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all this talk about snakes and guess what..

Posted By: Gina on 2009-06-06
In Reply to: It's Officially in the Attic - Skeered of Snakes

the dogs had cornered when we got home from town today.. geez. a stinking snake..went down to see the dogs in the pin were going crazy, yard dog was even down there barking.. he always greets us when we get back home, so I knew something was there, went & looked, it wasn't a black snake, kinda grayish.. so went back to the house, then went back again & the stinking thing had its neck spread like a cobra, and then it hissed at me, creeped me out and sent chills all the way down, so back to the house I went, dh got home, went out to tell him, he went & got the shovel, that things head was almost diamond shaped it was evil looking, dh got it on the shovel & I think he was going to pitch it over in the woods, but then it held that evil lookin head up & hissed at him, it fell off the shovel & he killed it.. heard it was a spread adder, here people call them spreadenadder.. lol.. needles to say, Thank God it's gone..

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How about snakes?
I found a little small snake in the house in December, it got away before I could get it and we haven't seen it since.
Help! Snakes!

Snake in the heat/air vent.  His head was right at the vent exploring to see if he could fit through but he's too big I think.   Anybody know what to do?  He's disappeared now so worried where he went to and if there are more.  Thanks.

Keep snakes away!!
Sprinkle some moth crystals around in your flower beds around your house and the snakes won't come around. This worked for me!

Good Luck!
You must not have snakes around...
I have lots and it's extremely unnerving to see, step on, or work in the garden and have one slither away from where you just had your hand.  We do have poisonous ones too.  If there were anyway to get rid of them, I certainly would.  Unfortunately, some snakes do "hold their ground" and will bite if you unknowingly bother them.  I had one fall off the roof onto my glider right where I had been sitting a few minutes before.  He was trying to get to the bird house hanging near by.  Needless to say, I moved the birdhouse away from the house. 
I don't like snakes either.
May seem odd, since I have 5 PET geckos... but they have legs. Big difference. There's just something WRONG about anything that can move without benefit of limbs....

Comedian Bill Engvall talked about being afraid of snakes. "Snakes are of the devil. It's in the Bible. Look it up."

One time back in my teens, before we knew what we know now about skin cancer and sun damage, I was sunbathing in the back hard, opened my eyes, and found myself nose to nose with a 3-foot black and white king snake. Perfectly harmless--but I think I jumped about a mile straight up in the air!
I don't like snakes either.
May seem odd, since I have 5 PET geckos... but they have legs. Big difference. There's just something WRONG about anything that can move without benefit of limbs....

Comedian Bill Engvall talked about being afraid of snakes. "Snakes are of the devil. It's in the Bible. Look it up."

One time back in my teens, before we knew what we know now about skin cancer and sun damage, I was sunbathing in the back yard, opened my eyes, and found myself nose to nose with a 3-foot black and white king snake. Perfectly harmless--but I think I jumped about a mile straight up in the air!
We had a couple of snakes that got into our church (found and sealed up the holes). However, I found out they have large sticky traps like they use for mice that are for snakes. Maybe that would do the job. Good luck. I don't like to kill snakes, but if they are invading my space, then so be it.
killing snakes
If an animal is endangering my life, of course, I will probably have to kill it, snakes included, of which we have many out here.  If I was on an island, just me and a chicken, of course, I would eat it.  My take is that, as long as there is other healthier food, I will continue to eat that, veggies, grains, fruits, and leave the animals to live their lives.
Hating Snakes
I would be totally freaking out too! Find it and kill it. I'd go to a hotel until you find the thing. Like you, I would be way scared. I hope that you find it, but in the meantime, you certainly have my sympathies.
I'm in NC too! We have good & bad snakes, unfortunately.
Don't take any chances. Call somebody. They won't kill it because the State law won't permit them to here, but will attempt to remove it for you (for $, of course!). Good luck!
Snakes .. continued
Well, finally ventured out to finish putting the flowers in and (btw I am in Florida) so every nasty thing is here along with me in the yard probably ;-) but have not seen it again.  I am sure it is in the bushes for protection and I am just concerned that the mommy is nearby and wants to bite my face off for screaming so loud when I saw it!!  From what I gather, it could be just a black variety of nonpoisonous whatever they are or it could have been a rattler because there used to be orange groves everywhere .. and it could be water because I live across the street from the bayou.  The dog pooped today on my brand new den carpet .. you should have been here for that war dance and yoddling display!!  Mama mia!
Eewwww... you don't talk like an MT, you talk like mangement. Ick. (n/m)
nah, just snakes.....and spiders.....and roaches
I absolutely hate snakes.
And spiders. Anyway, 5 years ago we had just moved to a different house. I was sitting on the ground on the south side planting some bulbs. Just sitting indian style, enjoying the weather. Well, I got my 2nd bulb in and picked up my pack of bulbs and went to move over to plan another and there was a snake coiled up on my sandal. I flipped. All my bulbs went flying in the air, along with my little shovel. I screamed. The thing was probably not even 2 feet long, I didn't care. Anyway, my neighbor and her friend came and chased it away for me. At the time, they were 8 and 9. lol
Question about snakes .. yuck!
I know that this is the time of year the babies are born, but I want to know how to get them out of the flowering bushes in my back yard.  This merry widow stuff is for the birds!!  If someone has a remedy that does not have me putting my hands where he/she is .. I am all for it.  Yesterday as I looked out the window he/she was looking back in at me .. gag!!
there is an advantage having black snakes
in the basement, as they eat rodents. So keep this in mind.
What do you prefer? Rodents or black snakes?

I just hate both, but if I had to choose I would choose the black snake.
Snakes do a lot of good in nature, most are harmless.
poster is wrong - snakes do have feelings...N/M
All diamond-shaped heads are poisonous snakes! I do know that! nm
Got Snakes - GET LIME!!!!! Sprinkle generously! Burns their bellys.
Is Venom ER still on? Learn lots about snakes there. Love that Dr. Bush! nm
If it's different for each report, my guess (only a guess)
would be no. I think the macro would work if it was the same each time, but not sure if it will if the documents are different each time.
Can someone talk to me?

I'm really depressed and need someone; no religious stuff, though.

At what point should one give up one's children if you feel you aren't giving them  a good life?

I will talk to you.
I will talk to you. Why do you feel your children are not getting what they deserve from you? Would you like to chat on the chat line? It would be easier to carry on a conversation. I know the one constant in life is that things are always changing, so what is making you depressed now could change at any time. Let's talk.
Talk to you.
I think to give up a child so that it can have a better life takes a lot of love. I don't think anyone does this to be mean or selfish. It's the most unselfish thing a person can do. Is this your child? How old?
Doc's talk to me
I do about 15 doctor's and I have at least 10 that do talk to me. Only one is a griper, the rest are real friendly and always tell me nice things, plus call me by name, which is a + in my book.
need a pep talk
I am feeling so rotten about myself and my MTing abilities today.  I got an E-mail from quality control about several errors in a report and complaints from that particular hospital on this one report.  Apparently, I had put she in several spots that should have been he.  I also did not fill out the demographics screen.  I guess I am getting ahead of myself with this produce, produce, produce thing.  I suppose it is time to slow down.  Anyone else had a slap on the wrist and felt horrible and then just feel so unsure of yourself that you just feel like you need to put the keyboard up for a while? 
So what do YOU want to talk about?

You should talk about it with them.
Why do families act like idiots after a death regarding the items left behind?
Let's Talk
I've been in this business since 1981.  For many years I felt it was the greatest opportunity I could have ever had with a high school education only. I was trained on-the-job by a teaching hospital.  You know what I mean, the money-making career without the college.  Well, that worked out all and well until a few years ago (or maybe more, I was busy having kids and lost track of my mind...lol) when I noticed that suddenly companies were trying to rip off transcriptionists.  And I don't mean a few, I mean MOST.  In trying to look for a job with benefits, because I got divorced, I was thinking to myself, what the heck happened.....and was also thinking, surely these are just transcriptionists who have been burned.  NOT SO.  The medical Transcriptionist has been lost....we are made to feel as secretaries, time wardens, ESL experts, etc.  I am totally  baffled by it.  BECAUSE, we are professionals, we really are.  How many people do you know could sit down and do what we do?  It is specialized, it should be treated as a profession, yet company after company is offering not much more than 8 cpl.  HELLO???  Are you kidding me???  I should just go get a job at McDonald's.....I am serious, I am so furious right now I can't see straight.  This is pitiful.  I now am truly sorry I even ever entered the transcription profession.  Let's all walk away and see where they are then!!!  Okay, thanks for the vent. I AM SO FRUSTRATED. 
Just talk with them
They have probably had to set up other people, I would call and talk with the person that asked me if I was looking for more work and explain to them that you have usually just been on the other end and what you have that you are working with now, am assuming you have the pedal and you download from your large service, well if they are digital then they will just upload and you will go on some site and download your files.  But don't let this opportunity get away from you as when they need someone usually the first warm body that comes through the door is the one that they grab if they can do a half way decent job.  But call and ask questions and do the research on what they are currently doing now.  Good luck, let us know how it goes. 
Need to talk to tax guy to see what U can/cant
you should probably talk to her,
given the HIPPA laws and what if somehow this ever goes to court (that would be my luck) and you actually have to go? Gone are the days when I typed my own path report because there wasn't anyone else to do it! and my own chest x-ray and mammogram, H&P and op note!
Seeing I talk back to sm
dictators, I'd probably just scream FU back at the computer screen.
You talk about QA being arrogant, BUT
You post all the time and it is very visible how much you are actually arrogant. You have such a terrible attitude and nasty mouth. Even as the abbreviation you used it is uncalled for. Your opinion is NOT the only one that matters. You are one person i would just LOVE to meet in person. I would be the first to put you in your place right then and there!
Do your docs talk 2U?

I have one doctor who, when she wants to correct something or other always says "This is an aside to the typist." ARGH. I feel like I'm in a Shakespeare play or something - don't those have a lot of "asides"? I always want to scream at her "Don't you know I'm not a TYPIST?? I'M A MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST, DAMN IT!!!!" Of course she's 80 or something so I shall forever be "the typist" to her.

I have a resident who always says "For transcriptionist, would you...." to get my attention - but when he was new I thought he was saying "Poor transcriptionist..." I always nodded my head in sad agreement until I realized what he was actually saying....

And then there's the doc who loves to complain about his job to me, sometimes in great detail - "Here I sit, waiting for some x-rays to come in so I can make a buck" and "I cannot believe this hospital."

They crack me up!

docs talk to me
I always get one who says, "uh, secretary, please correct..." and then I have one who always says "oh, operator, could you kindly...." Does he think that because he dictates into a phone it's a telephone operator on the other end or what?
Where do you usually talk about productivity?

I don't see a board for increasing productivity.  I usually just post questions on the main board but think I will get more information if I post questions on the board specifically for productivity.


Talk to a doctor
Find out what is the downside for YOU, then make your decision from there.  Sounds simple, but I'd hate to have to make that decision.  Godspeed.
Walk your own talk, then.
Why don't YOU take in all that trash if they're all just innocent victims of "the system". It's always someone else's fault, isn't it? You liberals never hold the parasites responsible for any of their own actions or any of the CHOICES they make. It's always the government's fault, or capitalism's fault, or the fault of people with money (you know, the ones who worked hard and EARNED their lifestyle). We're all supposed to keep paying through the nose so a bunch of parasites can breed generation after generation of parasites and no one is allowed to point out the truth. Fine. YOU let them all live with you.
has anyone ever had a recruiter talk down to them - sm

I cannot believe the way this woman spoke to me in such a condescending manner.  She made herself sound so high and mighty, and yet all through the industry I had only heard good things about her.  I applied for a position, was contacted by phone, and she told me that my EXTENSIVE 14 years experience, along with 3 years QA experience was not enough for their company.  But it was the tone that she used!  I am not a sensitive person in any way, but she made me feel like I was inadequate and had no business applying for a job with their company.  When I told her what I made (which I said I could prove on my taxes and pay slips) she balked (?sp) as if I was making it up. 

Has anyone else ever been through this?? I do not want to say the name of this person or the company because I do not think it is relevant. 

Talk about childish!
Talk shows

I thought about it as I do quite a bit of transcribing different types of seminars but when I saw what they charge people for a transcription of the show I thought boy they must not pay much as it does not cost much to get a transcription of a show, less than $20.  So they must have some type of automated transcription as for a 8 hour seminar I get anywhere from $500 to $750 and for a three day seminar I get close to $2000.  Per line charge.  But is frustrating to do sometimes as the audio is not the greatest at time.

But that was my thoughts on the subject.

Well, talk about job security

This morning, she came in my office and brought me a flyer...


Medical Transcription Services at 7.6 cents per line...

Extraordinary Quality Medical transcription at 7.6 cents per line (65 character line)

24-hour Turn Around Time (TAT) compliant

2-4 hour Turnaround available on request

Secure and fully HIPAA complant

HIghly experienced Medical Transcription Staff will ensure that your transcription is completed efficently with the highest level of quality.

yada...yada...yada....on and on with their ad...

How can a company possibly work for this?  Wonder what the transcriptionists get paid? Would this be outsourced??  I wanted to ask these questions, but our manager doesn't care about anything but the dollar. I've been here 17 years and the work load is overwhelming. So am I threatened, YES! Should I be?


Talk America
I live in North Carolina and cannot find Talk America in my area for $49.95.  Someone else also told me about them.  Where are you?
Please talk with neice

I, too, got pregnant when I was 18 (had baby at 19).  I was whoring around, doing drugs, and making bad life decisions.  I met a guy and 2 weeks later found out I was pregnant.  I told him and we both decided on abortion.  We went to the clinic, paid them $500 dollars.  They did the "initial exam" and set us up for a date to have the abortion. 

2 days after my initial evaluation, I was in tears and told "this guy" that I really wanted to have the baby.  He cried and said that he did, too.  We were basically both just going to abort because we thought that is what the other one wanted. 

I cry everytime I think about that awful thing that I almost did.  I would never hurt my baby now that she is here, how could I have thought about hurting her when she was completely helpless?

Well, 7 years later, I have a wonderful kindergartener who can read and write (wrote her daddy a letter before school this morning saying he was the greatest dad ever).  This child changed my life.  She means the world to me.  I can't stand it when people say that a child would get in the way.  My child gave me something to live for. 


By the way, I was a lucky one.  That guy, is now my husband and we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversery this year :)  We also have a wonderful 2 year old. 

Ummm...you need to talk to someone about this!
Why would anyone need this info? That is too strange. I would call a lawyer or another bank and find out about it. Did they SELL you the insurance or what?
I'll talk to them.
Well, there isn't any good to talk about.
If you'll go to the company board and go through the archives you can read the posts, but basically they suck big time.  Sound quality lousy, dictators lousy, management lousy, hard to get lines ......
Had a "friend" talk to me ....sm
like that one day as I was sitting at the computer.  She was one who knew she could do it, blah, blah, blah.  I said "sure, sit down here and get busy."  Couldn't get past 3 sentences!  She never mentioned it again and had a new respect for what I do!
Do you know anyone you could talk into joining under you?
From what I've read, the program pays when you get down to the 8th level. So, you need to sell someone who can also sell someone 8 times before you'll see any real money.

You may make a few bucks at first but compare that to the joining expense, what things you have to buy, I understand 2 or 3 things, and something about a $20 monthly site fee (just what I've read, remember).

Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on it.