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Thank you for clarifying that. I was actually

Posted By: celestialmls on 2007-04-12
In Reply to: I just asked. We do get paid for spaces. If QA said that, they are wrong. - nm

amazed that I wasn't getting paid for spaces and could still maintain a great line count. Guess I'm not as exceptional as I thought. LOL

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Thanks for clarifying
Thanks! I have never used it before. Is it easy to learn?
Thank you for clarifying that. nm
Thanks for clarifying that -- I do
recall that email.  I don't know how I missed that part.  I'll have to reread it.  I must not be on that account.  Thanks for keeping me in the know!
thanks for clarifying HgL!
I've been trying to find out which company was which as a former GA resident.
Sorry, clarifying myself, that is 20$ per hour not day
Thanks for clarifying that. What a pain for her. nm
Thanks for clarifying. I was a bit miffed, too. I agree sm
with what you are now saying.
Thank you for clarifying that. It makes a big difference! NM

Clarifying, I started the first day of the month
which made it worse as far as the wait on that first paycheck, but I think no one should have to wait as long as they make you wait. I believe it is one pay period. Is that right KS MT? I guess the later you start in the pay period, the less long it seems to be though it to me was still too long.
Thank you for clarifying - post was very vague
I was very shocked to read this post. I have not defamed, posted or made negative comments about KS since leaving - not once, and I would have been very disappointed to know they did not show me/us the same courtesy. Again, thanks for clarifying.
Thanks for clarifying the information but I got my specifically from someone who works there when I
was searching information on them. She has been there like 4 years and just notes that people did not stay long. Of course, there was no reason listed why they left, and for all anyone knows, it is because of personal reasons. I also pointed out that anything she shared with me about them was not anything awful or that didn't happen at any other company. You will always have companies that are loved or hated by an MT or just neutral. Everyone has a right to their opinion and maybe this person thought they were a high turnover because people would come and then be gone not too long after. Again, you are probably right..maybe they just didn't have what it took.