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Maybe not end of world, but....

Posted By: AnnieM!AnnieM! on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: Hello, know the year but I am saying - OMG!

a significant dent in paycheck if you are paid production.

Just like you, I did the typewriter/correction tape thing. I typed about 50 radiology reports/day back then, and that was considered very high. I was paid hourly, working on-site, had benefits and all that, so it didn't matter if I typed 50 or 10 reports, I got paid the same.

Most of us are now paid production. With word Expanders and spell check, my current average is 125-150 radiology reports/day depending on which one of my accounts I work the most on. As another poster said, when you are typing 90 mph you make typos. If I am paid production, I will not take the time to look up spelling via Google, a dictionary, or whatever or sit here and read over every report I type when there are programs available to do that for you. Time is money when you are on production pay. Our pay has gone down over the years, and keeping production up is the only way to compensate. Without spell check or word expanders, speed slows significantly down as you proof read and double check each report, therefore the paycheck takes a hit.

To say we are 'spoiled' I think is the wrong term. I for one am grateful! Those tools are what we need to make a survivable wage in 2008. In typewriter days, we weren't paying $3+ for gas and oil. A gallon of milk was not $4. It's all relative.

To the OP, there is no way I would take a job without Word Expanders AND a spell check unless it was hourly pay. If they do not provide you with them, see if they will allow you to install your own personal copy. You will offset the cost of that software within a month if you are paid production and you can deduct it on your tax return.

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Is MT-WORLD, the same company as ATSI? I'm confused...dk
How in the WORLD is this possible?
you must have absolutely wonderful account(s) with tons of canned text!
in the world, that is. nm
Welcome to my world...
This explains my summer exactly. My kids have never argued so much. I have three boys and two girls. The girls are the oldest and have been fighting almost daily. We got to the point where we forced them to sit together and hold hands in silence for a certain period of time because we knew they'd hate that at the age of 10 and 9. It actually did work. They don't fight as much as they did a few weeks ago, and when I threaten them with holding hands they stop.

How in the world do you do that?
I work 2 part-time positions and feel pretty stretched most of the time. I cannot imagine doing 2 full-time positions.

What in the world?
What happened to your face? I've never seen anything like it. Did someone fart on it or did you have a really bad accident? Wow, it is unbelievable to me how ugly some people in this world are. What in the heck!
How in the world did AT&T
If I were you I would insist on talking to some higher ups at AT&T. Unlimited long distance is exactly that.
and the world is all about ego. Never, never
tell your boss something is wrong, even with one of their choice (or not so choice) picks of supervisors, because then you are telling them may have made a mistake in the person they selected, and that is also a blow to their ego.
then how in the WORLD
do you think he's going to know what the patient's problem is next time he/she comes in for followup if he DOESN'T READ THE DANG TRANSCRIPT????  Ask the receptionist maybe?  Geeshhh!
I have the best job in the world
Have worked hourly for the past decade. Love it. Now at around 30/hr with 9 weeks paid vacation a year. Would not trade it for anything. Nice getting paid when work is slow or when you have "off" days.
It is a whole new world
There are so many more words and medications to deal with but you should pick it up quick, just like any other field. A lot depends on what particular field you are working in. (Breast, heme-malignancies, thoracic, GI, Gu....) If you want I will send you some sites I used when starting and still use.
It is a new world
I agree that oncology is a new world, but it is very interesting and I just love when I have oncolgoy work. The hardest part for me was the radiation drugs, but I have a good website for those. It was about a month before I felt in the zone. :)
Best in the world???
I know that we would all like to believe that, but it gets tougher and tougher all the time. I just did a quick search, as I knew that either last night or the night before I had heard or read about our ranking among the 191 or 193 countries included in the WHO ranking. The results I came across put us 37th back in 2000, and that number fell from the 1997 ranking of 24th (I believe it was).

I don't know about you, but I do not consider 37th place the best, nor do I consider best to be a country where a woman dies on the ER floor while a janitor mops around her and both her boyfriend and another person in the ER have to call 911 -- Imagine, having to call 911 from the ER . . . pitiful.

The World Health Organization's ranking
of the world's health systems.
Source: WHO World Health Report - See also Spreadsheet Details (731kb)

Rank Country

1 France
2 Italy
3 San Marino
4 Andorra
5 Malta
6 Singapore
7 Spain
8 Oman
9 Austria
10 Japan
11 Norway
12 Portugal
13 Monaco
14 Greece
15 Iceland
16 Luxembourg
17 Netherlands
18 United Kingdom
19 Ireland
20 Switzerland
21 Belgium
22 Colombia
23 Sweden
24 Cyprus
25 Germany
26 Saudi Arabia
27 United Arab Emirates
28 Israel
29 Morocco
30 Canada
31 Finland
32 Australia
33 Chile
34 Denmark
35 Dominica
36 Costa Rica
37 United States of America

How in the world

do you manage to do so much? Any suggestions appreciated. I am struggling to reach 1000 per day. Also, about how many hours did it take to achieve this? Thanks!


Does a grown woman swallow two loop earrings?  Yep.  Did reports on a woman (whom I know as I live in a small community) who swallowed two loop earrings and had to have EGD to retrieve them!  I have typed plenty of swallowed foreign body reports on children but a grown educated woman?
What in the world?

Come on people.  You actually believe this?

Welcome to MT world
This has been going on for as long as I have been doing this, 10 years now. What is really annoying is when you get some dictators that are consistent, and you get them down pat, they will vanish off the face of the earth. You could try ESR (speech recognition)editing, but it pays real low, and it is very very tedious work, very boring. I can say, I will quit this business all together before I get stuck doing that all day long, which might come sooner than later. Good luck!!
The MT world
depression, weight gain, isolation, eye strain, backache, joint aches it sucks
MT world of fun
Boy.. do I totally agree with you.. isolation, four walls closing in, stress, big time weight gain.. crappy hours..  neck pain, arm pain, shoulder pain..  I thought I was all alone on this one ...  helps to hear I might be in the "norm"..  
Who in the world do you think would do the
point and click work? The physicians? other dictators? I am not worried about transcription because I see it as not going completely away, might have VR but even that has to be edited by people who know what they are doing, example a transcriptionist. Donít worry about what you cannot control anyway.
Does anyone know what in the world Hypokinesis is??
I know it means "decreased contractions of the heart," but I'm trying to figure out what causes it, tests for it and treatments...can't find much at all. They found it on my echo Monday and I have an appt on Aug 5, but I'll go NUTS until then!


What? How in the world can you say that? I AM showing
compassion. Yes, I'm a mother. I can't pat her on the back and try to settle her. She seemed upset. I was trying to soothe her irritation, literally.

I think you have taken me wrong. I'm very tender with my babies and I thought I was coming across that way to the post above as well.

Gee, I'm sorry if she took that wrong.
The world is always going to rotate the same way!
If i stress I lose my mind LOL.
Welcome to the Business World. sm
I experienced the same exact thing about 8 years ago with a small hospital account I had for 7 years. It was like a slap in the face to me. Guess what - new account called the next and wanted me to take it on right away. So, remember, when one door closes, the other opens. Keep your chin up! I learned how not to take things personally and realized it is business. Do not get close or personal with clients - it makes it easier to dismiss them or when they dismiss you.

Good luck to you and I wish more clients for you quickly!
why in the world would you have to defend

Where in the world do you live??
so no chili for me!  A cool gallon of homemade ice cream would suite me just fine!
Hey, the world DOES have other people in it
That's up to you I guess.
You have obviously never BEEN to a 3rd world country.
The rest of the world
Thinks Americans are suckers. We help everybody, give money away to everybody, and then they all turn on us. I'm beginning to think they are right-- we ARE suckers! Maybe it's time to tell the rest of the world to take care of their OWN people and problems for a change.
In the technical world
the quality of the parts that comprise one computer is no longer a deciding factor, because they are all designed and manufactured by only a few companies that are world class manufacturers. It's the service that counts. If you get good service (including after sales service) then go for that company. Check, too, the available hardware that are offered in both companies that you are considering. If the local co. has everything that Dell or Gateway has to offer and also give you good service, then go for the local.

I bought mine from Best Buy and gets good service from the pc manufacturer.
We are 4.65% of the world's population
You don't see anything wrong with that? Bush thumbs his nose at the Kyoto Protocol and then you wonder why "one country is singled out"? Of course, it's a political issue, we are not the only country on this planet but we sure do act like it! What kind of world are we leaving for our kids and grandkids?
where in the world do you live? sm
I haven't heard of any wages that high in that area. Am curious.
In MT world I believe it means whenever they need you
at least that's how my local hospital advertised. You were more or less on call each week, with no set schedule. The job paid well, but no benefits and no set hours.
Why in the world would someone do that on purpose? I am 5Ɔ" and an

E, was a C in 7th grade.   I have a sister who is a AA and one who is B, both older.  They want more, I want less.   Insurance won't pay for reduction.  Of course mine don't like as nice as hers, but I mine aren't man-made either. 

Anybody else ever go from QA back to MT world?
OK - I love transcribing - LOVE it. And am, or was, great at it. For just about 2 years next month, I have been in QA. I hate it, absolutely hate it. I am wondering if any of you have been in the same boat? "Promoted" in theory up to QA, but then have been unhappy. I miss the isolation of NOT having to deal with coworkers - I hate the office politics, which sickeningly still go on via cyberspace, yet its worse cause you can see their back-stabbing til its WAY big and you have so many knives in your back that you can't sit down in your chair.  MTs are frazzled, so hate QA - period. They don't want to know me from Mars, and hate any and all feedback. MTs hate being critiqued at all. Period. I remember - I do. I could put a big happy face sticker and wrap it up in a big red bow, and they still HATE FEEDBACK. And management? Forget it. No recognition either monetarily or just a pat on the back. I can pull a medical term out of the air that is correct and impresses even ME, but who cares? I am phenomenal at QA. But no one cares at all. In fact, its the opposite - coworkers are cut-throat and competitive, conniving and scheming. MTS are frazzled and hateful. The $$ is nice, but is it worth it? I'm also afraid I'll lose my transcribing skills. Its been years since I typed more than a message for a forum! I don't even know how to transcribe voice recognition, though I could probably pick it up quickly. I miss working my own hours, I miss the hustle and bustle of getting those jobs! I miss actually producing a report that is MINE. I am always fixing up someone else's work, and the original producer usually hates my presence in HER job. I miss earning incentive bonuses. I miss a challenge. I miss BEING A TRANSCRIPTIONIST!! Can anybody relate? Am I being foolish? I definitely make more $$ as QA, but...is it really worth it if I hate it this much already - burned out after 2 years?
See, you aren't alone in this world
Is it just me, or is everyone else in the world off today?

I agree. I mean who in the world could think
THOSE lips that weigh about a ton each are sexy?LOL!! Poor man only gets uglier with him. Add Keith Richards to that:)
Any ATSI (MT-World) MTs here? sm
I'd like to chat with some co-workers.  I'll leave my email if I get any replies! 
The world needs more folks like you 2...
You both just added a big ole jewel to your crowns in Heaven...you're awesome!!! Congratulations...the best of luck and much, much happiness in your marriage...
yep, it's china - who will take over world by

google that subject......if you so desire....about China taking over the entire world (not in my lifetime thankfully) by 2039-2040. 

I remember when I was 12 years old, a chinese restaurant in White Plains, NY, that my folks took us too all the time, was closed down because they found dog and cat bones in their trash. 

What a small world!
My granny turned me on to them too!  And I, like you, used to be run out of the kitchen by them but being the good  Southern girl I am, I learned to love them!  So does everyone in my immediate family except 8 of my kids.  They can't stand them, but my 13 sisters and 9 brothers all thought it was a great day when mama would make them for dinner!  Yee haw!!!
Yes, this is common in the MT world.
and see what they say. Don't be shy about it, that is one way of finding out what you may be doing incorrectly, or if your stuff got shuffled to the bottom, or whatever. I wish you the best of luck.
Welcome to the world of transcription.
you'll be doubling that in about 6 years.   LOL.  Don't take that the wrong way, just letting you know that once you start making money - the company will turn over the difficult dictators to you and you're back to square one!  I've seen it happen time and time again.  That's why I'm out of the business.  Too much BS for me!  Good Luck!
I doubt all is well with their world, but if you
Apply for a cushy job, you may find you are much better off MTing.  I have heard this song before.  With upper level jobs comes upper level responsibilities that quite frankly some MTs may not be ready to comply.  JMO.  I agree with wages that are low and we as MTs should be compensated, but the responsibility is low as well.  When you transcribe from your home behind a screen, you answer to QA and maybe a supervisor.  These companies answer to the actual doctors and hospital administators - ho - hum.
best in the world? NOT - not in healthcare...

like MM or not, you should open your brain to this flick - even FOX NEWS (who hates MM) loved this movie, as did the current president, GWB............care to move forward in your life a tad?

In a perfect world..

  I really feel for you.  I am extremely jaded when it comes to this type of situation.  Maybe the new service is a great company, maybe they mean to do the right thing.  Without an inkling of further information, there is no question that the new service wants to have their cake and eat it too --  They do not deserve a loyal employee of all those years unless they are willing to pay for the benefit of having seasoned and quality people. Having quality continuity helps them point out to the client how smooth the transition will be, blah, blah, blah (unless of course this change is being made because of quality issues in the first place).   I'm sure someone reading this is thinking about how "grateful" you should be.  Sorry, this is business and this is all about making money which is what the new service will do without interruption by sucking as many good MTs in that are already experienced on this account. MTs overall have already lost tremendous ground because we do not allow ourselves and demand the credit and value we deserve.

   Yes, Cobra is hard on the wallet, but you can stop Cobra at any point which puts you in control especially during this transition.   I'd have to take every single factor, pro and con, and go over it with one thought in mind - What will this new company do for me - money, benefits, scheduling/time, work environment, and changes to my working lifestyle?



Yes it would be a perfect world
if only *your* viewpoint was enough.
Welcome to the real world.
Now I really seriously do not believe you are TOPS because you help others all day as that just does not make sense at all.     Furthermore, this OP is not a newbie obviously and probably isn't interested in your Expander....
What in the world was the name of this company?