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Both of my children told me Happy Mother's

Posted By: Wannie on 2006-05-15
In Reply to: My mother's day - chopped liver

Day and one of them gave me a card. My son, soon to be 25, still lives at home and my daughter, soon to be 24, is married and lives a couple of hours away. Just knowing they love me is enough. Every day is Happy Mother's Day to me because of them.

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Checkout lady at Publix told me Happy MD, and I was like, what makes you think I'm a mother? sm
It doesn't bother me, I just found it peculiar to just say it willy-nilly to me just because I'm female and appear to be of child-bearing age. Yet another reason it's a stupid "holiday" that exists only for the retail outlets.
His mother told him that
his own sent was unique and that he smelled like a man. If he smelled only like himself, he would be unique...because he is the only him. I'm paraphrasing...but that was basically what he said she taught him. I drooled too! I have also heard that about deodorant. Oprah said he smelled wonderful!
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day NCMT.  What a wonderful thing for your parents to do for you.  Have a great day!  God is good......:)
Thank you, and Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!
Happy Mother's Day to all !!!! n/m

Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you as well.
Happy Mother's Day from all the staff at MTStars!

You're right. I have a wonderful family...Happy Mother's Day to you too!
I do this job with young children around and neither my job nor children have suffered...
It can be done...
I was told I needed 2 phone lines, but was told I was dialing into the doctors' system. What woul

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Tax guy told me to hold 30%. After first year when got idea what I would be making, he told me
Don't cap happy holiday season. Cap the others and Happy Holidays alone. nm
I told you once, I told you twice, eTransPlus is going down the drain!
Don't expect communication from anyone, we are only little "peons."
Heck, I did not say not to wish her a happy birthday! She deserves a happy birthday.
I was just saying her birthday was on Sunday!! :) Why does everyone always want to read something negative into everything on this board. I certainly did not mean anything negative by it! I was just makin' it known WHEN her birthday was!!
Yes, as mother's we should take the
responsibility. Whether they were married or not is not relevant. Everyone makes poor choices in life. Everyone, married and unmarried, might need help at some point in their life. What difference would it make if my sister in law was married? The courts wouldn't enforce the order anymore than they are now. You say you are all for going after the father, what difference does it make then? They are not held accountable by your government, but you think it is okay to speak against any woman needing help only momentarily because they made a poor choice in life?

I'll give you another example. My mother who was married to my father for 10 YEARS had to get a divorce and take all 4 of us kids with her. My father after 5 years of MARRIAGE started beating her. He then put guns to my brother and my mom. He raped my sister many times before she was ever not scared enough to tell someone. She left as soon as she could get out and took all of us with her. Our government that she paid taxes into her whole life did not once honor the restraining orders, did not honor the court order for child support, and would not provide my sister with counseling at no charge or reduced rate. Do you know why? Because a member of the family committed the crime. Even though the man told my mom that he is aware that most all sexual assault cases occur in the family, but according to the procedures laid out to them by our government, you cannot get assistance if the act occurs in the family. My mother worked 3 jobs. We had to get her out of bed with a broom because she would come up swinging. She drove us all many, many times to counseling and did not get sleep to go to her next job. If our government would have pursued the child support order, if they would have offered her free counseling for my sister so she was not having to pay out of pocket, just a little help for a short period in her life, then she would not have had it so rough, or us so rough during those times. I am sorry, but it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves. On the other hand, our dollars do not go back to our people in the right way. If you think they do or you think that the government should not be held accountable for their lack of assistance or overseeing of the assistance they do give to make sure it is used properly, you are fooling yourself. If you think it is about all for yourself, never have to depend on the government at all in your life for anything, then give us our money back and we surely could do that.

Both of my children, now 23 and 24,
bought their own cars and neither of them had a new car. I don't think it hurt them, either. They both were proud of the fact that they did buy their own cars and I was proud of them, too.
Wow that's a lot! We have 4 children and
we probably will not spend that much on all 4 of them. Glad you can afford it.
May you and your children have the
Merriest Christmas ever!  As the Christmas carol sings "God is NOT dead nor doth He sleep."  I am so happy your children will have Santa Claus this Christmas, and that you feel loved!! That's what Christmas is all about. I thank you...  Merry Blessed Christmas to ALL!
I have 5 children and have had many a
I agree, something for myself would have been neat. My absolute favorite thing was when someone brought me something special, like something they made or had made for my baby. Those are really the things I remember when thinking back on my showers, and the things I still have today.
32/F, three children
And what did your children get?
I definitely think having children has something

Mother's Day
My birthday is on Mother's Day this year. I got myself a present, a ticket to see Rob Thomas in concert in PA. I usually get a combined birthday present/Mother's Day present from my husband and two daughters.
My mother's day
First thing when she got up, my 5-year-old asked "Is it Mother's Day?"  When I said yes, she went to her school backpack, pulled out a little brown bag that says "I love mom" on it, and took out a little sculpture of herself that she made at school. My 18-year-old son spent half the day sleeping, a few hours at his girlfriend's house, stopped at home and gave me the top half of a carnation. I think he pulled it off of his girlfriend's mom's bouquet or something.  My 21-year-old daughter called at 8 tonight and said "Happy Mother's Day. I didn't get you anything. I can get you a card though." I think she basically called to let me know she works tomorrow because I watch my 1-year-old grandson when she works. Oh yeah, my husband and I got in a fight. I'm so close to tears. I can't wait until everyone is bed so I can have a good cry. Am I being too sensitive about the older kids? I don't expect them to spend a bunch on me but they both work, and a $5.00 little flower, an annual or something, or pitching on a hanging basket or something, or even a card..whatever..would have made my day. I don't know. Maybe it's just PMS.
Mother's Day
I'm sorry about those 2 self-asorbed older kids. Just think how much the little one loves you - when a 5-year-old remembers Mother's Day, that's special!

As one of the other posters said, remember this on your kids' birthdays. Turnabout is fair play. If you keep giving to them and doing for them, they will get the message that they can treat you anyway they want.

Personally, I would call them on this, but that is just me. I wouldn't be watching that grandson, I can tell you that.
Does she have other children who can help
relieve some of the care? Does her insurance pay for ANY nursing care? I know what you mean. We were all on shifts as well. Is there a GOOD home she could go to? Even one that isn't a nursing home per se, but adult foster care? My grandmother lived in one. It was very nice and had less than 10 residents and people with various types of needs lived there. My aunts and uncles decided to do this (it was self pay) because they figured if she lived with any one child, that the responsibility probably wouldn't end up being shared by all, and this way they were all responsible for her even though she lived separately from them. Is there a hospice/nursing agency that can offer free or cheap respite care? How about through their church? Even if they could get an evening or a few hours away together, that's a start. They need to preserve their marriage too.
think of your own children if you have any....sm
Would you want them to have to care for you?  All I want for my children is to be happy.  I would never want to put that burden on them and, believe me, it is a burden regardless of how you feel about your parents.  Caring for an ILL elderly parent can be a nightmare.  Caring for an elderly parent is totally different.  I've had to do both and, BTW, so did my parents.  My mother, when in her 50's, now 92, made me promise to never try to have her live with me.  I have done the same with my children.  I do everything I can to help her including bringing her to my home to care for her when she is ill or has had recovery from surgeries.  I don't think the "Waltons" is a realistic plan in this day and age.  If you want to destroy your marriage and stress your children, move your parents into your home. 
Oh gosh! Don't even get me started on mine --- that is another book! lol. Oddly enough the one thing she does approve of is me being here for her son and our children. She has opinions (her own-- not always bright) about everything else I don't do the way "she" would.
my mother-in-law always said
it costs nothing to ask... so give it a shot... susan
My Mother said it does. She said it did not last sm
for her too long, however, it has been almost a year for me, maybe even longer with these palpitations etc. Some days I am great, others not so great. I was walking with a neighbor until she got pregnant but has had the baby now and I think exercise does help the whole situation.
Thank you so much. Please keep my mother in your
prayers.  She is a very sick lady. 
mother ill
If I were you I would move her to Georgia. I would just tell her she needs someone to care for her and I didn't want to uproot my family.
Like a mother, eh??

If you have children under a certain age...
...you can be excused for years from jury duty by submitting a copy of their birth certificates to the court.

Currently, I'm a single parent with 2 kids in elementary school. I have been excused from jury duty twice now; once when I lived in PA and both kids were just babies and again recently excused from serving or being called to serve here in NY for a few more years by submitting a copy of the birth certificate.

The courts will not force a primary caregiver with minor child(ren) to serve as long as you provide them a copy of the birth certificate.

I would think this also applies to anyone who is a sole caregiver of a chronically ill or elderly family member, but you would have to call your courthouse to find out for sure.
We are not children and by that I mean...

we don't have to go crying to the moderator whenever we feel someone is being mean.  I think MT30+'s biggest sin is she's just blunt.  Personally, I appreciate straight forward people.  I don't have time to pick through all the fat to get to the meat.  And, of course, I am one of the blunt people.

I think some need to simply grow up.  You can't spend your life kissing your perceived boo boos and tattling on the "bullies."  Momma always said the only way to get rid of a bully, is to stand your ground and take your lumps.  And don't hold a grudge.  Just move on. 

My mother.
She was the transcriber (that's what we were called back then) for a 10-man (yes, they were all men) multispecialty group. She needed help, so the summer I was 16, she dragged me in kicking and screaming and made me help her. I could type and spell and I had passed high school biology; what more was needed?
I just saw mother on Dan Abrams

It sounds like her Aruban attorney is embarrassed by her outburst, in particular calling the two brothers who were released criminals.  They are saying it was "an emotional outburst" with no information to back up the accusation.  In the meantime, Beth Twitty did not forget her shiny pearlescent eye makeup, under eye cream and false eyelashes for the press conference in which she had the "emotional outburst" asking other countries to disregard facts that the Arubian government had no basis to keep these brothers in jail and released them and not accept these "criminals" (emotional outburst no facts per attorney) in their country.  

Someone should take Beth (eyelashes) Twitty home and get her a nice antidepressant and a Southern Comfort cocktail.



children and nitwits
You still don't get it. No matter how old they get, they are still your children but I no longer have the right to make their decisions for them. If your comprehension was good enough, you would have known that as they left my home and started their own lives, I had no further voice in what they did, but until that day, I did have a voice in what they did as far as consequences of bad decisions is concerned. If I am paying for the roof over your head and the food on the table, I do have a say. And being 18 does not make you an adult, nor does 30 or 80. When your child can make good sound decisions about their life and how their decisions impact on others, then you've done a good job. Your silly little cartoon characters in your messagee show that you do not have a command of the English language and I am done with this discussion because it is too complicated for you to understand. I think you probably had your nose and ears pierced too many times and too deeply.
Not everyone is here to "love" your children. SM

I dont expect day care to "love" my children.  Geez.  I expect them to care for them and watch them when I cannot be there. 

I do have to say, however that the day care my kids are in is a close-knit community.  The staff is very friendly and really get involved with each kid individually to some extent.  Everybody knows everybody, even though it is a fairly large day care.  There is a younger toddler room, an older toddler room, an intermediate room, and a pre-K room.  As well as a big room for before-school and after-school programs for the bigger kids. 

All of the kids in my children's classes are really close.  We all celebrate B-days together and even get invited to Christmas parties and all kinds of nice things.   They throw lots of events around the holidays.  They even have a mom's night out at the day care once a year.  It is like a little community.  They have lots of safety speakers coming in and educated the kids on what to do during an emergency.  I dont see why my kids would not benefit from being a part of something like this. 

It is a great thing to be a part of.  They treat you like family.  I do understand that not all day cares are the same.  I went on a lot of tours of local day cares and I picked this one because I could pick up on the vibe that this was not your oridinary day care.  They are just such great people.  I can honestly say that I love them all.  I love the friends that my kids made and I have grown to love their families and also the teachers.  They are all truly a wonderful bunch. 

Saw my mother-in-law's couch LOL

not her mother's choice
Glitter eyemakeup? False eyelashes? What channel are you watching? Maybe you should put on a pair of glasses, and maybe then you would have seen her crying. I think the arubans investigation stinks and so does their goverment.YOUR THE LOON, NOT BETH TWITTY.
So I don't care for my children because I
choose to work my job. Because I choose to be done with work at 5 and not have to work all night as my children play at my feet. Your absolutely right! That makes me a horrible mother. I mean wanting to give them the social graces, the ability to interact with other children and spend the evening with them without my computer in their face--what a bad mommy I am!
many people can be a mother sm
but it takes someone special to be a mom! Don't sacrifice yourself because of her.  Take a break, you're worth it! God bless you!
Toxic mother
I had to distance myself from my mother too. Don't feel bad. Think of it as doing something nice for yourself.

Now that I have grown daughters I have a problem I don't know how to solve. I don't want to be negative or judgmental towards my children, but they dress in sloppy, slutty clothes and I overhead some people joking about them because of it. I want to tell them to be more presentable but I don't want it to sound like I'm criticizing them or rejecting them. What do I do?
Mother volunteers is NOTHING new at all....
I was a child in the 1960s/early 70s and in grade school almost ALL mothers were at home.  I remember half the school walking or riding their bikes home for lunch.  We always had a room mother and mothers were involved in all sorts of things like PTA, fall carnivals, library, etc.  However, they probably weren't the overbearing "my kid can do no wrong" type of parents we have today.  In my childhood the world was different, you could ride your bike, skate without body armour, climb trees, and fall down and bust your arm in your friend's yard and your parents didn't sue them (happened to me at age 9).  It's just a different worlds now.
I was trying to be nice. Even to children like you

I was only asking an honest question.

I didn't realize there were children posting on this board.

My son is only 15, but he is fortunate enough to have parents that want to help him so that he will not end up being an eternal bitter child, such as those whose parents obviously haven't bothered to realize that there was a possibilty of their child becoming a total waste of time.

And speaking of wasting time, I'm doing just that. And you should be going upstairs to check on your parents.

I believe it is important for children too..
That does still does not mean that since you made a mistake in your life that you are not entitled to the same rights as everyone else. Could've, should've, would've. We can point fingers and tell people what they should have done, but the fact is, they have rights like everyone else. Of course you tend to do better financially when you do things in the right order. Life does not always work like you want it to though. I myself got pregnant while on BC with a man I had been with for 4 years. I had my son before I got married. We got married when he was less than a month old. He was our only witness. We have since had another child. I have never been on assistance, but I am lucky enough that we have been able to work out our problems and keep our marriage intact. If I could do it all over again, I would have waited, of course. We have struggled quite a bit by having kids so young. Life just doesn't always work out how you want it to though. I want my daughter to get married first and then have children, as do all mothers. Those are things I will teach her too.