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It has to do with how they bill their customers. nm

Posted By: We're small cogs in what goes on out here! nm on 2007-04-12
In Reply to: Why would they "fix" lines? The more lines you - celestialmls


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If the bill is currently in limbo, why would they assign the same bill number to another bill?
I'm not trying to argue with you here and I think that outsourcing is a very important issue that needs to be addressed by congress.  What I'm saying is make sure you have all the correct information.
They also have customers on
s/b customers'

That's the only 1 I saw -- is this what you're talking about?

wonder what their customers would think of THAT
eScription maintains staff of their own to help customers..
They support go lives, backlog, etc. - they are employees of eSCription, not of a service, you would probably have work many accounts, but it's an option
I am sure their customers don't care what the reason is for missed TAT. They have sm
to meet that for their customers, not to be mean to you personally. You probably have other issues other than these.

Why are these forums so negative all the time?
We are ALREADY footing the bill and have
every wonder if they still bill the company cpl?
What company were you with that sent this $$$$ bill?
A bill you pay is different than getting paid.
The benefit of the doubt is given in this instance.  In this case, the pay date should have been the 5th since the actual pay date is the 7th, then the money should have been there on the 5th.  This is a paycheck, not an authorized bill coming out of your account.  The work was done, and the pay should have been there.  My company always pays ahead of time if the pay date falls on a weekend day.  It's a matter of courtesy. 
phone bill
Vonage is reasonable and offers a plan with unlimited long distance. I have had it for about 6 months and am happy with it. They also offer the option of paying yearly where you can save even more money.

Sure, and pass the bill on...
to who exactly?  The consumer?  The American people who are already being ripped off when it comes to healthcare?  Some of you just want more and more and more, but you have no clue as to where this mystery money will come from.
You are right. Even Bill Gates dropped
the whole idea of VR, saying that it could not be perfected enough to be profitable for the software company who manufactures it. You are also right in that if something inferior is sold to someone and it doesn't work properly, they won't even think of using it again. In my experience, the C-phone worked the best and even WP5.1 for speed and from my point of view for making the most money. I also used to use Mac and found it to be very fast and efficient.
ICs should foot the bill, not employees.

Are these people employed at Keystrokes or are they contracted MTs paying for long distance and equipment?  Ehhh?     

Do you have employees or do you have ICs?  I see a difference there whether you are transcribing in an RV or an office, still the same should apply.  If an MT is classified as an employee, the employer should provide equipment free of charge and pay any and all expense incurred while that person is employed.  IC is a whole different ball of wax.   

You'd do better to bill by the audio minute; I'd bill $0.75 per minute of audio.
Can anyone tell me what a "standard MT" is. Bill Baker is SM

looking for them and since I live in the southeast too, I want to know what that is.

Here is a petition to sign for HR 427, a bill regarding
that very thing. Please forward it to everyone you know as well:

Like Bill Clinton read the big bible...
he used to tote around on Sunday photo ops!
Re: The Calif. bill: The "Governator" shot it down. (no msg)
I didn't get the letter, just a $600 phone bill.

Their unlimited is only 5,000 minutes and you can use that is 2 weeks or less.  You need to use a service like Vonage.  Comcast and Time Warner cable also have digital phone service.  It uses your regular phone wiring, they just attach something on the outside of your house and you use a modem and it is truly unlimited long distance.

If you want to keep your home phone it takes about 2 weeks to get the service.  If you want to keep your home phone and just add a new line they should be able to do it in just a couple of days.  I have mine through Time Warner and it is $34.95/mo because I also have my cable internt through them.  Vonage is cheaper, I think $24.95/mo. 

I've only had my service about 3 weeks, but the sound is very good and I've had no problems using it wtih my C-phone.  I wanted to keep my same number, but didn't want to add another phone line to keep costs down.  I have call waiting but can't get it to work with the C-phone so I got voice mail for an additional $4/mo so I can still get messages even if I'm working. 

Mark bill and envelope "CONFIDENTIAL,"
address to doctor personally with a handwritten note attached to your bill stating, Will you please have someone take care of this? This happened to me. The office manager was embezzling funds which he knew nothing about it until I brought my bill to his attention. My bill has been paid immediately in the 15+ years since then. Good luck.
ask your senators and representatives to support this bill
One thing you can do is contact your senators and representatives and encourage them to vote for the following bill:

S. 810/H.R. 1653
Clinton (D-NY)/Markey (D-MA)
Prohibits American businesses and health care organizations from sharing consumers’ personal information with foreign affiliates or subcontractors without consent from consumers. Allows consumers to “opt out” of having their personal information processed overseas and bars companies from denying service or charging consumers more as a result.

Go to http://www.congress.org for a very user-friendly way to identify and contact your elected officials on the State and Federal Levels.
company-paid phone bill?? sm
Crazy question, have high speed internet and AOL for my mail. I do not have unlimited long distance. Is there any company for whom you would not run up a huge phone charge, could not do that! Crazy question, I know - but doesn't hurt to ask.
No, but one place would do it after we sent a copy of the bill with our invoice, or mailed it
Big facilities contract out MT through administration. Drs have no say, they dont pay the bill.
Wow .. thanks for letting me know. They bill themselves as a small, caring company. sm
The pay isn't much, but I was just going to use it to supplement my income while work is light at my regular job.  So much for caring ... who needs their pitifully low offerings anyway?  Bah humbug ... LOL
paid by direct deposit on time, and you submit the bill nm
I can handle micromanage and cherries, but its the bill collectors I want to stay away
You see, to me it is more than worrying about micromanaging and cherry picking. I have been in the biz long enough to develop a rough skin. It is when I do not have enough money to pay the rent or car which bothers me. So, I take the shift least wanted b/c there will be work there, I allow micromanaging and say I will do better next time, and I learn all the toughest ESLs without complaint. You see, no one can control another person, and one should know no job is perfect out there. The only thing a person can and should do is mature-up, quit whining, and get to work so the roof stays overhead, the pantry has milk and bread and the car is still outside. Of course, that is my 2.5 cents.
Weekly? Services are lucky if they get paid twice a month. Generally, services bill out to their
You bill 30 days behind, and they snail mail it so it's late - about 40 days from invoice
No way jose - they even messed up their direct deposit payments
I meant billing process, not bill paying process.. sorry! nm

Webmedx fits that bill, great company, great benefits, great pay and always on time. NM