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I would be hurt too (sm)

Posted By: anony on 2006-05-15
In Reply to: My mother's day - chopped liver

But I would not let them know it. When FD rolls around would not do anything for your DH and I would 'play-down' the birthdays of the older children when they come around... Sounds like this might not be the first time and time they tasted their own medicine... don't hold onto the hurt or anger - let it go for your sake and you don't need to be mean - but at 18 and 21 they are old enough to take responsibility for their behavior!!

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What does it hurt you if this is
on the word board? Nobody is forcing you to read the post, and especially to reply. If you can't be nice, butt out!!! What a rip!!!
I don't think it would hurt
The same thing happened to a friend of mine who questioned the company after failing her test.  There was a glitch in the computer, and she got hired!
Can't hurt to ask.
When I first started hospital stuff I did H&P and DS and then added in the OP notes and then every other type of note under the sun.
I got spanked when I was a kid and it never hurt me.
Then when I had children (they're grown now0, they got spanked, too, and it never hurt them. It usually was a last straw, but sometimes it was necessary, and they are none the worse for it, either. However, each of us is entitled to our own opinion and entitled to raise our children the way we see fit as long as we raise them in a loving home.
My neck does hurt too...but...
my wrists usually get super sore when I STOP typing, I guess from not using them so much. If I take a weekend off, I am in severe pain with them, usually the brace works or taking ibuprofen, but now the brace doesn't fit. Thanks for your help!! I have actually thought about trying acupuncture, someone I know did that and they don't have any back pain at all after some sessions, supposed to be covered by my insurance too. Thanks again for your help!
I have the Panasonic behind the ear one, but they hurt.
Waaaaa. I'm looking in to those big ones like we used to use in the 70's with our stereo systems. Does anyone use them?
Whatever. Nothing to hurt and I'm not ashamed.
But it doesn't hurt to try!!!
It certainly can't hurt anything to call, but...
He may think swallowing water caused it, but I bet he was yelling and having fun and got hoarse. If he's not sick by the time you're reading this, he's just fine.
Try a new keyboard -it can't hurt sm
Sounds like common sense but it was something I had not thought of before. I have been using the Dell standard keyboard since I got my new PC 2 years ago-have always used whatever keyboard that came with my new PCs. My hands were starting to hurt so I tried a Kinesis-didn't work. Too long of a learning curve for me. That's on the back burner for when I have more time. So I bought a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 on sale at Walmart for 20 bucks last week and my production has gone up 20% just in that little time. It seems the keys are lighter and I don't have to push as hard on them.
It couldn't hurt
I get paid by the page. I actually can make more money per hour doing tapes than I can as an MT, it's just unreliable. I've gone almost a month without tapes a few times.
I would think some do, wouldn't hurt to
send them out to them too.
DEA prays to hurt
"I'm going to start doing my part from my side of the country. I pray everybody else will do theirs!"

What kind of Prayer is this where you want to hurt others? Who do you pray to? Satan? You seem to have plenty of unproductive time at hand. No or little MT work? Then why do you not sleep during the day and work overnight to stop outsourcing, as Laurie says? That would be a more productive way to contributing to achieving your objective of curtailing outsourcing. Not to forget, cut your demand for line rate too as the dollar is weakening in the international market, which is contributing to increase in the cost of living.
OUCH! Bet that hurt!!

What side do you hurt on with appendicitis?

I don't think it would hurt to post a resume - hey,
you never know. If you're not happy where you are, keep your options open and post the resume!
So what's it hurt to sign it just in case?
call and ask for a label. What would it hurt?
If they say they do not do that, send it cheap. If they do, it only cost you the dime for the call.

When I left KS a few months back, they did not mention it but when I asked, they sent Fed Ex to pick it up.

When I left DR to go back to KS, DR made me pay for it but at least I asked.

Would not hurt to try
Oh, owie! That hurt. You cut me to the core with that one.
NOT!!!!  I don't care what you use as a resource, but I've been assigned the most difficult accounts at my job with 100% on QA scores.  Why is that?  Hmm, because I don't leave blanks when I can't find a term in a book.  Instead, I find it on the Internet.  I've been praised for that ability, too.
Nope, you saw right and I saw previews where they get hurt a lot.
You've really hurt my feelings - NOT
Transcribing for 20, only at home 1.5, but now I hurt. sm

I just started with pain in my left little finger. I do my CTS exercises, finger stretches and now I wear a left hand splint to bed. It helps a lot as I have a tendency to curl my left hand up under my neck when I'm sleeping.

I wear Smart Gloves when I type and they really help a lot. I misplaced them for about a month when we changed rooms around and that's when the finger started to hurt. It's better now and not really painful, just annoying and it's only the one finger.

I guess I can't be too bad off for an oldMT.


Their ignorance doesn't hurt me

as much as the ignorance of people who should know better - like our "supervisors" etc.  The only answer to nurses or anybody else who thinks like them is to give them a test tape and let them "have at it".  That's usually a good eye opener, or mind opener.


Couldn't hurt to ask for a new pair
Couldn't hurt to ask right?  That's my motto.   Another motto of mine:  Tis better to run over a pair of $14.97 headsets than a R100.00 pair... JMTOU (just made that one up).  LOL
Careful, you will hurt your shoulder.
1 out of every 15 kids hurt because of error on MR
MSN has an article that 1 out of every 15 kids who are hospitalized are hurt or die because of prescription errors in the medical record!  Something happened to a child of Dennis Quaid and he and his wife have raised awareness of how important it is that correct dosages be placed on the medical record for patients.  I guess this would not just apply to the doctor saying it clearly and correctly, but to us typing it correctly.  Our job is not just typing, as you can see here.  What we put will definitely have an impact on the patient.  I was amazed when I saw how high the mortality rate is because of what is on the medical record. A good wake up call, I think!
Why so bitter?? Does the truth hurt? nm
His mandatory EHR will hurt MT's. If you dont
it was a USPO MO, but it can't hurt to check I suppose, thanks for the tip. - nm

It probably wouldn't hurt. He's a real nice guy.

Without repercussions? You get to cause anger and hurt and probably make some
innocent people sob their eyes out. Boy, are you a monster, or what? No repercussions. 
An older one...The Doctor with William Hurt...
Has anyone seen this one? It was actually really, really good...I also love Urban Cowboy...I like older movies....
OR, instead of being funny, it could hurt patient care.
A 2-day strike will not hurt patient care
it will give the physicians something to think about when they have to hand write their STAT H&P for patient's surgery tomorrow.
I've got one, but the cyst itself doesn't hurt -
the osteoarthritis underneath it in my wrist is what hurts. In years past, I could simply give it a rest and wrap it with a compressive wrap, like an Ace bandage, for a while, and it would go away. But now I think I'm stuck with it, as I think the arthritis underneath it has caused to reappear. My dad wanted to hit it with a book when I was in my 20's, but I wouldn't let him! Went to a doc, and he said I could:
a) Leave it alone, or
b) Hit it with a book.

I chose 'a' !!!
It wouldn't hurt to talk to some MTSOs
Tell them your experience and they just might have a position that you could fill. I don't think you could be a medical editor, because it isn't just terminology you need to know, it is templates, styles and formatting, HIPAA and JCAHO regulations...a lot of information that you need to know in order to edit the jobs.

There are plenty of other jobs that they could probably use the help of a clinician.

I would compose a nice cover letter like you have above and tell them what you are trying to do. None of us are in your shoes, so we can't really say if you'll be successful, but it sure can't hurt.

Good luck to you. (P.S. I envy your opthalmology word skills - that's still my toughest specialty!) Best of luck with your new practice!!
I hope I didn't hurt your feelings - I'm sure

you'll be able to clean it up - I do that sometimes, too - I have my own way of working where I sometimes leave a s/l in a spot so I can go back and listen - I've even had the report accidentally go to the client like that because I hit the wrong key before I fixed the report!

Anyway, did you listen for the "cranial nerves" part?

I woke up to -18 degrees this morning - it hurt to breathe outside! nm
I just hurt my back and I want to head it off at the pass. Any suggestions? SM

I was helping my son carry a dresser up a flight of stairs and I was standing on the upper stair lifting my side up from a position above the dresser and I pulled something in my left low back and now I'm feeling it.  I new I did it because I felt the pain immediately upon lifting.  I took a handful of ibuprofen and I now have my heating pad on my back, but I wonder is there other things I can do to keep it from ruining my weekend!  I was planning on going shopping with my neices tomorrow for homecoming dresses and I can't be hobbling around the mall!


My back and legs hurt my entire shift ! n/m


I have a pair of the earbuds (cheap ones) and they hurt my ears.
I couldn't wear them very long.
No my elbow doesn't hurt, I think you missed the point.
Once I helped someone I didn't smirk, smile, and pat myself on the back, or bend my elbow. What I did was get on with daily living. Helping people comes in all forms, not necessarily in money form, maybe just smiling at someone who is sad or having a bad day, people have done that for me. Maybe not kicking the dog when you have a bad day, things like that. Not too complicated. Just what we are supposed to do if we are raised right.
It certainly couldn't hurt! Makes sense to prepare
Could only help, right?
Oh, geez! My cheeks hurt from laughing. That was pretty good!

Yeah, but good times or bad, people still get sick, hurt
I do mainly pediatric oncology, orthopedics and GI, and it seems to be increasing, not slowing down.
Yeah, cant hurt to ask. I've worked in a similiar situation and I have never been turned down for
Just give him what you have told us..increase in work and wonder if your salary could be adjusted accordingly. Getting a raise from a private doctor is way easier than a national transcription company, let me tell you. Good luck.
Tired of typing 8 hours stright everyday..my hands hurt!

I can't take much more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My job makes me work an 8 hour shift straight.  My hands are so sore and tired. 

I hate my life right now.