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OK now wait a cotton pickin minute!

Posted By: sirpercy on 2007-04-12
In Reply to: For a little history..... - Ex-Cali MT

Hey, are you related to Tricky?

I've really heard enough innuendo about TransTech. I answered the question about the line counter: I don't use one because I don't see a real discrepancy. But that's not what you want to hear, is it?

Tell me, by the way, what kind of deal did 'I' cut with TT?

If you have a real claim, take it up through due process of law and/or the owner of TT, because it's one thing to ask a question here, but quite another to convict TT of wrongdoing without any proof.

For those MTSOs out there who think all we MTs do is criticize MTSOs, I hope you take note!

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Hey wait a minute....
This all originally started way down below with a positive post about Transcend in answer to a question about the company.  Then, the naysayers hop on and start blah blah blahing all over the place.  So, I believe the trouble started at your door.
Okay, wait a minute
Well, you know, now that I check out my first apology, I see I didnt apologize before to you, just JMO.  I thought I had apologized to both of you.  So, I am also sorry if I said anything that hurt your feelings.  And thank you for  your apology also. 
Now wait a minute...
I am management remember?   not an MT!
Wait a minute
I did not jump down anyone's throat at all. I merely stated that giving erroneous information was not only not helpful, it was actually harmful. That is all I said, that is all I meant. BTW, I did not find your caveman analogy to be exactly kind, so why don't you start your quest for kindness with your own posts?
Oh wait a minute... I'm the above poster.

your whereabouts, then that is employee not IC.  You'd better report them to the labor board and start keeping the e-mails and the demands of your whereabouts.  No IC should have to account for their time unless they are an employee and following a scheduled shift. 

You may want to look for another IC position that knows what that means. 

Mumbai...Wait a minute...
I thought this post was referring to the MT in Mumbai who was holding documents hostage and threatening to release them on the internet if she wasn't paid???

I'm not the OP so I can't be sure, but I don't think s/he was equating it to the events unfolding in Mumbai right now. I think the Mumbai incident was simply a reference to the MT using blackmail to get her pay.

OP --- Can you please clarify? Thanks!!!
Wait a minute, you mean this isn't a nightmare I just had
wait a minute! late bloomer please
Tell me they don't get a cut in your line rate the whole time you are on the job!!! I thought it was just a flat fee that they get.

Wait a minute now..before you sink a bunch of bucks in books..sm
I've been at this for many years and I have about 18 books that I've acquired over the years. Since I started working using internet-based platforms, I rarely have to open those books..just Google gets it most of the time even quicker. Oh, yeah and the 150 bucks I sunk into SmartType..well, it's been sitting on the shelf for 6 years now. The internet-based platforms and most others have their own expanders. A good basic word book from Stedmans or Sloans should be adequate for a newcomer; but some companies provide these as well or offer a discount. So, bascially, between Google and company-provided Expanders and equipment along with reimbursements for phone line/web access, start-up cost should be quite minimal now.
Big cotton-picken deal!!! Get a life.
I wish I was a fat, lazy, cherry-pickin'
MT who could work when I wanted, do the exact opposite as my company says to do and still keep my job! I am so sick of working with MTs like this. I work my hind of to get my report count for the day, usually having to jump between 4 accounts to get the minimum! Then I work with this girl who gets away with murder and the company does nothing about it! Why are the worst MTs the ones who get all the glory and get to keep their jobs to boot? I'm sick of it. This field is such a joke!
Yes. Hospitals, and maybe OSI. Slim pickin's. nm
bless their pea-pickin hearts
  they hafta getta custimir to kum 'n and say rah fir 'em 
1.70 regular minute, 2.25 stat per minute. sm
I do all cardiology.
per minute

I get paid per minute of dictation.  $1.00 to 1.35 per minute.  100-120 minutes in an 8 hour shift is average or 16-20 minutes of dictation per hour.

pay by the minute
I also used to work this way. I worked in house by the hour and we had a quota of dictated minutes we were supposed to meet. Then we started doing it at home and were compensated by the minute. It was awesome! Unfortunately they went with voice recognition and it came to a tragic end. I still miss it. I get paid by the line now and make probably a third less at least than back then. So very sad. Anyone have any idea if this company is hiring for radiology and what they pay per minute? TIA.
minute nor
too heated.
If pay comes out to 1.00, or less per minute is very low...sm
1.25 and up would be good pay per minute... and 200 per day if quite a bit to get through on an average. Good luck!
Pay per minute...
I work for a hospital that pays us per minute of dictation.  It is the entire dictation, whether the doc is sitting thinking, talking to someone else in the room or whatever, a 14 minute report is billed as a 14 minute report.  The pay scale I make is $1.30 per minute after 450 minutes, under 450 minutes $1.25 per minute.  I am sure the hospital itself charges more than that per minute, so I guess it would depend on whether you have your own account or are considering working for a hospital or other company. 
Pay per minute...
It is absolutely more lucrative than by the line for me anyway. I almost went bankrupt working for 8 cpl.
More like $1.00 - to 1.25 per minute
Keep in mind the 3 x rule: For every minute of dictation, it takes roughly 3 minutes to transcribe. So if you want to earn $20/hr (example) you have to charge $1.00 per minute. If you factor in even 5 minutes and hour for taxes/interruption/breaks etc., you need to bump it to $1.25 to clear $20/hr.
It says pay is 0.85 per minute.
Seems kind of low to me.
By the minute vs. cpl.......
I was at a meeting the other day where 2 docs were discussing paying their MTs by the minute versus by the line.  It was the first I, personally, had heard of such a thing.  The more I thought about it, the more appealing it sounded to me to be paid by the minute, particularly after I had to listen to a resident literally eat their way through a 37 minute dictation, which ultimately yielded me only about 62 lines.  I was furious!  I would have at least been paid for my time on that report had I been paid by the minute to transcribe it.  I am sure it all balances out in the end, whether one is paid by the line or the minute, considering some docs fly through their dictation without even taking a breath or bothering to enunciate or structure an intelligent sentence.  I would love to hear from any MTs who are, in fact, being paid by the minute.
Pay per minute

I would appreciate information from anyone who is compensated per minute of dictation.  Thank you.

$1.00 per minute
I have worked like this before. The operative reports you get will be between 0.9 to 2.0 minutes and there will be 30-40 lines for one report. You will go broke.
minute pay
I once worked for a company that paid by the dictated minute and I really liked it. Seemed like a good way to pay. The company had a pay scale so that the more minutes you typed per week, the more per minute you got. The bottom line, of course, is how much will we be paid per line or per minute.
That's too low for per-minute pay.
Think about this: A 3-minute report, say you get 1-1/2 to 2 pages. They would pay you $3. There could be 50-80 lines, which at 8 cpl would be $4 to $6.40. A dollar a dictated minute is much too low.
Not at $1/minute.
by the minute...
i do legal by the minute and it generally takes 2 to 3 times the amount of time.  So if you get an hour of dictation, it's probably going to take you 2 1/2 to 3 hours to do it, depending on the dictator and sound quality.  Could be more, but not usually less than double the time... hope this helps!
per minute pay
Try and figure it out this way....60 minutes of dictation will take apx 3-4 hours typing...so hopefully that will help figure out per hour.
That is low 1.00/minute is even low..
which would be 60.00 for an hour of dictation..
Pay by dictated minute.
What is a reasonable pay for dictated minute?  What is reasonable to expect to be transcribed minutes of dictation in 8-hour shift?  Anyone know?
Radiology per minute

I get paid per minute and was wondering if anyone could tell me some companies that pay by the dictated minute for radiology and have benefits. I am happy with the amount of money I am making and the company but would really like a job with benefits.


I'd hire you in a NY minute. nm
What is the going rate per minute?

I have no idea what to even charge!  Can someone help?  Thanks!!!!!!!!

Per minute rate
What is the pay range for per minute of transcription? I see more and more people are wanting to pay by the minute instead of the line. Thanks.
Maybe they meant PER MINUTE?
Otherwise - ?????
Hang on a minute...

I'd like to address something that's really bothering me as I see it expressed so frequently -- It's what I call THE GRATITUDE TRICK.

First, I am not trying to find fault with what you wrote.  You sound like a fabulous mom and a very dedicated MT.  I really admire you for the sacrifices you've made to accomplish what you have -- and that goes for everyone out there in the MT world who has done the same.  I mean this sincerely.  I am amazed at what some of you have managed to do and how you continue the struggle now.  Hats off to you all!!! 

But I have to question why do MTs have to make such sacrifices in the first place???  It sounds to me like this has been the case for many years now.  If we are the professionals we claim to be, we deserve the same standard of living that any other professional gets to have who works out of their home.  The perks go across the board for everyone who works from home, no matter what profession--gas savings, wardrobe, etc.  We are no different.  This aspect of what our job is worth income-wise is only a small part of the equation.  The difference for us is that we are not fairly compensated for our work as other professionals are for theirs.  THAT is what sets us apart, not the perks.  

I think this is a way the services have used to keep us in submission for years, and it's dirty playing.  I do not feel grateful to my employer to be able to work from home.  My gratitude goes to God for the technology that allows me to do this.  Heck, I'm saving them money in overhead from working from home, buying and maintaining my own equipment and reference materials, paying my own Internet service fee, etc.  No, THEY are making money OFF OF US.  Yes, businesses do that.  They have to earn a profit.  But it is wrong for them to tell us pretty much to go away and be quiet and count our blessings because they are so kind as to let us work from home, thus making us feel that we should be ashamed for wanting to be paid more.  This is nothing but a mind game.  They are using this way of responding to us to shut us up and we're falling for it.  Next, it will be but at least we hired you and didn't send the work to India!  Little by little we are being demeaned by them as they reduce benefits, demand more in production, etc. all the while telling us how lucky we are to be able to work from home and we're falling for it. 

If our profession (and I keep using the word profession because that is what it is) goes down the drain because of technology, etc. then we can't control that.  But let's not help it along by buying into a mindset that says we're not valuable.   Anyone who has the knowledge and skills to do this job well should see their worth reflected in their paychecks, bottom line.  All the other stuff is just icing on the the cake.  

I think we as a body of professionals and as individuals need to have a much greater sense of self-respect, self-worth to begin with.  We are not the cast-offs of the working world!  If you can do this job well, you are no idiot.  And all of us know, this is anything but an easy job.   Many of you have invested most if not all of your working lives doing transcription.  Companies should be grateful to YOU for working for them.  A qualified MT only increases the company's image. 

Now how to become fairly compensated is a whole 'nother can of worms given what we are up against today.  But I think we need to start valuing ourselves more before we expect to be valued by those for whom we work.  This gratitude to our employer trick they use on us has got to be exposed for the dirty trick that it is and it needs to go!! 

I think a lot of our frustration with this profession comes from such mind games.  If you can keep your employees confused, if you can keep them from feeling they have no right to complain, you've got it made as an employer.  They're under your control.  But in the end it weakens employee morale which results in frequent employee turnover which results in loss of production while new people learn the accounts, etc. so it really backfires on them and is a stupid (to put it nicely) way to run a business.   You can run it right into the ground this way.

Even the benefits packages are somewhat of a joke if you can't afford the insurance.  I'm sure the companies have ways to write off those expenses to their own benefit.  That's another trick they use on us.  My dental insurance won't pay the rent.  Pay me a decent enough salary and I'll get my own dental insurance!

If we have any hope of turning our situation around, we need to be able to see the tactics that are being used against us.  Just trying to point out some red flags here as I see them. 


I saw it on the *other board* just a minute ago.nm
Loving every minute of it.

Been there for almost a year. Out of work only about 5 hours totally in that year. Doubled and tripled my income over my last job. Once I get my Expander to full workability, I should do even better.

I plan to retire from there in about 15 years.

Companies want your every minute for themselves.
Pay is by the minute of dictation.

There is a company on the Job Seekers board that states that the pay is by the minute of dictation.  I have never heard of this, has anyone else?

No, I have not regretted it for a minute (sm)
The only thing I can say I sort of miss is having the PTO, but the flexibility I now have makes up for that in the long run. As you say, with MQ I was working harder and my check kept getting smaller and smaller. After over a year of repeatedly requesting a raise and being ignored, then the July 1 changes including the last ASR pay cut, the QASAR debacle, and the cesspool, etc., I decided that, after 10 years, it was time to go. No regrets at all.
I am paid per minute
This is the first company I have worked for that pays that way. It seems fair enough, although that is largely dependent on the dictator! There are few I transcribe for and it takes me forever to do their reports, so at those times the per minute compensation isn't so fair, but it all averages out I suppose.
I have to vent for a minute sm

I have noticed many companies advertising for Independent Contractor positions yet dictate a certain schedule like a full-time employee, i.e. 1st shift Sun-Thurs, etc. 

Now,  I am aware they need to staff accordingly and have coverage, but come on....these companies do not truly know what IC status is all about.  

If they want you to work a straight 8 hour shift, Sun-Thurs. than hire as an employee and give benefits darn it.    The companies want their cake and eat it too.    No overhead with ICs, but dictate and demand certain schedules and pay squat for it. 


Ok, I'm done.....had to get that off my chest.  Feel better now!

pay per dictated minute?
Is $1.00 per dictated minute a good rate, and if so, what work types would you make the most money on?
Can you be human for a minute?

Please, Carlotta, get off your high horse for a minute.  You know darn well that accounts have been overstaffed in order for MDI to shine for their clients in regard to TATs.  There is a lack of balance going on here whether it is over hiring or something else.  There is NOT ENOUGH WORK!  We have been out of work for WEEKS!  And, Carlotta, you hound the hell out of people and threaten to bring their wages down to an impossibly low rate on a prn basis if they don't live up to their committments in a near-impossible work environment.  You are transcription's version of Hitler.

Did you read any of the posts below?  Did you read some of the concerns that REAL people, VALUABLE transcriptionists are having?  Why don't you or the owner care?  You rule with an iron fist, Carlotta.  When you try to say how great the company is, it's a real slap in the face for those of us who are out here in the trenches trying be a part of the MDI team and very little in return. 

You, MDI, should have an overall feel for the accounts.  No, you cannot predict, but you can give us some insight if accounts may be winding down because they are moving to EMR or changing service providers or whatever.  You could be decent enough to guide us in the right direction so that we could continue to be valuable to MDI and support our families.  No, no, instead we get hounded and threatened about line counts.

Did you read below, Carlotta, how we do go to our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on backup accounts?  Do you comprehend that we have to mentally change gears to relearn account specifics and the dictators and that really slows a person down?  And on top of that, those accounts are SLOW, TOO!

Instead of telling us MDI has the best group of people (management) ever assembled, why don't you listen to the people helping you get your paycheck!  Why don't you prove your greatness by being a better listener.  Do you realize you are impossible to talk to because instead of listening all you do is e-mail responses that are criticizing and demeaning, to those of use who are sincerely trying to work hard for you. 

Come on, please.

My capitalizations are not for yelling, just for emphasis.

Paid by the minute????

Has anyone heard of being paid by the minute?  A company said they did that for the cardiology. 

Anyone ever done that?

working by the minute
The company I work for pays by the dictated minute. They have a scale of pay which rewards levels of minutes typed per week. Pay scale starts at 70 cents per dictated minute for occasional typing to $1.10 per dictated minute which would be considered full-time. No required amounts. No set hours to work. Fast and accurate typists can do pretty well this way.
Paid by the minute...

I am paid 1.20 per dictated minute. First company I have ever worked for that paid this way.

I had a job that paid by minute
I started at $1.15 per minute and when I left, was making $1.20 per minute. I could do 150-180 minutes in 6 1/2 hours.  It was very lucrative for me. It was for a small hospital. Loved it, but got bored with the same doctors every day, so left. Now I work for a national and only make 1/3rd what I was making, but am happy with the work. Just wish the pay was better.