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Cry us a river....nm

Posted By: wahhhhh on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: I can't believe what happened to me today - Kt

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Oh cry me a river, baby

I believe it is Ganges River we are being
Yep, a hospital north of the river.
I'll email you the name.
Yes, but that's been for a while now. AAMT sold us up the river.

I knew they sold us up the river, but
I didn't think (well hoped) they didn't have the you know what to totall and completely sell us out by letting them test before the US MTs were even eligible. That is just WRONG!
yeh and denial is a river in egypt sweetheart

We lived on Riverfront Drive with the river running through the back yard.
I always figured it meant riverfront property or the house was in front of the river.  LOL