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I had to work without a spellcheck for a few weeks once.. .

Posted By: sleepy on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: New in-office job has NO spell check - Jennifer

We couldn't get it loaded onto my computer and it was miserable. I looked up everything because I was so worried about spelling something wrong. If you are paid on production, I would tell them no thanks! Even if you have good reference books, it will take up a lot of time. I hope they can figure out a way to get a spellcheck on your computer! Good luck!

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Spellcheck! I would NEVER turn in work without running it - sm
The benefit is it will catch things you don't. As for it underlining the words, just leave them and run the spell check, it is probably faster to do it that way (at least for me it is), and running it does not take more than 20 seconds generally unless you have a really long report. The few times I have had to re-do or paste in someone's report into mine for an addendum I have run into non-spellchecked reports, plain and simple they were not good.
Thanks. I'm sick that PRD may not work. Stedman's new spellcheck looks like it will



Spellcheck is shift F9 in Meditech. SH should work also. nm
I would not work without my production software, including spellcheck sm
I think it's great that you were able to do this work in the conditions that you did. But times have changed and we have technology to make us more accurate and more productive, so why not use them??

I have several pieces of software that I use, and if I was offered a job that wouldn't allow me to use any one of them, I would flat out refuse it. i have found the combination that works best for me, and if they can't be flexible to get the best work out of me as possible, then I don't need to work for them!!

Usually in 2 weeks I know if it will work out or not. nm
6 WEEKS...IT DOESN'T WORK...... sm


the "reason" it doesn't work is because it's been sitting in the box for 6 weeks.  LOL !  If I ever put my cookies down long enough to open it, I'll let you know. 

Ad for new hires 2 weeks ago, no work last week or this :(

No work for basically 2 weeks on either my main account or backup.  Can't help but wonder how many new hires have plenty.  I've been sitting here with absolutely nothin' for nearly 10 days and even tried on the weekend.  I love the account, but a girl's gotta eat!

Anybody else, or just my accounts?

I have that very situation exactly, except I work a weekend every 8 weeks.
I gave two weeks notice... but stopped doing their work FIRST
Since they refused to give me a raise after 7 years of loyal service to 3 doctors full-time, i gave me 2 weeks but didn't do their work in my 24-hour TAT window because I was SO p*ssed. I got it done "on my time" at that point. I have a hot head i can't help it... plus it was a huge slap in the face when not only they weren't giving me a raise, they expected my paychecks to decrease because they were mad they were paying for templates! we seriously were like a little family... that was three months ago and im STILL hurt about it...
I didn't go into labor until 2.5 weeks later, so it didn't work. Sorry!...nm
I can't end my document without running spellcheck. Yes, the incorrect spellings are underlined, but I don't always go back right then and correct them. But, when I end my document, spellcheck runs automatically. Even if it didn't, I'd run it just to be sure! Have a wonderful day!!!
Need help with spellcheck, please!
Does anyone know how to do this:   When in Windows Explorer, when you select say five documents to open, to have them all spellchecked as they open?  I have tried to find this information, but haven't been able to do so and have also tried to create a macro to do it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much and Happy Holidays!
I mean ALT S (not Alt-C) will be spellcheck hot key
That is what your spellcheck is for. (nm)
Try F7 (brings you to top of page), Ctrl F1
Why do you need your spellcheck so BADLY?
This makes sense, thank you.
new job - no medical spellcheck

Hi all ... yesterday I started a new job - hospital MT, decent pay, great location. But guess what - the program is so old there is no medical spellcheck in it!  And the old lady that works the other shift, who's had the job for light years, does not use the AutoCorrect feature of MSWord!  The boss told me feel free to use it (thank God) - but can you imagine that?????   Any advice ? 

Thanks guys!

oh yes, I always spellcheck anyway, even if I have already corrected something. nm
Absolutely - a MUST to run spellcheck! nm
Maybe your spellcheck is outdated?
and theirs is not?
spellcheck in word

I am working on a VR system doing editing - however when I run the spellcheck anything that has been changed shows up with all of the incorrect letters wherever they happened to be along with the correct word or phrase that has been corrected.  In other words if the word is not spelled correctly, I erase the word and type in the correct spelling, but in the spell check both show up.  Does anyone know how to turn off this function or if there is a way to turn it off?  It is driving me crazy - along with trying to learn to edit and the VR system.  Other than that - all is fine with the program.



messes up spellcheck
Yes, it can. Been there. My spellcheck even on slow check was skipping everything.
They don't spellcheck? - not cool - sm
I briefly go over my work (try to proof as I type) before I send it in, but always spellcheck. If it is in Word it should come up with a big red underline so they should see they have it wrong. If they are so lazy that they cannot go back over their work 1 time, then yeah I would get rid of them. As suggested below, give them 30-days or whatever of probation and if they don't clean up their act (and work) then let them go.
if F-Lock key is on, then Alt C is spellcheck
I had that keyboard and F7 was for spellcheck, but....
You can change your F10 for shorthand. I used to use the number pad because I didn't use it for numbers. You might try that. I think I just used the number 5.
Medical Spellcheck
Thank you, I did check there, and the strange thing is, the custom dictionary is there and I checked inside and it's the medical dictionary, but it's not working. I'm putting a call into the tech. I can't believe he didn't think to look there. Of course, I probably should have figured that out myself. LOL.
Sylvan spellcheck
Had a free 30-day(?) trial. Also bought Instant Text after resisting for many years. Now I love it. Worth every penny.
Spellcheck - meditech
It is shift F9
Spellcheck - Stedman's
We use Stedman's throughout our service and require it of all of our ICs as well.
Actually, spellcheck wouldn't catch it because
there, they're, and their are all correct spellings.
Here is a novel idea. Use your spellcheck software
begin with.
What is the best medical spellcheck software?
I am currently looking into medical spellcheck and medical dictionary.  Does anybody have suggestions as to what is the best and most comprhensive?
Oh my, forgot to spellcheck, didn't I?!
silly me!!!!
MTStars spellcheck help - I just installed it and
do not see the "checkmark" button at the top with my other browser buttons.  How do I access the spellcheck?  It is installed and shows as a program on my list of programs.  Help!!!!
spellcheck does not pick up preposition

There's PLENTY that spellcheck doesn't pick up - punctuation errors, possible omissions of prepositions and other words.....

So, if you strictly depend on Spellcheck - you're not ALL THERE!!!  *lol*

I'd never leave anything 100 percent up to some machine or program/software/hardware, et al. 

ExText - can it be set to not spellcheck demographics?
Every time I complete a report, spellchecker spellchecks the demographics section, which is not necessary. If you hit the wrong button, sometimes it will mess up the demographics on the report, although it doesn't tell you that you did anything wrong. Does anybody know if spellcheck can be set to only check the document and not the footer information?
Yes, because you do the jobs and they get sent off as soon as you spellcheck and the next one shows
type as said, and use spellcheck (sentence)
Proof as I type and during spellcheck...sm

Throughout the day pick random reports to read completely just to check up on myself.  My QA scores are always well above the required 98%.  I could not get the line counts I do if I reread everything. 

Does anyone know if you can use Stedman's Spellcheck with Bayscribe? nm
If you run Spellcheck and have lots of shortcuts

that should cut down considerably on your need for proofing. Besides increasing your speed, shortcuts increase your accuracy, too, because the words are preprogrammed to be spelled correctly.

I don't work for one of the companies you describe but I have always proofed as I go and I don't go back and reread the report unless I am very tired, because I am particularly mistake-prone then.

Stop with the backspacing and let spellcheck
Can you install Stedman's Spellcheck on both
I have never used Stedman's Spellchecker before (just Dorland's) and am wondering if it is possible to buy it and install it on both MS Word and Word Perfect.

Any1 know how to run the spellcheck command in WP 5.1?

TIA :-)

Expanderic needs to do spellcheck....lots of
Thanks! Do you have a spellcheck that includes drug updates?

New Keyboard-my Shorthand used the F10 key and keyboad is set to use F10 for spellcheck
Has anybody had to change their ShortHand Hot Key from the F10 key to another.  I just got a Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 4000 and really like it.  But my Shorthand used the F10 key to manage it and the keyboard is set up for F10 to spellcheck.  Anybody out there change their Shorthand F10 key to another and how did you do it?  Thanks.
Why is spellcheck acting up on me? Did I mess up the settings?
If you have any ideas why it is now checking headers/footers when it did not do that before, please advise. It is driving me crazy.
I agree with old time MT -- best to fix it when you see it and not rely totally on spellcheck. sm

In my old QA days, I found too many errors that were obviously the cause of word Expander errors, things not caught by spellcheck, etc.  I doubt that it really slows you down that much.  I have been doing it that way for so long, it is just second nature and quick to go up and fix something real fast, than wait until the end and hope that spellcheck catches it.

Good luck!

My Stedmans spellcheck disappeared with SP 2 for Office 2003!

An update from Microsoft of SP 2 for Office 2003, a reboot and now when I open Word my Stedmans spellcheck doesn't work.   I tried to reload it and that doesn't work, either.   Anyone else have this happen?  I looked and it's in "Proof" for dictionaries as LEXB4SP, but it's not loading up and replacing the Word spellcheck.   Now what do I do?