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Am I the only one

Posted By: Skeered of Snakes on 2009-06-05
In Reply to:

who is afraid of any and all snakes?  My husband thinks letting black snakes live in the basement is helpful for keeping the poisonus snakes away.  He has seen three different ones in the basement so far this year.  Last year, one ended up finding a way INTO our house, and I happened to be the one who discovered it.  Well, my husband is not here now, and I heard the similar slithering/sliding that I heard last summer, and I didn't see the snake in the house, so I'm guessing it's in the walls.  I am petrified.  I have high blood pressure, and I just checked it and it's 154/103.  I know it's probably my adrenaline, but am I overreacting?  I have a broom close by, but I have the creeps.  I am so hoping that was sliding in the walls and not behind a dresser or something.  Trying to cope here without freaking out!  I don't think I'll sleep tonight. 

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