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Posted By: trifcky typist on 2007-04-13
In Reply to: Perhaps I am oversimplifying things, but sm - LTMT

To a certain extent some of you are right and I have decided to move on. Its funny you are defending this company but none of you answered my question about what line counters you use. I am a very high producer myself and I have been doing this long enough to put a kid through college so I can recognize when there is a discrepancy whether I use a counter or not. It was ONLY because I started to notice this discrepancy that I started using another counter outside of Transtech and to my dismay I found the discrepancy was much larger than I had thought. To all who say its not much I say if you lose between 50 to 75 lines a day at the end of a standard pay period (10 days) you are looking at a loss of 500 to 750 lines and transcriptionists who make 10 cents a line are looking at a loss of 50.00 to 75.00 dollars per pay period so although that might not be much to some it will pay a bill for me and its not something I want to just give away. So Good Luck to you and I really wish you well, and in the future when one of you is posting about line count discrepancies with TransTech I will say a prayer for you.

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