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Posted By: TT112 on 2007-04-13
In Reply to: I truly do wish you well ..... sm - LTMT

Omigosh!!!  I thought I was the only one old enough to remember those!  Reminds me of another MT story.  Remember how we erased those old belts with the foot pedal?  Weelllll once upon a time I accidentally erased one that I hadn't transcribed...wouldn't you know it was the doc who was the grouchiest surgeon who ever walked the halls of a hospital!!  Yep.....I got to tell him myself and received a horrible lecture about how he had more important things to do than redictate his reports.  Made me feel like I could walk under an earth worm with a top hat on!!!  Lesson learned......PAY ATTENTION. hahaha

You are so right....life is too short.  The year before I went to work for TT I had 6 or maybe 7 jobs which was 3, or was it 4? years ago.... I forget.....all promised MT heaven, all delivered MT hell, at least as far as I was concerned.  Some people want one thing and some want another.  As for me, all I want is give me work and leave me alone to do it, I'll make the money I want regardless of how I'm paid or what I'm called upon to type.  I say, if anyone, myself included, is unhappy for any reason, don't waste time moaning on the boards, get off thy butt and find some place that suits you.  They exist but sometimes you gotta kiss a lot of toads to find a prince.  Personally I guess unless something unforeseen happens I'll stick with TT until I hang up my keyboard for good but I've always made it a habit to know where my next lilly pad was and even now I have a standing job offer (unsolicited), said I was happy where I am and was told that any time I wanted to go to work just to give them a call...no test necessary.  They call me periodically to ask are you ready (and yes, they offered more money but as I said before, money isn't important to me at this point in my life).  That's called networking...I know a lot of MTs and there's usually a referral bonus for good MTs.

Can you say that my line count SUCKS today. HAHAHA  And no wonder; it's rainy, gloomy, I'm bored and spending time reading and doing useless posting on the boards.  But....tomorrow's another day.

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Heck, I still remember the old vinyl belts -- I am a REALLY OLD MT!! LOL sm

I actually prefer the wav files to the C-phone for the convenience factor.  I hope to have my laptop set up so I can work a little when I travel, and it would be nice not to have to lug the C-phone around too.  However, I never had any sound quailty issues with the C-phone -- not sure what the other poster is talking about.  Looking at the days of the vinyl belts, endless loops, and cassette tapes that broke, I think we have come a long way. 


Oh, yes, the belts! (sm)
I had forgotten all about erasing tapes with the foot pedal.  Thanks for the memory.  When I started in this business, it was on a Selectric typewriter, if you can believe that.  Then we got the Mag Card and it was like Heaven!  This business sure has changed over the years, hasn't it.  Mostly not for the better.  I was at my previous job for 7 years, thought I would retire from there.  It was great for the first few years, then went progressively downhill.  It got to the point where I would be in a bad mood before I even started typing - not to mention the end of the day.  I came to TT about a year and a half ago, and I'm sure I will retire from there.  They leave you alone to do your work, which is how I like it.  Have never felt cheated in any way.  I agree, life is too short to spend it hating your job. 
The blue belts? OMG! sm
I remember those blue Dictaphone belts, too, that the doc wrote on with a white waxy pencil. We're BOTH really old MTs!