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oh geez, that just makes my skin crawl

Posted By: Gina on 2009-06-05
In Reply to: Am I the only one - Skeered of Snakes

and NO I hate snakes... don't like spiders either, but easier to kill.. I of course being the one that cannot stand the things, found one in my basement either last year or the year before, which dh went around and insulated, boarded up around the ceiling down there.. well, where he thought they might could get in.. ewww, just gives me chills .. have you got somewhere you can go until your hubby gets home?? Thank God mine was home that day, I have wondered what in the world would I do if I come across one & him not here?? shutter to think.. hope it is out or something else preferably that made the noise

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I must be weird, but he makes my skin crawl, right along with G. Clooney.
the days doing MT just crawl along
I want to be productive, 1800+ per day would be nice.  I'm thinking of covering all the clocks in the room where I work and using an alarm clock.  Closing browser windows.  Set the clock for every hour or two hours.  I have no idea.  Help i'm in a rut and can't get out. 
Well then just crawl back in your hole and do that. nm
Go crawl underneath your bridge troll!
You are a troll.  Get gone!!
 analysis, treatment, age prevention, facials, laser, dermabrasion, chemical peels, hair removal, body wraps.
skin: somewhat pale with peering? s/l peering? anyone heard of this before? any help would be greatly appreciated!
Skin infection

Email me. I wasn't able to email you. :0)

Skin infection
What kind of skin infection? I have had good luck with Betadine for certain things.
Look and see if there is a type 2 skin? nm
skin types
It does depend on the skin type and the type of laser machine they used. Many of them do not do darker skin. They all do tend to work better on lighter skins. I have dark hair due to a hormone imbalance my whole life since childhood. Dark hair on my arms, etc. Some laser brands of machine are better than others. Let me know if you decide you want information on the one I work for or I can give you the name of the top selling laser brand out there that I would recommend from what I know.
skin care
I was hooked on Almay skin products (one reason because they have no scent) until about 6 years ago and discovered jafra.  It is SO awesome.  i use the day cream, night cream, and cleansing cream.  My friends always remark on my skin being so soft and clear (and I'm 55 !). I can't stand to ever be dry!  Have lotion on my desk, night stand, etc.
skin care
I used Mary Kay for all my skin care/makeup, although for just a natural look I do use the Bare Minerals foundation sometimes.
and your kids skin or anything else that
comes in contact with it. that is a dangerous item.
You need thicker skin. nm
s/l "curbiges" for skin infections
it's very drying to the skin, and I can't imagine
making my puppy or dog uncomfortable with dry skin.

Just try it, wash your hair or body in DAWN soap and you will be itching like crazy. It dries your hair out horribly, leaving you with flyaway frizzy hair. But talk about itching, OUCH AND UNCOMFORTABLE.

Sorry, but that's just how I feel.
Goodness! That is just awful. Seems to need a tough skin to
My cocker spaniel has a skin condition.
Her claws are brittle and long, her paw pads are thickened, she's itchy and smelly, and she has dead skin cells built up in the same areas you described.  We did the antibiotics, steroids, allergy meds, and everything else without good results.  I put a stop to it when the vet wanted to do $1,000 worth of tests and biopsies.  (And switched vets!)  The first vet called it allergies, seborrhea, keratinitis, and a bunch of other guesses.  She also has mattery eyes and frequent ear infections.  We rescued her from the pound 10 years ago, so she's an old girl.  I have to keep her shaved and wash her with either a prescription shampoo or Neutrogena T-gel.
skin care products and allergies

I used another product that is sold on QVC by a lady doctor in September.  Overnight I developed a horrible burn on my face that nearly closed both eyes.  My skin was so red under my eyes that I looked like I had two black eyes.  I believe it was a chemical burn caused by some ingredient in that product.  It is now December 12, and I still suffer from a burning sensation and very red cheeks and sensitive eyes.  I have not used this product since that first episode, but I have used other products from other companies, with the same result.  I believe most of the upscale cosmetic and skin care products must contain the same ingredient that is too harsh for sensitive skin (obviously) and that may cause an allergic reaction. 

I used bad judgment in not seeing a doctor with the first episode, thinking it would just go away.  Well it does go away and cycles and recycles again and again, with the same results.   I am not going through another cycle, and it is at the stage of just returning.  It will get increasingly worse over the next two or three days and then start to subside, leaving my skin feeling like leather, peeling slightly under my eyes.  I have bags under my eyes that I never had before. 

I guess sooner or later I'll just get sick of all this and finally get a referral to a dermatologist before I suffer permanent, irreversible damage, if that has not already occurred. 

I believe perhaps the ingredient is either salicylic, glycolic, or  lactic acid, which seems to be the hot ingredient in skin care these days.  I've used retinol products in the past without a problem, but I guess we can all develop allergies to anything.  I've also used glycolic acid cleansers in the past without a problem.  Again, allergies can certainly crop up in anything.

Incidentally, I have a friend who used Avon night cream recently who woke up with a face full of pimples, too! 


excess skin after weight loss
Did you then have surgery to remove the sagging skin? I need to lose 140 lbs, which I have packed on over the past 20 years. I never weighed over 112 lbs. or wore larger than a size 3 (!!) until I turned 30. My lifestyle changed (not for the better) at that point, and I basically lose interest in how I looked. Now, at age 51, my health is seriously in trouble due to my obesity. What am I going to do with all the excess skin? I already have a big fat pouch under my waist, and above my waist I look like I'm 7 months pregnant! Are there any health insurance plans that will pay for surgery to remove the leftover skin? I see people on Dr. 90210 having the surgery, but I bet they have to pay out of pocket and I bet it's tens of thousands of dollars.
sagging skin after weight loss
Thanks for much the info about plastic surgery. I guess the only way to look at it is this: My health and life are in danger if I don't take this weight off. Whether or not I'm left with skin hanging down to my ankles (I hope I'm exaggerating!), at least I'll be alive and have more energy and flexibility. Guess I should cross one bridge at a time. :) I've decided to start Michael Thurmond's Lifestyle Change course. Ordered the whole kit from HSN (or maybe QVC), and truly think I can do it. Have never tried any diets in the past. Was in denial about my weight for the longest time...kept thinking it was a "phase." Ha-ha! You know how formerly anorectic people still think of themselves as fat? Well, I'm an stress-overeater in denial, and I still think of myself as thin...until I see myself in the mirror. Yikes!
So far, not much loose skin, but you do need to do toning exercises
and work out with weights to help prevent that.
#5 by the skin of my teeth and with more hours than it took 5 years ago.

Thicken your skin. Other groups are making
Its just human nature.
John T is a great disappointment to me. He is bloated and looks like he is about to pop with skin s
A poster below said John T looks like he swallowed the original lean and mean handsome John from Urban Cowboy days. I agree. But it could be worse. He could be bald I guess. Back in the day I could watch his movies over and over especially Saturday Night Fever and Urban Cowboy. Now it's just sad. He seems a characture of his former self. Kind of on his way to Marlon Brando state of aging.
She needed thicker skin. You weren't rude at all. nm
Guess it depends on how porous his skin is-- try cold cream maybe? - sm
My kids have done all sorts of stuff, usually the face cleans up except for red in my experience...fades over a week or so. But cold cream is good for make up so maybe it will work, if you don't have any handy maybe a thick moisturizer? Obviously the hands are not an issue since they won't be in the picture, you can always try a liquid make-up if it doesn't come off and if the make up does not look weird. Good luck.....you can always keep him home or arrange for him to do the make-up picture for kids who are sick...they always have a make up picture day...find out when it is and just do it then.
I dunno. I sure do miss my Selectric and those onion-skin copies. nm
Gosh, there are a thousand possibilities. ?and no doctor has offered to do a skin scraping

arms?  Is it in groin areas or creases of knees or something?  Has he got a low-grade fever?  Does he have headaches?

Just having it on his eyes sounds like another thing that is going on here.  Except people are just having their FEET AND ANKLES TURN RED AND FEVERISH...looks like gout, but it is actually a problem with some reaction the thyroid or parathyroid is having to something.  Very strange but folks here are having it like crazy -- and with it are a lot of muscle cramping.  Isn't it odd that the feet would be affected by the thyroid or parathyoid.>?

So, I could see where something you'd never think could be affecting just his arms.  Tell us more.

My sis has a female who is pretty docile but has skin problems and a tendency to cysts and
Be aware that as you age and lose skin cells, that will affect appearance of tatoo.
prepuse - skin covering genitals/papoose - carrying device for babies - nm
Ah geez (sm)
Well, that's what I get for trying to insert my own images  Just use your imagination.  *sigh*
By saying it was the way they talk I meant with an accent on the word as not all doctors say it that way. I was just trying to help and gave more information than some and do not appreciate the way people are sometimes treated on here.
to oh geez
Here here sister!!!!
Geez, the pay keeps going down. SM
Just saw an ad on the MT Jobs board for an experienced Transcriptionist (of course, they want the best) and the pay is 8 cpl for a 75 character line.  What's with these companies? 
get a life. don't you have some work to do, or something?
Um, geez
I authored the message you responded to, and nowhere did I mention a personal preference for healthcare in Canada, or any other country for that matter. Yes, I posted a list from WHO that ranks healthcare among participating countries. Yes, Canada is on that list, but was the furthest thing from my mind when I copied and pasted that list into my post. Honestly, I don't find 30th place to be notably better than 37th place.

That said, I would love to visit Canada some day, but for healthcare I would seriously consider France (if it were an option for me, which it is not . . . nor is it necessary at this stage of the game).

Now, I have a question for you . . . How would you like to die, or even JUST suffer in pain, on the floor of the ER floor while a janitor mops around you (saw the video of that with my own eyes) and while two people have to call 911 in a futile attempt to save your life because nobody in the ER will care for you?
Oh geez, she's at it again.

what the heck is wrong with you?  If she is an IC she is not cheating or scamming.  And even if she is an employee, how would that be scamming and cheating.  Did she says she is falsifying records?  You have absolutely no information to base these accusations on.  Man, talk about jumping to conclusions!  
lEgitimate oh so sorry. Please, please, review all my other posts. God knows I should not err.

The problem with these boards is that someone wants to discuss something and someone else just wants to nitpick.
Geez, here we go! nm
oh geez....
We had a doc that when he said right colectomy, it sounded just like rectalectomy. If I was daydreaming I would transcribe rectalectomy but would always catch myself...except for once. I got his DS when he dictated it and he said "procedures done....rectalectomy...what the heck is that?" I knew I had made the mistake. To my knowledge, he never sent it back because I never heard about it. He must have just written through it. I could have just died!!

Haaaaaa.  Just awful.  I had one where VR picked up:  The patient's blood pressure is at SCHOOL today.  

Should have been:  The patient's blood pressure is at GOAL today.



I meant the other way around! GEEZ

geez, you seem so hostile!

Geez, sounds like just about everyone I know!

Oh, geez! Too funny!
My house has a shortage of coffee filters all the time, so I never use those.  I like that Homestyle microwave popcorn made with real butter, but my fingers get so greasy that I have to keep a wet washcloth on the desk to wipe it off between typing.  I'm going to have to try your idea, though.
geez louise
If you're doing all that and with two jobs, I have a couple questions for you.  How the heck do you do it?  Whats your secret?  Do you get hand and arm pain whatsover???  You're doing a lot of lines.  How do you do it?
Geez, I'm sorry this offends you. I have,
Too bad I can't give you one for a shrink...sounds like you need it.
Geez, I fit the experience she needs, but
she sounds too demanding and high maintenance.  Evenings and weekends, no thanks!!!  I want this, I don't have time for that, no phone calls, need ASAP.  No MT experience required and no offer of line rate.