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Vianeta had bad spell check. Copy & pasted

Posted By: into Word to use that spell check. nm on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: New in-office job has NO spell check - Jennifer


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Get a copy of the check.
You can usually do it free now with online banking.  Check the legal amount, which is the longhand written out line, to see if it's correct.  If it is correct, send a copy to your auto payment company and have them fix it through their bank.  Sometimes the MICR line can be encoded wrong if someone mistypes or transposes when encoding.  Call your bank and tell them to make an adjustment for the incorrect amount.  However, if you filled the check out wrong, yes, you need to send another check for the $61.00.  If they try to put late charges on, talk to a manager and have the fees waived.
I also copy to Word to check for errors..ow got used to it. nm
Is this when you spell check? If so....sm
hit the #4 and the "sound alikes" should come up on the screen you are use to seeing.
I think the most popular is Stedman's.   I have been using Dorland's.  I needed to update my Dorland's Medical Dictionary and bought the new 30th edition.  It came with a free spellcheck.  So I got both for 49.95 -- quite a deal.    I've only been using it a couple months, but it seems comparable to Stedmans (and much less expensive).     
I always run a spell check!!! nm
Spell check.......
I have worked in several facilities without spell check. You would think it's a given, but the folks who set these programs up are not transcriptionists and the dept head seems to care less. I don't think it is because we're spoiled, it's a backup for us also. I had one dept head say we can't afford it, so I offered to bring my own and then she said, you should know how to spell the words. Like we never accidentally hit a key when typing 90 miles an hour while trying to keep up with dictation backlog. I don't get it either.
Spell Check

When you see you have not capped something or similar, do you correct it as you go or leave it for when you run spell check?

I have noticed I do a lot of correcting as I go, and I think I don't trust spell check will catch it (as I have noticed it will sometimes miss extra spaces). 

I believe this is slowing me down and wondering how you all handle it.  ?

spell check

Have to purchase a new spell check. Hard drive on my computer had to be replaced and with that lost the spell check.

Asking  all the experienced MTs out there to advise which is best, Spellex, Sylvans or something else.

Price is also factor.


Thank you!



Spell check
I would definitely go with Stedman's (wouldn't let me use the actual name).  Its what we use at the hospital I work at. I'm not sure of the cost, but even if it is a little more expensive it will make you more money in the long run because you will have to spend less time looking things up. 
You have to spell check and VR
well the system I use stops at incorrect verbs, etc., very user friendly. That was an extremely high VR count for me, the VR was so good that day but I also had straight line count along with that. I have never, don’t think, doubled what I can do straight though.
what spell check do u use? Looking for something cheap... sm
Just starting out and need a spell check program that will do drug names also. I am looking for something that will cover the basics for now and then when I get some pay checks under my belt I can get one of the big ones like spellex. My current employer states there are literally hundreds of medical spell checkers on the market and I should be able to find one that covers some drug names also...does anyone have any ideas or can name a few?? thanks
Just because some spell-check program does not
recognize a word does not mean that it is not a legitimate word. Not every word possible in the English language appears in the dictionary. An English-language dictionary assumes knowledge on the part of the user of how to form English words--such as, for example, how to form modifiers by adding "able" to a verb. Many words of that type will not appear in the dictionary. They don't need to be there. The base or root words are there and the meaning of the endings is explained in the dictionary, either as a separate entry or in an English grammar section, so it is assumed that the user of the dictionary has enough knowledge of the mechanics of English to use that information to determine how to form, for example, modifiers from verbs. If every single word that could be formed by using accepted English word-forming rules were to appear in an English-language dictionary, it would be too big to lift. If a word follows acceptable rules for English word formation, then it's a legitimate English word, even if your spell check doesn't recognize it.
I Use Spellex Spell Check
I have used Spellex for awhile and I love it!!!!! I beleive there is a trial of it on there site not sure though. I know that it comes on a cd. I hope this helps :)
How many people run spell check here? sm
Am I missing something?  In word, the errors are immediately underlined in red and so I correct as I go or when doing a quick proofread.  Isn't running spell check more time consuming?  Is there any benefit from running spell check opposed to what I am doing?  Thanks.
Meditech Spell Check
This is more a case of the blind leading the blind, since I just trained on Meditech a few days ago, but here goes! I have in my notes to hold down shift and press page down, and this initiates the spell check. I haven't even tried it yet, but I hope it helps you.
Spell check with it is HORRIBLE. Had to C&P into
I Would Try Spellex Spell Check
I believe you will need to purchase a new version. I had the same problem and Steadman's was not compatible with the Word 2007 version. So I did a Google search and found a company called Spellex that was compatible with Word 2007 and never thought about switching back. I think the new verison of Steadman's is compatible with Word 2007 now.

I hope this helps! :)
New in-office job has NO spell check

Hi -  I am starting a new position at a psychiatric facility; will be working three 12-hour days (!)...on initial review of work environment/computer system, etc., they have their "own" program that their "team" set up, but it has NO spell checker, not even one for "general" words, much less a medical one...the other woman who is scheduled to start with me kept on saying, "why is there no spell check... I have never heard of that".... in my opinion, it saves a lot of time having a spell check, we are going to ask their "tech guys" who set up the program if one can be installed, but unfortunately I don't think that is going to be an option, ?...what is your opinion? would you work with no spell check, with a place that is backed up about 1-2 months?...(or have I just gotten too 'spoiled" with working at home with all the "gadgets" that make transcribing faster and more accurrate....less frustrating.  Thanks for your time.     Jen

Spell Check Question

When running spell check, I can't figure out how to get it to allow me to make most changes other than the options provided; so then I have to find the spot in the document afterward when doing my final proofing.   

Does anyone know how to get around this?    - Thanks! 

I Would Try Spellex Spell Check
I would try Spellex for the spell checker. I use it every day well worth every penny!!!!! I hope this helps
Help with WP spell-check issues, please.
The spell-check in WordPerfect has started acting weird lately.  Sometimes I get an underline under a misspelled word, sometimes not.  Sometimes it will underline, and then after a few lines it is gone.  If I check at the end of the document, it does not catch all the misspelled words (left some in on purpose).   All of the spell-check options are correct, I have document checked to spell-check.  Am I going to have to uninstall and reinstall?  Any help?
Need suggestions regarding spell check on my PC.

Okay, here's my situation.  I have a PC given to me by the hospital that I work for.  Last week, it went haywire on me and so I took into the techies to work on.  Long story short, they had to build me a whole new PC.  So now I've got my new PC and it's working great except they forgot to load me the Stedman's medical spellchecker (we use EXText). 

Sooooooo, rather than call the help desk and go through all the hoops just so they can load it on for me, I want to just build my own spellchecker.  They only slow down is those darn drugs!  I have to look those up every single time because I'm never 100% sure if I've spelled them right.  Is there a drug word list somewhere out there on the net that I can copy and paste into my dictionary file?  That would be oh so wonderful. 

I just cannot face the techie people again.  I couldn't work for two days last week because of PC issues and today is the first day of a new pay period and I so want to make up for my lost lines without any more hiccups.

Okay, I'm done boo hooin' and beggin.  Back to work!

And hopefully one with a spell check program
OUCH...your posts kinda make my eyes bleed between the spelling errors and the stilted grammar.

I'm gonna guess you're a newbie...or at least I hope you are.

Just bought Medispell spell check.

Just have loaded it and I am already disappointed.  I am used to Stedman's, but did not think I could afford it.  First document I loaded to check, all the medications were highlighted.  I wish I had just spent the money and got Stedman's.  Has anybody got any ideas for quick lookups for drugs that will show exactly how they are to be typed?  Guess I will have to take the time to look them up at least once, then add them to the dictionary, and I have dial-up.  Drug books are as expensive as the software, and I am not making a whole lot right now.  I guess someday I will learn that you get what you pay for. 

It's a good idea to run a spell check
I would not correct as I went along. I always do a spell check.
New spell check. Opinions needed.
Hey, I'm trying to buy a new speller.  I've found Spellex, Medispell, Stedman's (obviously), etc.  Does it really matter which one I buy?  I'd like to download it. 
Free Internet Spell Check
I have used ieSpell for over a year now for spell checking my posts (as I need it-lol!). I thought others might be interested in this free program as well and so I thought I would share it with you all. :) (I am actually just now downloading it to my new laptop.)
I personally like Spellex spell check
I personally like Spellex spell check but I would try a few out before making a purchase. Hope this helps :)
I type straight through, then run spell-check,
then go back and proofread. Even if I sort of "speed-read", it's amazing the silly mistakes you can find that spell-check doesn't! Words left out, portions of a sentence typed twice (which spell check won't cover like it does double words), and accidental "macro misfires". (Those can be very FUNNY when caught, would be EMBARRASSING if they went through.) Proofing slows me down, but not as much as having to go back and correct the entire report does.
Can someone tell me how to remove a word from spell check?

I'm using ExText (Word based?), ran spell check, and accidentally clicked on 'Add' (adding a misspelled word) when I meant to click on 'Change' (to change it to the correctly spelled word).  I know, I know, I shouldn't be using the mouse, I should be using the Keystrokes anyway, right?.  LOL 

But now that I have a misspelled word in spell check, how do I remove it?  Does anyone know?  TIA!

Others are working without spell check, facility
How do you edit the spell check in Meditech?
I accidentally added a word that is spelt incorrectly.  How do I edit it?
Check your records and report what she has paid you, you do not have to send in a copy a 1099 - nm
Does anyone know of a good, but cheap spell check program? sm
Just did an upgrade to XP and have lost my "free" Spellex that I got with my schooling on my old computer. I have a new job but cant afford to buy the Spellex program yet. Any good ones that do both medical and drug names that is CHEAP? I plan to buy the spellex again when I get a few paychecks, but for now I need something. It is getting really tiring looking up so many drug names!
you get irritated because you can't spell check your handwritten letters
Don't proof at all - spell check picks up the typos.
Have you checked and changed the options that come in the spell check?
In the spell check options, make sure that you have the  "Typographical" choice  checked and "Slow but accurate."  These are options we had to change to make the spell check work better.  Actually, my dumb  fingers hsi for his always gets me in trouble, so I added it to my Expander as well.  I did ask QA how that got through and what hsi was that it was a correct spelling.  I agree that the spell check as a lot to be desired, but with these changes above at least it is tolerable.  With this and careful proofreading (which a lot of MTs seem to dislike these days) I am able to keep above the QA standard.
Stedman's spell check does not work with 2007.
Tech support at Stedman's said that come Feb 28, 2007 they are releasing an updated version of their spellchecker and it will work with Word 2007. If you already have Stedman's spellchecker 2006, on Feb. 28 you can call with your registration number and they can give you an update in the amount $39.00 instead of buying the whole thing all over again!
Need help on setting up Word expanders and spell check

Hi All,

I will be starting a new job soon, and it looks like I will be typing in my own computer's Word program.  I managed to download my old Expander entries from my old job into Notepad, so I now have a list of my expansions.  I am wondering if anyone has any good tips on doing something  with the Notepad entries to get them into AutoCorrect in Word, or do I have to just go through the whole list manually and make new entries into Word AutoCorrect to use for my new expander?

I am also open to any and all suggestions to the Word spellchecker since it does not know LOTS of medical terms and drugs.  Just start entering them manually or buy a medical spellchecker that interphases with Word? I saw some listed when I Googled it, but they seem awful expensive.  100$ and more.  Any suggestions?


Personally I give less credibility to anyone who doesn't spell check
Especially someone who has been put in a management position. Just makes them look stupid and "slip shoddy", as you say.
That is "web site" in post above. Also, Auto Copy add-on for Firefox will automatically copy
Auto Copy add-on for Firefox AUTOMATICALLY copies what you select (highlight) on a web site to the clipboard.

Then you can paste it in a document.

It just saves the step of right clicking and then clicking on "copy" to put something on the clipboard. Just select it, and it is on the clipboard.

It only works only on web sites-- only copies stuff you select on web sites, i.e. not in other documents.
Print a copy of the form on your printer, fill it out, copy and send it to your computer via fax may
Just a guess. Or print it, fill it out and fax it to her.
How do you copy your SH file to text - do you copy each dictionary separately? nm
I just copied/pasted
My existing templates into a new document in the facility folder. With each facility you set up you create a template list. I don't think there is a limit on templates, but I may be wrong. There are already some there and I actually just pasted into those and renamed them. I only have a couple per doc though so it didn't take much time.
Still don't know what I did, but I copied and pasted into
a new document and it fixed it. 
I have copied and pasted from IRS

guidelines.  If URL does not work, the link is also included so you can paste and copy in your browser. 

If you hire an electrician, a painter, or a roofer (as examples of independent contractors), you do not tell them HOW to do their work or WHEN to do their work.  Just try doing so and see how many contractors you can obtain. 

Today, we have these large companies not only telling us how to do the work for which we have been trained, but when to do the work (specifically, what days of the week and what hours).  Certainly, the quality of the end product must meet the client's approval or the contract can be cancelled.  It cannot be cancelled on the grounds of not working specific days or hours each day to fulfill that contract.  If you sign a contract specifying you will produce 1000 or 1200 or 1600 lines per day and you meet that production, a client (the MTSO) cannot fault you if you produce the agreed upon lines in 4 hours, 6 hours, 3 days, 2 days, etc.  When requiring you to work a specified schedule of x number of hours producinig x number of lines, then it becomes employee-employer status, not one of client-independent contractor status. 

Also note the evalutation system below.  I would saying doing QA in evaluating a contractor's performance is an evaluation system.  Would you?  What about being  put on probation or fined (as some companies are now doing)?  Does that point to employee status?  Can you put a roofing contractor on probabtion or issue a fine?

And...just read the section on training.  An eyeopener for certain. 

Below are the guidelines.  I say we ICs start filling out the misclassified workers form.  If we are treated as employees, then we need tax relief.  If MTSOs provide employee status in some states and not others, AS WELL AS hiring ICs, then an IC cannot be required to adhere to the policies and procedures that their employees are required to adhere, and that includes WHEN the work will be performed and HOW it will be performed.  The guidelines are clear. 

I'm not afraid of broaching this subject for fear jobs will go to a third world country.  They are going there at a rate faster than the speed of lightning anyway, and nothing we as ICs or employees can do will stop it.  They are going there because it is a cheap, cheap way of doing business. 




Independent Contractor

The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if (the person for whom the services are performed) has the right to control or direct only the result of the work, and not what will be done and how it will be done or method of accomplishing the result.

People such as lawyers, contractors, subcontractors, public stenographers, and auctioneers who follow an independent trade, business, or profession in which they offer their services to the public, are generally not employees. However, whether such people are employees or independent contractors depends on the facts in each case. The earnings of a person who is working as an independent contractor are subject to Self-Employment (SE) tax.

Evaluation System

If an evaluation system measures the details of how the work is performed, then these factors would point to an employee.

If the evaluation system measures just the end result, then this can point to either an independent contractor or an employee.


If the business provides the worker with training on how to do the job, this indicates that the business wants the job done in a particular way.  This is strong evidence that the worker is an employee. Periodic or on-going training about procedures and methods is even stronger evidence of an employer-employee relationship. However, independent contractors ordinarily use their own methods.

Misclassified Workers Can File Social Security Tax Form
Workers who believe they have been improperly classified as independent contractors by an employer can use Form 8919, Uncollected Social Security and Medicare Tax on Wages to figure and report the employee’s share of uncollected Social Security and Medicare taxes due on their compensation. See the full article Misclassified Workers to File New Social Security Tax Form for more information.




I copied and pasted the reports
into Chartscript.net. I didn't even bother typing the original in Chartscipt, just typed everything in word and then copied over. I also use ShortHand and there were always missing letters in my shortcuts when I plugged them in. I no longer work on CS but am on one that is just about as bad.

We were told not to use the Expander in Chartscript at all and whenever I tried to change/save something in there it would not let me so it was usless anyway. I did have to turn off that expander and remember to turn it back on before pulling in the next template though as you stated.

The only way I have found to accomplish any production at all with the last 3 platforms I have been on is to type in Word then copy over to the platform. And that works until the system totally freezes, or you get kicked off........*sigh*

If companies are going to expect a certain amount of production each day I sure wish they had platforms that would help us accomplish that!
I have pasted the list from my training on my C-phone

I am not sure if they are all the same, but here is what I have

Enter: 6 – for routed work – while on full QA

5 – by work pool – once off full QA

4 – by job # – use this Enter mode to relisten to (QA) jobs that have been signed off/deleted from the work pool into the transcribed pool.

8 – by open report

3 – for specific work

1 – for priority work

2 – for non-priority work

7 – for autologous-routing

9 – for review marked work

"AT START" – press the foot pedal or press 0.


9 Toggle – returns you to the above Enter work options

*5 Job #, Dictator ID#, Subject # (MR#), work type #, dept. #, job length, authored on date

2 Bypass a dictation

7 Sign off/delete – puts job into transcribed pool x14 days. (Must hear "AT END" to delete)

*7 Puts dictation in OPEN STATUS**see below

#6 Places a Book Mark at flags you have – lift foot off foot pedal and hit #6

#7 For QA to jump to every book marked flag

#1 Go to the beginning of the dictation

3 Go to the end of the dictation

#4 Slows down dictation*see below

#5 Speeds up dictation*see below

0 Play the dictation

1 Stop the dictation

4 Increase rewind

#2 Decrease volume*see below

#3 Increase volume*see below

#9 Time left of report


Its pasted inside. The whole thing, not just the link,
My name is Dr. Zeshan Ahmed. The Domain MTStars.com was registered in my name since it's inception, in 2002. Sheri and Me know each other since 2003, I did help her in developing USAType, Inc. website (which she owned at that time) while I was in Pakistan. On my personal trip to US in Jan 2003, I met Sheri in AZ. She offered me a Job and I accepted it. She arranged my accommodation, etc. and I remained in US working with her (initially as MT and later as Web Developer/Tech for USAType) at USAType, Inc. office for next 5 months. For some odd personal reasons, I came back to Pakistan, May 2003.


On my way back to home, she offered me to continue working for USAType as work from home employ. I accepted it. Now back to MTStars.com, I had no Credit Card at that time for the yearly renewals of the domain. I asked Sheri about it and she said she will take care of it and kept the domain as solicitor and I came to Pakistan. I started working online, I did work for USAType, Inc., USATasp (Text Platform for MTs/QA, Where the USAType clients were shifted later on), FlashType, FlashCount, MTStars and many other commercial sites. Every single line of Software Code for MTStars is written by me. I did the marketing & software development and she handled the front end. Down the road, Sheri did outsource MT work to a couple of Pakistani MT companies in Karachi and Islamabad and I took care of that as well. She made money and I received regular monthly wire transfers, mainly from the earnings of MTStars.com and partly from other outsourcing MT activities for USAType. We worked together and made USAType & MTStars a success. USAType was her business and MTStars was mine when it came to splitting of income & ownership. She sold the USAType in 2006. Afterwards, She started a voice solution EZ-Voice but that was a failure. I never faced problems because I was receiving money from my site MTStars. No doubt money always going to her bank account from Google AdSense & Pay Pal etc. and then she deducted the server & MTStars marketing expenses etc and sent me the remaining amount. Money was going to her because sponsors etc paying to PayPal account. Paypal is still not available in Pakistan.

In 2006, I got my first Credit Card here in Pakistan and was able to pay for online transactions. I opened the account with GoDaddy and asked Sheri to shift the MTStars.com domain in my account. As banking rules are getting strict for money transfers from US to Pakistan everyday. I need to show authorities here, from where this money is coming from. I have to file my taxes etc. as well.

Finally, the domain was shifted to my account in August, 2007. She did it herself, with her own consent and there was no hijacking or cyber squatting etc. involved in this process. The rest of it can be verified from GoDaddy as they keep track of each transfer IPs etc. Just want to make my point here that the domain was never stolen, hijacked or transferred illegally (Otherwise, she would have taken it back by now). It came back to real owner after 5 years in August, 2007. Even after the domain transfer the money went to her as usual, but my share was diminishing everyday. She owed me $7000 in October, 2007, when I sold the domain (for $7000) to one of my friends with a promise that the domain will be sold back to me by Feb1st, 2008 and I will return his money and in the meantime, Sheri and me will keep running the site. Sheri knew everything and was involved in all this process. She promised that all of my debts will be cleared by that time and MTStars would be back with us. But money never arrived and as per promise, the new owner was free to sell it on Feb 1st. Neither me nor Sheri own this domain anymore. It has been sold and re-sold.

I have been requested by all the concerned parties to make my statement to keep the records clear. Sheri was more like a mother to me for last 5 years and I still respect her. I have no personal grudges or agendas against her. Me and She was the part of all this process and knew everyday happenings regarding the domain. The best we can say now is good luck to new owners.

P.S: Every single line above is true. I have all the documentary evidence (those who are interested, I can email them the scanned copies), 5 years bank statements showing wire transfers from Sheri's account, money grams, MT houses worked for USAType, employment letter & independent contractor agreements. Most of these documents even lie with US consulate in Pakistan, when I applied for US visa this year and I had to show my purpose/funds for visit etc.


Dr. Zeshan Ahmed

Multan, Pakistan
Cell: +92 300 8733779
Email: dr.zeshan@gmail.com

Try off of the Advance Magazine web site, pasted inside. nm
I copied and pasted, hope you do not mind but this is really good (NM)