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Dictaphone Lines

Posted By: prettykitty on 2007-04-12
In Reply to: Line Counts - tricky typist

I have been with Transtech for a good while now and have felt they make themselves very available to answer any questions. When I started at TransTech, I was told upfront that headers and footers were not paid, but I would be paid for a 65-character line including spaces, and demographic info. I have ran comparisons myself and figured out all counting software gets a different result, but its always close. It has been somewhat frustrating with the delayed line count, but that seems to be a Dictaphone issue; maybe we should all call Dictaphone. I have an idea of how many reports/minutes I need to do a day to get what I need so rather than drive myself crazy, I keep track of that info.

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Nuance is the parent company of Dictaphone. Dictaphone makes ExText.
Does Dictaphone obtain the accounts for the companies who use Dictaphone EXText?
I was just wondering if this is the same as it used to be.  Dictaphone installs the equipment in facilities and then gets a MTSO to take the account.  Therefore, the MT company never solicits for accounts, but Dictaphone notifes them when they have installed equipment in a hospital.
1800 lines is easily achieved. I average 300-340 lines per hour. nm
10 lines per minute = 1500 lines for 150 minutes - average. nm
I average 1200-1400 lines per day with a national, and am only getting around 600-800 lines per day.
It's been this way since the day before Thanksgiving. I've been doing this for almost 30 years now, and more often than from Thanksgiving until the new year is the slowest time of the year. I have some months where I am swamped with up to 2000 lines per day. I stash that little extra money, and take advantage of a handful of extremely slow days this time of the year to actually cook dinner, decorate for Christmas, or do Christmas shopping. I actually anticipate this slow time every year and have grown to enjoy the breathing time. Any time I have attempted to pick up extra work with another company to supplement these slow times, the minute I get adjusted to the new accounts, etc. I have no time to finish all of my work because my full time job with national gets slammed again. Hang in there if you can, and hopefully your work will pick up significantly around New Years.
They work with you to make sure you get the lines required or the amount of lines you want...
I have never had a problem getting more work
Minimum lines for FT used to be 60,000 keystrokes a day, about 925 lines. Pay was good. Just not a
Yes it is possible to double your lines. I cant type 460 lines an hour but I can get those with VR
Regular lines, not weighted lines
was what I got paid for....
12K lines payperiod is 6K lines a week.
0.8 x 1000 lines = $80.00 - 0.8 x 1500 lines = $120.

MQ does not own Lanier.  Dictaphone owned/bought Lernout and Hauspie which filed bankrupt in 2000.  MQ/Phillips in bed....

Does anybody work for Dictaphone?  We have recently learned our transcription department is going to outsource our work to them. I am curious how they are to work for.



Huh??? I don't think Dictaphone...

...is an MTSO or has an MTSO division.  Dictaphone provides equipment and service to MTs/MTSOs.  Sales, tech staff and, perhaps, former MTs work for Dictaphone.  Whoever told you Dictaphone is probably mistaken.

Anyone, correct me if I'm wrong...

Was informed they partner with MTSOs who use their software.
Sorry, forgot to say I am working on the Dictaphone platform.

I just started using the Dictaphone platform last night and can't believe how slow it is. I too am doing QC and it is going to be hard to make any money. I was wondering if it was just my computer but I guess not if you are having problems, too.
You are 100 percent correct. There is nothing so frustrating as trying to get seemingly intelligent people to understand such simple things. They automatically thought it was TT trying to trying to grab that extra few cents for each report. I've personally come to the conclusion that the negative people who post on this board are disgruntled ones who cannot and will not perform to standards, possibly have been released and then the ones who are trying to be loyal to MQ, KS or others (possibly even the head honchos of those companies)and come on here to disillusion others. A company speaks for itself in the way they treat their employees and the quality of the product they provide. If you are a current TT employee you are getting plenty of work. If you're not getting a full paycheck, then you are not performing to standards. Simple as that. Don't take it out on the company just because their platform is not what you're used to. And go elsewhere to bellyache. Some of you are not content if you don't create something to complain about.
I assume it's just a cost issue, just as some companies provide you with a foot pedal, some make you buy one from them and some loan them to you for a fee.
Medware uses Dictaphone
OSI uses Dictaphone Extext
Dictaphone check this out
EXText is the word processing program which works with MS Word and is marketed by Dictaphone company. Transnet is the voice file player that works along with EXText to play the voice files. Hope that helps. :)
Dictaphone ExText
Dictaphone Ex Speech.
I had some Dictaphone problems but not as bad as you (sm)
I think they are getting it worked out though, hang on, it's a great company.
Can anyone who uses this program tell me if there is a way to slow down the voice or speed it up?  Thanks for any help.
If you are on the Dictaphone side, you are definitely NOT -sm
on one of their hardest accounts. Their hardest accounts are done on Merit and by Medware India (who funny enough, can't understand the ESLs there either).
You obviously don't mind that over half of their staff is off shore and they are constantly moving towards having 100% of their work done either by VR or by off shore MTs.
I once thought I would retire from MedWare as well, but I decided to get out when I saw the writing on the wall with regard to their sending work off shore.
I currently work for them on the dictaphone...
side and REALLY enjoy it. The benefits are good and the platform has been easy to work with. They also have holiday pay, vacation pay after 1 year, sick leave, and other benefits for fulltime workers. I am not sure what the starting pay range is, but they are an AWESOME company to work for. HTH!
Dictaphone has been busy....
and I have yet to run out of work. The only time it was slow was on the 4th of July (which is not unusual considering it was a holiday), but I have not had any problems with running out of work OR management. I've been with Medware now for almost 6 months and REALLY like it!
dictaphone EXT, love it, yes to the others. nm
I have over the 512, my problem with Dictaphone...
is when I do long reports the system locks up and I end up losing my reports. If I only do short reports I do not have the problem, but if it is over 9 or 10 minutes, then the ctrl A tries to lock up or when I do the ctrl N it sits and sits and sits and never comes back to the menu screen. I have plenty of memory, as I have used Dictaphone for a different company on this same computer and never had this problem, so not sure what the deal is.
Not just DQS, OSI uses Dictaphone & configure it to
Unethical??? Tell that to Dictaphone

Perhaps the note from Dictaphone was (sm)

something they just found out and all along it has been giving you MORE lines and this note was to inform that it is now corrected and what you see is truly your line count.  This, of course, would make your true line count seem lower but would now be accurate and all this time you have actually been overpaid?

I am not saying this is the actual case, but the note was very vague and could be a notification to the MT that things were not adding up in the past correctly and the situation has now been resolved.  This would leave the MT thinking they are being skimped now, but in actuality they are now receiving their true line count. 

Just a thought!



Dictaphone platform sm
Anyone know of any companies out there that utilize the Dictaphone platform?  Any help would be great.... TY
Please, do not blame Dictaphone,
they are only doing what company says to do, they state that. The problem is, you don't know what the company tells them to put it at, unless Dictaphone does not know how to do this. I have found the most honest accounting is when you can go into sessions and it shows you the number of reports you have done and the line count. it is hard to manipulate line counts when you can double check them. You cannot do this when you have to go to the Dictaphone web site to get a conglomeration of line counts with nothing broken down. No single numbers, just the total line counts. Thus, if you lose 2-3 dictations in a day, no wonder you line count is down - your company gets the lines but YOU don't, not if the reports are dropped.
or that 20-30% went to dictaphone/ichart
too many cooks..........
It is controlled by Dictaphone.
FI sold to Dictaphone

Does anybody know anything about that?  I was told that this has already happened -

It is VR software from Dictaphone. sm
It is pretty accurate for Radiology, after time, but for acute care, it needs lots and lots of editing. I hate it.
Talk to Dictaphone
They will tell you the method of counting varies with each company so there is no standard measurement.
Dictaphone Extext
The word from Dictaphone
is that the line counting can be set any way one wants to. I can relate to your frustration, the company I was previously working for I went through the same thing, crappy line count. The company I am with now seems to be more in line with a fair line count, same system. I would sure dump that one that you are struggling with. There have been a lot of negative posts probably re this same company and line count issues. I wouldn't give them another minute of my time. Shame they are allowed to keep advertising here for MTs. I imagine as soon as people start catching on and dropping out, they post another we're growing ad for another round of unsuspecting victims. Shame on them!!!
dictaphone drag


the drag i was referring to that slowed you down was not the time it took - or the lag as you call it - to show your line production...when you work on dictaphone or any other what I call real time platform there are times when you are slowed by what you feel as resistance on your fingers when you are typing - you will go from pounding along at a great speed to slowing down just a bit and what feels like you have type harder with your fingers - and I assume it has to do with the transmission line..not like when you work offline....i am not computer savvy I just know whenever I work on a dictaphone it is like there are 2 gears, one with a drag to it and one when you feel like you are flying along...I don't know how to compute this as it impacts a lessening of your actual line count, but it certainly does give you the illusion that you are working hard...if I encounter one of these lags that lasts for more than 5 min or so I have to stop because my fingers get tired and I feel frustrated...I think this is what the co. should look into because maybe if they talk to - or complain - to dictaphone there is a remedy...I have satisfied myself that the counts are legit..and after some of my experiences with different companies I don't take anyone word's for anything...I check it all out myself thoroughly...like I said, TT is fine with me so far..

Never mind. I think it's the name of Dictaphone's VR. NM
Dictaphone Extext
If a company says they include headers, spaces, etc. in their line count, how can you make certain they are included?  Do you copy the report, place in Word and check that way or what?  Hope this is not a stupid question.  If it is.....sorry.  Thanks.
Does DTS use Dictaphone Extext?
ExText is from Dictaphone
They partner with MTSOs who use their product. When a client signs on with Nuance, they are then matched up with an MTSO that uses Nuance's product.
they use dictaphone extext
great platform, although I prefer DocQScribe now. If you have lots of oncology experience, you will do well there. The line count in their program is not accurate, so don't be alarmed. Make sure they give you the link to get your accurate line count. Owner is great, but don't know how much one-on-one he has with MT's now. Staff is very nice, but tend not to respond to technical issues which is why I no longer work for them. Good luck!!