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This is 2008. Why work without the correct tools. nm

Posted By: anon on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: You know, people are totally spoiled now - OMG!


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Yes, tools and then auto correct options.
There are lots of tabs in there for different automatic options - you can undo them by removing the check marks. Just go thru all the different options you don't want and click on the box to remove the check marks. If you remove all check marks on most auto options, it allows you to basically straight type! Good luck!
Can a carpenter work without tools? (sm)
Tools are tools, whether it be for carpentry, taking blood pressure readings, or transcription.  I rely on my tools to be productive and do my job efficiently.  I don't think I could work without the Internet, my e-books or spellcheck.  It would be like typing on a manual typewriter, ICK.  Good luck with your new job, but they need to step up and get with the times.
You are correct. That is way I couldn't work for

work just enough to cover what my husband's check doesn't.  I average 10,000 to 12,000 lines a pay period, but I would have taken a steep pay cut. 

They ALL need the words AND the work to be correct.
Some of them just don't seem to realize it as well as others - YET. Put 'em in a deposition with their reports to defend and we'll see...
As editor, I have yet to see offshore work with correct
We may care what our work looks like & how correct it is, but many clients don't. They want words
How sweet was that!!! See ya in 2008!!...sm

Ok - cyber daughter!!!  I just saw this post as I was not online yesterday (3/16).  GO HILL !!!!  *wink*  Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!

Thanks, and Happy 2008! NM
Don't forget it's 2008 sm
The rest is up to whoever writes your paycheck. Happy New Year!
Anyone here using QLDB 2008? (sm)

Can you do wildcard searches for drugs if you don't know the first letter?  For example, can you use *s*ax to search for "Fosamax"?  I have QLDB 2005 and I have not upgraded because someone said you can no longer do wildcard searches without the first letter (which you can do in the 2005 version). If this is so, I won't upgrade because this is a feature I really need sometimes.  I wonder if there are any other electronic drug references besides QLDB. 


Spyware 2008
Is anyone, or has anyone dealt with this thing?  My daughter is home for Christmas and I do not know if she accidentally started this thing or not.  She only goes into Facebook and MySpace, as I do.  Anyway, this thing keeps popping up.  My virus scan keeps blocking it.  Do I have anything to worry about?
If you have your last pay stub from 2008
or know how much you made, you can file without it.
glad I could help!! Hill in 2008!!!! nm
Two 1099 for one company for 2008?
I just received a second 1099 from Lee Perfect Transcription from last year, who I quit for partial non-payment.  They are for two different amounts.  The second one is $50 over what I made for the year.  The second one was under what I made.  The two together obviously are WAY OFF.  I called and they gave me an email address to write to, which I have not heard back.  Did anyone else have this?  Thanks.
It was already published in June 2008. nm
Why is that some are still stuck in the year 2008?? LOL
The Sted's 2008 comes out next month. Wait
if you look - the cert letter is dated 2008
click on the tabs there, they are not in good standing for state taxes up to 2008
I just paid $150 to take it in July 2008,,,in the states
with the study group discount
They put out an update every year. Might want to wait for the 2008 version now. nm
2008 AAMT Book Of Style? Is it worth getting?
Also avoid Antivirus 2008/2009. It is very nasty.
Good luck to ya! Hope 2008 is the year of the transcriptionist !
Does Stedman offer updates for Quicklook? I just bought the 2008
Try going to tools
Then options, then to the view tab. You probably have something check marked in the formatting section you don't want.
Tools and then Options looks like it may
have commands that determine this
bayscribe tools
i'm no pro, but am using bayscribe. The Expander tools i think was done separate. Try www.bayscribe.com/expander and see if the instructions there help. Also, if you are using tabs -- for the stuff to all work right, bayscribe has to be in the first tab on the left.
BayScribe tools sm
I am using the BayScribe platform and hate it.  I can't seem to find a tech support person to tell me if I can load all my expansions at once from Word to transcription tools and hate having to do it one at a time.  Does anyone know anything about it?  If you can tell me how to do it or how to contact someone in tech support, I'd be eternally grateful!  Thanks in advance! 
Do it correct always. It will learn. Everyone has to do it correct all the time. nm
Tools > Options > View
Make sure nothing is marked under Formatting marks.
Yes - go to Tools, Options, then Edit tab
On the column on the right side, unclick "when selecting, automatically select entire word."
Mine says tools at top left - sm
Click on tools, user documents, then put date range. Click print preview button, not print button. It won't print on your printer.

If you need to have a print copy, here's what I do. I open a new document in Word. Then go back to your print preview screen with the totals, hold down ALT and click print screen, then go to Word and CTRL V.
Did you click on Tools while in Word? -
Click on Tools, Options, then Spelling and Grammar, and under dictionary, it should have "Custom". Click on Custom for the custom dictionary, apply and OK.

type a medical word incorrectly and see if it is working....

Other than that, it could be in a Stedman's folder.

It's on the tools/options menu
Untick the show startup task pane option on the view tab.
In Word, under the Tools section there
is a place for language set. Have you tried this??
Go to Tools, Internet Options,second choice down,
delete cookies and delete temporary files. Also, you can clear your history at the same place if it's still a problem.
figured it out, tools, options, format! NM
I use the Compare feature on the tools menu.
When I click on productivity tools on desktop
but strangely, I can pull it up while in Bayscribe. Don't know what's happening there.
Good point about their "new tools".
By the way, I'm emailing and don't have to print them.  Thanks everyone!
We are just tools, like staplers or a lamp. The company
Macros are found under the Tools option.

However, for what you describe, you would be better off using a text expander. Auto correct is limited and macros are overkill for the task.

Word does have Line Count under Tools.
not have an add on.  I use MS Word 2003 and it has a line count on the tool bar.  Are you sure you know what you mean when you say there is no line counter in Tools in MS Word?
Got into Word/Tools/Options or Customize
and try around, it's somewhere in Word!
Tools - Options - Spelling tab - settings button
Tools, Set Background Color, then make your choice.
In Word 2003, Tools, Options, Spelling tab.
It is about halfway down and on the right-hand side. Speller type is above the drop-down box.
deleting cookies-go to TOOLS, internet options

Once you get to internet options from TOOLS at the top of your browser, you have a radio button to delete cookies, one to delete history, one to delete online files and then offline files - that is how you delete the cookies AND the cache/memory/history.

Is that what you need to know?  Hope that helped!! 

Under Tools, Workspace Manager will bring up the box to change.
Great reply-- Can you list the productivity tools you use? Tx NM
Great reply-- Can you list the productivity tools you use?

Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools.