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When I took a business trip one time, I came home to an immaculate house.

Posted By: beware on 2005-12-22
In Reply to: You need a vacation ALONE. - Nyer

Then during the next few weeks, I couldn't find certain things like clothes, dishes, and items I kept on the counters. DH had decided to put all the dirty stuff out in the garage where the babysitter couldn't see it because he was embarrased by the mess he and the kids had made. There was mold and mildew on everything because he taped it inside boxes or stuffed it inside coolers, and he forgot to tell me about it.

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If he has a sudden bronchospasm at home, he may not LIVE during the trip to the ER. He needs to go.
I don't know if you'd make the trip in time. When my
mother was dying she died within 24 hours of her kidneys shutting down - by this I mean she quit producing urine.  She had cancer that has spready rapidly throughout her body so there may have been contributing factors involved.
Know what - OSI will house clean QA starting from the top if they want to stay in business
Before I started my own business, worked in a hospital in-house with taxes taken out & then went hom
was getting with shift differential 23.80 when I left. Your pay seems extremely low, you could make more as an IC seriously.
That daggon Zatarains put Oak Grove Smoke house out of business, the rats!
I can only find 1 place for Oak Grove Smoke House on the 'net now, and their mixes are WAY better and more original (just editorial opinion, there). All the other 'net entries are some lawsuit Zatarains brought. Blrch.
Home vs in house
The perfect solution is working at home for a doctor's office or hospital and being paid by the hour instead of the line.  It's so irritating to have to be online in for a certain time period, having NO work and making NO money.  At least hourly you're guaranteed income.  JMHO.
well not this business but home to work b/c of it.
i'm not an emotional person at all at least with work, tend to be very matter of fact. i found that working with groups of people - they were just too emotional for me to deal with. i'm much happier not having to hear the ofc rumor, politics, grind, who's mad at who, who didn't say hi today, who didn't get invited to lunch, who is upset because she should get special privies and leniency b/c she's a single parent, who didn't put in their pto requests as supposed to but gets upset b/c they can't just walk in and have their time off, and junk like that.

no putting up with that 1 person in the office who wears enough perfume for the entire staff, either.

different reasons but i'm glad i'm home instead of in that stuffy ofc anymore!
I use Quicken Home & Business.

One of the things that I like about this software is that I can keep a track of both my business and home checking accounts in the same program without having to flip back and forth. It is a little on the pricey side, but you can import the data right into Turbo Tax (if you use that program for doing your taxes) and the software cost is a tax-deductible expense.

Link below.

Quicken Home and Business.
It will do what you mention. I use it and really like it.
TurboTax Home and Business.

Home versus in-house
Let me answer before I read everyone else's responses. I worked at home and for awhile it was great, but I had kids underfoot, that didn't work out. So back to inhouse. It's nice having a regular paycheck and not having to worry about taxes, they're taken out. Also health insurance is a big concern. But I'm sick of the nitpicking and being treated like a child. I hate being spied on and I hate office politics. People are in close proximity when I'm transcribing and there is a lot of loud talking in the small room. Plus when the other people are crabby, it casts a dark shadow on the whole day.

I may soon have no choice but to work at home again, as my place of employment is rumored to be upgrading and at all other facilities owned by this company, that has meant shipping our work overseas. I don't dread returning home though. Just got a brand-new Dell computer, found and loaded my Instant Type and imported my PRD files. I will switch to my husband's insurance which is a kind I'm not crazy about but it's better than nothing. I have a tax guy now and I'll stay on top of taxes with my estimated quarterles. And there's a company I've been working for on and off for years that treats me like gold and will take me on anytime!

I'm the type of person who doesn't like being constantly monitored by an authority figure, particularly an ignorant one! It may soon be time to get out of the in-house and back to my home! We'll see. For now, I'm in-house. But maybe soon, I won't be.
Home Office vs In-House
What about transcription done in-house in an office or dept. where there is high traffic from MDs to janitors?

My dog watches me type and horror of all horrors, I usually have the dictation on speaker phone.

6 at home and 1 in house (first job) in 6 years
stay home or go in house....

I got offered a job in a small neurology office starting at $17/hr with a raise in a few months.  No working weekends or holidays and lots of vacation days.  Low stress.

I currently work at home for a pretty decent company with a pretty decent line rate, but am starting to feel pressure to produce more...my average pay at home is between $13 and $15 an hour.  It also adds stress when there is little to know work available and I am having to alter my schedule to "make up" time.

So, I would be making a bit more money, but I will have to have child care for the summers and for after school, so I don't know if it is worth it. 

Can someone give me some insight as to whether they were faced with this decision...what they decided and why?  I would really appreciate it. 

Stay home or go in-house?

Help! What do I do?  I currently work for a pretty good national company and I get to stay home and work in my PJs, but then... we ran out of work for a few days and I panicked.  I applied for an in-house position doing radiology, which I have never done before.  I am fairly certain they will offer me the position to work 24 to 32 hours, with many more hours if I want them.  It pays about 18.50 per hour during the week and 19.39 on the weekends, which I will work one weekend day.  So now what???

Do I give up the comfort of my home for a guaranteed paycheck and work in a cubical typing radiology notes for 8 hours a day?  UGH!  Tough to have such choices in this economy. 

Any insight or thoughts on this?  I do have young children, but they spend a lot of time at grandma's while I work anyway.


Turbo Tax Home Business Edition! Tax Q's!!
OK, I know you probably are sick of taxes, but here I am just getting started, as usual. I always owe so much $$ that it makes me sick, and so I procrasinate. At any rate, I had used Turbo Tax Home Business for several years and it was GREAT until last year. Then they changed the program and it tanked for me, but I have high hopes that maybe this year its better and improved???  My problem is that I work for a company - that big one who shall remain nameless, and am an employee, but I always take the home office deduction -- have done so for 20 years, as my home is taken over by my office. At any rate, last year on Turbo Tax Home Business you could NOT enter your rent or mortgage or any utilities off of a W2 form - you had to be an IC. I also am a per diem IC, so I have a few hundred dollars in W9 forms.  But Turbo Tax last year would NOT let me use this home office deduction - it couldn't recognize it from a technical aspect with the W2 form. I'm just about to blow $100+ on the online version, and thought maybe I'd ask here first. Has anybody used Home Business edition TT this year? Is it great like it used to be? Any snags? I know I was not alone last year with this business office deduction as April 14th this board and all other MT boards were jammed up with hundreds of us trying to figure out how to manually override this snag!  With no luck.... Anybody have any experiences with TT this year? Those are my only deductions, by the way - just home office and utilities, no other itemizations.  So it should be easy.... LOL! LOL!
I've worked in-house and at home ....
I find that even when you're in-house, with the nature of the job, there's no time for chit-chat.  When I worked in-house we had production minimums and there was incentive to earn if you produced, so who has time to talk?  I'm with you.  I'm happy being here in my comfy clothing without all that aggravation.  Let is snow, I don't have to drive in it!
Along the same line, does anyone do coding at home or only in house? Does it pay well? nm
At this for 30+ years. I think the thing to remember is yes, it is a business, when I am home to w
working. One thing I do to start off is treadmill every morning 30 minutes, just walk, no vigorous jogging too old, just enough to get those endorphins working and then start with my cup of coffee. I don't answer the phone for anyone unless its my mom. She only call is if something is wrong, otherwise I let the machine pick it up. I will if I have personal calls for myself take time when no work or do that rather than lunch for 40 minutes or so. I do the hour stretch. I also use weights, free weights by my desk I use to lift and stretch out my neck and arm muscles. I also use a ball twice a day to lie on and roll out the shoulders. This enables me to keep at it. No house chores. After I am done I do those. My kids are raised, but this job always enabled me to be here at home for them. I worked nights for a long time too broke up my work time when they were younger. So everything at home is workable with the right approach. Just remember, you are working, just because your home don't take personal calls. I don't think I would have done this for this many years if it was not work the $$. Be creative in your own routine have fun with it and make it work enjoyable. We can go out and have coffee in the sun on the deck in our PJs for our breaks, so remember the flexibility factor there.
Working full time at home with small children is hard but part time works great
is almost impossible. You will either have to work when your spouse is home or for only a few hours during the day and then more when they are asleep. I work part time at home and my kids (2&5 now) have done very, very well. They are great kids, very well behaved, don't get into much. I stop working to check on them/give them some attention every hour or so while I work (5 hours each afternoon or so) and they get all my attention in the morning and at night. It has worked out beautifully for us.
My 3 sons are eating me outta house and home too! :) NM
Majority of the jobs seem to be in-house. Never could find an at-home job that way. nm
Answer is get out of the house. Gym, dances, Home Depot.
"close" your home office before you sell your house...sm

then you don't have to do anything with the tax depreciation, etc.

Love in house, hate nationals at home nm
Is coding offered at home or only in-house? Gotta be better than doing this...nm
And I disagree with that. I've worked home and in-house,
Everyone is different and some people don't rely on jobs to provide social interaction. When it comes to my job, I prefer being at home working independently without a lot of interruptions and enjoy the freedom of working from home. If I were stuck in an office with rigid hours, then I'd be resentful. Personally, I loathe being stuck in an office full of catty backstabbers and love the solitude of home. When I want to socialize, I call one of my friends.

You also have to be able to let QA remarks roll off your back a little, but that only works if you don't have the threat of being docked or terminated as a result of those QA remarks. Find an MTSO that doesn't hold those things over your head (yes, they do exist).

I do think the key IS where you work, but not home versus office - it's finding a company that values MTs, not sees them as mere production machines. They are few and far between, but they're out there. I lived through my share of bad apples in this biz before finding the good ones, so I speak from experience.
full-time in office/ part-time at home
I currently work full-time in a physician's office and have started part-time online. My hope is to eventually go full-time online; however that will be done the road for a single mom with a son in college. My suggestion would be try to type part-time for a MTSO and see how that goes i.e work and money with a decision down the road for ultimately being home all the time. A guaranteed paycheck is always a necessity for me. Hope this helps.
Any help on form 8829*Expenses for Business Use of your Home would be greatly

Hi All,

I was a statutory employee last year but not now.  I usually do my own taxes but am having trouble with form 8829 and am not sure if the accountant can squeeze me in at this late date.  Thought I would try here first for help.  I use my den exclusively for work (almost) and am going to take this 7% of our home as a business expense. 

Under Part II... Lines 10 and 11.  Deductible mortgage interest and real estate taxes...I am going to take the entire amount on schedule A, so, hopefully, do not have to enter anything here. 

line 17. Insurance.  Are we allowed to take a portion of our homeowners insurance as a deduction? I have no separate business insurance. 

Line 19. Utilities.  I know I can take 7% of my electric, gas, water, garbage (I think), but what about phones? We have both cell and regular phone.  When I call, I use the regular phone for toll free numbers, but the cell phone to my boss who does not have a toll free #. 

Then, I need to find the value of my home for Part III. I guess I will check home sales in the neighborhood and go by that. 

Geez..sorry for sounding like such a dummy.  I can do all the other...capital gains, etc, just not sure what is allowed for home expenses.

As I say, I will try to get in to the accountant, but any advise for any of this form would be greatly appreciated.  I cannot complete schedule A until I have my Profit or Loss done, which I cannot complete until I do this form.


If you use LecStar as your home/business phone service read this....sm

They had a judge sign a Chapter 7 bankruptcy order on 10/2 and have begun cutting off phone service to residental and business customers.  I found out about this when I attempted to make a long distance call today (I had the unlimited long distance home phone plan) and got notification that I had no long distance service available.  Upon calling them the representative told me that they're working on cutting phone service to everyone and at any time I could lose service.  I've called the "mega" phone service for my area, BellSouth, and signed up to switch hopefully before the line is disconnected by LecStar.

Interestingly I had signed up for their service through a cooperation they had with my power company.  The power company just found out yesterday about the bankruptcy and services starting to be cut off and is in the process now of calling every power company customer who had phone service with LecStar and telling them what is happening so that hopefully no one else will be caught off guard with a disconnected phone service. 


I think it's pretty easy. And I think is mis-typed. I use Quicken for Home & Business.

I am by no means an accounting-type person. I keep EVERYTHING in this program. I used to always have my checkbook screwed up. Now, I don't even bother with trying to keep a balance written in my checkbook register because I do everything from her. I have automatically scheduled transactions, reminders and bills set up. I actually now have a budget (unheard of before).

As far as invoicing, I have found it to be very easy. I would say my favorite feature is the ability to email invoices directly from the program to clients, saving me postage and the hassle of delayed payments because of PO delivery problems.. Another plus for me is that I have to collect sales tax and it set that up for me automatically when I set up my business--this makes it very easy for me to figure out my tax due each quarter.

Another plus is that you can set up Quicken to automatically download bank transactions every day so I can stay on top of what's going on with my money. It keeps me from missing those pesky ATM transactions that my husband makes in the family account!

"close" your home office before you sell your house and you will have no problem..nm
we are not talking about a house in the assoc. The original poster lives in a regular home.
So they cannot tell someone else what color to paint their house.

My sons are born again too and their wives can't leave the house, home school the kids, no tv,
and if my DIL wanted to work, it is out of the question. One of my sons just believes in having babies and having babies. They now have 5. I divorced his dad and apparently his dad taught them this is the American way. I just feel so bad for both my sons' wives. They both are born again and both live their life that way.
At home, Melitta or any kind of hazelnut. Out of house, Green Mountain from the gas stationso or
In this business time is ALWAYS money.
I wouldn't work under those conditions. Not every company is like the one you described.
As long as she is using her own equipment on her own time, it is none of your business what she does
I hope they get put out of business. 'Bout time the
HMOs are ruining the health industry. Many fine docs have quit 'cause they don't like pencil-pushers telling 'em what to do. And you KNOW they're behind all that 'bottom line' BS that has driving our work offshore.

Glad to see the suit being brought against them, and hope that THIS time they get taken down.
I learned along time ago: My house, my rules. sm

I have been through the wringer, trying to keep my two older kids away from "bad influences."  But I have learned.

When they were younger, I simply said, "You can play with so and so outside, but he's bratty.  If he gets bratty outside,  he'll have to go home."

When they were teenagers, I simply set the "House Rules".  Abide by them, or out you go.  Funny thing was, the friends were more compliant than my own kids. :)

If my older kids brought a friend over to stay the night because he/she was "fighting with mom/dad,"  I'd say, "Sure you can stay, but not until you call your mom or dad and tell them you are here and that you aren't going anywhere and that you are safe for the night."

I heard on occasion, "Didn't your mom say NOT to do that?"  I guess I had more "control" than they had at their own houses and they felt good about having some limits.

My son who FINALLY moved out at 19 had a few new friends that came over one night and, as they were leaving, they said,  "We'll be back around 10:30!"  I said, "Sorry guys, this place closes at 10:00 on weeknights."  They didn't come back.

I have 2 younger ones, 14 and 10.  We have a pool.  My pool rule?  No towel, no towel.  You can swim, but you can "drip dry."

Funny thing is, I've collected well over 2 dozen towels in the past 2 years that I have no idea where they came from.  If it were me, the minute my child came home, I would have said, "And where is my towel?"  Some parents just don't stay on top of things, if you know what I mean.

She is scared about turn around time of her business. Prob nothing you can do other than what you d
She does understand, just frustrated and wanting to prob, poke, intimidate, make you feel bad. Just stay calm, when giving her choices just stay calm and say which would you want me to handle for you. Say, I can HELP YOU with thus and thus. She knowwwws just scared and just remain calm, stick to your "Calm Guns" and don't take personally. Say, I know you are worried, this is how I can help, which will it be (so to speak, she will soften and might end up apologizing a bit. Remain at least another month and see how pans out.
Sorry, don't have time. Gotta go run around the house a couple of times. nm
Glad you had a good time. We just hung around the house.

Time to call the authorities and put this person out of business. no mess.
My "techies" come to the house and most of the time get it fixed here. They built the computer
You work full time, manage a house and cut 11 acres? No way man! Not me :)
Or discpline time! My kids would be very sorry if they threw things at me or in the house. Two hours
is not too long for them to give you some space.  That's really sad for you, but maybe try to rein them in.  Can't hurt, right?
Sounds like the Marines at your house! I'm really glad you "schedule" some quality time wi

your kids!  I think you are way harsh with your 15-year-old stepdaughter.  What's wrong with helping with homework?  Not giving her the answers, but sitting with her and explaining things?  I help my 14-year-old with his homework and I check everything he does for errors.  If he makes mistakes, I sit down with him and explained what he did and have him do it over.

As fars as my kids getting up on their own - my kindergartener gets up without the aid of an alarm clock because she is an early riser, but my teenager has to be gotten up and personally I don't see what is wrong with that.  They are TEENAGERS! 

My kids have chores and earn an allowance each week.  They must keep their rooms clean.  My son takes out the garbage, cleans the bathroom, and helps me do the dishes.  My daughter takes turns helping me do the dishes and sweeps the kitchen floor and feeds the animals.

My kids are spoiled, but what's the point in being a working mom if you can't spoil your kids every now and then?

Then now is especially the time to be home with them.
Your time at home with your child is so
Your child is better with you..being near the sounds, the smells, the love of mom. I recognize that some moms have to put their children in daycare, but to rationalize it that they are "better off" there because if you stay at home with them and work, they aren't getting enough attention just isn't right. You find a way to give them the love and attention they need. Is daycare going to sit there and give your child one-on-one attention all day? Are you prepared to have your child be sick all the time? My daughter has barely had a cold in her first five years of life. It's just a cop out to think that daycare is actually better.
part time work at home
medquist will provide partc time work and equipment, call 1800dictate for more info or apply online
I only have dial-up when working from home (most of the time).
I get my work as dss files as email attachments. Originally I did not think dial-up would work at all, so I set up an office at my mom's house where I have DSL. It does only take seconds to download with DSL, and takes several minutes for a huge file with dial-up. I can download a file while I am transcribing another one. It takes less than a minute for me to send the completed file back. This is certainly acceptable, although I hope they get DSL here soon. It takes longer to Google something.