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Well...let's see. In 4 years rent in our area has increased at least $500/mo.

Posted By: but..... sm on 2005-09-12
In Reply to: THIS economy is doing well, unemployment at 4.9%. Where do you get - the doom and gloom? NM

Health insurance has gone up.  Cost of prescription drugs has increased.   Food has increased.  Gasoline prices are now over $3 a gallon ($2.69 a gallon BEFORE the storm).  Now they're saying that we can expect a 20% increase in our electric bills and up to 71% increase in our heating/fuel bills.  All these increases and I've had a 40% CUT in pay.   You can believe any paper, magazine, TV news show, or politician you want to believe.  I believe my paycheck and my bills. 

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PA - Pittsburgh area is one locale, Philadelphia area also.
TriState area - PA, NJ, DE.
Nothing has increased for me except gas and
it isn't $3 a gallon. 21 cents a gallon makes a difference over the long haul. Oh, but I guess you don't worry about things like that with your ridiculous bills and horrible increases!

Go ahead and continue paying your bills, dear. Or at least try. I for one have mine well under control with a 4-digit deposit in savings every month.

:) Enjoy your high cost of living wherever you are!
Has anyone increased their production with

My lines have increased by 1,000 per mo. and it's
just September. I'm feeling fairly confident about this fall/winter.
increased work
Mine is just the opposite, I have 2 accounts and they both increased
Increased production

Do you suppose increased production basically just come from utilizing the Magic Keys over and over until they become habit.  If any one has a link to an article or any information, please share.  I feel like I just landed on the moon with VR and no interpreter.


Central FL hasn't increased at all yet. nm
I increased RAM - made all the difference

My computer was freezing up all the time, and now it zips along and doesn't get stuck at all. Everything is much faster.

If you know someone who can install it, you could save a few bucks. But I don't think it saves you that much.

RAM will also help you with all the technology upgrades going on, even just for using the Web. It's a good investment if you have a good computer to begin with.

Increased speed with Expander

How much faster would you say an Expander can make you when transcribing?


Who wants playback speed increased on DocQScribe?

Sorry to repeat this post, but was hoping for a better response, so have moved it to the top again.

Over the past months I have been trying to convince superiors at MQ of the need to have the playback speed increased even more than we are able to at the present.  I proofread all reports and when you have a slow dictator, it can take forever.  If you agree, please make a post and maybe that will convince them to do something about it.

But isn't the increased incentive JUST on whatever is over 300 lines? Not applied to the first 3
So MQ explains how they arrived at the increased production percentage for ASR.
It appears to be a good study with what was excluded.  However, don't tell me about the opportunity for increased financial gain with this so called wonderful increased production of 30% when you decrease my pay by 20%.  The only financial gain I can see in all this is in the profit margin for the company. 
have you noticed increased line count and less hand stress

Teen son is on this and has an increased appetite, so he's putting on the pounds while his outloo
Ask a tax guy. Since you pay rent, I would think so
MT for rent?

MTSO 1 needs MT but for some reason hasn't been able to fill the position(s) so subcontracts with MTSO 2 to use #2s employees for #1s work.  MTSO 2 goes and hires  MTs who will remain employees of MTSO 2 but do all their work through MTSO 1's server.

Anyone heard of something like this?  They do not disclose the name of MTSO 1 when asked.

Why? Except for the rent all the rest is the same everywhere.


Anyone here rent a computer from MQ? I have a ?...

Did you fill out paperwork before you rented the computer?  Did they immediately start deducting the cost from your pay for rental?

I've never filled out any paperwork for my computer, it was just mailed to me.  Haven't seen rental deductions either.  Did I do something wrong? 

No you didn't. You said you won't rent from him
Can you rent a car for about the same amount? sm
That way you could come and go as you pleased! 
No rent that I know of, but cheaper to buy used on e-bay. nm
Yup! And newbies have to pay the rent and eat, too -
Not a word help question: Would menstrual blood mixed with urine cause increased microalbumin? (pl
My 21-YO daughter has type 2 DM, but it is very well controlled by diet alone.  She just had some lab tests done (blood and urine), and they called to let us know her urine microalbumin was slightly elevated.  However, she was on her period when they did the urine test, and she said there was definitely blood mixed in with her urine because of this.  Does anyone know if this would affect the microalbumin result?  They want her to start taking a small dose of lisinopril, but she doesn't want to and wants to wait 6 months for the next test.  Her hemoglobin A1c and other values were "perfect" according to the nurse who called, but we are waiting for the actual results to come via mail. 
How do you rent a car without credit card?
I only use my debit card now.  However, how do you rent a rental car without a credit card?
My rent, alone, is $1400. Including sm
utilities and everything else, probably about $3600, and I live alone.
For most the mortgage/rent is the most expensive.



Maybe it's paid for so she doesn't have to pay any rent.
And that's why she kept it.  She did say in a post she doesn't earn much doing medical transcription.  At least it's a roof over head head. Cut her some slack would ya?
Are there any places that rent C-phones? sm

I don't mean companies that you work for, but some independent company that you could rent one from.   I had one for a long time, but then the company I work for went to wav files, and foolishly, I got rid of my C-phone.  Now I have an opportunity at another company that requires a C-phone, but they don't supply them or rent them.  Before buying something and then finding out the company stinks, I thought it would be nice to rent one.  Maybe this is a farfetched idea, but thought I'd ask.


Yes, hound the renters every 5 days and at least get 1/2 of their rent

and then collect again in another 2 weeks.

Also, is the house a done deal? Can you back out of the purchase even if you took a loss? That might be the better way to go.

Lastly, you said your SUV took 30 bucks in gas. Is your SUV paid for and if so, can you sell it to get something more economical on gas? That might be an option until things get better.

Truly, these are just suggestions, meaning no disrespect.

Again, best of luck with everything!

What's *realistic* is that after I've paid my rent, (sm)
my utility bill, my car insurance, my ISP & phone bills, my medical co-payments, dental bill, etc., I usually have a choice between eating or buying gasoline. So currently my car sits in the carport, fuel-less and rarely driven, but insured - just so that I can continue my close relationship with Chef Boy-Ar-Dee and day-old (or older) bread.
If you think you can claim a part of rent as propety tax you can't.
It probably asks if you rent because then there would be no property taxes to claim.  If you owned then there would be property taxes.  It s/l it is walking you through the steps.  You can claim property taxes for vehicles, but you have incurred no property taxes as you don't own your residence.   I'm sure property taxes are considered when they decide how much to charge for rent, but who ever owns the property is paying the taxes and not you. 
i'd suggest rent space on a system
I'd suggest you rent space on a system and skip the inital outlay of your money, tying up a phone line at home for the doc to call in.

A lady in the Seattle, Washington area has a system she rents space on. You can contact her at talk2meinc@aol.com

Good luck!!
If the softener doesn't work, then rent a steamer. nm
Made $5,500/yr. with full benefits at hospital. Rent 175.00. Car 75.00
I think back then we made more than the average secretary and the cost of living (Morgantown, WV) was low. I just remember that I had raises every year, one for performance and another for cost of living raises. My pay went up a few thousand every year with the raises, that much I recall. This was in 1977. West Virginia University Hospital. We had to be there at 8:15, one hour paid lunch, two 15 minute breaks and went home at 3:15. My supervisor sometimes took naps in the employee lounge. She was kick back. I learned how to speed read by researching Dorland's but terminology was not too out of the ordinary from what I recall. People who were ill back then had the usual problems (gallbladder, kidney stones, etc).

Rent an RV and go anywhere you would like -- My hubby and 3 dogs went across country last year and
had a great time!  Also, Gatlinburg, TN has wonderful cabins that are pet friendly and lots for the kids to do, although more in the summertime. 
Question inside about Renting from Rent-A Center. sm

What was your expeience?  Is it very expensive?  I was thinking about renting a laptop computer to use for work on vacation for a couple of weeks and not ready to invest in purchasing a new laptop yet.  Can you rent things for about a month or do they require longer?

Thanks for any help you guys might give.');>


Any ideas on how to get a cheap rental car? I haven't had to rent a car

in a very long time.

thanks so much!

OK. Now if your husband is bringing you down by his mental illness and not paying rent
(is husband able to work? how deep is this mental illness? did he have money to pay rent and spent it elsewhere?) then maybe you should think about leaving him rather than placing your kids in any kind of foster care. That has to be traumatic but then so does living on the street. Speaking of placing your children in foster care while you get yourself OK in the head, what is your problem at this point. You see, if there is a lot of arguing and a dysfunctional family living on the streets, then foster care to permanent placement may be better for them. I just don't quite understand how you got into this mess and if these are mental health issues on both your part and your husband's I would look into placing the children. BTW, how old are they?

So all things considered if you don't have any issues other than depression because of a lack of a place to live and your husband's mental health, I would go to a family member or church and BEG for help sorting your life out. If there is more than that going on, including maybe substance abuse along with permanent mental health issues that will keep you from caring for your children, yes I would seek placement for them. And I would seek PERMANENT placement rather than foster care which I would think would be more traumatic for your children.
Yes, 13.50 wouldn't rent you a studio apartment where I live. And agree
True but that is to cover the expenses like rent, office supplies, sm
manager salaries. That does not include payroll that is based on service.

A good example woould be this: You are starting a book store. You need to plan the original inventory and six months worth of expenses. If you sell that inventory, you use the money from that to buy more books. If you do not sell any at first, you can stay in business for six months while you get noticed.

With transcription or any service business, you need enough in the bank to cover the same expenses, those that can keep you afloat while building your client base. However, you only hire more people as you get more customers. The payroll does not figure into the 6 months as it is based on what you provide, whereas the 6 months takes into account what it takes to get it going even if you do not have 1 employee.

Very, very few companies can have $800,000 lying around. If they did, they probably would need to invest it in equipment or spend it in other ways or the IRS would consider it profit and tax the heck out of it!
Between cruise lines dumping, increased boat traffic dumping, and runoff from

the water supply --- that's my personal opinion on why there is such a growing red tide.

They try to say it's just an algae bloom, but the toxin that makes up what is known as red tide is actually lots and lots of different toxins generically called "red tide."

The "red tide" in Massachusets for example is not the "red tide" that affects the southern coastal states and shellfish.

We sit here and watch

cruise ships go by,

barge traffic,

luxury yachts,

many more people living on sail boats,

house boats (there is no more property to buy at a reasonable price so they are living on boats and probably dumping effluent in the water). 

"Red tide" comes not only from marine water, it comes from resevoirs, your reclaimed water you spray your lawns with, you get it off the grass or bushes as you pass them, it is aerosolized as you water your lawn or go by an area where lawns are being watered.  There is a plethora of ways we are getting "red tide"

But nobody talks about how we are getting it. 

Look out there people, it is a toxic dump along the coast lines.  I stand on the pier and see household trash floating by all day long.  Plastic Wal-Mart bags and floating juice bottles, Frito Lay potato chip bags --- and you know some boater has thrown the trash overboard on the way to the dock. 

We have people living on boats all over the place in the bayous.  ICK.  You know what's happening there.

The beautiful lawns 100 yards from where people are swimming and oh my gosh catching fish and getting mollusk clams and taking them home and eating them --- the chemicals in the run-off from manicured lawns and the animal excrement where hundreds of people walk their dogs is just right there! right there in the water those people are going to swim in, put their babies in, eat the shellfish out of.  But nobody is warning them.  TheY think it's OCEAN WATER AND IT'S SO HEALTHY.  It is not healthy.

Yesterday as I was saying the red tide was so awful at the beach-----------An interesting observation: 

NO BIRDS!  There was not a sand piper, sea gull, or pelican in sight.  NOT ONE.

Might be able to rent one from an office supply or office machine repair shop
Is DSL not available in your area?
It's worth it to have it.  It's tax deductible as a business/work expense.  It's only about $35 a month here total, compared to $20 a month for dial-up.  It's so much faster, more reliable and easier to use than dial-up.  It also doesn't tie up your phone line like dial-up does, so no need for a second phone line and no getting bounced off the Internet when someone calls while you're trying to work.  I'd still have it even if I couldn't write it off on my taxes.
I'm in the D/FW area and we have taken in several ...
and Dallas is making sure the children are in school, there are special job fairs to make sure the adults get jobs, even though our economy was terrible to start with, companies are making jobs for them, and every one that is interviewed says they are never going home and making their home here in Dallas/Fort Worth. I know they need places to say, what happened to them is terrible, but this area really did not need the strain of all the added people. Several of the people have been offered new housing back in their state or such, but they say they do not want to move again. I just think everyone needs to be looking at the big picture as to what is going to happen in the long run, as New Orleans is going to need some of their residents to come back and help rebuild. I have a son that has been looking for a job for over a year in the field he went to school for and has had no luck and now he has to compete against 1000s more people. I just don't get it.
If you have one in your area, may I
They are a corporation who apparently does give a rat's a** about its employees. They don't give their top people big bonuses, etc. and instead pay their employees a living wage...a REAL living wage and have one of the best reputations for treating their employees like real human beings from all I've read about them.
See if this is in your area

bay area MT
Since you mentioned you were also from CA, I was wondering if you have seen much about relocalization and eating local? I have read a lot about this and try to only purchase goods that are produced within 100 miles of my home in the South Bay or if not available within that radius, only from our state. I have also started my own vegetable garden growing different types of squash, lettuce, spinach as well as others in addition to fruit. Everything I am growing is either from seed that is not genetically modified and is organic or I purchased from the nursery from organic growers. My housemate is suprised at how much variety we have with our container gardening. She was just saying this morning that she never realized how easy it was to grow things yourself.

Another thing to support your local farmer is to sign up for a CSA. They had an article not too long ago about how organic goods really wanted by consumers, but even though these goods are organic, they are being brought from different parts of the world, which kind of kills the organic goodness considering you are expending oil to deliver it.

As for offshoring of our work, I have found since I moved to CA getting close to a year ago that there seem to be a lot of companies who do not offshore and will not consider it a consideration. I think there is hope:)
bay area MT . . . sm
You see, I am right!!! They also had an article not too long ago about what the true savings from offshoring work has come out to. Instead of getting the 50% to 60% or more most places advertise to cut costs, the only real savings has been around 20%. They had an article about that in our local paper as well as I think I saw it on Yahoo News if anyone wants to search for it.
What area are you in because....
I had to fight to get $1.35 per minute IC directly from a hospital and was told that was the average.  I recently did some math and figured I was being paid between 8-9 cents per line.  I get 10 for a PT IC position.  Trying to figure if I should ask for more again, especially since I get several different doctors now that they use hospitalists.
Is this in the KC area?
I'm from a town just north of KCMO and plan on moving back in a few months and was just wondering if you worked for one of the hospitals there? I currently work for a national, but am hoping to get a local job when I move back.
None in my area.
Many are mad at this organization because of their stand on things. I am not happy with them at all.