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You are coming across as being very strong armed

Posted By: Patti on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: Well, Word is easy to buy and easy to install. Word 97 works great. Cheap. SM - lb

They are employees and they cannot just go in there and strong arm their way in and make demands.  They can sit and talk with them and tell them what they would like but if they accept the job as it is, that is what they took and must work with.  She never said, but if they are doing EMR's some of those programs will not work or read some of the word based commands or whatever you want to call them.  I have worked on three programs, two were semi compatible with Word and the other definitely not.  Could not cut and paste into it.  But I knew what I was getting into and if I did not like it, there was the door and I could leave.  Sounds to me as though the doctors have found out that they do not have time to do the charting and want them to catch them up.  They did not write the program to be transcription friendly probably.  Again, I agree that they should have some of these tools but you are coming across as though  you are pounding your fist and saying, just do this, this and this and it is the company's equipment and not theirs.  Sorry if I took you wrong but that is what I hear.  She does not have to take the job.   

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armed services
My sone joined the Navy in his junior year of college. He went in as an officer. They finished paying his college and then sent him for Officers training. He is now teaching nucler physics for them for 4 years and go do something else in the Navy after 4 years to do anything he wants.
be armed with knowledge and documentation
Along with sending all employees W2s, a copy of every employee's W2 is transmitted along with a W3 with the totals of FICA/MED and Fed taxes.

The problem probably arises from what was sent in to IRS and Social Security that raised a flag. I really don't think that the SE part set off the flag. MQ might have tried to do a switch-a-roo and sent in a 1099 with the transmission. After you go in for the examination, this will probably clear it up. When I was with MQ, they sent me a W2 and a 1099, and was always leery of this but never had a problem. I left them in 2000 because of lack of work but always wondered about the dual reporting.
going strong.
reunited after high school at a local night club. I married a former classmate 18 years ago.
The BBB is not as strong as some like to believe
Companies join it if they wish - it is not a requirement - if you are a member and someone complains then they might get involved if it is something they can do - but I seriously doubt they would get involved in $$$ issues.  As far as I know - if your business is a member they make record of the complaint and whether or not the issue was resolved..... I would file a claim in Small Claims Court for the amount owed you by this company.
How strong is your ESL experience?
At least, in my area. But ESL? I don't care for ESL and I know I could not type ESL day in and day out. Something to think about??!
Be strong, but be careful. sm

He sounds like the type that knows better than to come to your house and violate a protection order, but you never, ever know and it's still early yet. Keep your doors locked.

My ex was "pre-protection order"  (i.e. many years back) and he got through the basement window and was sitting at my kitchen table in the pitch dark. I can still hear him sneer, "Did you have fun with your boyfriend?"

I was grocery shopping and my mother was watching the kids. I got lucky because he really didn't want to kill me, just control me.

He finally gave up on me when I found and eventually  married  a great guy that doesn't expect me to fold towels in high heels and "poofy hair".

Sad part of that story is that he also disowned his own kids. But, after 15 years, the kids have realized that it was neither my fault or theirs. Their "father" lives with me. Their "donor dad" is living 5 miles away, a recluse, and drinking himself to death.

I send him a case of vodka on his birthday every year. Just kidding! 

Keep strong. You can do this. Now, about the satellite,

you can move it with you.  If you move to a place where it isn't available, you're out of the contract easily.  My son actually moved to a place where when they tried to set the satellite they found that the neighbor's trees were an obstruction and you're obviously not going to ask a new neighbor to cut down or even into trees, so they let him off the hook, no problem.  The phone company should not be a problem as long as you're moving, again you can just move it with you, unless you're moving a long distance and then you'll just cancel this one and get another wherever you move to.

I do think you need to keep this in perspective with your kids.  They are losing their daddy (almost like he died to them) whether they feel good about it right now or not.  It really couldn't hurt for all of you to get into counseling.  Eventually it will be a problem for your kids when they "miss daddy" and they "forget" (and they will since they are of young age) how bad things were when you were together.  Of course, this is JMO and others might see things differently. 

You can do it, we'll all pulling for you and saying prayers for you and your children.

Stay strong!!
I started my son in preschool and he got so sick, that I decided to keep him home with me. I've been a Transcriptionist since before he was born and I figure I could teach him myself. I sent to the local educational store and got a few things. This worked out fine for the both of us. He became healthy and stayed healthy. I know you stated you didn't think you could do this but it's not that hard. On the other hand, when my son did start school I kept a close eye on his teachers. There was one teacher where him and her just didn't get along. He would come home totally unhappy almost every day of the week. I gave it about three weeks, then decided I would get him changed to another teacher. This worked perfectly. He is now in 4th grade and has been getting either honor roll or principal's honor roll every since. You are the master of your child's future, not the teachers. They are human and a few of them will not click with your child. I taught my son until he could start kindergarten. When he started kindergarten, on his first day he came home and stated "Mom I knew all the work in school. I did it all and it was easy." That was my shinning moment in life. Always remember you are the mother of your daughter and you have to make decisions for her, even though some people will tell you different. Your child's education is in your hands, not the teacher's. Now days we have too many children growing up too fast, especially the girls. She sounds like a real sweet child and is doing appropriate things for her age. One more note, every though you don't think you can teach her, you can. It is so much easier than you think. Even if you just get something for her to write her ABC's and her name would be a real plus. You can search online for things to give your daughter to do at home in her spare time. If she gets tired easily when writing then you can help her by giving her extra at home, just 30 minutes or less everyday to do. She will do just fine and will show that teacher one day that not only was she ready for school but look how far she has gone. STAY STRONG MOM, MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THERE AND SURVIVED. YOU WILL TOO! Hugs to the both of you!!
yep!! VERY strong in numbers!!! nm

Yuban. Strong! nm
but mine is 12 years old and still going strong.
Yeah I did. 13 years and going strong. :)

We are so proud of you...now STAY STRONG!!!
He will be trying to worm his way back into the household. Be firm, be strong! Set a time limit (in your mind, but to him also should he start begging) that you WILL BE SEPARATED FOR A SET AMOUNT OF TIME no matter how much he begs or how much you might start to miss him. Maybe 6 months or thereabouts. By that time, I think you will be SOOOoo glad you booted him out!

Please let your community's support system know you need a little help. Get the word out that you need a car. I'll bet a car shows up! Probably not a real spiffy car, but transportation nonetheless! Let your neighbors (if you have any)know what the situation is so they can be on the lookout for him and watch over you.

Please accept help and counseling from whatever community support groups there are to help bolster you resolve!!! If you have a neighborhood patrol (depending on your area...here, we have senior citizens that patrol neighborhoods in police cars, checking homes for people on vacation, etc) have them swing by the house often just to make a statement that someone is watching out for you. Even the police might do this if you are not out in the boonies. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU AND KEEP US POSTED.
You just stay strong, he will try to wear you out.
people just have strong emotions on it...it seems to be
a healthy discussion to me, albeit controversial...
5 years and still going strong, I have a back up one though- sm
that I use for travel, that is about 4 years old but only gets used about 20 days out of a year if that. That one gets abused a bit and still works fine though.
The answer to a strong business...
Your comments regarding "happy" and "unhappy" MTs are chilling.  When I, as an MT, see my physician I always ask for a copy of my chart note just to make sure that everything is "in order."  About 10 years ago, I found on one of my physician's dictation, just by accident mind you, that my weight was listed as 417 pounds; I weighed 135 pounds.  While that may seen insignificant, it was nonetheless an error!
probably heavy rains and strong winds
Your about the distance from the coast as I was in MS with Katrina and there was damage as far as 300 miles into MS..
Elliotts voice is not strong - Katherine is
inconsistent and forgets words -  So, I guess that leaves Taylor.  He certainly would be a "different" kind of winner.
Percocet is one form of OxyContin - just not as strong
I've been on these for five years now and don't look forward to the pain again, but I have got to get my head cleared.
My cure: Strong coffe with a No-Doz chaser.
They also hate us because we cannot stop telling them how rich and strong we are.
You are asking for trouble. Your marriage must come first as the foundation for a strong family. nm
Strong java or melatonin depending on the position of the sun
If you're nursing, get rid of all the gassy and strong-tasting
Encouragement for hard times - are you going to finish strong? sm
http://www.maniacworld.com/are-you-going-to-finish-strong.html  This is a very encouraging video.
Actually you need to use lacquer thinner - but be careful it has strong fumes - see inside
Pour it on generously and wear rubber gloves and watch your eyes. It will get most anything up, but might take the color too!

Some people are sensitive or allergic to it.

Yep. Sure is common. If I exercise regularly, the palps go away. Strong heart
Tip: Keep a nicotine 7 mg patch in your wallet at ALL times. If you get strong urge, stick it on an
where are you coming from????
Do you actually think these people are all addicts? These are the common people who could not afford to get out, probably making a lot less an hour than you do. They had no vehicle, and they left their homes with all their possessions in their arms. These people are starving and dying on the streets. It could just as easily have been you or me, and they just want to survive! If it had been a foreign country, help would have been there lickity split.
Are these cks coming

I don't think I'd cash them either.  They don't make sense from what I'm reading.  Has anybody contacted the law firm handling the class action suit for the MTs to see what's up there and if these are connected?

I'd sure hate to have your be "settling" by you cashing them and you not even know it.

Their day is coming! Nobody

If they were smart they invested what things came to them under

the table for selling us out down the river, because the bottom will

fall out from under them soon enough.

Right now the United States is in such a weakened state, the world is

ready to pounce on us.   They are talking in the Trillions we are in debt now as

a nation. 

And this coming from someone
who works at Scribes? LOLOLOL This is the funniest thing I have heard all year. They are the biggest scam artists around!
Hey! I'm coming right over to help!
Does not sound bad to me! The only thing is...be sure to check out what other posters said about "Are they making you claim 13 cpl or just what you are really getting, which is 9.75 cpl." You do not want to claim more than you are receiving. Don't worry about the taxes. They are a headache but you would be, basically, self-employed and would have to pay federal taxes just like EVERYONE does, and you would have to pay BOTH your share of SS, just like we all do anyway, PLUS the employers half of SS. Then, at the end of the year, you get the employers half back on your federal income tax form. You might even have to fill quarterly, but maybe not if you don't make very much. An accountant could give you advise on all this.
They know what's coming
I have relatives in Naples and the last time I saw, the center of the projected path puts Naples right in the center.
me, too.... keep it coming.... nm
They know what is coming. So now we pay big

bucks for tons of ice to melt in warehouses in northern states because of incompetence of govt officials.  Maybe if people relied less on the govt we could have lower taxes. 

I do not object to helping those in areas who have a disaster that cannot be predicted such as an earthquake, but it seems that Florida wants everyone to rebuild their houses several times a year and feed them even longer.  Those areas are known to be hurricane prone, so get out when disaster is coming.  


At least they got a little of what they had coming to them.

I don't envy you at all. I know my husband would have no qualms about closing the road leading to their house.  Unfortunately, you still have to live near them, so probably don't want to cause any more problems than necessary.

Good luck.

And you are coming across like you want me to be in ... sm
complete agreement with you...well, I put in my facts based on my experience....I wish you well...take care and have a blessed week!!
They might just get what's coming to them
Already thousands of people in the U.S. are going to India for their medical care. They can pay for the flight there and back, a top-notch operation in a top-notch facility with a private nurse and a private room afterwards, some time to vacation and recuperate--all for about 25% of what it would cost just to have the operation in the U.S., forget all the other goodies. What goes around comes around. When a doctor gives you the "I don't give a crap" look when you discuss offshoring, do be sure to bring up how offshoring affects him as well.
I see where you are coming from
but I don't feel the need to type fast for low wages.  I type fast too, but I don't like to compromise patient care by being a speed demon.  It is just too dangerous in my opinion.     Why are you so against someone staying at home to take care of children meanwhile making a little part-time money?  Not all newbies only make 8 cpl.  Not all newbies sign up to work for the nationals that post jobs here either.  Not everyone that posts here work for nationals either.  JMO.
No, I see where you are coming from.

However, you have to understand that most MTs are not paid hourly and are paid per line.  Some of us with 20 years are still only offered between 8-10 cpl if we're lucky.

Just be ready to job hunt and read here about the different companies.  Spheris big time off shores and underpays. 

You may want to either go to school (hopefully your hospital pays for that) or look for another on-site job that pays hourly.  With Spheris you'll have to work from home (which sounds dandy) until you actually do it. 

It works well for me right now, but I plan to get back on site as soon as my kids get a little older.  It is very hard to separate work from home when you work from home.

There will probably be no benefits for you either especially at part-time. 

You could wait until the bridge is there to cross it, try out Spheris, and then go from there. 

thank you for coming to my defense (sm)
Of course I know my financial situation, but we have missed a few payments, have tried to contact the lein holder, but to no avail. 
coming from corporate
corporate requiring 12,000 lines/pay on avg or you will be dropped to SE status
I am going to be coming to this site
from now on.  I get so sick and tired of the rudeness and trolling at another board.  You all rock here!!!  Thanks for having me:)
Something is coming..Spheris
Get ready to bend over.
Pisces here, don't know if I am coming or going. nm
Probably take out as we will be coming back that day - sm
from VA Beach. Jenny spent last Easter in hospital after her nephrectomy for Wilm's, so we thought it would be good to do something different this year. Seeing DH's parents the following weekend probably. She just got her Port-A-Cath out so its a celebration of sorts for us.
coming back to MT--??? gone?
I thought I had posted this question on this board, but the topic seems to have been removed.  Anyone know why?
It is coming back
There are a bunch of shows that start later, "mid-season" and the only dates I can find are "early 2007", but I was wondering about Medium is how I found it. Medium will be back mid-season, along with Scrubs, According to Jim, Reba, George Lopez, King of Queens, Supernanny, The Sopranos American Idol, America's Got Talent, etc...... bunch of them!