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there is an advantage having black snakes

Posted By: () on 2009-06-05
In Reply to: Am I the only one - Skeered of Snakes

in the basement, as they eat rodents. So keep this in mind.
What do you prefer? Rodents or black snakes?

I just hate both, but if I had to choose I would choose the black snake.

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Black widows are shiny black, females have red spot
There aren't many males around. After the mate, the females eat them lol.

We have black widows galore here in Calif. I actually keep frogs in my yard (provide ponds for them) and they have made a big impact on the insect population.

Remember to always wear shoes (something I try to do).
MT Advantage anyone?

I have to get some additional training and think I might go with MT Advantage.  Anyone have any experience with them?

Or, any other suggestions perhaps?

do you know someone who took advantage?

What process would I have to go through?  I'll talk to the director at my school, maybe she can help too.  As for the spelling, I think MTs are some of the worst spellers because we're used to the luxury of a spell checker.  Not bad spellers just lazy spellers.

One advantage we MTs have over - sm

most other people in that we know how to WRITE.  A friend of mine used to call it "The Power of the Pen", and it's true.  Even when you don't get the exact response you wanted when you write a letter, the fact that you were concerned enough to do it at all does NOT go unnoticed.  It raises questions in the minds of those to whom they were written.  And we have to KEEP AT IT.  Some of those with thicker skins (and skulls!) need to be reminded again and again that this country has a big problem with other countries profiting from our generosity, so-called "political correctness", and their general perception of our overall naivete.  With enough talking, blogging, letter-writting, petitioning, and educating of the American public, it might be possible to bring offshoring of American work to the forefront of the next election.  People need to be made aware that NO job is safe. 

It's sickening that big US firms are taxed to the MAX when it comes to offshoring.  What a huge windfall for THEM.  Instead, those of us that they are screwing are expected to pay the taxes that support our country's infrastructure.

If this trend continues the way it has for the past 10+ years or so, there will be no need for another country to take ours over militarily.  We'll all simply be BOUGHT.



Advantage of Laptops?

Another poster asked how many MTs use laptops, and that got me wondering what the advantage to a laptop would be.  I understand traveling, but it sounds like some use it for home. 

I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm trying to figure out how I can transcribe outside on the back deck with a C-phone and computer (I live in a rural area).  I guess a laptop, extension cords, and moving with the sun would probably be logical, but are there any problems with that scenario that anyone can think of?  Does anyone have any other ideas for outdoor transcription?  I get kind of lonely during the day, so I thought the outdoors might help.  Also, work wants me to transcribe 2 hours before breaking!  Even though I'm new with this company, I haven't met that goal yet.  Thought I would try some new scenery, if it's possible!  ');>

Don't be afraid. Use the law to your advantage. SM

Stop a minute and think about this. What other person on the planet would be allowed to do this to you? Not one. The reason he is allowed to do it is because you let him.

"Tired of working?" Hell, we're all tired of working, but we do it because we have to. You keep your chin up, girlie. Find you a rat-hole and put some money in it. Even if it's a quarter at a time. Save your change, filch from your paycheck. Get a little padding there so you will have some options.

I lived with a horribly abusive man who took advantage of me for 30 years. I'd still be living with him but he's dead. I know I'd never have left.

Don't get me wrong. I adored him, God knows why - I let those "good times" outshine the horrible times and I stayed with him till death did us part - all to the detriment of my poor children. I have a daughter who thinks it's noble to stay with an abusive man. I have a son who, I'm grateful to say, is kind to his SO, but he endured a 10-year relationship with a lying, emotionally abusive girl - all thanks to me.

Do it as soon as you can. If that guy quit his job because he's "tired of working" there's nothing he won't do. Sending a hug. I know where you're coming from.

Do you feel like you are being taken advantage of? (sm)
My guess would be yes.  If they gave you more money, would you feel better about it?  If the answer to that one is yes, then ask for more.  Otherwise, I would have to agree with the other poster who said get out.  There are places that have retirement benefits, and if not, you could always start your own IRA.  That is what I did.   I just feel like there is nothing worse than going to a job everyday feeling like you are not appreciated and being taken advantage of.   Good luck, but check out other places before you actually walk out the door, then decide.
Kinesis Advantage
I just purchased a Kinesis Advantage a few months ago. I LOVE IT. It is sturdy and easy on the hands and wrists, plus my speed has increased! They are expensive, as I paid $300.00, but well worth every single penny.
How about snakes?
I found a little small snake in the house in December, it got away before I could get it and we haven't seen it since.
Help! Snakes!

Snake in the heat/air vent.  His head was right at the vent exploring to see if he could fit through but he's too big I think.   Anybody know what to do?  He's disappeared now so worried where he went to and if there are more.  Thanks.

Keep snakes away!!
Sprinkle some moth crystals around in your flower beds around your house and the snakes won't come around. This worked for me!

Good Luck!
You must not have snakes around...
I have lots and it's extremely unnerving to see, step on, or work in the garden and have one slither away from where you just had your hand.  We do have poisonous ones too.  If there were anyway to get rid of them, I certainly would.  Unfortunately, some snakes do "hold their ground" and will bite if you unknowingly bother them.  I had one fall off the roof onto my glider right where I had been sitting a few minutes before.  He was trying to get to the bird house hanging near by.  Needless to say, I moved the birdhouse away from the house. 
I don't like snakes either.
May seem odd, since I have 5 PET geckos... but they have legs. Big difference. There's just something WRONG about anything that can move without benefit of limbs....

Comedian Bill Engvall talked about being afraid of snakes. "Snakes are of the devil. It's in the Bible. Look it up."

One time back in my teens, before we knew what we know now about skin cancer and sun damage, I was sunbathing in the back hard, opened my eyes, and found myself nose to nose with a 3-foot black and white king snake. Perfectly harmless--but I think I jumped about a mile straight up in the air!
I don't like snakes either.
May seem odd, since I have 5 PET geckos... but they have legs. Big difference. There's just something WRONG about anything that can move without benefit of limbs....

Comedian Bill Engvall talked about being afraid of snakes. "Snakes are of the devil. It's in the Bible. Look it up."

One time back in my teens, before we knew what we know now about skin cancer and sun damage, I was sunbathing in the back yard, opened my eyes, and found myself nose to nose with a 3-foot black and white king snake. Perfectly harmless--but I think I jumped about a mile straight up in the air!
We had a couple of snakes that got into our church (found and sealed up the holes). However, I found out they have large sticky traps like they use for mice that are for snakes. Maybe that would do the job. Good luck. I don't like to kill snakes, but if they are invading my space, then so be it.
What is the advantage of having the wrist pad detachable?
Kinesis Advantage is my favorite!
If you go to the Kinesis website, you can see if they have a refurbished one and save $60. Depending on how much you use it, it takes a little time to get up to speed with it. However, it has a very light touch and erased any discomfort I was having once I was used to it.

I haven't tried any of the upright keyboards.
Anyone use the Kinesis Advantage keyboard? see msg....
I would really appreciate any kind of feedback on this keyboard.  It's expensive but my hands/wrists/fingers are killing me.  Since I do VR mostly, I'm wondering where the arrow keys are.  Can't tell by the pics on the Kinesis site.  Also, are the keys really low-force and do you think that helps reduce pain and discomfort when typing?  Anything you could tell me, good or bad, before I spend this much money would be so appreciated.



I think you have the Kinesis Advantage not the Freestyle...
I know the Advantage is remappable. I have the Freestyle Solo, the one with the two separate halves. I love it so much that I'm going to send it back and have Kinesis remap the delete key for me. There's no "program" key (unfortunately) on this keyboard. But I absolutely LOVE this keyboard. The keys are very low force and using it has totally gotten rid of my achy wrists.
killing snakes
If an animal is endangering my life, of course, I will probably have to kill it, snakes included, of which we have many out here.  If I was on an island, just me and a chicken, of course, I would eat it.  My take is that, as long as there is other healthier food, I will continue to eat that, veggies, grains, fruits, and leave the animals to live their lives.
Hating Snakes
I would be totally freaking out too! Find it and kill it. I'd go to a hotel until you find the thing. Like you, I would be way scared. I hope that you find it, but in the meantime, you certainly have my sympathies.
I'm in NC too! We have good & bad snakes, unfortunately.
Don't take any chances. Call somebody. They won't kill it because the State law won't permit them to here, but will attempt to remove it for you (for $, of course!). Good luck!
Snakes .. continued
Well, finally ventured out to finish putting the flowers in and (btw I am in Florida) so every nasty thing is here along with me in the yard probably ;-) but have not seen it again.  I am sure it is in the bushes for protection and I am just concerned that the mommy is nearby and wants to bite my face off for screaming so loud when I saw it!!  From what I gather, it could be just a black variety of nonpoisonous whatever they are or it could have been a rattler because there used to be orange groves everywhere .. and it could be water because I live across the street from the bayou.  The dog pooped today on my brand new den carpet .. you should have been here for that war dance and yoddling display!!  Mama mia!
I also have astigmatism and wear Accuvue Advantage as well.
I was told the Accuvue is the best contact lens made and that it might just take a while to get used to it.
I don't experience blurriness, but it feels like the lens moves every time I blink. I can see the outer rim of the lens out of the corner of my eye every time I blink.
When I went in for a followup, they fitted me with several different lenses until I found one I was comfortable with.
Good luck!
advantage of real college is once MT collapses, you can
go back and finish your degree. Can't do that with Andrews, CS, etc.
Look at Audio Advantage by Turtle Beach

It is a USB thing that looks like a flash drive and it bypasses the sound card.  It has lots of settings to adjust to improve sound.   I got it and didn't think it made much difference, but then didn't use it for a couple of days and realized that it did make a difference.  I got mine at Best Buy for about $30.  There have 3 different levels and I think Audio Advantage is the middle one (which was the only one they had at Best Buy).  You can Google Audio Advantage by Turtle Beach and probably find their website. 

Creative is a good brand of sound card and likely it isn't the sound card that is the problem, just poor quality dictation.  The USB thing above will help, but if you don't have good dictation to work work, you can only do so much.   If you don't have them also try noise-cancelling headphones.  They are rather pricey, though can probably get a good pair for about $60 or less on sale, and they make a significant difference too. 

nah, just snakes.....and spiders.....and roaches
I absolutely hate snakes.
And spiders. Anyway, 5 years ago we had just moved to a different house. I was sitting on the ground on the south side planting some bulbs. Just sitting indian style, enjoying the weather. Well, I got my 2nd bulb in and picked up my pack of bulbs and went to move over to plan another and there was a snake coiled up on my sandal. I flipped. All my bulbs went flying in the air, along with my little shovel. I screamed. The thing was probably not even 2 feet long, I didn't care. Anyway, my neighbor and her friend came and chased it away for me. At the time, they were 8 and 9. lol
Question about snakes .. yuck!
I know that this is the time of year the babies are born, but I want to know how to get them out of the flowering bushes in my back yard.  This merry widow stuff is for the birds!!  If someone has a remedy that does not have me putting my hands where he/she is .. I am all for it.  Yesterday as I looked out the window he/she was looking back in at me .. gag!!
all this talk about snakes and guess what..
the dogs had cornered when we got home from town today.. geez. a stinking snake..went down to see the dogs in the pin were going crazy, yard dog was even down there barking.. he always greets us when we get back home, so I knew something was there, went & looked, it wasn't a black snake, kinda grayish.. so went back to the house, then went back again & the stinking thing had its neck spread like a cobra, and then it hissed at me, creeped me out and sent chills all the way down, so back to the house I went, dh got home, went out to tell him, he went & got the shovel, that things head was almost diamond shaped it was evil looking, dh got it on the shovel & I think he was going to pitch it over in the woods, but then it held that evil lookin head up & hissed at him, it fell off the shovel & he killed it.. heard it was a spread adder, here people call them spreadenadder.. lol.. needles to say, Thank God it's gone..
Having IT provide phrases, sentences is its best advantage. Two words together.
But one word? By the time it arrives in the layout screen, you have typed all but the last letter.

claudicatio - semicolon

of the - bracket

I miss Word's auto correct boohoo
What is the advantage to having a book over using reliable Internet sources?
and yes I KNOW not to believe everything you google, but there are reliable sources.  Why buy a book every year?  Not arguing at all, just want to know your rationale.  Thanks!
Snakes do a lot of good in nature, most are harmless.
poster is wrong - snakes do have feelings...N/M
I was told by Dell today that the only advantage to the upgrade would better graphics . He said it i

it because it also uses a lot of memory.  I decided to go with Windows XP instead.  Dell is offering a free upgrade to Windows Vista if you purchase one of their systems.   They still gave me a free upgrade option, but I doubt I will use it.

Good Luck.

All diamond-shaped heads are poisonous snakes! I do know that! nm
Got Snakes - GET LIME!!!!! Sprinkle generously! Burns their bellys.
Is Venom ER still on? Learn lots about snakes there. Love that Dr. Bush! nm
Great post. I swear by both Advantage and Frontline Plus-- both work great! - sm
I don't know about "natural" approaches for the house. I have always used flea bombs in the past before the miracle of Advantage and Frontline changed my life. Have not had a flea problem at all since I began using those products about 10 years ago, dose all the dogs religiously once a month with the Frontline Plus except in Dec.-Feb. to save a few bucks and because the ground is generally frozen by then and no fleas are scurring about. -- Hope you get flea free soon.
Black lab here too,

She looks black to me.
She LOOKS black...
But so does OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson (well, not since he bleached his skin)...
Where is Black, MO?
I'm a Missourian too!
black widows
LOL, a creature of the underworld?  I sure hope you are kidding.  A black widow, as all spiders, are very much needed.  They eat other bugs.  Most spiders are harmless and black widows do not stray from their web very far.  You can put a black widow in your hand and it will not bite you unless you pushed its head down on your hand. 
Black at wedding
Black is stylish and I love it. I would suggest not wearing black stockings, etc. Do you have any bright colors you could add such as a cloth rose (very stylish)or some bright jewelry to offset the black. Try a thrift store for a bright bag or shoes. I just did that and found a pretty pink bag with black trim for a couple of dollars. That should offset the black. Just try not to go "totally black" but if you have to, so be it. Just wear a "smile" and have a great time! Life is temporary, enjoy it.
Black Hole
Hi - If you would care to email me personally I would be happy to speak with you. We strive to follow through on everything, and we know the importance of experienced MTs so we do try to make them happy with the account/accounts they are working on. Please feel free to email me.

dressing in black
Don't worry about it. My sister wore black for 15 years when she was teenager and throughout her 20s; one of my nieces starting wearing black when she was in junior high. The niece is an RN and neither of them has ever done anything weird or satanic in their lives.

Some people love black - personally, I avoid it like the plaque, don't even buy black shoes or purses.
Black sink
Try RealSimple.com. This is a marvelous website for anything you might want to know.
Buy Nothing Day (Black Friday)
movement started in the Pacific Northwest, so I celebrate Buy Nothing Day by buying nothing. 
My mom used to do that (1970s) with a black wig - sm
She would wear it a lot when my parents went out. She also had a fall of long black hair. I have them both now, though I don't use them, keeping them more for sentimental reasons now.