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Apparently you aren't going to let this go!

Posted By: sirpercy on 2007-04-12
In Reply to: Archives - tricky typist

Tricky: I asked a while back how far off the line counts are in your mind - 2% 1% 10%?

If its a small discrepancy you might consider dropping it, if its a lot you could find a different job if management can't explain it to your satisfaction.

That said, I'm totally in your corner if there is serious discrepancy here, but so far you have not elaborated how much you think the counts are off.

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Oops..sorry..Apparently, it's not Transcend's fault, it's the hospitals. Apparently, they d
that we were being overpaid so they changed the way our lines are counted. We will no longer get paid for footers, headers etc,and who knows what else they took out, although we still have to make sure they are all correct and make the appropriate changes and put in information.
Do you think all the headers and footers aren't getting counted? Lots of places aren't giving
Apparently not
I asked this same question a short time ago and no one answered. I switched from a major player to a smaller comany for that very reason, now THEY are switching to a platform. The platforms seem to provide the benefit to the MTSO, not to the transcriptionist, in my experience. Line counts drop, no more pay for headers/footers, can't use your own AutoText. It's not that I'm an old dog unwilling to change with the times, I just don't appreciate being taken advantage of.
Uh, apparently someone else did it for me. nm

Apparently you did, and you need one!
The last company I worked for their IT department came in on my computer and changed the IP configuration on my router so bad I had to get a new one. They shadowed in so there was nothing I could do while they were doing it. Not to mention not a single one of them could speak English and only communicated through IM - I left. To say that a high turnover rate means bad MTs is ridiculous. There are a lot of things we discover once working for a company and some of us do not feel the need to accept those things so leave.
Apparently, since many of us

work at home and cannot be present in the office for a big warm and fuzzy ''group hug''  we feel entitled to other ''stuff'' in compensation? 

Group e-mails do very little for me, by way of validation.  What does mean something to me is a personal e-mail if/when I do something meritorious, above and beyond, to deserve it.  If I really push beyond my contractual obligation to help clear a backlog, work on my days off at the boss's request, do a spectacular job on a very difficult dictation and get an ''attagirl'' from QA - on those occasions, I appreciate being commended or thanked.  But a generic e-mail thanking me for not calling in sick all the time, being dependable, working the days I have agreed to work, being as accurate as I am expected to be really means nothing to me.  This just reminds me of the ''every kid gets a trophy'' theory we operate under nowadays.  If you want a reward, do something extra to deserve it!

Well, apparently
The 5 or so supposedly separate posters in this thread who weren't paid are saying they believe they were hired to just do a frenzied clean-up over an overflow accoount and then not paid. I think that's why a couple of them have pointed out overflow work.

I think...?

I'm kind of lost in this thread and trying to keep it clear in my muddled brain while I read the posts, lol!
Apparently! nm
you are too immature to understand the concept or have never wanted for anything. Not everyone is in your shoes. Some MTs wear Guccis, others hand-me downs. Same job should equate to equal pay for all MTs who do the same type of work. It doesn't always. Without complaints, you don't get anywhere. You have no need to complain, apparently. Everyone has different needs. An MT who is single with very few bills may make a wonderful living at $16 an hour. A single parent MT, trying to support 3 or 4 kids at .07 cpl does not find it so easy. Gag and then puke!
You bet it does. Apparently, you have been out of the loop sm
for a long time. Go work in a hospital office and see the brown nosers there. How about an insurance company? All sorts there. Better yet, go to a bank. How about some of the major corporate offices? They kiss butt all the time and even do "other things" to get to the top. Get real and get used to it. This is life. I like to come to this board and see your "holier than thou" and "poor me" attitudes and make total idiots of yourselves. It makes for great entertainment. I definitely would NOT want to work alongside the likes of you. No wonder your job didn't work out. Nobody likes catty transcriptionists. Pull in your claws.
Well apparently you don't have much work lately
I just went there and apparently all the posts have
well, apparently I have missed that.
Not a problem, though. Have a great day
We apparently don't have the same coverage
I have been charged the deductible for office visits, which was a surprise to me when it happened. Also, many medications are $50 per co-payment.

If you are healthy and don't need it, I guess it's good insurance. If you use it, you pay a LOT out of pocket and now it will be worse.
Apparently I got lucky....
I have great communication from my TM and have had no problems whatsoever. I hope you get your schedule changed to help you out and early congrats on the baby!
Apparently they did not have any difficulty--sm
getting responses, which the last mentioned was 135. Perhaps you should have applied, just to find out who they are, since you cannot seem to sit still in your undies just wondering about it, or maybe you DID apply and didn't get chosen....sour grapes. sheesh. real mature.
apparently you do not have the same supervisor I did!
Exact opposite. Pay was always on time, though.
That's how stupid it is, but apparently it has been done. sm
So many people think that MT is easy and they can pick it up fast, but getting in the door is the tough part.

Years ago someone on one of these boards confessed to doing such a thing. I've heard other similar stories as well.

It IS sad. It brings us all down.

No your hand is up, because apparently
you think it's normal for somebody not to be able to spell the name of the company they work for. Sorry, my hand is down because I agree that's a little weird. Sorry if that offends, people, I just think it's strange.

So, apparently some QT-ers went to Keystrokes. Did you SM

spend the last few months somewhere else and then change to KS, or have you been there all along?  I myself was at WMX for a while and have recently switched to another company but not KS. 

I am STILL not really adjusted, and I am just wondering how everyone is doing.  It's been tough, hasn't it? 

Someone apparently doesn't have a job.

Apparently the only read the no more
TO FATCAT: Apparently they are sm
not very big. Run by a husband and wife team. No HR department. Only person to talk to is the one MT who was suppose to be training me. We have communicated via e-mail. The e-mails have now stopped. I figure they either will let it go or they will send me a call tag and they will get their pedal back. I am not pursuing it anymore. Thanks for the good luck wishes.
Apparently people are
finding jobs, no problem. I have been going to websites of MT companies, getting the E-mail address of HR, and sending my resume. If there is an on-site test, I go ahead and take that. I wouldn't just post my resume, need to actively apply, I think.
No, many of us cut it....Just you fail, apparently.
I'm not going to dignify your rants any further. If you're so miserable, try to find someone else who will hire you.

If not, sharpen up your skills and perhaps you too can have more work and won't have to spend so much time here whining about no work at TT when others of us have plenty of work.

Just a suggestion.

As I said, I won't be dignifying your misrepresentations of TT on these boards. Others have posted they too have enough work, too.

Perhaps YOU are the only one who isn't cutting it at TT.
Apparently Transcend does not want
any self-limited folks on their ELECTRONIC PLANTATION.
Apparently nowhere - they spend all the time on here....sm
It sounds a few of them need psychiatry help.
It apparently depends on who you are, who hires you, where
you live, how well you test, etc.
The OP apparently has a sense of humor and

apparently has to dealing with MTs all day.

You people are unbelievable but then the moon is getting full and you come out in droves.  I like her sense of humor as well as her willingness to help an MT.

I am sure she knows the many personalities of the profession and is not offended which is evidenced by her remarks and good for her because if it were me, I would tell you what you could do with your remarks.  Trying to help you say by pointing out what was obviously a transposition, I think not. No one on this board is trying to help unless it was that recruiter. Apparently too many out there with not enough to do.

Apparently, HR has made their decisions sm

Wanted to thank each and every one of you who responded to me.  We will be adding accounts (mainly ortho) by the end of the month and will need more editors at that time.  I will be holding each resume and email I received and will be contacting some of you to see if you are still interested. 

THANK YOU AGAIN for writing.

Apparently I've hit a nerve.
Since AAMT has apparently abandoned US MTs..
..is there some other organization here in the states that we can support that will look out for American MTs? 
Apparently they do not think we are capable of doing the math.
The math is there and it is not pretty!
they only hire IC status apparently. That's all I know.
Not Focus, but apparently Diskriter
I am not sure what a family plan would cost.  I was just talking to my SIL yesterday who is an MT/supervisor at a local hospital where some of the employees also worked for Diskriter.  I have no idea what kind of company ethics are at Diskriter, but I just wanted to comment on their health insurance.  This may be worth checking into.  Good luck to you.
Apparently you didn't read them
There are posts from 2008 with plenty of negative info.  You should search again and make sure you read them this time.
Apparently WebM has just merged with M-Tec

I've heard some good and some bad about WebM, but you would need to find our for yourself through the recruiter.  I would stay away from companies who are not willing to answer questions before you test.  It will save you time.  There are plenty of companies out there. 

The funny part is I did have a good experience with Transcend albeit they offshore I guess, but I loved the recruiter.  I had to leave for personal reasons (death in the family) and when I went back a month later to try and get through the training process, I was told the schedule had changed.  This would have been an employee position.  I appreciated the honesty, but I could not work that schedule they offered.  They were great though in my opinion and I have 19 years in the business. 

Yes, their normals, not yours. Not all places are like this apparently. nm
I apologize ... that post has apparently

been deleted.  After posting above I went back to look at the post that I referred you to and I cannot find it.  It was posted either last night or this morning and there were several discussions concerning this. 

Apparently nobody's worked there t for long. n/m
Absolutely! All QA is apparently lumped into one here
If this is not intended for all QA people, then it should have only addressed the one and/or ones that are the cause of her grief.

All QA is not created equal. We have bad ones, just as there are good and bad MTs. I don't lump all MTs into a category and I don't appreciate being judged simply by my occupation in life.
Taylor is apparently one of the luck ones

although I would say that her earnings aren't that impressive.  She says MT isn't that hard.  Well, I beg to differ.  Now you have 500 pages of account specs which are ridiculous.  You have q.a. q.a.ing q.a. and none of them agreeing on anything, you have suits forever trying to figure out to increase the bottom line and this usually means taking it away from the MTs who actually do the work.  Then you have supervisors, supervisors to supervise the supervisors and so on.  No wonder there is nothing left to pay the MTs a living wage.  Not so long ago you didn't have any of these headaches.

As for newbies making the same; I would have no problem with that provided they did the same work I do.  I do have a problem with newbies being selectively given the easier dictation while I'm left with the impossible dictators just because I am able to do a pretty darn good job with them.  It's my OPINION that MT isn't going to get better, it's going to get progressively worse.  So I agree with Taylor that the more intelligent MTs who don't think working at home is THAT great of a fringe benefit, should be looking toward an exit strategy.  JUST MY OPINION OF COURSE.  lol

I work there and things apparently have changed since you were there.
Not all the people you named are still there nor is the dental plan Delta. It is Guardian. Insurance is excellent.

Now, they hire employees and not ICs. They do that for a reason. They can better schedule and meet TATs that way. I think employee status warrants meeting your hours, but what I do know is that they do allow some flexibility and if you need it, all you need to do is say it as long as it is not 12-hr flexibility. If you have to run out and get the kids, tell them.

This company is a good company. The people are quite nice. Their QA staff is good. They do follow the BOS to a tee.

It's a personal choice, but if someone did not at least check them out, I think they are missing out. They are very good. Best QA staff I have ever worked with.
Apparently they want to get rid of people because they certainly knew this would be a problem for a
lot of people. They apparently are needing to trim their work force as well as QA because they have made their jobs almost impossible for them. Go figure.
apparently the above poster, but that does not make her a coward
in case you need to know i am also ANONYMOUS...
No, I am pretty sure that she knew exactly what she was doing with her money. This is apparently a p
Apparently getting a new line counting program
We were told we were getting a new line counting program some time back - but as of yet I have not seen it. Anyone at TT using this program yet?
Oh, I read correctly. Apparently you're sm
not seeing the point - you accepted .075 cpl.  YES, I understand clinic notes.  You don't place much value on your skill apparently. 
Keep it coming - you apparently take the bait every time.
Apparently this company takes people for a
Apparently you missed the prior post.
AcuQuist based it's pay cut on an attempt to bring us in line with an average industry wage, part of their new mediocrity- not just for cheap wine policy. Therefore, being better, faster and more accurate, is not a desirable quality, and therefore we are being penalized for it.