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I had a fabulous weekend starting with dinner on Friday night..sm

Posted By: Very lucky also on 2006-05-15
In Reply to: Lucky Ones - IC

My birthday was Saturday so I didnt lift a finger the whole weekend. My husband and three daughters took care of me all weekend! I didnt have to cook, clean or chase after any kids. Also, hubby got me the new stove, frige, and dishwasher that I have been wishing for forevery now! Havent had new appliances in years and years and years!! Couldnt have asked for a better weekend!

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Friday Night--What's For Dinner?
At this point, I am thinking... order out! I need some inspiration.
Fabulous! Enjoy your children and a great new weekend w/o stress! nm
It is FRIDAY - Pizza night! nm
Monday night- Friday, and either Saturday or Sunday, or both -sm
I usually goof off Saturday (or do very minimal work Friday night and Saturday) and then regret it and have have about 130 minutes to do on Sunday, does not make for a fun day.
I started with 310 minutes of work on Friday night- sm
talk about being tied to the computer all weekend. Have 131 minutes for Monday's work, fun, so have a busy day ahead! I was basically off the last week in December so it is nice to make up for lost wages.
Congratulations! Melanie P. of Ohio on winning the weekend warrior dinner!
Please email admin@mtstars.com with your choice of gift card and full mailing address and we will ship it out immediately!
Actually MTs were complaining about the situation this weekend with Amherst so they are starting to
complain at the other site.
One weekend night every week. Since we both
it's our treat to ourselves.
The only way I'd make what a man wanted for dinner every night....
......would be if that man made $200,000 or more a year and I didn't have to work, period. ; )
I was here all weekend and only had trouble for a short period last night. nm
isn't off peak meaning night/weekend and therefore would not count toward the 450? nm
No never, I'd procrastinate if it was on. My husband comes in the bedroom at night after dinner,
and turns on the TV, the minute he leaves (generally after watching it for 5 minutes) I turn it off, otherwise it would just be on and he'd be at the other end of the house  watching TV in the LR, waste of electric and distracts me to no end. But I can relate with getting motivated, I am not as devoted as I should be but plan to really get serious in the Fall when school starts up again. I had planned to buckle down this year but life did not let that happen unfortunately. For now I plan to just work late, get up early.....the kids do not allow much work during the Summer, at least not all day.....I can squeeze 2-4 hours in during the day but it can be tough. Just do the best you can.
Or after a boring weekend when working at a hospital someone asks "How was your weekend?" and

After finally switching my schedule to all weekend, every weekend
Seems like that's the only way I could get work with my MTSO. So, I do it. I am to the point where I will pretty much jump if they say hop,so I can feed my family. I would say it's sad, but I am actually glad to even have work and a decent check again. I am giving up a lot working every single weekend and days at the end and beginning of the week, but its daily work!
fabulous :)
and yummy. good luck.

The problem I have is I don't know what interests me and I hate school!!! :)
I think that is simply fabulous
I am jewish, so I try to find a job that I am capable of doing and volunteer to work for them on Christmas Day
Speak for yourself. I have fabulous conditions
with my present employer and have had the entire 3 years I've been there.

Conditions are NOT deplorable for all MTs -- only when you accept those conditions are they present.

While we don't need to assume responsibility for turnover costs, it's no wonder companies don't want to give some the time of day. They want MTs who have a proven track record of dedicated length of service, production, and quality and who are interested in doing that again.

It DOES cost to hire -- and that does NOT mean necessarily the actual training of an experienced MT but includes HR personnal to interview/process you, the time others have to cover while you learn your accounts, etc.

If you're a responsible person at all, you'd have a better attitude than the one you just posted.
Fantasia was fabulous compared to others...nm
MQ has fabulous prizes being given away all week!
Very happy!!
This is a FABULOUS attitude for a newbie:)
You will be a wonderful, high-quality, high-producing Transcriptionist one day. I mean that...you have the attitude and work ethic to take you far in this field (or any for that matter). Kudos to you:-)
I saw HOWIE last night on a late night episode of Blind Date. too funny.
I'm thinking if they are smart they'll boot Rachel.  I think she's really smart and a good player.  I don't think Howie is all that smart or able to be a winner.  I think this could force Howie to hook up with James to go for the final 2.
I am currently working all weekend every weekend.
I get so burnt out although I do have work on the weekends, and then there is nobody home or friends to do things with during the week because they are all working or at school. I really dislike this schedule a lot. Plus I never get to do anything on the weekends or plan for anything while everyone else is off. I wouldn't mind 1 day every weekend but 2 days plus Friday is really doing me in. Good luck to you whatever you decide. Do think long-term, because when I decided to go for this kind of schedule, I did not consider the repercussions of long-term every weekend day and Friday.
The last 2 shows were fabulous. Can't wait to see next week's!

Leslie's WATP videos are fabulous (sm)
I use these and when I do them faithfully...WOW! What a difference in that tummy fat and overall toning is incredibly fast! Yoga is also a gentle and wonderful way to tone up, destress, and get in touch with your body/mind self. Good luck!!
Trailer Fabulous is on MTV tonight at 10 where they makeover trailers.
A glimpse into the real trailer parkers. Really they makeover real trailers for real trailer park residents.
I think Chris is fabulous as long as I like the song he sing, LOL
The Queen one tonight was over the line for me, though I'm sure he did it well for those who enjoy a song like that.
Paula Deen is fabulous! I love her recipes and
the way she ooohs and ahhhs when she takes a bite of one of her dishes.  Makes you just wish YOU were the one taking that bite!  See the HomeTalkCafe cooking forum for some fun.  http://www.hometalkcafe.com or click the link below.
gal friday
I think Joe Friday had one on Dragnet (Friday night viewing from the 50's.)
Yep, this Friday I am getting my
check from them. I am a happy girl.
It's taco night! (again.....) We had taco pizza last night, southwestern chicken soup before th
Maybe I'll just have a salad.
I couldn't get it friday either.
Happy Friday!!
I have an endo account, which has a lot of lab terms!  It probably would be easier, but my doc has a thick accent (spanish)  Its definitely not the easiest, just my opinion!  Best of luck, if you go with endocrinology.
Buy Nothing Day (Black Friday)
movement started in the Pacific Northwest, so I celebrate Buy Nothing Day by buying nothing. 
8:37 p.m. (friday the 13th)
McDonald's...it's Friday and I

LOL !!!! Happy Friday ! nm
I'm on my way to Vegas Friday! Thanks for your help and..sm
have loads of fun on your trips!  Nothing better than working from home and being able to travel, so lucky we are!
This is my Friday SCREAM!!!! sm
I have had a terrible week that just keeps on "getting better" over here.

I don't to talk about it, it would take hours. I just wanted to scream. Mercury must be in retrograde, the moon might be full, SOMETHING is out of alignment.

If you want to scream too, DO IT. It won't help much, but it gets it out.
Where I work if it is done on Friday, before 5 pm - sm
then it is due back Saturday within 24-hours of it being dictated, i.e. 3pm Friday is due back by 3pm Saturday. If it is dictated after 5 then it is due back by Monday 8am. In theory Sunday work is not due back until Tuesday 8am but when it does happen (which is rare) I try to get it in on Monday or my whole schedule gets messed up.
That's it! Thank you so much Kim! Happy Friday! NM
I do this on both Thursday and Friday . . .

Do you do this every night or just on Fridays? If it's just on Fridays, probably not (nor would I probably even be aware of it).

Thursdays as well, since the work that comes in after 5 isn't due until Monday morning.

Hospitals have a rhythm. Does your way of ensuring turnaround mean that almost every job you have is over 10 minutes, leaving all the 1 and 2 minute 'nuisance' reports in the queue? Do all the ops remain in the queue (I'm a fan of the work type, but not everybody is)? I'm reaching annoyance stage.

I get both long and shorter jobs.

Again with the rhythms- Are there particularly egregious dictators that you get to essentially ignore because they're morning birds while Dr. Chatty Easylines and Dr. Joe Makinbigbucks routinely dictate 1500 lines, which for them entails a total of 4 hours of typing combined) at about 7:00 each evening. Yeh, now I'm PO'd.

All the dictators on this particular account have their jobs come in at various times.  I get the good, the bad and the ugly . . . just like everybody else.

Are you then one of those people that wil come on here and gloat about how on average you type 400-500 lines/hour and make roughly $25/hour, can't understand why all transcriptionists can't do it, and suggest we tinker and modify our expansion program so we can be as good as you? Be thankful the internet is anonymous because otherwise I'd know if you worked for my company and I would be kicking up a fuss like you wouldn't believe.

I make good money, but I don't come on here and "gloat."  I've been with my company for many years.  They are happy with the work I do.  Also, I work every weekend day to do those jobs I take.  The other MTs at my company do not want to work weekends.  I also work nights AND during the day.  I have a flexible schedule, but I work a lot because I want to make a lot. 

Gal Friday was a term used in the 1950s
to describe a female office assistant who can perform a lot of tasks. It's a takeoff on Friday from Robinson Crusoe, and it's also a popular name for secretarial service businesses.
MQ direct deposit on Friday, is NOT
correct! Is paid on the 10th and 25th, if those dys fall on a Sat/Sun, then your check does not go in until the following Monday...how it is & how it's always been.

As other's advised, check the 2005 payroll schedule, maybe print it out for your referrences?
Saw doc on Friday for an unrelated issue SM

and told him about my symptoms (that I think I have tennis elbow...left lateral epicondylitis...lol...I'm sure he thinks I'm a big 'ole hypochondriac using the correct terminology), and he said if it gets too bothersome to come in and he will give me a cortisone shot (so, no need for a referral, etc...just one $15 copay).  That's good to know that he can do it in his office.

Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions.  I actually have one of those aircast braces.  I liked the idea of the keyboard/forearm rest.  It's a bit spendy though, so I'll have to see if we can afford it after Christmas.  Castor oil, huh?  Well it's worth a try.  Hahaha...it reminds me of when I used to do daycare.  One of the parents told me if their baby got the hiccups, I was to tear off a piece of brown paper bag, hold it against her forehead, and feed her a bottle.  I thought they were absolutely nuts.  Well, she got the hiccups...although I felt totally silly, I tried what they suggested...and it WORKED!  I couldn't believe it!  I tried it on my next two babies and it worked on them too!  So now I know better than to laugh at "weird" suggestions. :)


check out Black Friday ads
Just read an article in the paper about this site.
Get paid for Thursday and Friday!!
I work hourly plus incentive for a medical specialty clinic and I get paid for both Thursday and Friday. I also get paid for half days on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve as well as both holidays. It being a clinic I also don't have to work weekends unless I choose to in order to make up for time off during the week. My hourly pay is pretty sucky but the benefits are great.  
Who had fun shopping on "Black Friday"? - I did - sm
but I go without a "toy" agenda (did my toy shopping Monday and Tuesday so I had everything I wanted already), just go to get my kids and husband clothes mainly at great prices and to have fun with the kids--continuing the "tradition" that I had with my mom.  Got myself a 1 GB Verbatin "Store 'n Go" since my zip disks are dying, $40 (reg. price $90), another great deal!  I bought my DH 4 good dress shirts normally $136, for $62, can't beat that.  Kohl's was packed so unfortunately did not get anything there like I would have liked to, the line was halfway to the back of the store but Sears and Penney's were fine, stood in line for 10 minutes tops, can live with that.   Well off to do some work now......luckily not too tired to bang out 40 minutes or so.  Have a good weekend!  
Friday is my last day... turned in notice..

This Friday is my last day of a 2-week notice and, as of yet, the administrator has not said a word to me about leaving. I've worked inhouse for these people for 20 years. No questions as to why, nothing.  The assistant only said she was glad for me and wished me well. What do you make of spending 20 years of your life doing your best and, in the end, they could care less? Boy, do I feel stupid, but definitely made the right decision in leaving.

Could be farwell party on Friday. If not, I would think
After 20 years, a big party should be in the plans. If not, they are lacking in manners and it is time for you to go to a new place in your life.
I'm getting Botox for my jaw Friday, 10 shots :( nm
On Medquist board - had it Friday -
they said it was not a virus and was a technical issue. I emailed them early this morning it was happening again ..