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Posted By: tricky typist on 2007-04-12
In Reply to: I don't use my own counter - sirpercy

I came here and I posted a queston but no one has answered that question (other than sirpercy, thanks for your honesty). I asked about line counts and line counters because I wanted to make comparisons with line counters that other TT employees might be using. I am not paranoid about my line counts becase I see the discrepancy growing, I am not accusing anyone of cheating because I have no hard evidence of such, and I am not trying to justify my time here by whining about my counts. I make my quota and more times than not way above but when I do type 1700 lines I want to be paid for 1700 lines and not 1650, it might not be much but its work that I did and I deserve to get paid for. But to all of those loyal Transtech employees who want to keep saying how wonderfully perfect TransTech is and how they know that Transtech would never cheat, to all of you I just say be aware and pay attention because looking at the posts you all don't know much about how you are getting paid either. I was told that we get paid for a 65-charcter line that includes spaces and hard returns but no footers or headers. I only count characters with spaces; no hard returns, no headers or footers, no foot notes or end notes, no textboxes or even information in the textboxes such as when doctors are sending copies, and no special characters but still my counts are always lower than I-Chart. Upon questioning I was told the reason for this was because Microsoft was counting other things but recently I found out that was not the case. Now I am being told all companies compute lines differently and that all counters count different. Of course companies do compute their lines differently and counters count differently dependent upon how you set them up to count but I have 3 counters that count my lines the same so although this could be the case I really don't believe that it is.

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