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I want my bread crumbs white so I let them dry up in the open overnight (winter brings low humidity)

Posted By: then grind them up in a chopper (or a food process on 2006-01-08
In Reply to: Dumb question. Can someone tell me how to make - Fresh bread crumbs? TIA NM

a very good way not to waste stale bread (aside from pudding).

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I found that oatmeal works better than bread crumbs - moister
Happy cooking.
white bread - not a good thing to eat but...nm

Elimiate white flour and white sugar from your diet.

eat bread. it will stick to the bread and go down.
I had this happen a lot.

if it is cool out and no humidity....sm

probably should be okay...........

just read recently that MEN should never use laptops on their LAPS...due to radiation exposure to the male anatomy............that MEN should use a laptop on a desk or something other than their laps.

91 with HIGH humidity in PA...ug.
If you eat, drink, & get crumbs & spills in your board, a new one will definitely feel much
I pick it up, shake it, and dump the crumbs out. If that doesn't work sm

I email my company and they overnight a new one.  I go through keyboards about every three months. They take a beating, but I produce a lot of lines.

Why not leave them white or off-white and use

accessories and window treatments to bring it together.  Personally, I like neutral color walls and like to decorate around them.  You can bring the rooms together with nice window treatments, throw pillows, and candles with candle holders. 

Pier-1 imports has great decorating ideas.


Good luck.

I just make like a meat loaf mixture with egg, cracker crumbs, salt, pepper, egg and milk. SM
Form into patties, cook with some chopped or sliced onions, then add an envelope of gravy mix and water, cook a few minutes. Easy, you can add other stuff or use canned gravy. Enjoy!
You can't just open the attachment. You need to save it to a file and then open SM
your wave player and load it. 
They usually overnight it. I don't understand about
Your client will not run out overnight
Palleeassee......  If the IC is repeatedly not making an effort to support the contract, then let it go.  Geez............  You can't be beating yourself up about a bad IC.  Just cut your losses.  My goodness, I think you've been burnt too many times. 
this brings up other questions. Are you
in a state that makes you carry liability on your car? they may all now for all I know. However, I upped my standard full coverage from what they call 25/50/25 to 50/100/50 with an increase on personal injury of 5,000 to 10,000 (the maximum). It was only a few dollars more per policy. A friend of mine was hit head on by someone who went to sleep at the wheel at noon and life flight alone was 5,000. You would think she came out like a champ, but she listened to some stupid people she worked with (unbelievable how many people wanted her vicodin which she could not take) and took a personal injury lawyer who totally blew her off for the least amount. My other point about personal injury was a guy who bit down on something he ate while driving, broke a crown, and filed it on his personal injury instead of dental or medical insurance. Just adding to the thought pool.
$3.19 here too, jumped 20 cents overnight.
I knew someone that did get in debt overnight due
to illness. The bills were higher than any loan would cover and they wanted their money then. In that particular case, BK was the only answer and this person got it in about 1 week before the new law took effect. The individual will be able to purchase a home I believe within 2 years and has already received offers for credit. That was under the old law.

The new law makes you take a course I believe 6 months before you can file. I believe you have to qualify if you want all your bills discharged and they make it harder to get that done, i.e. you have to make a certain income only and anything over that, you have to pay back over time and it is still BK.

With the new law, I would weigh it carefully. Not everyone has emergent medical illness which might necessitate taking this step and it is automatically assumed they mishandled their affairs. This person raised her children alone and just did not have extra money in the bank for bills totaling over $150K. In that case, she was warranted in filing.
I let it dry overnight and plugged it in this morning
and it made crazy noises. I took what I felt comfortable apart and used a blow dryer, but none of the buttons work. It has a dial tone and the face looks normal, but no buttons at all work.

I am in Houston too.

I am so careful with that thing, but my daughter got hurt really bad when she fell on her arm. I was trying to get her to move her arm to make sure it wasn't broken and she started kicking. She hit my glass of water and some got in it before I could catch it.
Do you shut your puter down overnight?
Just curious how many shut completely down at the end of your work day or overnight? Why or why not?
overnight and watches sorry for the typos
Just for giggles this winter sm
I used my electric potpourri pot with some liquid potpourri added to the water. I helped out tremendously while adding a nice scent to the air.  It didn't toss out white dust like my cheapie humidifier did and the noise of a running humidifier wasn't there either.  I also put bowls of water in front of the register in both winter and summer for a little humidity. 
Winter wonderland in NH
I guess we are supposed to get about 10 inches.  Its awful to say this but I had no idea it was even going to snow, I've been so busy lately working and doing errands that I haven't watched TV.  It was a shock to me when my neighbor called and said the kids were getting out of school early today because of the weather, I looked out side and was like why, it wasn't even snowing :)  Oh well, its the start of my weekend so I guess I can't really complain...stay warm!
Now that brings back memories!! (sm)
Yes we have come a long way since pre IMB electric typewriters. Seriously I use to use a manual carriage return. That is how far I go back... Scary though. I really do like the progess we have made. Although we worked then!! No office chit chat, no line counts, no productivity standards, you just typed your 8 hours and clocked out. There is something to be said for that.
Life brings with it the ignorant!
Most patients probably don't realize that it is the nurse that handles their care essentially.  She/he alerts the doctor with problems, questions that arise, health status, etc.  The physician will "round", but it is the nurse that handles the "triage" tasks so to speak.  The patients are usually nice to the doctors, but expect the nurses to be their "slaves".  Yes, I am also a patient advocate since I've lost both of my parents in an inpatient healthcare setting and both with terminal diseases, but I also believe that a hospital is not a "hotel" where every whimsical desire is granted.  To understand why a nurse would say that is quite easy.  Transcriptionists sit at desks and look like secretaries.  It is only when the Transcriptionist is not there that the triumphs are noticed by others.  When I left a hospital setting, I had to train six, I mind you, (6) people to do my job.  I was full-time.  It is funny how much transcriptionists do that goes unnoticed until they are no longer there to do it.  What a smack in the face that hospital got, and it is a shame because it is the patient that will suffer.  Unfortunately, we don't usually get the recognition we deserve, but at least we can sleep at night knowing we've contributed.  I wonder if the same posters on these boards that complain they are unappreciated are the same ones complaining about having to work the holidays???????  I'm sure I'll get blasted for that one!  Oh well, I love my job and most people do that are in the transcription field, hence, they would not do it at all!  Wouldn't most of you agree?  I don't want to offend anyone, but it is just how I feel!  Be safe out there! 
it brings a login screen
no article comes up...
Mine is also 3 -1/2, still wears diaper overnight. Help too!
He is a boy. Suggestions? He does not have anything to drink 2-3 hours before bed. I don't know what else to try.
FedEx it overnight. It's insured and there when you arrive.

Nope, it's seasonal. Aug. 31 through winter.
death in the family brings strife
Why is it that when a family member dies it brings strife among people who are supposed to love each other? My father-in-law passed away recently. My son plays baseball at his high school and  my husband and I had bought his father a jacket for Christmas one year that had the school logo and his name. He came to all of our son's games with that coat on. My problem is that my husband's sister took it without asking if we wanted it. We were planning on keeping it for our son to remember his grandfather and all the games he came to see. Any advice? Let it go? or ask for the coat back? I guess I am more upset that she didn't even ask (we did get it for him for Christmas as a gift) than anything else.
Depression? Brings our jobs home
I personally think we are headed for a depression.  I believe in our gung-ho desire to improve our trade partners (invest in our country so we could continue to export our debt) we mistakenly sent our jobs overseas.  Now, facing high unemployment, we need our jobs back.  Therefore, I am asking that you contact your local congresspeople and request that our jobs be brought back from foreign countries, thus increasing domestic production and increasing the number of jobs.  This is the perfect time to do this. In order to come out of a depression, we have to increase production.  We cannot export all production and having to produce.  Believe me, now is the time to request our jobs be brought back to the U.S.  The alternative is extremely bleak, and your elected officials know it.
HECK YEAH!!! FINALLy someone brings this up
Me and my mother in law both work for MQ and we were just talking about that. I am sure when people find out their info including addresses and ss# are going over seas then maybe they will want it stopped!!!
Coretta Scott King passed away overnight....sm

While she was in poor health since having her heart attack and stroke a few months ago it's still sad to see a legend pass away.  I'm sure that her kids fighting over whether or not they should try to get the government to buy the King Center and 2 kids stealing money from the center didn't help any.  

May she rest in peace.

YIKES!!!Got our oil contract for this winter and almost passed out!!!

Last year I paid $845 for  600 gal of oil with a 2 months to pay. Yesterday, I recieved our contract for this winter and it would cost $1517!!!!!

Guess who won't be taking the contract.  That's ridiculous. The country is going to go broke at this rate. They want $759 for 300 gallons. That takes us 3 months into the winter, but......where do they think the seniors  and others are going to get this money?

Guess old Mamma Bear is coming out of storage this year. Wood is no problem for us. We have a stockpile for the garage coal & wood stove and a friend that has 11 acres of woods he likes certain areas cleared every year.

I feel bad for others who have no access to another heating source.

Anybody go south for winter and continue working?

Hubby and I are thinking of going south for the first time this coming winter.  I've found some sublets with internet access, mostly wireless, one wired.  My work uses DocQScribe and internet based.   I use a desktop computer for work but have a laptop capable of the job. 

Have any of you done this?  If so, what was your experience?  Any tips or precautions as far as wireless internet security?  At home we have a wired network with a hardware firewall/router so no experience with wireless.  I'm not high tech but not a complete novice either.

As for paying bills and accessing cash in a different locale, did you use online banking and ATMs or some other method?  I confess some hesitation about online banking even though most of my friends and neighbors have used it for years!

Thanks to anyone who can help. 

My sister's cat brings babies home and she doesn't know from where
Google brings up wrong spellings etc. all the time.
Pick just about any medical equipment and search it spelled different ways; you will likely find them all on Google. To me it is basically useless for MT work because I have to check the books anyway in most cases.

Here's an example of what I find:

Flowseal™, FloSeal®

Both even claiming to be the trademark brand name.

Can't rely on Google.
Could be....are you familiar with these companies? Archives brings up MedScribes.....nm
We just signed up for our propane for winter.. It's gone up a dollar per gallon...
from last year.  There is no shortage of propane as far as I know.  They just raise the price because they can.  We're paying 1.89 per gallon.  Thank goodness we have 2 wood stoves, but I'm sure a cord of wood will double too. . You can't win.
Space heaters can be very expensive as I found out one winter
by just trying to heat my office and leaving the reest of house cold. The cost to use the space heater was more than the gas furnace would ahve been.
Ya know, winter doesn't officially start until tomorrow

And, I'm already tired of the cold,

tired of all the snow,

but my kids love it and I can't move.

Then consider the heat bill.....now I'm crying

Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Work some holidays - don't really mind during the winter months, but
when summer rolls around, I am at the beach on the holidays and do not work them. As an IC, we get nothing extra as far as $$ just the extra work.

Can't complain - have plenty of work all of the time.
What a heart-warming story. It brings tears to my eyes.
I can't wait for chapter 2 of this soap opera.
I heard crickets til I realized it was winter. Was really the start of chronic
i still use my fan even during fall/winter and turn it towards the wall but drowns out noises. nm
Bread around 2.00...

per loaf, milk was $2.90 last night (gallon).  Our home cost $171,000, we paid $1450.00 per month for mtg payment.  Not totally clear on the taxes and other things.  My son goes to a private school, but have heard wonderful things about the public schools in the area.

Hope I helped you out!

Favorite love song that brings goosebumps and tears to the eyes?

Brings back memories! I had a computer fan that sounded like a mini helicopter! Kept
calling my company and having them "listen".  They weren't concerned. It did actually blow up one day - a little mini "poof" of fire, 2 seconds of light smelly smoke, and she was dead!!  A goner!  Never heard it before, never heard it after, but one did make noise and it died a month later!
Go to Stedmans.com and download the free trial and save your money on overnight shipping
How are you planning to deal with the oncoming high winter heating bills?
I'll be bumping the thermostat back another degree or 2, down to whatever leveI I can  not be cold at.  Otherwise there will be less "fun" money spent if it has to go to the oil companies!
The HandEze gloves are nice w/the wrist support. I like them in the winter. Other brands to
I use regular thin winter gloves and cut the fingertips off. Works great! nm