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i hate both too, but I can set a mouse trap.. lol

Posted By: Gina on 2009-06-05
In Reply to: there is an advantage having black snakes - ()

ALOT easier than deal with a snake in the house.. YIKES~:S

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(why am I doing this? It's a trap) You need to SM

educate yourself about conservation and wildlife management.

If people like you got their way, the animals would disappear from the earth, which they may do despite our best efforts anyway.


Love psych notes. HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE,
HATE ER notes.
put your mouse on the bar, hold down the left side of your mouse and move it back to the bottom, let
hope this works
Control Your Mouse with Mouse Gestures/Kim Komando sm

FYI.  This was on Kim's Cool Site of the Day for June 15.


I hate DocQSribe, I hate DocQScribe, I hate DocQScrbe, I hate DocQScribe, I hate DocQSribe.
Love cardiology, hate podiatry. Hate discharges, but
I hate those but I hate trauma notes on children even more sm
I used to work for a large hospital that saw a lot of children for various horrible things.

The very last one I did was a 12yo boy who had hung himself while his mother was at work. She thought he was in school. The doctor cried, I cried (as I usually did) and I just couldn't handle that anymore. That was the longest report I swear. Short in lines but the length was almost an hour. The doc didn't pause the machine, she cried, horrible gut wrenching sobs, and I did too, right along with her.
Keyboard and mouse. Is there such a thing as a keyboard that has a mouse on the actual keyboard?

I don't hate AAMT at all, ks. I don't hate
their book. In fact, I love the BOS2. It is not a regular grammar book at all - there are hundreds of issues in it that are point specific to MTing and medical field. I have dozens of regular grammar books, too, for other purposes, and they are not similar at all. I purchased the BOS2 when out job interviewing for a few months. Every single employer wanted me to have my own company, and they all tested off of it. Several used it in their daily work, and I have found it priceless over all. I think its even on sale now, but $89 is not a lot for a professional tool that we should use if required, or if a newbie. MTs who don't like to buy books are not very wise in the big picture. Its like shooting yourself in the foot.
DQS and using the mouse
You know, maybe the loss of lines is because with DQS you have to use the mouse so much.  I took have noticed since I switched to DQS that my lines are down.  With the last program I used, I hardly ever had to use my mouse.
Not using mouse with DQS?
Really?  How do you do that?  Like when you have to fill in demographics and go from screen to screen?  Or in the body of the report to go from paragraph to paragraph?  Tell, me, please..cause I sure would like to find a faster way as the mouse has slowed me down.  Thanks for any info you can give me!
I'm really technologically deprived, so forgive me.  I was wondering if anyone knew the typical "life" of a mouse?  I just replaced mine about 6-10 months ago, and it's starting to go out already.  It's like the little ball thing (see my tech terms?) isn't working, and it's a pain to try to get the cursor to move.  The one before I had for about 5 years, and before that, it was eons.  Did I get a bad deal, or is this average? Thanks for any help!  (I use it daily, working, if that helps determine the life expectancy!)
Same with me, I still use the mouse. SM
BTW, tell me how you do so many lines! I used to be a good producer back in the day when I did a lot of OP notes, but now I'm lucky to do 1500 lines in a day.
I don't have CT and I'm on straight transcription, but thanks to a recommendation here on the board I bought an Evoluent mouse and I can really feel a difference in my wrist when I use it.  Maybe that would help you somewhat????? 
Mouse gone.
Check your settings on your mouse. Go through the Control Panel, click on "mouse", click on the tab "Pointer Options", make sure the box that says "Hide pointer while typing" isn't checked.

Glad it worked! 

Use your mouse
Just use your mouse and keep clicking on the icon. If not, just reboot your machine. That sounds like a strange problem.

Best not to let other people mess with your work PC.
I use the mouse that has the rollerball on it.  I never have to move the whole mouse.  I love it and will not use anything else.  Cost about $30 I think.  I have had it for 3 years now.  You don't even need a mouse pad. I got it at Office Max.  Also, when I type.  I rest my hands on my pull out keyboard drawer and only move my finges.  I have been typing over 20 years, and I have never had any wrist pain.  Guess I am just lucky.
I never use my mouse with DQS unless I split a job
I tried a wireless mouse
It was too loosy goosy.  The cursor was all over the place. I returned mine.
I need a "shelf" for my mouse.

to hook it up over my calculator pad on my keyboard.  This would be probably metal or hard plastic.  Had one at the hospital and so I know someone carries them; I just do not know what they are called.

I am the person with the tennis elbow-type symptoms.  Thanks for the tip on track ball mouse.  Picked up a Logitech model for 20.00 yesterday at Staples.  They were on sale. 


why use a mouse at all? It does nothing but slow you down.

I have one, a mouse shelf. I got it from one of those
(sigh) mouse
mouse pedal
 Would that not be great.
This one seems to only do the mouse click
part, and doesn't let you move the mouse. It says you can use one pedal for the mouse click, one instead of the ALT key, and one for the CTRL key. So you would still have to take your hand off the keyboard to move the darned mouse. At least that's the way I read it.
Monitors and Mouse
I have two flat panel monitors side by side - connected to each other - one is a 21", the other a 19".. its like having one hugh gigantic TV screen - you can drag from one monitor to the other, you can have your email up and running on one, your work on one, etc......watching the work upload as you continue along your merry way. They are both from Dell, one is a Dell Brand, the other one is a Planar. I think its worth the investment, NO MORE GLARE and so easy on your eyes versus the big ole clunkers. and a 15" flat panel is exactly the same viewing as one of those big old 17-19" cluunkers that take up so much space.

Regarding wireless mouse/keyboard, i type non-stop almost 12 hours a day and I rarely have to replace the batteries - I use the Microsoft ergonomic wireless keyboard/mouse.
My poor mouse...
I'm surprised it's still going, as much as I use it out of frustration.  I find myself grabbing it and patting it VERY HARD on the pad over and over and over again, all while saying something to the tune of, "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?"
Look at using a different keyboard and/or mouse. nm
Never use the mouse, only hot keys. nm
Did you try with a right mouse click instead
Ergonomic mouse?
I have a Microsoft split keyboard, that helps my wrists, but I'm noticing that when I use my mouse a lot (which sometimes is half of my day), my elbow and forearm are getting sore.

Has anyone had this problem with a mouse (looked it up, and it's called "mouse elbow" similar to tennis elbow). If so, what was/is your solution? Looking at new keyboard with a built in keypad, and/or a different mouse or something, and wondered what anyone else has done.

Yes, but I have to use the mouse. But....am learning (sm)
more shortcut keys as I type!! Thanks!
Ergo mouse. sm
Does anyone know of a mouse that will reduce the squeeze-type action required and also the scrolling action?  If so, I need to get it ASAP.  Thanks.
Never used mouse before escription
and now useit constantly. I do not use the keys much except straight typing so clue me in as to why you would not use the mouse? I was started off on escription that way
yep - it's the finger using the mouse the most

I have had this problem for so long, been through multiple mice, now on logitech for a couple of years (better but not great).  I just live with it - been MTg for 3 decades........hands always hurt too cuz I won't have carpal tunnel surgery or any hand surgery (been there, done that, and never again).  Hope you feel better.  Advil helps but Advil is not all that good for you for any length of time....



Sorry having trouble with mouse
What I meant is this. When a hospital is first taken over by Dictaphone for example in the beginning all work is transcribed direct. Then after analysis phrases by doctors are saved. Then when the doctor has to actually use the VR equipment and his speech is totally not recognized an Editor goes in, teaches the machine what the phrase is, and over time, even when the doctor speaks unclear, the phrases has been entered by the editor. After a while, say in radiology especially, the VR totally kicks in and there is no editing needed by a live MT.  Thus you have eliminated jobs. That is the kind of training I mean. Training the system to not need us.  Our hospital has been promised zero transcription costs and zero means NO ONE will be paid. If zero is the cost to the hospital, then there is no editor needed anymore.  Sorry if I am bitter. I have just lost a business that I gave excellent service to and 7 people are out of work due to the spiel from these companies. My transcriptionists were paid 14 to 16 cents per line. What national will pay you that?
Never Use the Mouse with eScription
You should never need to use your mouse with eScription. You should learn all of the shortcut keys. With the shortcut keys, my editing rate is over 500 lines per hour.

As somebody else already said, you can get information on your rate and on the shortcut keys by logging into EditScript. When in EditScript, hit the internet button on the tool bar. From there go to MT tools and from there you can get your actual rate for using hot keys, etc.

It's easiest to start with just one of the short-cut keys. The most important is Alt-K.

crazy mouse - sm
My past experience with this has been a sure sign of spyware/adware or a virus.  If you have any programs to detect such, try running them and see what comes up.  Sorry to say, I wasn't very lucky with this problem and ended up getting a new PC because of a virus I couldn't eliminate.  I HOPE this is not your problem, but it sounds similar to what I had once.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but lets hope I'm wrong.
mouse bridge

Romey:  A mouse bridge is a plastic or metal covering that fits over the number pad of a keyboard.   When you are working it allows you to bring the mouse in closer so you don't have as much of a reach which can strain your wrists, shoulder and neck area.  It also elevates the mouse and keeps it line with your wrist and arm and that also helps with wrist pain.  You can Google mouse bridge and see what they look like.  They sell for about 20 dollars or so and can be found on Ebay, Amazon, etc.   For the microsoft 4000 the best one is the largest one they sell  because that keyboard is so big.

Because I was in so much pain I did tons of research and looked at what would make a difference in the desk set up.  Besides a good  chair and keyboard the mouse set up is also important.  The split keyboards force you to have a MUCH longer reach and that is not good.   One of the drawbacks of a split keyboard even if you are not mousing that much.   I know some people put their mouse up on the desk because with their big keyboards the mouse will no longer fit in the tray.  From an ergonomics perspective that is a big no-no!

The mouse I chose was the Evoluent mouse and it is a mouse that is turned on its side and puts your wrist in a "handshake" position so much less stress on the wrist.  Granted it is expensive but it saved my wrist.   When I tell you I had pain so bad I could not touch the keyboard in the morning and my whole hand was numb.  I thought I would have to give up transcribing and look at another career.  The keyboard and mouse change made all the difference!

mouse vs function
Am glad to see your post. My new second job took the mouse completely away from us (I am training inhouse for 2 months) and after a whole month I STILL constantly reach for the mouse LOL. Hoping it just gets to be habit to use function keys, but sure is frustrating and jerky!! Good luck to you!
re mouse free
Hi. I just want to encourage you and say yes it definitely can be done. Our hospital has upgraded to EditScript (ES) where we MTs have now become editors. About 80% of our day is editing ES drafts while 20% need to be straight transcribed. We now are now longer paid by hour but by production and this is the basis of their program to become mouse-free and productive. It is very slow going at first. The ES program gave us little cards with the function and we were given a little stand to place this on so each day we could focus on one shortcut a day. ES has its own shortcuts that they added for their program. It takes pure concentration as you transcribe and once you startdoing in on a regular basis, like everything else it will start to come natural for you. It definitely will save you time and make you more productive. Any time your hands are strayed away from the keyboards is nonproductive time. Good luck.
you mean keys instead of mouse?
Using the keys is always faster than using the mouse. I learned this the hard way going from an old key system to a mouse system -- my productivity was cut in half.
Well, told at first to use mouse, never had before but
when I can get between 500-600 lines per hour, I do not understand the need for trying to help us out so to speak- makes me think another motive besides being helpful. I doubt I would ever use the keys unless threatened with not being able to work, then might try.
Washable KB/mouse

Here's a great idea if you work in a setting where there are multiple keyboard/mouse users; however, note not available in our ergo style.


They have mouse trays you can add onto your

keyboard tray.  Depending on how much room you have might have to figure something else out.  I'm right handed, but  I have drawers down the right side of my desk so I would have to use the mouse with my left hand. 

When I use the pillow though I can use the mouse on the right because then I have room on my keyboard tray. 

A Nonny Mouse

What state do you live in? I'm in NYS.

I cried when I read what you wrote.  

I thought I was the only one who stayed home. My friends have all but given up asking me to go out to eat. It's been one or two years since I've gone anywhere with any of my friends. When I did go out, I bought the cheapest thing on the menu, and then, when the check came, I felt like some kind of lowlife. I just cannot let them pay for my food!

It is just too depressing!!   

No, not difficult at all. I do still use mouse but
use keyboard for cut and paste for inputting into my Expander and also use keyboard for bolding and unbolding.  My next thing is going to be programming a key on the left side for my comma.  I edit a lot and find I have to put in commas and want to be able to navigate with the mouse while I backspace to delete and then insert comma with the left hand.  I also use the arrow keys alot to navigate,  I have taught myself to do a lot of this by feel, so I dont have to look at the keyboard.  I am thinking of getting a one hand keyboard to I can keep one hand on mouse while I type with the other hand,lol. That should be interesting.
I put an old mouse pad under mine ...
and it worked perfectly.
Help with a mouse problem -
Why all of a sudden do I get a + instead of a mouse pointer and when I try to highlight and copy something it tries to cut out of the text?  Does that make sense?  it also does it when I try to reply on emails - it just gives me a + sign and won't type.
mouse problem - sm

Not a technical person, but sounds like a virus or worm problem. Anytime there is a problem typing, using the mouse, or some other unexplained problem, it's usually a program trying to take over your PC.  Do you have any malware/spyware programs to run?  I hope I'm wrong, but it's worth checking out.....