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i know that hurts but here are a few thoughts....

Posted By: kat on 2006-05-15
In Reply to: My mother's day - chopped liver

put the emphasis on your own mother, show them how a mother should be honored on that day (and always) and throw a huge party for your own mother next year.  3 siblings and I did that yesterday (which was also my mom's birthday) and the fact that my two grown children came and brought me little gifts as well was just frosting on the cake, and that had not happened for many many years!  Try not to hold the hurt in and just resolve to show them you love them "just because" next time you see them!

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I know it hurts, but it hurts a lot worse when you

don't have a million(s) dollar salary and you have children involved that will be emotionally damaged for life regardless.

I'm not bitter, he was abusive and I didn't like him anyway after a while. It was over 20 years ago, but my 2 kids (notice I said "my" and not "our") still have emotional issues after years of counseling.

Hey,  I learned how to make a can of "Spaghetti-O's" feed 3. And when the "father" had to start actually paying court ordered child support, he cut off ties with my kids.

Been with my second hubby for 13 years and he's a great guy. He gets the Father's Day cards.  If he cheats and I find out, he won't have a leg to stand on. Not because I'll take the chainsaw to him, but because I got wise years ago and everything is in MY NAME.

"As God is my witness, I will NEVER go hungry again!"

So sorry, I know how it hurts
It hurts a bit - think of something else...
I have the ubiquitous shoulder tattoo (Pegasus) and I also have a custom design on the soft, inner part of my forearm. I like that one best because I can see the whole thing without getting into contortions. It has been touched up one time - the color red fades over time. Yeah, things change as you age, so what?

I got both after age 50 (over 10 years ago) and have never regretted it.
Never hurts to try!
I just got some the cover-your-whole-ear noise canceling headphones. They are Logitech and I got them at Staples for about 55.00. They are the best ones I have ever used. I got some stethoscope style ones not too long ago at Transcription Gear.com and they did not last more than a month. I did not even try to take them back though, I just hate returning things I buy on the internet.
Never hurts to ask. All they can do is say no!
it hurts me too, but --sm
it would not necessarily be that way, the us vs them factor, if someone from either *side* had not criticised in the first place. It is what I call *defense mode*. what ever happened to the saying *if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?* Why can't we all just get along rather than starting a war over simple *words*? just a thought.
It never hurts to ask. nm
that hurts to look at
Please never clatch two numerals together like that for no other reason than it hurts the eyes.
cherrypicking hurts EVERYONE sm
you are supposed to be part of a team! Do you even know or care what that means?  As the other poster stated, SHAME ON YOU!
It never hurts to try. It's actually, I thought,
easy to learn and I really liked it. Although, bear in mind, it has a language all it's own but once you catch on, you will do fine. Give it a shot. You have other transcription experience so that would be a big plus as well.
Why Outsourcing Hurts Us


Interesting article!

America's Lost Hegemony
      By Paul Craig Roberts

      The historian who chronicles America's decline will lay the blame on free market ideology.

      I say this as a believer in the market. My books and scholarly articles demonstrate the superiority of market systems over government allocative schemes. The problem arises when market economics ceases to be thoughtful and becomes ideological or a dogma.

      A good example of the latter is a recent Heritage Foundation study that argues that global outsourcing is the best way to equip the US military with the best technology at least expense. The study brushes away concerns with the erosion of the American manufacturing, science, and engineering knowledge base by asserting that such concerns imply protectionism and that protectionism means the death of innovation. ['Buy America' Provisions Don't Help Homeland Security or National Defense by Alane Kochems, June 21, 2005]

      Protectionism can be problematical for innovation, and the study is correct to point this out. Where the study fails is in ignoring that innovation does not take place in a vacuum. Innovation requires a material base and depends on a strong manufacturing, science and engineering foundation backed by R&D programs.

      In an interview with Manufacturing & Technology News (August 8), the study's project leader, Jack Spencer, sees protectionism as the only threat to American innovation, which he otherwise takes for granted:

      "Our belief is that subjected to the free market, the United States is still going to produce most things because our comparative advantages are innovation and new technology. If liberated from protectionism, we can compete and that is where we will always emerge as winners." [Heritage Foundation Says Congress, DOD Should Learn To Live With Globalization; Providing Troops With Best Equipment Usurps Making It In America by Richard McCormack]

      This belief is simply untrue. As this belief is the basis for the study, the study has done nothing but confirm a preordained belief.

      The US has no God-given comparative advantage in innovation and new technology. We were leaders in these fields, because we were leaders in manufacturing.

      We were leaders in manufacturing, because Europe and Japan destroyed themselves in wars, and the rest of the world destroyed themselves in various forms of socialism and cronyism.

      America's hegemony in manufacturing, science and engineering was the product of historical circumstances. Moreover, it occurred despite American protectionism.

      The historical circumstances have changed. The US gave away its scientific and engineering education and its agriculture. It did this partly for idealistic reasons and partly as cold war strategy.

      Once socialism collapsed in Asia, US corporations began outsourcing abroad the manufacture of products for US markets. Success with offshore manufacturing has led to offshore outsourcing of research and development and now innovation itself.

      As a recent report from the National Research Council recognizes, "product development and technical support follow manufacturing." One consequence for America is the loss of many manufacturing capabilities and "the increasing availability abroad of unique technologies not found in the United States."

      This development is taking a huge toll on America's human resources in manufacturing skills, engineering and science. The first American victims were blue collar workers. Millions of them lost their jobs and experienced sharp declines in the quality of their lives. But as research, engineering, design, and innovation followed manufacturing abroad, now it is white collar workers in information technology and university graduates in engineering and physics who are being displaced.

      American university enrollments in science and engineering are declining because there are no jobs for graduates. It is pointless to invest money, sweat and toil in an education that has no payoff. Markets do work. Markets are working to shrink the demand for, and supply of, American engineers and scientists.

      The next impact is going to be on project manager jobs, practically the sole remaining source of career related employment for many engineers and technical people. Project management jobs require people experienced with the technology of the job. The loss of technical and engineering jobs empties the pipeline of people who have the experience to assume management positions. Far from being able to innovate, the US will even lack the human resources to manage technical and scientific projects.

      Many uninformed people believe the problem is that America doesn't produce enough scientists and engineers. Manufacturing & Technology News reports that "a group of 15 US business organizations has launched a national campaign aimed at doubling within 10 years the number of bachelor's degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics."

      What is the point of this when there is a huge supply of unemployed engineers and technical people who have been displaced by offshore outsourcing and by H-1b and L-1 work visas for foreigners? I know an American software engineer in his thirties whose job was outsourced. After searching fruitlessly for a job for four years, he took a job in Thailand writing software programs for $850 per month.

      The anecdotal stories are legion. Yesterday, a friend reported to me that the service technician who repaired his garage door opener said his company was flooded with resumes from college graduates and engineers who cannot find work and are willing to take jobs installing garage doors.

      US executives, with an eye to quarterly earnings and their bonuses, continue to spend considerable resources lobbying for increases in work visas that enable them to replace their American engineers, scientists, and technical people with lower cost foreigners. These executives lie through their teeth when they assert the lack of qualified Americans for the jobs. The fact of the matter is, the executives force their American employees to train their foreign replacements and then fire their American workers.

      In a word, American capitalism is destroying itself by dismantling the ladders of upward mobility that have made large income inequalities acceptable. By rewarding themselves for destroying American jobs and manufacturing, engineering and scientific capabilities, US executives are sowing a whirlwind. American political stability will not survive the turning of an American university degree into a worthless sheet of paper. Libertarians and free market ideologues who rejoice in freedom should open their eyes to freedom's destruction.

      Dr. Roberts, [email him] a former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal and a former Contributing Editor of National Review, was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration. He  is the author of The Supply-Side Revolution and, with Lawrence M. Stratton, of The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice. Click here for Peter Brimelow's Forbes Magazine interview with Roberts about the recent epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.


Tailbone hurts
Need advice, my tailbone just started hurting about 2 months ago for no reason, have a Herman Miller Aeron chair that has been the best, but now need some relief for my tailbone. My rearend does not hurt, just my tailbone. Went on line and the good doughnut pillows are tailbone pillows are very expensive, anyone have any cheap home solutions?
It never hurts to include her even if she
doesn't come.  It is about not having regrets.  If you know that you always made an effort ...then in the end you will have peace about it.
Truth always hurts...
Hostility saying did not think a nurse should have some kind of background in transcribing??? That would be like my not having to have study in order to be a nurse. Stand by what I said in the first place, and you are the one talking about being "seasoned" as if 18 years made an authority. I never brought up my life, career or anything else in my post. Like I said, not anything ugly in my first post and stand behind what I said, a nurse still needs more than an RN license to transcribe. Oh, hey my husband drives an 18 wheeler. I also drive- does that mean I can drive one of those??? Double duh....
My wrist hurts sometimes....sm
And one time my elbow and all up my arm was hurting. I think I need to find some good wrist supports. I have bought 2 different pairs but I can't do the ones with the fingers on them. I need the ones that are just the wrist and no fingers.
I bought one of those, but it hurts my shoulder.
They're awkward to shove around and very loud.  The only reason I bought it was because my good vacuum was in the shop.  (12 year old Electrolux)  Strange how different perception can be from one person to another.  My husband keeps trying to give away my Dirt Devil, but I like it for cleaning out the cars.
really the only violation is if they hear it and use it in some way that hurts you...
people keep thinking HIPAA violation is just knowing it. It's not. It also has to be harmful to the patient in some way. Remember this whole thing started because some stu*id pharm tech came home and told her high school kid that Mr. So and So came in and got AIDS medicine, then her stu*id high school kid went to school and told other kids and that is how Mr. So and So's daughter found out her father has AIDS.
It hurts me to see this 'us VS them' mentality......sm
As far as critical thinking in nursing, it means something completely different that it does in MT.

Many of the errors that we see in reports these days are a product of VR. The push is on the MT to produce more and more reports for less and less compensation and unfortunately, some things get missed ----- and yes, they are sometimes hysterically funny. Being a former MT, I always let the person reading the report know that the account is being done by VR (which is true at the hospital where I work) and not a "for real" MT. Not one person that I have spoken to about VR had any inkling this was the case.

I worked as a trainer for a national and can tell you personally that I trained RNs who wanted to make the transition to MT. Some were excellent, some marginally OK, and some just terrible. I am sure that if the reverse were true, some MTs would make excellent nurses, some would be just marginal, and some would be just terrible.

There are different skill sets involved in these two jobs. If a patient were going bad, I wouldn't care if the nurse had good grammar and could spell, as long as she knew what to do clinically for the patient. By the same token, if an MT can produce an accurate, grammatically correct medical record (something that "verbatim" is making obsolete LOL) I wouldn't care if that MT couldn't insert a Foley catheter or start an IV.

I think it's just a case of not having a working understanding of each other's skill sets.

Just something to consider.
snow hurts my eyes

too much glare.  It blocks my rays! 

My heart hurts. I love House.
I've loved the Stacy/House story.  That episode with the kiss in the hotel room while he was on the phone? Man. Can I just say under this cloak of anonymity that I didn't fall asleep on the couch that night. Well, I guess that's beside the point.  I love that show..I love House.  Hugh Laurie is so great in that role.  I really wanted that story line to continue.  I like Sela Ward and I hope she comes back.  That forbidden romance story line is too good to let go.  I think he let her go for more than one reason.  He loves her but he is afraid.  He knows that he can't change and he knows that at some point she will need more, like he said.  He would rather let her go now, back to her husband who I think he likes.  He doesn't want to hurt the guy, even though he's in love with his wife. If he lets her go now, she gets to stay in her marriage.  He knows that if she stays with House, she will lose her marriage, and eventually things will go wrong with House, and they will both be losers in love.  Make sense? 
Not having standards hurts. Some work types just (sm)
don't add up line wise as quick as others. For me Ops are the best line count, consults and discharge summaries are killers.
What good is "sacrafice" if it hurts, not helps,
It hurts to pick up a cup of coffee. I do not play tennis

but according to my symptoms, tennis elbow is the diagnosis.  Am using a heating pad which gives me relief while it is in place.  Am wondering if using the mouse caused this.  Made it to 47 without CTS after typing MT since age 19 and have tennis elbow! 

I am wondering if this is prominent in those who have been MTs.


Hate is like acid; it hurts the container it is stored in
You really should let it all go.
Only one knee hurts, have trouble with full extension
so I learned how to work the foot pedal with the other leg. The more I keep my post surgical knee bent, the tighter the muscles coming into the back of the joint get. I have to stand and toe and heel stretch to work out the stiffness. Summer will be here soon and swimming does wonders for the knees...it always makes my flares go away.
I agree that if it hurts the patient's care you should speak up.
Absolutely Hysterical!! We did not stop laughing. My side hurts. nm
Actually, NOT having open credit accounts hurts your FICO score.
I closed my credit cards 10 years ago and paid them all off.  All I have left is my student loan and my mortgage, which are both paid on time every month.  You'd think that would show me as a responsible consumer because I pay cash for everything and don't live off of credit.  Instead, my FICO score stinks now because my available credit to my used credit shows as maxed out.  It's complete bunk.  People are rewarded for using credit while responsible people who pay cash are punished by this FICO system.  I have a 4% interest rate on my mortgage, but the credit union tried to milk me at 12% interest on a car loan when they advertised 5% because of my FICO score.  My only option is to open up some credit cards or something, but then that shows as excessive inquiries or too much new credit.
Never an easy decision ... you have my sympathy. Pets are part of the family ... hurts to lose them
How is this political? This is a state of living, not bickering political points. Truth hurts...NM
This has not always been the case, hence it hurts more. Merit raise/cost of living raise
Here's my thoughts....sm

While I feel empathy for her family wondering what happened and wanting closure, frankly I'm tired of hearing about the case on the news, and that we have tied up FBI and even the military resources to look for her.  We have people that go missing in the US every day... and people visiting countries disappear - and you only hear about the ones who have families that are rich or well connected with the media. 

In my town there's a college girl who has been missing for over a week and it finally made the newspaper in a small blurb today.  This girl missed a flight to visit her family for a vacation and hasn't been seen or heard from since then, and her family says this isn't like her and that she was excited about the vacation.  Are they getting the attention this chick in Aruba is getting?  No.... because they're an average middle classed family.

Some thoughts on that...

I do know how you feel.  There are a few things I've done to cut that type of sress down...

I'm not sure what your company is like, but for mine, we have a primary account, and many people also have secondaries (mine is so busy that I don't usually need back-up work, so I have one major account).  It pulls from several clinics, but with a pool of about 20 or 30 dictators, after awhile, you get the hang of even the hardest ones.  There are some dictators that are just really bad, and I struggle with.  When I can't figure something out, rather than spending 10 hours searching and struggling, I use blanks.  I give it a good faith effort, as best as I can, and then I move on.  Since I usually clip along at a good pace and am pretty confident in 99% of the work I do, I don't let myself feel bad for sending something to an editor, if I truly don't know what it is.  Of course, I do the research, but if I'm looking for something for more than a few minutes, it's been too long.

You may need to look for a different account/specialty or even a new company, if you think that is the problem.  I know that, at one point, I ended up moving from a difficult but high-paying account to an account that paid less, but I was more comfortable with.  I ended up making more with the lower-paying account, because I wasn't having to stop every 2 seconds, and I wasn't tearing my hair out, and ending up in tears at the end of the day.  Of course, people should move up as they feel ready for that, but perhaps you need a workload that doesn't create so much extra work for you.

Those are just some thoughts, but you CAN do it.  Be proactive in finding a situation that works for you.  You are more of an asset to your job when you are comfortable and not stressing and struggling.

Hang in there!

but here are my thoughts
If your son cried, the coach tried something with him.  Why didn't anyone press charges or have the coach fired?  You don't let pedophiles coach kids.
My thoughts
For obvious reasons, I hope it is not true. But it kind of makes sense. I was working on Monday the 5th and was transcribing work from the 2nd, when within an hour, the work was 100% gone! Perhaps they routed all the work from Amherst to Ohio and then offered them unbelievable incentives to get it done. Not sure if that is what they did or not. All I know is the work was gone awfully quick and it has yet to return.
My thoughts
Direct deposit is definitely the way to go! Never a worry when and if the mailman is coming today!
I second your thoughts
Aren't these people that CONSTANTLY complain so darn frustrating? I am right here with you that MQ is a good place to work. Well, better get back to work - LOTS OF WORK THIS MORNING - YIPPEEE!!!!!!
My thoughts exactly
Great minds think alike, and I agree with you 100%!!!!!

Well said!
My thoughts-LM


 I would want to know what type of docs run the clinic - whether anesthesiologists, physiatrists, ortho, neurology, etc, as this will guide the typical direction of the dictation.   Because pain med Rx writing is always under scrutiny, there will probably be a fair amount of repetition for every pt on medicolegal issues.  Most, but not all, of my experience is with neuro/physiatry-based pain management.   For both these, I found the doc more likely to do further workup, which leads to much longer and involved reports. In the middle would be those docs who do extensive review of the patient's history and only minimal further testing.   The extreme other side of the coin are those, what I call, in/out pain clinics where the pt shows up every 30 days, re-signs their drug contract, has their BP checked and leaves with a new Rx.   I would always expect the initial H/P to be extensive and the f/u notes relatively brief.  Typically lots of phone call documentation and referral/followup letters or information.   Anesthesiologists lean more toward a lot of injectable therapies, blocks, epidurals, etc., at least initially, putting more of an op bent on their practices. 

As far as interesting, pain patients are very repetitive in their complaints and their needs.  Typically,  by the time a pt gets to a pain management practice, the cause of their pain has already been extensively worked up.  There are true chronic pain sufferers and those who are drug-seeking only.  Things do get interesting with the latter because they are very creative when it comes to trying to con or manipulate the docs.   If I were in your shoes, my first question would be what speciality of docs run the clinic.  As far as job security, it is way up there for legit practices.  More often than not, the average family doc is not willing to prescribe pain meds beyond a certain amount of time/quantity and feel forced to refer the pt to a pain  management practice in order to protect themselves from the medicolegal aspects of the business.    Hope something here helps - best of luck to you. 

My thoughts
I have worked for the same company for six years and my best friend also works for the same company but has different accounts. It seems that things seem to go in waves and becomes either feast or famine and seems to be this way for both of us at pretty much at the same time so I wonder if it is just kind of natural for things to go up and down. This time of year seems to slow down for me and I have come to think it is because of Christmas, seems maybe people aren't wanting to go to the doctor and have the bill due to Christmas coming up. I don't think there is some conspiracy or things are being shipped out of the country, I think it's just the natural flow of things, at least for myself and my accounts. After the new year things always pick back up for me and have for the last six years.  
My thoughts
What exactly is difficult about it?  The IC's charging a fair line rate.  The doctors use a lot of macros to save time and because if they're like most doctors, they hate dictating, and they get to see more patients so get to charge the insurance companies more plus collect co-pays.  I just don't see anything difficult about it.  
My thoughts .....
I think EVERY new driver should have a nice Rambler for their first car, then a Pacer .... it'll make 'em appreciate anything more LOLOLOL
my thoughts
your m-i-law's 'not telling you the whole story' in my book is akin to lying -- at the very least, deceit. Maybe it wasn't her place to tell you, but she could have insisted her son did (or else she would). For her to keep in touch with this other woman is inappropriate in my book, unless she is scheming to put her back in the picture. Of course you have the right to feel angry and betrayed. You always have the right to feel what you feel. i'd be sorely inclined to put some geographic distance (a lot of it) between you/hubby and her. i'd be civil, but never feel i could trust her under these circumstances.
I'm so sorry. Here are my thoughts.
I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I can't say I know how you feel because my parents are still alive but I can say I'm so sorry. I think a death of a parent is something you NEVER get over, you just learn to live with it. I think if you feel the need to cry every day, then cry every day. But also, try to think about the good things....the things you learned from him...the things you did together. I bet your dad would not want you to feel this down over his death. He would want you to remember the happy times and focus on the future. Take each day at a time. You are only six months into the griefing process so I would think it is completely normal to shed a tear over your beloved father. He sounded like a great dad and he thought the world of you. Hang in there. You're going to make it through this.
My thoughts
Well, being a country music lover, I liked last nights show. However, besides Kelly and Bucky being in their genre, it was definitely an off night.

I LOVE CHRIS! I think he could sing an autopsy report and make it sound beautiful! He definitely rocks and I can see him winning it all!

Kellie was great! Yes, her "dumb act" is a tad annoying but there is no doubt she could be a country star.

I think Ace might be going home tonight, or perhaps that is wishful thinking. He just annoys the crap out of me.

I must laugh at the one poster below that mentions Kenny Rogers. I must say he looks pretty darn good. Actually, I think he looks younger than he did 20 years ago.

can't wait until tonight. My prediction is that Ace is going home.
my thoughts on it

Homosexuals as well as other "minorites" have been treated as second class citizens for so long now.  Let them be proud of it!  Do I think they go a bit far sometimes?  I sure do!  But I don't have a problem with it.  If a same sex couple wants to hold hands on the street then let them.  We don't need to stare in disgust and shield our eyes.  They are just trying to have the same freedoms as we have.  Discrimination is alive and well even today.  I know this because I have gay friends and hear about it all the time.  I feel that as long as you are happy and living your own lives then then let them be.  I know many "straight" people who are living in dead-end marriages,  completely unhappy and not doing a darn thing about it.  But their union is so much more sacred?  I think it's hogwash.  We are all different.  Let's celebrate those differences, not put others down because they aren't "fitting the mold" of what's acceptable.

I'm looking forward to Rosie being on The View.  I don't think she'll slam her sexual orientation down our throats at all.  She has very precise views, yes.  And she will talk about them.  She's VERY political and I feel that has nothing to do with her orientation.  SHe's given and helped raise MILLIONS for children and others who are less fortunate than her.  So why is it any time Rosie comes up people automatically make fun of her being gay?  Get over it people.  SHe's a person just like you and me.  jeesh!!!

My thoughts
I did feel that the fact that she had a REAL JOB on top of her Mom job was downplayed. Sigh....as it always is, I guess TV is no different than real life :-(

I would imagine they set up the other Mom and the husband to "work" doing the medical transcriptoin by just giving them really easy stuff and having someone go over it (probably just re-do it) before it went to the doc/hospital. But both the Exec Mom and the husband couldn't handle the MTing so I think that said a lot.

I felt she got respect at the end. Again I watched this months ago so I am trying to remember exactly, but it did stick in my memory that she was valued at the end. Love the show!

thank you. I appreciate your thoughts..sm
and yes, today WAS difficult, when I know my children are hurting inside and there is nothing I can do or say to make it any better. I DID over react to someone's words, and I have apologized, but I did not need to be called a nit wit. I did not deserve to be called anything just because I was trying to be as flip as she was. I became defensive, and that is wrong. I hope she gets her computer problems fixed, but it does not sound hopeful. thank you again for your good wishes. Tomorrow will be better.
Okay then, here are my thoughts
I don't have teens yet but I fully expect that mine will get part time jobs during the Summer if at all possible. As a teen I worked at the local swimming pool and during the school year I babysat every Wednesday evening and sometimes on the weekends.

I was able to save money and when I graduated from HS I was able to buy myself an inexpensive car. I also bought a lot of my own clothes during high school. MOST of my friends were in the pool swimming during the Summer while I was working the front desk......but believe me I had plenty of time for fun. Had I had all the extra time on my hands that they had I might have got into the same kinds of trouble they did. Seems drugs fall into the hands of kids who have a lot of spare time. I have never even tried drugs.

I was 15 when I started working. Ahhh, so long ago. 40 now. LOL. Since I worked during the Summer it didn't interfere with school. During the Wednesday night babysitting I was able to work on any homework I had. It didn't interfere with school at all. Honor student in fact.

Now, as far as the divorced parents thing. Sorry for upsetting you. I just didn't see the point of putting that in the post since it is a total non-issue because that stuff happens with kids who have 2 parents as well as 4 -- which is why I mentioned it.

I think you are doing the right thing with your daughter. She will appreciate you for it later :-)

What are your thoughts on

My 15 YO daughter has a part-time job...she works 2 days a week at a local fast food restaurant.  Her best friend, on the other hand, doesn't work.  Her mom thinks she shouldn't work until she gets out of high school. I say, that's up to her, but I think it's to her daughter's disadvantage.

It was my daughter's idea to get a job, we didn't push her into it. She likes going shopping, movies, Starbuck's, and loves having her own money to do it with.

Now, her BF just turned 16 and her parents (she has 4 of them...my daughter only has 2!) bought her a car and set her up with her own checking account to pay for the gas. She has no responsibilities whatsoever, which drives me up the wall!

Oh BTW, she just got her license YESTERDAY...and last night, she was driving around to Wal-Mart, Target, Starbuck's...ALONE...with her 10 YO brother in the car with her...and we live in a small, but very busy part of town...you know, one main road that leads to everything! Is it just me or is this crazy?

Opinions please, as I know y'all have 'em!

my thoughts
I know where you are coming from.  I got a shower invite not long ago from the same type of person.  Initially, I thought "forget it" but then I realized it was a great chance to see other family members that I do care about.  I took a nice gift and card to her - no thank-you note from her which didn't surprise me.  But I did get to see the ppl I wanted.  Sort of a trade off.  I understand your feelings and its entirely up to you.  I am learning to live my life doing things I want to do, prefer to do, not SHOULD do!