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I think you sound self absorbed to feel you deserve gifts. Being a mother is selfless. nm

Posted By: R on 2006-05-15
In Reply to: Yep - I agree - your kids should know better... - Maybe you didn't push enough guilt over time..


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Your mother has given you some sound advice....

I thought I'd be smart and not "marry my father."  I found men who were totally different from him.  Or so I thought.  Outwardly, you could not compare the two.  There were many things that seemed different.  But in the end, most of them ended up being narcissistic control freaks with mean streaks a mile wide on their backs.

Listen to your mother.

You sound like my mother! She asks me that every time I tell
Sorry!!! :-)
Good for you! You sound like a very nice and generous person and you deserve all your good luck! nm
I'm not self-absorbed at all
in fact, in this family I am at the bottom of the totem pole, always have been, and it's fine with me. I give my family everything. I don't expect gifts. I expect acknowledgement on the one stupid day a year that "they" set aside for me to get it. I'm sorry if that sounds self-absorbed. I work 7 days a week. I do all the cooking. I do all the laundry. I do all the cleaning. I babysit my grandson 5-6 days a week. I tell my kids I love them everyday. When my son walks up to me and wants to talk, I stop what I'm doing and I talk.  My oldest daughter has brought me such heartache for years, has said things to me that you wouldn't believe and that I could never post here, and yet I still scrape the little extra grocery money I have to help her pay the debts she has run up. I don't go out. I don't spend money on myself.  I love being a mom and I love my family. What is wrong with expecting a simple "Happy Mother's Day"....without it being followed by "I didn't get you anything but I can get you a card"...when the call comes at 8 o'clock that night...and when that call was basically to let me know I needed to pick up the baby the next morning. 
don't attack her re self absorbed....sm
From a very early age, all kids understand deals and contracts.  Mom wants something done....kids want things - it becomes a deal.  I've had 150% success with this understanding over 25 years.  Being a mom may be a selfless situation, but success CAN be gleaned with deals and contracts. 
It's called being an inconsiderate self-absorbed idiot
they don't realize how irritating it is for someone to have to listen to that crap. They just don't care.
Deserve it?

Then every American who is displaced by fire, tornado or whatever disaster ALSO deserves it.  I'm all for HELPING people get back on their feet.and help whomever whenever I can but I feel no obligation to help anyone who by their own choice lives off the government.    People who lived off the govt before the hurricane will just go back to what they've always done (excluding disabled, eldlerly and infirm) and those who have always taken care of themselves will go back to doing what they've always done.

You re correct in all you say about the govt.  If we, as individuals, handled our finances like the govt, they would call us bankrupt and I expect this country to be bankrupt in the not too distance future.

No flames please, it's just my opinion.


you could say what I deserve
That is utterly judgmental, wrong and rude. 
Well you deserve a sm

 too for experiencing that.  I can understand as I've had a similar type week.  It just keeps "getting better" NOT!!

Since you MIGHT get paid Friday, maybe you should hold your next batch of work and let her know you MIGHT send it Friday, then again you MIGHT not.   I know, but it would be nice, wouldn't it? 


I don't think what you are asking is too far off from what you deserve.
The worst they can do is come back with a lower counter offer at which time you can make a decision. Good luck to you!
You go, girl! He does not deserve
the patronage of any sensible person.
they deserve the 2,000 from govt
Do you keep track what is happening to our tax money for Iraq?  Halliburton?  FEMA?  Homeland Security Dept?  How much do we pay each politician and do they work 8 hours or more a day?  Did they check with the tax payer when they went on a months paid vacation?  Our taxes also pay for politicians health plans.  Dont worry you wont feel it, you will continue to pay the same taxes.  These people were displaced, due to a major screw up, either local, state or federal govt..The investigation will tell.  In the meantime, they no longer have jobs, escaped with the clothes on their bodies, they have no money.  The govt is now their employer until they can get new jobs and homes.  Do you tell your employer what you do with each paycheck?  Well, they shouldnt have to either.  They werent asking for hand outs, then the hurricane and levee broke.  It is not their fault, they are victims..It is the govts fault, either local, state or federal.  Buy alcohol?  LOL, I think I would buy them a beer after all they have gone through and still are going through.  Our tax money is wasted every day by the govt, give aways, pay offs, pork, mismanagement.  At least I know my tax money is going to human beings that are in dire need.  God help them all to get over this preventable tragedy.
They deserve the comments
Disagree. MTs deserve to know what is
and if what YOU say is true, you deserve an
We certainly deserve more respect than that!

First decide exactly what it is you want and believe you deserve. SM
Have some facts ready to back up your position...time spent, mileage estimates if you are doing any driving as part of it, additional skills you have had to develop (for example, using or building spreadsheets, drafting user requirements, implementation plans, project management software, report design, team leadership skills, etc.). Then you might casually broach the subject while giving a progress report to your boss and if he/she seems at all receptive, suggest scheduling a one-on-one session when you can go into more detail. Don't worry about not having a degree. I was a senior project manager for 8 years with a large insurance company without a degree. The very least you can expect is to be taken off of the production part of your job until the project is complete (assuming you are putting in 8-hour days on the project). Good luck!
deserve it (was cut off). I am happy for you!
I have watched some of you extraordinary people that just fly on dictation. I am a middle of the roader, plodder so to speak.
no doubt we deserve more
Hi other Emily!! :)

I took a look at my own medical records and was apalled at the medical errors and mistakes in the reports... There should be some standard in this industry! I work my ass of and have 98-99% accuracy for the past 10 years and it is disappointing to see what they are willing to accept to save some money. If the average person knew that their medical records were not being done with the quality and care that I make myself give... I think most would be upset. Maybe I'm crazy... but I know this as well, not EVERYONE can be a transcriptionist! This is a skilled trade and I am definitely feeling unappreciated lately, but obviously there is little we can do about it.

About your own company, I am an IC, and I just asked for a raise (i should have just stated it) but either way they aren't taking it. I was underbid by 2 cents a line and they, I'm sure, will go with them even though they "want to keep me". I feel angry that there isn't some standard that we are set forth and that we all have. Then again, it's all gonna go to voice response at some point, and only editors will then be needed. It's time for a career change, it's just a sobering thought and I'm not ready to do it...
Good luck with what you decide
P.S. - Not saying I don't work hard and don't deserve
good money but I just mean that you've got to have some incentive to work as hard as you have to work to get through medical school in order to have people willing to do it.
You're welcome, and you deserve the compliment. (sm)
Effective writing isn't all about long, fancy words, or even about proper spelling & punctuation (as the Grammar Police would like us to believe), it's about GETTING THE POINT ACROSS. And you do that 200%.
And why do we think that we deserve to live better than other people?

This country is plagued with consumerism and lots of people don't seem to know when enough is enough. We have garages for our cars and other stuff when people in other parts of the world don't even have anything close to our garages to live in. No where have I read that only Americans are entitled to all these luxuries that we seem to think we can't live without. (Having food, clothing, shelter and clean drinking water is considered a luxury in many parts of the world, so please don't use that as a bully pulpit.)

I, too, am tired of this argument! 

of course...you may not get it but you deserve it (small mess)
You mention annual and cost of living raises, what about incentive raises. Anything not in your job description should constitute some type of compensation.

If no money, at least get this on your resume and added to your personnel file, yes?

go for it because if they say no you know where you stand. knowing where you stand can be important. if you do not ask you will never know and you may start feeling resentful.

just my opinion...

they certainly would not let you go or anything, right? perhaps you could ask for a review with your manager (something in writing) and then go for it ?
Why I deserve more money and better treatment as an MT...

I do NOT transcribe "medial sonoscopy."  

Good Lord.   

I think MTs deserve to have QA who know their stuff. QA should be more qualified than an average MT
QA specialists are specialists in the field. Of course there are new things learned every day, but a good QA person KNOWS that melena is different than melanotic...it is a given. There are certain things you have to know and that is one of them.

Many companies *think* they can just hire anyone for QA and call them QA and that is why so many ads you see say they pay 3 cents a line, etc.

QA staff should have megayears of experience in MT as well as at least 3 years of experience doing straight QA with the mentoring factor involved also.

All companies owe this to their MTs and if you are getting less, you are not getting what you deserve from your employer.
I have no problem helping people who deserve it
I welcome anyone from there who has gotten up in the morning and worked like the rest of us and was hit with an unfortunate run of bad luck, but when I see people taking TV's out of stores, shooting at the EMT's who are trying to help people, and crapping all over the Astrodome, no thanks.  I don't want them in my city or even on my planet.
Splurge and stay at the Atlantis. You two deserve this!

Seems to me I always give to the accounts and my IC's and I do get a bonus from one of my accounts but I have yet to receive anything from my IC's but I am sure anything would be appreciated.   Even cookies or candy would be appreciated as I rarely have the time.




Good stuff <G>

I used to send bagel baskets and coffee
I'm 50ish and every year my older brother sends me a gift certificate for Victoria's Secret.  That way he doesn't have to worry about style, color, size, etc, and he knows I wouldn't normally shop there.   They have clothing, but also large assortment of perfumes, lotions, etc that are very nice.  Can't think of a single woman I know that would not like that.  It's a fun place to shop if you're not spending your "own" money....
I agree with something they wouldn't get for themselves. If you know shops near where they live, a manicure is always nice, I never do this for myself because I'm always on the computer and think I'm "not worth it" but boy, does it feel good and they're only $12 at the local shops popping up all over the place. Lotions are great but some "smells" bother people, have to be careful there. Local mall certificates are great, that way they can pick a store but if they have kids, they'll probably spend it on them. Good luck, what a nice brother you are! How about a nice scarf, they are in all prices and sizes.
yes. I have gotten a bonus from my company every christmas and I also sent a gift to the *office* last year for anyone who worked there. I don't know their personal home addresses, and probably don't want to, so just sent it to the office. I sent a combination of items from Popcorn Factorym but I am opting for chocolate this year! lol
Christmas gifts
I don't know your sisters, but if they are practical like I am, they might enjoy receiving a flowering plant (something to enjoy for months/years to come).
Also, with the price of gas as high as it is, a "gas card" would be nice. Or maybe a phone card for cell phone 'minutes'. How about a maid for a day? (I would love for someone to clean my windows for me.) Well now that you know what I want for Christmas, I will just sit back and wait . . . ;)
Girl gifts

Girls are so easy to shop for b/c we love everything! lol

Yes, bath & body works are great but if you are like me, then you already have a year's supply left over from previous gifts so i would actually pass on the bath sets.

I think that every girl, no matter what type of personality, loves being pampered at the spa. A nice massage or mani/pedi combo is best. I wouldn't give a facial though b/c some women don't like them (they are not good for sensitive skin) Or if you don't want to do the spa, how about a gift cert to her favorite hair salon?

Then of course, every gal loves any type of jewelry! Or if they already have a lot of jewelry, how about a new jewelry box or stand?

And don't forget technology! A new cell phone or a digi cam. Or if they already have both, new accessories for the phone or digi cam.

Want more ideas? How about a movie-themed gift? you could do a gift card for the local cinema, or buy some of their fav movies on DVD and include a small throw blanket & some microwave popcorn so they will have everthing they need to snuggle up this winter & watch a nice movie.

Then there are always gift cards to their fav restaurants, or you could get them tickets to a local theater show, or tickets to a wine-tasting event.  as i mentioned earlier, girls are easy to shop for! i am sure they will love anything you get them this holiday!

happy holiday shopping!!

We get gifts every year. sm
This year was a little candy jar full of goodies with the company name & logo on it. Not much but it is something.

For Xmas we got copies of the QuickLook Drug Book. Every year at least something.

No, I don't think MT week will go away - it is written into law and signed by Pres Reagan back in the 1980s.
grad gifts

I think that it varies throughout the country and the circumstances.


My husband and I are on a budget so we don't spend much.  For his great-nieces and nephews, we send a card with gift certificates for fast food restaurants and it is for 5 bucks.  Might not sound like much to many but they seem to appreciate it and we feel better not breaking the bank.  He has a huge family and to do more would be tough.

Graduation gifts

What is the going rate for a graduation gift?  It is the granddaughter of an acquaintance of ours.

Outdoor gifts
Such as concrete statuary for flower beds.  Even a beautiful flowering shrub that celebrates every year with them.  Now is the time to plant shrubs and trees so that would be great if they have a home and not an apartment. 
Gifts to doctors
St. Jude's Childrens Hospital sends a nice card if you donate money in their name. I think it would make the doctor feel wonderful and you are doing a great thing, everyone benefits. That's what I think is a great gift for someone who is a professional. Look them up on the Web.
I also make many gifts throughout the year....
and spend alittle on the grandkids. This year I'm making a collage of pictures of my mom and dad (both deceased) for my sister, and my 3 sons. Friends get baked goodies and candies.

Grandkids will each get a toy (yes "A" toy), and a couple of small books (I'm the "Book Gran"). I'll make stocking for my 3 sons, my DIL and my 3 grandkids, just trinkets, etc that I find at the dollar store, and fruit and candies (like M&M's). And that's it.

Christmas isn't about GIFTS, its about love, hope, and faith.
Most industries do not gives gifts or bonuses...
I would be happy if I got something from my company, but I would not be upset it I didn't.
Shopping - yes, making gifts - no
I still have pictures to frame and pillows to finish sewing and stuffing.
Good for you for homemade gifts
I at least try to make my cards each year.  It's nice to put a little homemade into the holidays.  By the way, I'm done.
One of the greatest gifts I have are my parents.
My father is a very strong Christian man. He worked hard all our lives and provided a living well enough that allowed my mother to stay home with us.

He took us to church, structured rules for us as teenagers, and loved us fiercely.

As I grew up and got married, I found my husband to be completely incapable of providing for me as my father (and mother) did. While it left me confused for quite a while, I finally realized that no man was worth my time or energy unless he could take care of me as well as or better than my father did and that I do.

I am shocked and hurt at the number of stories I hear from others everywhere about their lack of a wonderful family and childhood.

Honestly, I feel like I am the most blessed person I know considering my family, my children, and where I am in life.

My father gave me strength, discipline, a love for truth and self responsibility, and most importantly the key to knowing God.

I think I would just note "no gifts please".
Nor would I ever suggest only money be given.

If this is Spheris, they said the gifts were held up in
MQ gave out some really extraordinary gifts!
Christmas bonuses/gifts

Two questions: Do you receive any Christmas bonus or gift from your company, and do you give your company or team leader anything?  I was just curious. This is my first year to be working at home, as I have always worked in-house.  That was always the "fun" of working in the hospital -- the gift exchanging and Christmas parties!!!


gifts of pounding the pavement with
After several months of debating, I want to get out there and see if I can acheive my goal of trying to get accounts of my own.  Does outdoes anyone have any cool ideas of little gifts to leave along with my cards at doctors offices? Thanks a bunch!   
Did they register for gifts at cerain places? That