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Ah, what's your purpose in this? If it gives you a

Posted By: false sense of "class" to cut .. sm on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: And then there is no class - My take on this

others down (others whom did NOTHING to you, BTW), then I want no part of it. Way to class it up.

Hope you have a nice life free of bitterness. I wash my hands of such negativity.

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The purpose of QA is not to fix your mistakes DEAR..the purpose is to get your quality up so we don&
look at your work. It gets sent directly to the client and we do an occasional audit. If you don't want to deal with editors then listen to what they say and pull your damn score up and you won't have to worry about it all. The comments left are feedback. Why the hell should we just "give you the answer" we need to explain it to you so you do not make the same mistake. Sounds to me like you editor is probably pulling her hair out with you. If you can't cut it, get out of the business!
There is a purpose for everything
God is good!  Congratulations!!!  I hope and pray each day that I can get out of this industry soon!!  My hubbie is starting a business and I just pray that it will lead to us having our own business and then GOOD BYE to transcription industry!!  It was a blessing starting out but man alive it is getting on my last nerve now, definately not my calling. 
That was my purpose in

That was my purpose in posting this, the fact that he is bringing attention to it.  I think it is great that he cares about our medical records and I hope he can bring some attention to the importance of how and where and by whom they are done, making the public aware. 

Uhm, but that is the purpose of BUSINESS...
...these companies don't exist just to give us poor MTs jobs. GEEZ.

Keeping the client happy keeps BUSINESS, sis.

You don't like it? GET ANOTHER JOB. GEEZ.

Why in the world would someone do that on purpose? I am 5Ɔ" and an

E, was a C in 7th grade.   I have a sister who is a AA and one who is B, both older.  They want more, I want less.   Insurance won't pay for reduction.  Of course mine don't like as nice as hers, but I mine aren't man-made either. 

What's your purpose posting this?
Why to show off in that way, making others suspect that you are lying?
Don't wonder if you get nasty replies.
What's your purpose posting this?
Why to show off in that way, making others suspect that you are lying?
Don't wonder if you get nasty replies.
The Purpose Driven Life...
I have felt very overwhelmed too over the past several months, and my DH gave me a book for Christmas that is the most wonderful gift he's ever given me...."The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. It is written to be read at the rate of one chapter a day, so it is very managable in our busy schedules.

Anyway, this book has made a huge impact on my outlook on life already, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone who is questioning their purpose in life. It is a wonderful book, and if you can't afford to purchase it, you probably get it from the library.

Find something fulfilling to do - something with a purpose (sm)
What if you got a job helping those less fortunate than you? Many people were born with mental and physical disabilities and you could use your abilities to help them. Apply for a job at a home for the mentally retarded or for the elderly - do something that makes you feel good in your heart - where you know at the end of the day that you made a difference in someone else's life. That will make you feel wonderful!

If not something like that, and you just need some variety, work for a temp agency so that you can keep learning one job after another and moving on.

Right now you are living in oppressed conditions. Anyone would get depressed being alone in the dark day after day. I do believe in depression - anyone who does not is jut unaware. Get yourself out of that apartment! Go for a walk. Make a point to smile at at least 5 people who look unhappy - force yourself to smile. Read up on the internet about how lack of UV rays causes seasonal affective disorder - read about how forcing yourself to do things like smile, cause endorphins to be released in your body and make you feel better. Use your brilliant mind to figure your way out of the maze you are in - you will have to look to new ways of thinking,and new ways of living.
forgot to mention other purpose was sm
I had XP home edition on my PC and they needed Professional edition for their platform MedRite, so was using their PC.
If you click a link by accident or on purpose sm
that message can open a trojan on your PC that will access your ebay information.  Happened to me once and some yo-yo hijacked my EBay account and ran up $3000.00 worth of charges in about 2 hours. My account got suspended for suspicious activity and I was notified by EBay of the problem.  Lucky for me, they found out who did it and cancelled all the charges. I had to go to the EBay chat with customer service and repair the damage. Took about an hour.  Now I change my password everytime I get a message that's fake and send everything to spoof@ebay.  It really does help.  So, if you do get a note about suspicious activity, then go to Ebay and see if you can log in.  If not, then the email is from them. 
The sole purpose of AAMT was and is to make..

money.  With some online schools pushing their credibility to newbies, enough have fallen for "it" that they still rake in plenty.  The original idea was, no doubt, a good one.  Somewhere along the way, the working MT was forgotten.  AAMT in no way represents the best interests of the working MT.  The idea they are pushing now of making CMT credentialing mandatory is a joke and certainly not in the best interest of hundreds of thousands of working American MTs.

Hey, I'll send anyone a test (for a mere $50 fee), and I will *allow* them to use the prestigious ND after their name if they pass. 

Oh, what does NS stand for, you ask?  NO DUMMY

Of course it's a business! Anything that's run for the purpose of earning a profit is a busine

What galaxy are you on?

I guess I don't understand the purpose of a time stamp
being put throughout a document? Can someone explain why this would be needed?
why would you want both services? if you keep your vonage, it would defeat the purpose of buying th


purpose of gallbladder is to squirt bile into digestive system
which helps emulsify fat. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with weight loss or not. I've never seen frequent notes that state, as a condition associated with gallbladder disease, that "patient is unable to lose weight." In fact, being fat is one of the 5 F's associated with gallbladder disease - Fat, Female, Fair, Forty and Fertile.
Of course you can, but there is a board for that purpose. Feel free to post on the Comedy Stop.