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I agree I learned more as a result of the

Posted By: "old-fashioned" ways, but..sm on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: But way back then, we not only had hourly - OMG!

I never worked on production back in the olden days, though. I was always paid hourly at my in-house positions. I never received production pay until I went home to work. It's a whole new mindset, and I believe wholeheartedly in using whatever tools are at my disposal to increase productivity. However, I'm very glad to have learned the old-fashioned way, too.

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Great post and i agree 100%. As a former depressed person myself, ,I learned that the most depressed
people are self-centered whether they want to admit or not. I stayed in my cave and only talked about me and my problems and I was severely depressed (runs in family)
After I found God and started attending church regularly, I have completely changed and am off medications. I also give lovingly now to my husband, children, family, and friends and have recently taken over teaching a large woman's Bible study class locally and have never experienced such joy, peace, and happiness in my life.
It wasn't until I began taking my eyes off of me and started looking around at others in more desparate situations that I began to learn the true meaning of life.
Great post. I, too, think fasting is a life-changing exp. When I fasted from food for the first time (I am very overweight :) it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. There's just something about withholding something that you truly desire or want - it's like putting out flames to a destructive fire within you and it feels GREAT!!!!
Never learned it? Hah! I learned it and still didn't like it.

I did exactly what you did and had the same sorry result

I came down with repetitive stress injury after typing for hours each day for years. Now after an hour of typing my fingers are sore and stiff. I went to DNS for the same reason, did the Know-brainer, got the excellent mike and trained the a** of the thing - after months, I still could not get any production out of it. I can type circles around the thing-- except I can't type! Furthermore, the thing is so touchy, requires frequent re-boots to get quality production, and I would have to redo my dictationary every three months because of a **known** glitch in the system. Then the thing has to hear the whole sentence and think to make sure it gets context right-- you are dictating the next sentence while it is posting the previous sentence and you're trying to do both at the same time. hated it.

VR done by other companies uses the Dragon platform but then changes the software so that edits are easy - not the bulky, slow, fingers off the keys editing that DNS has. Our hospital had the radiologists go to Dictaphone's Powerscribe and in 30 days they were doing all their own dictation without ANY editing by MTs. So depends on the platform. VR definitely works.

what is the result if you make the same
checking on a free AV?
As long as your end result is verbatim, it should be up to you how you get there! nm
Actually, the testing is a direct result of...SM
all of the schools and training programs out there that don't begin to teach a person what they need to know to be able to do this work. People come out of the training programs and think they are ready to go to work, but in reality they haven't got a clue. The only way to weed through these people is to require testing to be sure the person being hired can actually do the work. That's the long and the sort of it, in my opinion.
And the result is like a Catch-22. Clients/MTSOs

so they turn to alternatives like offshore or VR.  But they don't look far enough to see that the root cause of not enough experienced MTs is because the experienced don't want to stay in a sinking ship.  I think they feel that using the excuse that lack of experienced MTs validates them turning to cheaper alternatives, which in turn, makes the ship sink even further.

Think it's a result of that darn "vote-for-the-worst" sm
group that is skewing all the results. Wish that site could be abolished.
Sage advice. Consequences would result in being out of the loop
But I can live with that.
The result of MTs' efforts to make a living wage are (sm)
And of COURSE we don't want less - we DO want more. That goes without saying. But you see - the type of verbal attack that you and other "Debbie Downers" like you launch every time an MT says, "Wait a minute... maybe there IS something we can do is so typical of the type of thinking that holds not just MTs, but women in general back. I have already checked and made sure my doc's MTSO doesn't offshore. If that changes, my ins. (which is just your average, run-of-the-mill HMO) STILL allows me to go to other providers. If you "don't have many options", have you ever wondered WHY? Could it be that you keep SETTLING for less and less? And could it be that other MTs, when they read the gloom and doom in your post, will think THEY have to settle, too?

As for pulling other endeavors out of other nations, hey - there are quite a few that I think others would LOVE to see pulled out. Such as tech help for just about everything from your PC to your cellphone being sent to places where they can't understand what you're trying to tell them, and vice versa. I have a friend with a Masters degree in software engineering who is working menial jobs right now in order to pay the rent, while he looks for a job in his field that is a full-time, benefitted position, rather than as a part-time IC with no benefits. He says even the part-time jobs are getting hard to find because so many employers are sending EVERYTHING out, including part time.

The old, "Go ahead and try! Why don't you quit MT? Oh, boy - more work for ME!" song and dance may fly for a while, but why sit back and seemingly enjoy watching your profession go extinct, when eventually it WILL affect you, too? Do you really want to sit there all day as an "editor" and stare at work typed by other entities? How boring is that? Where is any ounce of creatitivity? At least when you transcribe, you are producing something of value, and can take pride in it. And at a lousy 3-to-6 cents a line, where is the pride in speech-rec or editing work?

Anyone had a positive result of posting a resume through this site?sm

Once again, I am on the lookout for another service because work load is starting to slow down.  Quite frankly, I'm a bit scared!  We had no work for many days starting about this time last year, and it looks as if that cycle is starting again.  I was just wondering if anyone would suggest I post my resume here.


This board's image problem is the result of complaining MTs.

--should become the new logo.

Once had an ESL cardiologist who dictated every lab result done during hospital stay
and even the normal ranges for each test!!! 45 minutes long and of course it was a PRIORITY/STAT.. yeah right
If you google the phrase "Letterman sign" it is the fifth result listed ... sm
It seems to be the same thing as the Terry-Thomas sign. It was new to me, too.
Offshoring to India is the direct result of declining quality

being produced by American MTs.  The declining quality being produced is the direct result of inexperienced, under-educated MTs being churned out by these online MT schools.

How common are server issues and other technical problems that result in downtime? (sm)
Do you get compensated for your downtime?  I'm thinking of going to work for a national, but I've heard there are a lot of technical issues at these bigger companies.  True?
If Joint Commission audits and finds "patient care" errors it can result in very...
...serious fines and repercussions. 
Learned something

I never thought that many peole would want a transcript of a show especially when it was availabe of DVD or tape.  That is why I did not think it would pay that well.  But I learned something and always glad to do so.   The last seminar that I type did not involve medical at all but was building a chip for a computer and all oriental speakers and so when I think my docs are bad, I remember that.  Lots of blanks needless to say. 

Have a good day and thanks for the compliment but all I know is common sense and practical sense through years of doing this. 


I learned that way too, but now
has anyone learned that their QA
person is using an outdated BOS ?  I can hardly believe anyone taking their position seriously would do this.  Am I wrong to be amazed and disappointed?
I know what you mean...you'd think I would have learned

my lesson in season 2.  I would love a Taylor/Elliott finale, but I really don't know what to expect.  You'd think Taylor has a big enough fan base to put him through, but after last week, I feel like anything can happen.

yes that's how I learned

how else to learn specialties?

What I have learned from VR is
that it does take an experienced and alert MT to recognize when a mistake has been made by VR. If the MT is editing too quickly or too careless when a mistake has been made by VR, and the incorrect term does sound close to what the doctor is dictating, the MT may not realize there is a mistake in the report that needs editing. This could be very dangerous if the doctors do not proofreading their reports carefully after they are returned to the system as complete.

Unless the VR technology improves substantially from where it stands now, I believe there will be gross errors not caught, which may lead to poor patient care and possible litigation.

I have been a MT since 1981 and have witnessed a lot of changes in this field. VR may appear to be an asset for medical personnel, but it may prove to be a detriment for patients. Sorry to come across as negative, just my opinion.
what I learned...
one can put 30.000-40.000.

Only if it is dictated 'between' 30.000 to
40.000, then write 'to';

or from 30.000 to 40.000.

Also AAMT BOS 2nd edition
Have learned
Have learned from talking with IRS I can become a Sole Proprietor and get an EIN. Nothing changes as far as filing and paying taxes, same as an IC. Sorry if this posts twice.
I took this course too. Learned how to
build my own computers. Never pursued a career in it but am planning on doing so if MTs goes downhill completely.

Does your course include networking too?
I learned that
disc was for the body and disk is for computers. I go by whatever the account spec says.
41 YO here, learned on the job 22 years ago(sm)
and still love MT.  I do acute care, clinic, whatever they throw at me.  Started out in a hospital in 1983 and went home/nationals in 1996.  Been working at home ever since and have no desire to go back in-house.
I have learned something!! I never knew this was possible!
I've always thought liquids damaged/ruined keyboards, but I guess I was wrong. What a good idea you all have!!
learned (not leared)
My beagle has learned
not to lay near the foot pedal, but just to the side of it. It's the darn cat that won't stay off my keyboard. He'll even lay on it while I'm typing, and knows I'm going to boot him off! I think he likes the attention when the kids are at school and DH is gone to work.
Does anybody out there sew regularly. I have never learned
how to sew and I want to learn.  I am going to take some classes here at a local craft store, but my question is that I want to buy a nice sewing machine, not top of the line but not a cheapy either.  I can always upgrade later if I need too.  Does anybody have any recommendations on a nice, easy to use sewing machine that doesn't have so much crap on it that I would be totally confused. 
From what I've learned from...
doing psych reports, people rarely have MPD unless they've been abused horribly.  First off, I wouldn't blame this poor child.  Her life has obviously been unstable and erratic, no thanks to her parents.  I type it time and time again.... Kids are brought in and labeled with all sorts of conditions, ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder, OCD, you name it.  And WITHOUT FAIL when the doctor gets down to the social history, the child comes from some sort of broken erratic unstable home.  The parents don't create a nurturing environment for their child, parade boyfriends and girlfriends in and out of their lives, and then the poor child is labeled with a dozen diagnoses.  Sounds to me like this poor child has been abused, which isn't very far fetched if a mother is recycling boyfriends.  I'd contact a local psychiatrist and start from there.   I wouldn't take one person's word that the child wasn't abused.  Even if she is lying, she's doing it for some reason.
I learned it exactly the opposite...
back in 1980 I learned that disc was for the spine and disk was for anything ophthalmological ......
Yep, learned that the hard way, but then when I
told them I was looking things changed and now I'm down from about 95% ESL to about 60% and for the most part they aren't horrible. 
Learned the hard way
I am one of those editors who can't just let a blank go unless I have spent at least 10 minutes trying to research it. Of course, if the dictation is just not clear, then a blank is the way to go. I found at my last job, though, that I was spending too much time on correcting grammar - quite a stickler for that - but the company wanted a much quicker turnaround, even if the report looked like it was typed by a third grader (my opinion) lol.
figured it out and learned something new,....
thanks everyone...this has taken me forever to just get one thing done...thanks.
thanks, learned something today :) (no msg)
I learned it in school
I had to take a class on how to use the software for my schooling. I wondered why it would be useful in medical transcription because it is a program in which you speak and it types and does functions for you. I have never used it now that I have started working. Sorry that didn't really answer your question.
But they have learned it to the point of being
My education is better because I learned on the job.

I paid too much for a crappy program that did even come close to preparing me for real-world medical transcription. 

What I am saying is this, take a medical terminology course and keep studying after the course is over, take a human anatomy and physiology course, and take an English or have demonstrated skills in language usage and grammar, and then get out there and get a job. 

You will learn more on the job then can ever be taught in ANY classroom!  Quite frankly, you could order a medical terminology text book and A&P text books and study on your own and be just as prepared as you would paying $4000, 2000, 1200 or whatever to a school.

And yes, I have trained and QA'd Andrews and MTEC graduates and they have sucked eggs just as much as the next newbie MT. 

Thank you so much! I learned something new today.
I want to add that I learned that it is wiser
to respond to rude comments with irony and sarcasm than with equal rudeness.

I'm 49, confident, learned this 18 years ago on the job, sm
still learning. Looking to get into another profession. Offshoring keeps our wages here low.
I just learned rad after 16 yrs of acute care.
just by having a couple of good reference books and some live body to ask a few questions of has been all that I've needed.  It's different, but like anything else, after a while they're just saying the same things over and over again.  No different than just doing a different specialty in acute care.  I can't imagine needing to go back to school for radiology.  That's overkill.
I learned to spell the European way, too.
cheque, flavour, et cetera I guess JanaRae can spell it any way she wants to, eh? It's not like you're paying her to do it your way, right? Are you her boss? Then leave her alone.
that is awesome! Once again, I learned from this board! Thank you so much!
I printed out the commands!
I learned in a hospital in 1965 (sm)

Believe it or not, there was no spell check back then, no QA - just a supervisor who hired me because I spelled "toxicology" right.  It was the only medical word in the test.  I'm not kidding.  I "learned as I went."  I have been doing this now for 30+ years.  My work very rarely has medical spelling errors in it now.  These newbies nowadays really have it pretty easy, IMO, what with autocorrect and all.  We didn't even have shorthand, or anything like that.  (I'm 59)

she just learned she has breast cancer
did you think about that?
So what?! Millions have learned it, doctors
This has to do with "Millions have learned"post