all up in arms and kick you off the boards - we all figure out how to get back on - though - we're never gone for long.
I passed it!!!
I was really shocked!!! It was not as hard as the review guide so that was a good thing. I finished the entire test in 2.5 hours but you have 6 total for both portions.

I'm going to repost at the top so maybe others can see my response and it can hopefully help others!

Thanks for asking!!!
Stouffer's frozen chicken enchiladas and a pint of Ben and Jerry's New York Fudge Chunk!
Yikes! I am going to the doc now! Thanks all! nm
I, and I know I am one of very few, actuall enjoy MQ, and like reading all the topics (probable because I work for them). Maybe there should be a board for MQers only??

I have such claustrophobia that it gives me a fright just looking at it!!!
Yikes, but I'm okay.

That really was rotten.  I feel better.  Throat actually was closing off this time.  Wow, I guess I've learned my lesson there.  Gotta be more careful.  My Daddy carries an Epi-Pen.  I guess it runs in the family.  This reaction was far worse than the last one.  I did take a Benadryl, thanks for asking.  I haven't had a chance to sleep it off, but MUST KEEP TYPING...I will be sending those puppies back.  Take care everybody! 


As an SE, the company should have been taking out taxes for you and you would have to fill out a Schedule C. Delay the visit and talk to a CPA, not a tax preparer and take 2002, 2003 and 2004 to see if they need amending.
The $250 million lean medical transcription (MT) industry in India is racing ahead to grab a major slice of the global $12 billion pie. 
Industry experts told Business Standard that as the industry is maturing, players are adopting productivity enhancing tools, stringent quality control measures and training programmes and top this with highly improved communication facilities. 
With an acute shortage of required skill sets in the US, the industry is set to become a top foreign exchange earner in the coming years. 
The industry, which collapsed due to the low quality of the MT business adhering to a view that the only skill required by employees in MT was to listen and type, has in the last two-three years witnessed a comeback with a strong consolidation. 
As per a Nasscom report, MT will become the fourth largest foreign exchange earner in the next five years. 
Shedding light over the industry's potential, Rajiv Shetye, vice-president (Indian operations), Spryance India says, "The Healthcare BPO is a $200 billion business worldwide and medical transcription alone is worth more than $12 billion. The $110 million Indian MT industry will grow to become a $ 5-6 billion one in the next three years." 
With six to seven strong contenders and 200 serious players in all, the employment potential of the industry is huge. 
"The MT service in India has generated over 20,000 jobs and will add atleast 25 per cent more jobs per year," said Suresh Nair, CEO and Managing Director, Spheris India and President, Indian Medical Transcription Industry Association (IMTIA). 
As for Spheris, he said, "the company is growing at 50 per cent per annum and expects to increase its employee strength from 2,300 currently to 3,000 in the coming year." 
Spryance has also deployed over 1200 MTs including home-based medical transcriptionists and editors. "In five years time we plan to ramp up our employee base to almost 10,000," says Shetye. 
Noting that the Indian industry has come a long way from just employing English speaking graduates to employing doctors and students of medical science, Pankaj Bendigiri, an MBBS by qualification and manager of Spryance's Quality Assurance (QA) centre in Pune says, "MT as a profession is attracting doctors as it offers them lucrative remunerations and career options besides keeping them updated with the latest developments taking place in the field." 
Spryance has 20 doctors in its 100 people team in Pune and has started a six month QA course for doctors. 
"Currently the second batch of 13 doctors is undergoing training," said Bendigiri, adding that in the first batch they had trained seven doctors mostly from the disciplines of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BHMS). 
With highly improved communication facilities, "The trend of home-based Medical Transcriptionists (HMT) is also on the rise," says Nair, who has 10 per cent of his 2,300 people team working from home and credits the industry average to be higher at 25 per cent with few companies recruiting over 90 per cent HMTs. 

I thought she was aging gracefully, now she looks like -------- The Joker...you are absolutely right.....
How you get the paint off depends on the type of paint it was.  Best bet is to get the can and determine whether it was oil based or acrylic and then contact the paint department of a paint store for assistance.  
They need to address the quality issue with each MT, not just a general blanket thing for everyone.
This does not sound good for current employees of your ex-company.. good luck.. you gonna report the company to anybody?
YIKES is right! lol

yeah, its not good. I know several people are leaving, but they all know what happened to me and are taking steps to avoid it happening to them. I'm not going to report them to anyone, because I got paid finally, so not much I can do. i dont want to cause anyone any problems.. but I was getting ready to talk to a lawyer real soon if I hadn't been paid.  Just wish I could get back the 266.00 in bounce fees....plus all the fees it cost me every time my DD was late.

I don't think I would continue to do work for them if I were you.

Isn't it the law that you have to paid within a certain time frame? Or is that just when they are letting you go?

"She says we earned an average of $25,408 in 2006 according to the Department of Labor Statistics."

How can we deserve this? Well, I'd be curious to get a copy. I went to the web site and I saw a bunch of stats from 2004, and then some quotes from MTs and they basically ranged the gamut from "electronic sweat shop" to "I love my job!"


Forward that to the hospital it's from.
20-25K a year! That is not much. But, I printed the 2008 Salary Table for GS, which states that a GS-5, Step-1 starts at 26K. And as you know, CS employees get annual raise increases. I know it is SO hard to get hired as a Federal employee, especially since I have no military service, nor spouse. I did work as a civil servant for DOD in the 1980's tho.
I just read my post above and it's a mess!!!  Sorry for the errors - I just got done doing aerobics and my hands didn't want to type!!!

I realize that many doc feel this way, but it's really scary when one comes right out and verbally admits to it...  I agree that it's time to find another cardiologist.

Gosh. It just shouldn't be this hard should it. I just don't get it. Thanks for the empathy tho :)
Ok, I give up. My dad passed away

a year ago today and weird things have been happening since. On his birthday the coffee pot stopped working, which was a gift from him. On father's day, the washer stopped working, another gift from him. Today, the dryer decided it didn't like the new washing machine and decided to join its old counterpart in appliance heaven. That was another gift from him. All these items were less than 2 years old. Either he's a bad gift giver or he's messing with my head. Don't know whether to laugh or cry at all the crazy coincidences or call out ghostbusters. Why can't he break the stupid things like the lawnmower?

Ok, I give up. My dad passed away

a year ago today and weird things have been happening since. On his birthday the coffee pot stopped working, which was a gift from him. On father's day, the washer stopped working, another gift from him. Today, the dryer decided it didn't like the new washing machine and decided to join its old counterpart in appliance heaven. That was another gift from him. All these items were less than 2 years old. Either he's a bad gift giver or he's messing with my head. Don't know whether to laugh or cry at all the crazy coincidences or call out ghostbusters. Why can't he break the stupid things like the lawnmower?

I passed the RMT exam! sm
Sheesh!  It took them long enough to give me the results.  I was thinking I'd be eligible for the CMT before I received the RMT results.  The earth didn't shake for me when I received the results like when I found out I passed my nursing boards, but I'll take it. 
If you passed the CMT before, I'm sure you can pass it again... (sm)
especially since you have an additional 7 years of experience. Someone told me they make you listen to the dictation snippets without the use of a foot pedal. Really...that is funny. What MT would work without a foot pedal? Unless of course they were a double amputee. Sorry I'm so wordy tonight. I just got done with my shift and am a bit punch drunk at 3 am.

Anyway, the RMT is just for new graduates to test their basic skills.

Good luck with your CMT recert. I have my 2 years at the end of the month and am thinking about taking it myself.

I passed the CMT exam!

I am pleased.

I took it in March and passed

Don't sweat the transcription.  The CMT Review Guide serves more to scare that provide an accurate representation of the transcription portion, IMO.

Just take it when you are ready.  If you don't have the 2 years' experience yet, you will benefit from taking the RMT first because it is very similar in format.  The RMT is far less intimidating than the CMT before you actually sit down to take the test.

It's very reassuring that you can receive the results immediately.  Heck, even nursing boards that are all multiple choice questions don't give you an immediate answer.

Good luck!

CMT exam ~ I passed!

Thanks for the responses I received last week and your good luck wishes.  It helped!!  I passed the test!

There are 2 sections - the first is 106 questions in which you have 2 hours to complete.  The second portion is 62 questions and you have 4 hours to complete that section.

Section 1 is multiple choice and is about terminology, disease process, grammar, and some anatomy.  You have the ability to "mark" an answer and then see a list at the end so you can go back to that particular question.  You really have ample time.

Section 2 consists of the actual dictations.  You never have an entire report to transcribe though.  Some questions vary from proofreading to picking the correctly punctated sentences, etc.  You have no foot pedal on the test and use your mouse to play, pause, rewind, etc.  In some questions, you type the entire audio.  On other questions, there is a paragraph already there, you listen to the audio for the paragraph, and then type the ommited text only.  It's very important to follow the directions and do only what you are asked.  Again, you can go back and review your answers before you submit your test.

When you feel you are cmoplete, you click one final button to submit the test and within about 5 seconds of processing, a screen will pop up with your results.  I saw the words PASS and I was so relieved!!!

After leaving the test site, I stopped by the hospital and signed my documents to receive an 8% raise on my base pay and an extra 2 cents per line on my incentive pay.  I definitely think the $150 for the test was a good investment!!!

Again, thanks for your support!!!!