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They used to wash clothes by hand, too,

Posted By: but I'll take my washer, tyvm. sm on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: Agree with OMG sm - Anon2

Would you tell someone with a laundromat that washing all those clothes can be done on a washboard?

Fact is, just as those brought up in this generation possibly wouldn't survive in our world "back then," we probably wouldn't have survived in our parents' world back in their times. You can't miss what you've never had, and we didn't know any different/better. As I said, they used to use washboards for their clothes and outhouses to pee, but by golly, I don't see many people doing that anymore, except maybe the Amish. It's no different with spellcheck, expanders, etc.

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I make a second living off ebay! I have sold maternity clothes, baby clothes, tupperware, and I have
Christmas dresses and boys' outfits that I will be listing in the next month or so that I bought last year at a smocked closeout and paid 8-10 a piece. Price tags read anywhere from 56 to 88.00 dollars and I will get approximately 25 to 40 a piece depending on what brands and size they are. Plus they pay shipping. I sold approx 35 Christmas outfits on ebay last year which paid for my Christmas. It was awesome and I'll do it again this year! Good luck.

Oh, you do have to have a credit card, bank acct. for ebay. It is worth it though. They just have to verify who you are.
You can check out my auctions with momof3boysal
and her clothes! it's not like she is attractive and she wears clothes that show a body that sho
i also think she has had some surgery. if you look at her sister w/o surgery you can see what she would really look like w/o the extra surgical help. Drop dead ugly.
I've used Hand-Eze and Thergonomic Hand Aids. sm
They help with the carpal tunnel and keep hands warm for me. They cover the hand and wrist but leave the fingers free. I wear them inside out, though, because the seams rub on the skin too much for me. I've gotten so used to them, that it is more comfortable wearing them while typing than typing with nothing on.
Don't talk about hand, I still remember the one that got her hand chewed up by her pet rat....

had nightmares for 2 days after that.

Well, if you broke your right hand and were right-hand dominant, can you see how this might be a fac
It may not be relevant at the time of dictating a physical exam or social history but in the future it would be good to know if the patient breaks the finger(s), wrist, hand, arm.
You only wash for yourself....
I wash for 4, and my son thinks he needs to change 3 times a day. So....sometimes it's not just laziness, but just not having time. I don't have 50 pairs of underwear, but my clothes do back up. Certain things just come first sometimes....that's life! :)
I wash the dishes.
They do wash good.
If they are not torn and you are just replacing, they do wash good, if it is the small ones. I finally just started cutting out a little circle of a soft cotton material, ran a pursestring "suture", (in and out all the way around, pulled it taught, trimmed it and made my own.
Wash well. Sorry, it's a pet peeve.
Wash it, up in the crockpot with 2 cans of
cream of mushroom soup, one soup can of water and 1 package of onion soup mix.   Make some rice when you are ready to eat.  YUM.    If you don't have those incredients, you can use potatoes, onions, celery, and carrots, but put a couple of tablespoons of flour in the crockpot before you put the roast in and then add some wine or some other kind of liquid to give you a gravy.   I like my roast to fall apart when I try to put it out of the crockpot.  
also don't forget to wash bed linens
and make sure to vaccuum thoroughly couches and chairs or I'm afraid all the good advice for shampooing your children's hair and your own will be wasted they live for 24 hours at least on linens
I use a scouring pad..doesn't act like sponge..let it dry out between wash.nm
*washing his wash a couple of times a day* sm
no comprende!  *lol*
There are laundries that will wash/dry/fold by the pound sm
I have taken in Laundry Mountain and had it all finished for around $40. Of course it's going to be different wherever you are. It did get me caught up and I was able to keep up with it for quite a while.
Sounds lile Clineal wash
I am having trouble finding this name. Any suggestions? here is the sentence: I also recommend [Clineal] Wash once daily for the folliculitis and the inflammatory changes on her back. Thanks.
Same here. Do a load a day. Wash in the morning. Dry it after dinner. Always caught
Still need help & clothes, etc...

Just wanted to say that a lot of people from our church (Northridge Baptist) are sending clothing, canned food, as well as soap, shampoo, baby things, etc., down to the Missions in every city because people are so WITHOUT anything!  There are soup kitchens everywhere that have people waiting out in the street, and on top of that? We are expecting another hit here pretty soon, towards next weekend of another hurricaine! I don't know really how much more people can take but I know I went online and sent a fax to Montgomery, Alabama, to Richard Shelby (Alabama's Representative there) and I'm waiting to hear from him to give us information about more placed to help. As soon as I get some information I will post again.  As someone said, there are plenty who just haven't gotten anything yet, and we don't even know where or who they are!  Thank everyone for helping; it sure pulls a *country* together when people are searching and needing support and they get it from others who they don't even know!  To them? Those people are heros (and the paper is just too busy to report on anything good; they are busy writing about all the horrible things to add to the disaster of it all).  Thanks for letting me vent!  Alabama MT girl

To begin with, I HATED going to an office, so I don't want to get dressed and pretend I am. I'm with you sister - flannel jama pants if cold enuf and I buy men's HUGH 5X Tshirts, short sleeves. The sleeves comes midway down my arms and to my knees. Great for winter sleeping - great for summer sleeping wo jama pants, and bathing suit cover-ups. I have a pool. In the summer, I word in my bathing suit or cotton play suit and if some unfortunate soul comes to h the door, I throw on the tee - and sometimes I just work in my skivvies and my T's and to heck with whoever comes to the door. I do brush on makeup, or I would even scare myself.
I've heard worse. I had one doc who dictated while on the toilet and didn't even wash his han

Kids and clothes
Well that gives me hope. Thanks. I did try buying them clothes but you could hear their groans clear across the country. They chucked the clothes into a corner of a closet and never wore them. I took them shopping recently and they turned their nose up at anything I would choose for them.

I hope it's just a phase. I've seen plenty of 40-year-old women wearing slutty clothes and I would feel awful if they grew up to do that. I used to have problems knowing how to dress too. Unfortunately the way I found out about it was most embarrassing. I was reprimanded at work for my appearance. How humiliating! At least I got the message and tried to do better. I would rather they found out from me than find out from their boss like I did.
yep, I go to Old Navy and look at their clothes for my girls
Or Wal-Mart and look at all the stuff I want!  that does it for me!
kids clothes these days

The skimpy little outfits the girls get away with wearing to SCHOOL, just boggles my mind.  Heck, most are shorter than my old gym clothes...remember those days?  Girls could not even be SEEN by the boys in our gimmies...modesty is not in these days it seems...and the boys

Well when my son tried the baggy britches, I did just that when he was going up the stairs in front of me...pulled the d&%$ things down, one warning..catch you like that again and you will be wearing a uniform

Kids' clothes today
The girls (even the little ones) all dress like little sluts nowadays-- I blame the so-called "stars" who encourage this "sexy" look.  Teenaged boys are "terminally horny" anyway without egging them on.  It is any wonder we have so many teen pregnancies nowadays?  I think by dressing and acting so "old", they are missing out on their childhood years and will be all "burned out" by the time they are 20, not to mentioned having 5 kids by that time (all with different fathers, no doubt), and on welfare with no life at all.   
Did you change you clothes detergent or anything?- sm
My DH has very sensitive skin and that has happened to him when Tide changed their "no bleach alternative" detergent about 8 years ago. I switched to Cheer and no more problem. But it sound like an allergic reaction to something and should get checked out asap.
i wish my clothes were loose...i guess they would be if i would

We could learn to sew and make our own clothes.

really cute kids clothes at Old Navy...nm

$2 not enough for gas, wear&tear on car, lunches, clothes,
Quit wearing sexy clothes when you
I LOVE shopping for clothes at resale stores

I find fashionable, barely worn, name brand clothes. It really is fun!! I couldn't imagine paying for new clothes anymore!

It's a little harder to find good kids' clothes at the second hand stores, but I have found some really nice ones that are real bargains.

I forgot to mention how I save money on clothes...sm

The clearance racks are my best friends - often times I can find things there cheaper than on consignment or at Good Will.

Another thing I do is that I have a friend whose daughter is 1 size smaller than my daughter is, so in return for me giving her the hand-me-downs she will occasionally buy my daughter something new or give me the amount of money that I'd get if it went to consignment, and I don't have to deal with waiting for a consignment check. 

If your kids/you like named brand items for clothing eBay can be great.  My sister buys my nephew's Abercrombie clothes on eBay for usually around $10 a shirt - these are shirts that normally sell for $35-45 in the stores.  

Another thing I do is that I have a friend who wears the same sizes that I do and we have similar clothing tastes, so we often do "clothes swap" where we'll swap out some jeans, shirts, etc.  That way it sorta seems like you're getting something new. 


Fingers aren't working yet.....your clothes detergent - -nm
I think you handled it well. You wouldn't feel so good about those clothes if you cut off your
No flame here - think it's great you found something that will work for you plus get clothes clea
at the same time.  Thanks for sharing this tip with us!
When we are not making a decent enough wage to buy our kids food and clothes, it is like (inside)
the little kid who wants a toy from another child and runs to his mother and whines "he won't give it to me." Just another way for them to try to force more money out of already tired pockets. I for one will not pay for that until they fight for wages to be increased. Let them go out of business like a lot of us have had to do. Now they want to make us pay for the lack of money they are getting from India because I am sure they aren't buying into it, and believe me I don't hate the Indians for wanting to work, it is not them, it is the American company's greed. When transcription companies can spend millions and millions of dollars to buy each other out, you know it is a lucarative business.

Why are they cramming voice down our throats at half pay? You can't tell me they are taking half pay, plus half pay is not enough when speech is not trained.

Vote for Obama! He says he will close the loop holes for American Corporations to send our jobs overseas.
Gross line, also including blank lines because my line rate is so low. It all works out in the wash.
Yoko Ono wears designer clothes and shows up at all the fashion shows. Phony.
I do the laundry, but boy do I have HUGE laundry baskets of clean clothes to put away!
I don't mind doing the laundry, drying, and even folding. Boy do I hate having to separate them and put them away or even put them in my kids rooms! Time to have a pow-wow with my teens, so they can do their own!

I have two HUGE baskets overflowing with clean clothes that need to go into their drawers or dressers! I hate when that happens!!!
On the other hand....
if you're an experienced acute care MT, you can pick up radiology in a month or two.  I just did it earlier this year.  Never typed a minute of radiology before and a couple months later I'm "flyin" at it.  Yes, there's a learning curve, but it's not brain surgery. 
on the other hand...
If you knew the TAT on the account when you took it on, and accepted it as such, then your obligation is to have the work done on time.  If your personal life is getting more complicated and interfering with your ability to maintain the TAT,  then maybe you should let your employer know so they can replace you with someone who can meet the TAT.  Their first obligation is to the client, after all. 
On the other hand....
Just the fact that you would be working on only one type of report would tend be for better production.
None I can think of off hand LOL!
on the other hand..emp vs IC sm


Anyone have experience with companies who hire you as an employee, certain hours but don't provide you with the equipment you need?  Worked for a company that did that but no medical spell checker on their software, some accounts they want YOU to buy a C-phone for etc. etc.  Asked them up front if account I would be working on would have medical speller, told yes.  It did not.  Also there was some kind of ShortHand program built in that they knew nothing about, we couldn't get to and conflicted with the autocorrect I used in Word.  Kept asking and it was always we will ask the hospital and then nothing.  Went out bought my own spell check and whatever I needed then three weeks into working, they dump the account.

Start over with a new account, different problems, they want me to buy even more stuff.  Said no I am outta here!

Anybody had that problem?

You're right .. and here's 1st-hand knowledge -- sm

I start med school (been an MT for 24 years) August 2006. 

One of my classes last semester was Intro to Medical Practices.  I especially inquired about pro bono work by all the physicians and dentists who spoke to the class as guests each week.  All gave significant amounts of their practice to pro bono work.

One physician in particular impressed me.  He is a cardiovascular surgeon.  His main area of expertise is doing cardiac bypasses.  To make a long story short, because of insurance changes (MCare) over the past few years, he only makes about $650 per bypass for his own pocket and that is gross.  Of the $1850 MCare and insurance companies pay him for this procedure, it costs him $1200 in overhead for that procedure.  Until last year, he would often do the procedure for free for patients who could not afford it and had no insurance.  However, for 2 years he had to BORROW MONEY to pay his OVERHEAD because he did so much pro bono work.  He finally decided he just could not go bankrupt doing that.  So now, he STILL does HIS PART for free but the patient has to pay his overhead.  He tells them to call their family, friends, churches and if they have the $1200 for his overhead, he will donate HIS skills/time/energy for free.

The physician (maxillofacial surgeon) who directed this class said his annual pro bono work runs around $250,000 a year. 

As well, while dentists recoup 95% to 100% of the fees charged for their services (they are ALWAYS getting their money up front), physicians (with the exception of cosmetic plastic surgery) only recoup an average of 31% of their fees.  For every $1000 they spend on a patient, they will only get back approximately $310 and must write off the rest. 

Now that is INSIDE information - direct from the physicians and dentists we had in class.  I was shocked.  Not deterred, but shocked. 

Regarding that lovely cardiologist who gives so much away, take into consideration that the $650 for HIS skills/time/energy for ONE cardiac bypass -- he invests a total of 12 to 15 hours for that one procedure (that is WITHOUT complications happening) including his consult/operative time/followup visits, hospital rounds, etc.  That comes out to about $54 an hour -- and plumbers and electricians around here make more than that.  My Ford dealership in town gets $76 an hour. 

And now, since we are starting to do bypasses endovascularly through the femoral artery, he has to really put the money down for more education to train to do this or he will be out of business shortly. 

Interesting huh?!  When people make comments to me about my future as a physician as a way to "get rich", I tell them not necessarily so!!  LOL  I'm not doing it for money!  You couldn't pay me enough to go through all this at this time in my life!!  LOL  

Because I live with it first hand

I do get offensive when someone doesn't like my children simply because of their skin tone.  I'm not saying that the OP said anything about my children or even posted about the topic.  I was just offended that she can so casually admit to being a prejudice person.  Prejudice causes hate and violence.  I take offense to that.  I think that you should, and everyone should take offense to it so that it can be stopped.  If everyone were okay with it or  no one ever stood up about the subject, where would we be? 

Also, there is a difference between knowing someone as an individual that may be a "bad seed" and be a minority and not liking them versus not liking someone without knowing them as a person simply because they are a minority.

All I know is, when those of us who are saved make it to heaven, there will be every race there right along with us, as God has created us all in his image.

Don't need hand holding.
I don't expect them to hold my hand, but it would be nice if they at least pretended to be somewhat human! Compassion for another person's loss only takes a second to respond to.... as you said in your post. It only took a second right? Most of the time I am with you, I would rather NOT hear from them. But of course I sent an e-mail to tell her that I would be out for the funeral, she could have replied with a condolence. That's all I am saying. I think that's a bit of a problem with the world in general these days, no one even seems to have time to be kind. Thank you for your second to respond and give your condolence on my loss!
Hand stress

I've transcribed since 1983.  You can lessen hand stress if you observe how you hold your hands as you type.  When I was in my twenties I noticed that there was a real difference in the way I held my hands and how the older transcriptionists (they had their wrists up and hands pointing down at the keyboard).  I have always had my wrists laying on something and my fingers are going up.  I have never had one bit of carpal tunnel or pain whatsoever.

I agree 100%, on the other hand
They are all "red" states, you would think Bush would give them a payback for giving him a job....hey, maybe if we tell him Osama Bin Laden is there he will send some troops.
Two first hand accounts..that's where
Any excuse to blame him...that's okay. Very expected. Very insignificant.
Well, Bush DOES consider himself at the right hand of The Man...

I have Short Hand. Never used the others -sm
You can install ShortHand on multiple PCs. I like it. You can actually have one shortcut for a few things (found that really, really useful). You do have to pick from the list which one you want, but I'd rather be accurate even if it might slow me down a little. It has drawbacks too though. If you forgot to put -ed on the end of a word for instance, and you go back and do that and if ed is one of your shortcuts, it will expand when you don't want it to. You can save your personal shortcut dictionary (which is nice for backup) and install it along with the program on other PCs. You can also convert an old PRD dictionary from WP if you had one and possibly others too.

It works with anything windows and you can have multiple dictionaries for multiple jobs or facilities that might have different rules.