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This is why Andrews is such a great school. . sm

Posted By: sm on 2008-02-23
In Reply to: I agree I learned more as a result of the - "old-fashioned" ways, but..sm

We were not allowed to use a medical spellchecker with our assignments. We might have at the very end of the course, but I'm not sure about that. We had to learn to use our references. That said, I would not want to work on production without a spellchecker!

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Andrews School or M-TEC online are excellent courses. See inside.
If you complete one of those courses, you should have no trouble finding a job working from home. They are a bit more expensive than some of the other courses, but MANY companies will waive their 2 years' experience requirement for grads of those two schools. Do not be suckered in by cheaper schools, MT companies know which schools supply good training and which ones don't.
POLL: Home School vs. Charter School vs. Public School vs. Priv ate School...
Pros and cons of each too. I have two little ones that will be starting school soon and I would like opinions on all. Thanks in advance! :)
I did that with 2 kids with time mgmt and a high school girl who babysat 3 days a week after school
Andrews or M-TEC
Andrews and M-TEC. Do a search on either one of them and you will find they are the best of the best in MT training.
#1 is M-TEC, #2 Andrews, and #3 is...
Career Step, although I don't believe it is even CLOSE to as comprehensive as the M-Tec and Andrews.  If you want to really be prepared to work after graduating, you will chose wisely. 
Andrews. Never seen anyone not get a job
But I have seen several CS grads still looking for work months later. You get what you pay for, remember. Cheaper isn't always better. If you can't get a job after graduating, then you've lost far more money in the long run on the "cheaper" school. In fact, on another well-known MT site, there is a CS grad looking for work and the spelling/grammar is atrocious for someone who just "graduated." This person shouldn't have been allowed to graduate without honing those skills. Not saying that to be mean, just saying it's the school's job to see that graduates are work-ready and this person clearly was/is not.

JMHO, as an MT of 20+ years and an MTSO, and not to say that CS grads are bad because there are many excellent MTs who went to CS. I just question any school that allows anyone to "graduate" when they still spell common everyday words incorrectly. My two cents, FWIW.
Yes, Andrews or sm
The other one I cannot think of, check the boards at MTchat. Andrews has there own board and the other school, M-Tec or something like that. People rave about those two schools over there. Having it on a "list" is not necessarily indicative of a good school. I think you can even talk to some grads, or see their postings.
M-TEC or Andrews
I hope the original poster does her research. I graduated from M-Tec and got a job right away. Recently someone who learned on the job and had been working in an office for 5 years didn't last a week on my easier account. The point is, there are times when you can learn on the job. These days, that is not the norm. The best advice (in my opinion) is one of the 2 schools mentioned above. You just don't know if the people teaching you on the job are teaching you the right way or not.

I don't know why someone would say those graduates "suck eggs." It is proven time and again those graduates get the jobs because they simply learn more through these schools. Maybe the graduates did not go through the top tier program.

There is mega proof on side of these graduates being top notch (although I suppose there are always exceptions) so for anyone to say the opposite-- well my opinion is that is, again, not the norm. Makes you wonder what the motivation is.

If you take someone who takes a few anatomy lessons and put them on the job for a year and compare them to a recent graduate of Andrews or M-TEC's top tier program, the Andrews/M-TEC graduates, even with no job experience, will come out top by far. They simply cover THAT MUCH. That's why they are hired. Thanks for letting me have my say!

M Tec or Andrews?!

Can anyone tell me pros and cons of both of these schools?  I live in Canada and am trying to decide which one to go with.

Thanks in advance!

The cost of running a private school or any school is expensive....
Why do you think public schools are so run down and can't find good teachers?  Because the government and people to not put forth the effort or $$$$ to improve the educational system.
MTEC or Andrews
These 2 schools produce grads who are ready to work and get good jobs. They don't promise you a job, but upon graduation you have access to a list of companies that hire grads from these schools. I personally attended MTEC. They have a placement rate in the mid 90% range for their grads. I had no problem getting a job. In fact, every company I tested with offered me a job. I absolutely have no regrets about my choice to go with MTEC. You can't go wrong with Andrews either.
MTEC or Andrews
MTEC or Andrews would both be excellent choices. They are both well respected, and their graduates get a thorough education enabling them to get jobs.
Andrews turns out the best MTs!
They are "client ready" and have great success.
Does Andrews Accept Salliemae?
Best coding course is Andrews (sm),
same as for MT. AHIMA offers an online course, but Linda at Andrews says be careful because it's time limited; if you don't finish a section in time, you have to pay again. I would go with Andrews because then I'd know I'd get work right after completion. My husband is also studying coding; he's retraining from MT. He's combining it w/a degree in accounting. I only know of 2 online coding companies listed on the forum pedal to the metal (you'll have to Google it) and Amphion, a huge MT/coding company. Many companies right now are hiring coders to fly to the comapny and either audit or do the backlog. Check with "Redpen" (Peggy LaChance) at Andrews School for the best info as she is a working coder and instructor. Good luck.
Can't answer about Andrews but..
as the hiring manager for a small company, I have hired 4 Career Step people and all have done a wonderful job. 
...or be a grad of M-TEC or Andrews.
I agree. Andrews or M-Tec. nm
Has anyone tried Andrews for coding?
I am curious to know since Andrews seems to be reputable for an MT course, if this is the same feeling for the coding course.  I would eventually like to move into this profession when my youngest (she's 8) gets just a little older.  I have 20 years in the MT field, but I'd like to move into coding on-site within the next four years or so.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!    
MTec or Andrews?
I've been researching and it seems to always come down to these two.  Which would you recommend?  I'm having a really hard time deciding which one would be best.  Are there any differences between the two? TIA
Tha;nk you hard choice.. Andrews I think...
I am not stupid actually I'm pretty smart but there is so much to learn and I need the correct support... I am investigating loans and I emailed Linda at Andrews for more information
Andrews or Career Step?
My SIL is really interesting in taking an MT course.  I gave her the phone numbers for both of these schools.  She is undecided about which one to go with.  It looks like Career Step will be less money, but I've heard Andrews graduates seem to get hired more quickly and are getting the better jobs.  Does anybody have experience with either of these schools that can offer some input?  Any information would be welcome and appreciated!  Thanks! 
By reputation, in order: 1. Andrews 2. M-TEC

Those are the big 3, and I've read enough posts on enough boards over the years to say that I think there really is a very strong general consensus on the order I've put them in.  Andrews and M-Tec are actually probably fairly close together in terms of reputation, with Career Step following close behind those 2.

Sounds like it would be more a matter of balancing the costs, time, etc., versus what is offered by each, but if possible, I would think going with Andrews would not only result in better career opportunities, but also just a lot less frustration in the future with difficult dictators, etc., because of the better overall training and foundation they give. 

Completing Andrews vs MTec
Just wondering if anyone can tell me why Andrews is a 9-12 month program and MTec a 12-14 month one? I am very interested in both, but if I can do this in a shorter time frame then I'm for Andrews. Thanks!
Andrews and Career Step have the best reputations
I am completing a medical coding course with Andrews right now (sm)
and I highly recommend them. The tuition is steep, but they allow you to pay in monthly installments, so that makes it a lot easier. The quality of the course is excellent, and I really think I'll be able to pass the certification exams once I finish the course. The only complaint I have is that they are slow in responding to emails about tests, questions, etc., but other than that, I would recommend them. Good luck.
Totally untrue...M-TEC & Andrews grads are...
still allowed to test.  Please stop giving false information.
Why? M-TEC & Andrews produce the absolute best grads.
The owners of both Andrews and M-Tec very accessible and can help you with your decision.
Best of luck. :)
Andrews, M-TEC, Career Step, in that order.
Andrews has a coding program, & its reputation is as good as their MT course.
I've never heard a bad remark from Andrews or M-Tec grads.
I've heard about the grader being wrong/ambiguous, and I've heard about the mistakes in the course.

From what I've heard, I also think the course is geared toward producing MTs to work for the big cheap companies. It's kind of like a (fill in the blank)______ company MT-maker assembly line.

I think I saw "Pell Grant" mentioned on Andrews site?? nm
The School of Hard Knocks is the best MT school
Saw him on CMT show with John Fogarty. Great, great singer with a neat personality and drop dead
gorgeous without seeming to know it. 
Great post. I swear by both Advantage and Frontline Plus-- both work great! - sm
I don't know about "natural" approaches for the house. I have always used flea bombs in the past before the miracle of Advantage and Frontline changed my life. Have not had a flea problem at all since I began using those products about 10 years ago, dose all the dogs religiously once a month with the Frontline Plus except in Dec.-Feb. to save a few bucks and because the ground is generally frozen by then and no fleas are scurring about. -- Hope you get flea free soon.
Thanks to all. Got some great feedback and ecouragement. This board is great.
My rant passed, ate a late lunch, now back to the trenches.
GREAT GREAT SHOW! I still think Ellen Pompeo
should have gotten the Emmy/Golden Globe whatever it was for the show. I like Sandra Ho, her character just needs more depth... Next week looks AWESOME!! Maybe there is still a chance for McDreamy!! First season DVD coming out with deleted scenes! Can't wait to get it & watch it!!
It is a GREAT company and great deal! I've had
Vonage about 6 months now and I love it. The only mistake I made was trying to keep my original phone # - I wouldn't recommend that. You have a temp # for a while, and the other provider can fight for the old #, etc. Go to vonage. com. They have new features all the time! There is even a new soft phone that is a phone on your screen. You don't need a real phone when working - just headset. It has 800 #s you can have very inexpensively - great voice mail. You get emails when you have new messages, etc. I only wish I had used them a year ago! Nothing but good things to say, and I complain about everything!
Sounds like he will do great then. Again, best wishes for great success!
That's great Patti. Thanks. Have a great time at the beach.
You should feel great as a transcriptionist if they think your work is that great!!!
It is not your fault they approached you. I think it would be a different storey if you were the one searching for the job to take away from a company. They obviously want to get rid of the company and if you didn't take the job they would probably ask someone else. You should enjoy the better position and not feel guilty!!
Great post -great job of wording your answer! (sm)
Original poster - I completely agree with this answer, especially the part about finding yourself and using all that you have learned intellectually and connecting that to something that you will also enjoy with your heart!! You have so many wonderful options for your future - much more than many of us.
IT - great program, great support system. nm
We met in high school. My high school sweetheart
introduced us in a discussion over Ford versus Chevy versus Dodge. I used to race my Dodge Coronet with oldstyle 318 V-8 engine against the guys on the back roads and old highways. High school boyfriend had a Chevy truck. DH had a Ford Fairlane and later an AMC Javelin that just made me swoon. We didn't actually start dating until three years later, and my old high school boyfriend was a bit surprised at that since he introduced us.
Thanks for all the great advice! You guys are great!
I'm old school, but still know its 3/6
never went to MT school!
I have been doing this for 10 years now. I have a great job, great QA reviews and make great money. So what???
ol school
LL Cool J and caramel
been to school should have known, especially since they

basically had the words correct.   They were such common terms I don't know how anyone could have gotten through school and not had them at least 100 times.

Also doing one search on Google with the misspelled words would have probably turned up the answer.