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Mothers day

Posted By: sme on 2006-05-16
In Reply to: My mother's day - chopped liver

It could be worse...my husband I I decided to divorce on Mother's Day...and I got nothing from any of my 4 kids.

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BRAVO! The mothers never want to work SM

a holiday, they want every school break to be off with their children, they have to go on a field trip, they need to take Bratleigh to the doctor, on and on.

Taking a full-time job is great for them with full-time benefits until they are told they have to work some weekends or God forbid CHRISTMAS....what about the chilllllldddrennnnnn......

if our mothers don't kill us while we are in the womb.
Message for those who aren't mothers...sm

I hope you made it through the day yesterday without it  bothering you that  you're not a mom.  For many years I'd try to avoid going to the stores around Mother's Day and having clerks say "Happy Mother's Day" and avoid church because of the Mother's Day recognition because it emotionally stung that I wasn't married or a mom.   My heart breaks for a good friend who had a miscarriage 2 years ago and is now infertile as she hates the "happy mother's day" wishes as it brings up the sad emotions.    I can't even begin to imagine how painful that must be for her and others who have shared the same misfortunes.

 I'm now 43 and am now a foster mom so while I don't have any biological children  I do have a precious child living with me.    I'm sure that her mom was sad yesterday that she chose drugs over raising her child and lost custody because of drugs, but I am grateful that  I'm able to use my motherly ways with her.

Message for those who aren't mothers...
I have 2 goldens, 1 Shelties, and 3 cats. Do they count? I love them and they love me! I buy them food and fix their meals. In the evening they get a pseudo raw diet and marrow bones. I take the dogs to obedience, agility, and handling classes. I bring them to the vet. I make sure they have plenty of tennies (tennis balls) and woobies (toy they can rip the stuffing out of) give them unwanted baths, cut toenails, scoop up the yard, play with them, give ear scrunches, belly rubs, give out meds to Taz Duh Golden (dumber than a box of rocks) who has severe heart disease (subaortic stenosis and cor pulmonale), and my heart is torn when any of them make their journey to the Bridge.

So, in a way, I am a mom. Only difference.....mine have 4 legs and not 2.

work-at-home mothers
And admiration and respect to the MT at-home moms (dads too)who do this demanding job with kids at home! Hats off to you!
Happy Mothers Day from the staff at MTStars! May you have the best day!
What a very sweet surprise! Happy Mothers Day
Why only young mothers who want to earn extra?
Why this statement? What about us older ones? I just do not get that statement because I would think experience counts a lot in this job.
And I thank the mothers of boys who have raised them to respect women.
Mothers volunteer as "aides" at their children's schools
supposed to help, not hinder. 
Most daddies don't die. It's the breeding with losers that makes single mothers...
and you need to replace your crystal ball, because it's cracked. I happen to be very happily married with NO kids and LOVE it. Now, some of you will start squawking that I'm bitter because I don't have kids, but I assure you I am grateful every day of my life that I don't have to deal with kids, especially when I read on these boards how unhappy so many mothers seem to be.

If I'm harsh, it's because I've gotten the short end of the stick SO MANY FREAKING TIMES in my working life because of single mothers who expect and get preferential treatment, while those of us w/o kids are expected to pick up the slack. And guess what? I'm SICK of it.

Mothers covering for childless women? Don't make me laugh!! nm