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Man, what is with you people? She was offered a contract...a set rate ...

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: see message - NB

the RECRUITER screwed up here, making an offer before the test results were returned and graded.

The recruiter is a fine example of getting a quoata.

This MT did not "mess it up" herself. True, it is a good idea in this business to start a job part-time to see if it will actually meet your expectations, but she in no way did anything to trick or misguide the recruiter into pulling such a shady deal.

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Yeah, no one has ever offered me more, even for ugly ESL accounts. One rate I guess is the standard
Just make sure it's a good fair rate, especially if you do pretty complicated work. There is no way I'd do less than 8 cpl for ESL but may think about it for clinic work. It just has to be fair, which is getting tougher and tougher to get in this biz. Rates get lower but cost of living is going up and up.
My attorney tells me "A contract is only as good as the two people who sign it." nm
1) do you have a contract stating line counting and line rate,sm
if you look at the IRS website it's pretty clear what constitutes IC versus SE versus employee. You might want to photocopy that along with a copy of your contract with your next invoice and also put on the invoice any monies due from past invoices they "changed"...maybe catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Good luck!
Google contract samples, basic contract examples, etc.
Contract/no contract -- same rights
You do not have to have a written contract to take them to court.  All you have to do is to prove you have been providing  work to him, past statements/invoice will do that,  you just fill out the small claims forms and go to court.   But first of all I would personally go in and talk with someone about it.   Could be the office manager/bookkeeper and not the doctor that is not paying you.   He may not know anything about it.   And please do not  make the "joke" as above mentioned, that is very LOW class, tacky and not professional at all.  Especially if you are in a small area -- you need to conduct like a professional.  But call and make an "appointment" to talk with the doctor either in person or through a phone call.  Some doctors do not know what is going on in their office and perhaps the office manager wants to be paid first.  If the doctor does know, then in person or over the telephone inform him that you have no other choice but to pursue the debt just as they would if someone did not pay their bill and if that involves going to small claims court, then that is the route you must take.   Good luck.  I did take one to court without a contract and won. 
if you live among trashy people, low income people, people w/o goals or direction,
content to just get by, you by default become a part of a group. "people" have decided to group trailer people as trash. that is because there are enough people in that group to earn the title and even if you aren't trash, you are categorized by others. did i think i was trash in lower class neighborhood surrounded by people who drank and fought all weekend? no but i knew i wasn't staying and did not try to pretend that all the fools in the neighborhood were just nice folks who ended up where they were because high horse snobs deemed their neighborhood low class. people for the most part live exactly where they belong because they don't want to educate themselves, they don't mind "trash" around them and they don't want to be bothered trying just a bit hard to extract themselves from that world. they justify everything to themselves i guess saying everyone who doesn't like their lifestyle is a snob and the comedians (Jeff Foxworthy/Chris Rock, etc) who make fun of them are just ill-informed.

As for me, I fought hard to get out and don't even want to look back. It amazes me people stay for generations.
Charge him an hourly rate. The current rate is
between $15-21/hr. according to your location. If he had to use an independent secretarial service, he would be charged much more. You can look in the Yellow Pages in your area under Secretarial Service and ask them what they charge, then charge accordingly knowing you can back it up.
I was offered a job at MQ,

as a newbie, is that a good place to start out?  


It is too low. I was offered .075 for 10 yrs exp
Needless to say, I turned them down and am glad I did!! Getting 10 now!
Offered 6 for IC
Offered 6 for IC, but am currently working for 8 through service. You sent me something on the company??
I currently get 10 cpl and have been offered 1 other
positions in the past for 10 cpl.   My current position is as employee with benefits. The other position was as an IC with WebMedex at 10 cpl and 11 cpl over 6,000 lines/week.  With most other companies 8 cpl seems to be the "norm", though there are always exceptions, with plenty of companies paying less than that and a few paying more.    
Offered me same.
offered one for 5 cpl
Before I got hired on at MQ I was offered a job for 5 cpl with quarterly raises if my productivity was up to par, I had to provide all resources, all computer equipment, own footpedal and headphones, WordPerfect, and the list went on and on - for a prn IC job! The lady made it sound like it was the best thing around and I thought that was pretty funny
Anyone else offered job, then...

the company never followed through?  Told Friday would be sent job offer with tenative start date, then nothing.  Emailed recruiter twice with confirmation that the email was read this morning on the second email and still nothing.  Strange or not?  I would think if they changed their mind, they would at least have the decency to reply to my emails.

I was just offered a job IC for
6 to 7 CPL. I have over 20 years' experience.  What a joke.  You have to pay your own taxes, no benefits, supply all your own equipment, etc.  Might as well move to India at this rate. 
it's almost always offered and
I do it every week because I need the money. I've done it for years.  I also have another job.  I'm tired.
New MQ QA? New MQ pay? I just got offered IC in SW region? Please tell me more. nm
In OR I made $16.50/hr, in NE I was offered $11.30.
Webmedx offered me 10 cpl
They require at least 1000 lines per week.  Incentive of 11 cpl over a certain amount of lines per week.  This was for their highest level (3).  I think they have a lot of ESL though. 
It's offered in Los Angeles. nm
I have already offered some solid
and I am not going to argue with you.
That was not my figure - they offered it and I took it. nm
I have been offered a position yet...sm
But I have an interview with them this week. Not sure what I'll do either, especially given the time clock. That's a real issue for me. I have a baby at home and can't imaging trying to clock in and out every time he starts to fuss.

I also sent a resume to Medware too, just to cover my bases, but I just sent it this weekend and haven't heard anything yet.

As for you not hearing back from FN last week after sending a resume to them, I seriously doubt they are hiring right now given they recently overhired and the workflow is so low. Thus the reason I've been floating resumes all week. LOL!!!
Right. You are offered their trash, but not $1K.
They're willing to help you as long as you lower yourself. Just pure head games. And some parents would love to see their kids homeless for a chuckle. Makes no sense to me - mine were the same. They were so jealous that my husband and I stuck it out and made our marriage work, are still in love after 30+ years with great kids. When we ran into 1 bump in the road and needed a tad of help, they sat and laughed in our faces, even their innocent grandkids. You just never know what goes in some peoples' minds. Only count on yourself and God, literally. I'm here for you!!
Just offered an IC position at 7 cpl, lol....
Could be worse, I saw one advertise at 6 cpl
Thanks to everyone who has offered me their opinions.
It appears that the majority feels that it would be best for me to stay with my family as jobs will come and go but my time with my kids will not come and go; once they are grown they are grown and I wouldn't be able to get that time back with them. I am considering hanging on with this home job for as long as I can and then when the time is right maybe I will be able to get a job in the hospital during a day shift instead of the late afternoon shift.
Thanks everyone for listening to me and spending your time helping me.
I know of svl newbies who get offered what I get now with 13+ yrs in!! Sad..and
I've offered this before.

I'm telling you that what I'm finding are those problems as listed above. There are too many people who are in this business for the wrong reasons, either so they can stay at home or because they think they're going to get rich with minimal effort. Many comments on this board are disparaging toward anyone who is "on the other side", which is what I become when I try to hire help for vacations.

Simply put, the quality of the majority of the workers out there is not as good as it could be. You probably are the exception but  I just haven't come across you yet. As far as having a pool of help, I would love to have that (what a luxury that would be!). I'm not unfair or unreasonable but I just can't seem to find the quality that you have been as fortunate to find.

Doctor offered me more...
I have been working on getting a very large group set up for digital.  The Medical Director called me yesterday and asked what my cpl rate was.  I told him it was 11 and he said, "How about 13?"  I was like WHAT?? --that's the first time that has ever happened.  Needless to say, I told him that would be fine by me  I am just used to drs trying go get me to cut my rate back
I was offered 2.5 cpl for editscript VR....sm
I have a year exp. I think it is kind of low. Said they give raises after 6 months if satisfactory. I need the job so bad I think I may have to take it. I have a part time already but not enough work. I need something to work on when no work in my other job. I can not get a job anywhere else because everyone wants 2 years exp.
Been offered a job locally....sm
the pay is 0.06/line and includes all characters, spaces etc. Says that this amounts to about 0.09/line in the end ??

Is this something offered by your company
or did you ask for it?
There's a woman who offered to help me

and she works for Escription.  She said IT DEFINITELY works with EditScript v8 (but I don't know about previous versions).  She offered to get me up and runnign after the place I was working for said it wasn't compatible, but I left so never bothered to figure out.  Sorry I'm not more helpful, but at least you know it should work!

What office were you offered 9.5? The one I work in does NOT go over 8.
I am the only MT on the account I am doing and the client REFUSES to have anyone else do it..i figure leverage, but they still wont pay more than 8 NO SPACES. I never have blanks, never mess up at all, work ALLLLL the time. Where or where did you get 9.5?
I was offered a position with them a couple of
months ago.  I don't remember much about what they offered, but the pay wasn't very good.  I have 20 years' experience and what they offered me was an insult. 
the worst incentive I got offered
Yes, yes... some incentive is better than none offered (to anyone who is ready to say, "At least you get one!"), but the worst incentive I was ever offered was when I worked for HealthScribe years back and they offered a 1/4 cent on lines typed for a certain day.  Doing 1000 lines, that worked out to $2.50 tagged onto my regular rate.  That wasn't even worth thinking about let alone spoiling my weekend for.
they offered me 1.5 cents per line
thanks but no thanks.
it's rarely offered anymore, thanks to the

AAMT. They started the whole problem, and then they bailed out after everybody decided it was the most honest method to determine what a "real line" was.

But there's still a way to break even. Go to this web site:  http://www.medicalese.org/line_count.html

Figure out what you want to bill for gross lines. That would be under the 45 cpl column (trust me on this ... I did stats for years when I was billing for gross lines). Compare it to what you would get paid if you billed for a 65-char line and that's what you want to be paid.

IOW, if you want to make 9 cpl for gross lines, under the 45 line length column it would be $200. Go over to the 65-char line and see how close you can match things up. It's 13 cpl = $200.00. That's what you want to make the same amount.

Offered $5.50/1000 words??
Thank you in advance to anyone. I'm not sure if this is good or not.
I basically was offered a position..
She said I did excellent on the test. She asked to let them know how many minutes I would want, FT or PT, which I did, and haven't heard a thing since.
I'm offered a new accout using MP3 player.....

The provider is using the player with his curernt MT.  The parent company wants me to assume his account.  I've asked what method he is using currently to get his dictation to the MT to see what I need on my end.  I already  have a Bytescribe wave player that plays MP3s, so that is not a problem.   What other software can be used to get the dictation from him to me and still fall within HIPAA guidelines?

With average pay offered still around 8 cpl, she's lucky to be getting 9 cpl, as are

Hello - I posted a week or so ago - never heard anything back.  Does anyone have information, good or bad, about ALL TYPE ??? 

Please, I'd like to know more as I am thinking of taking this position.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks All 

No, it was United that offered lower than 8 cpl. nm
Just got offered a 3rd shift position and
because of the time difference they told me I could work 2 hours earlier.  I have also seen ads posted stating that if you are on different coasts you could have some flexibility in the hours you work.  It isn't your local time that they go by, it is their local time or the clients. 
offered 6 cents a line
I was offered 6 cents a line just recently and I have 15 years of experience. That's what I started out at way back then - i think most would agree that the money is just not there in MTing anymore - at least all of the grvy jobs are long gone - gone to india.
I too have been offered every position I've
tested for and I'm not a CMT.   I think the years of experience and doing well on tests is what gets you the job. 
Recently offered $50 p/h for seminars, etc. (sm)
I asked and received some samples of these seminars, etc.  They had several speakers, speaking one after the other, quite clearly, so okay.  Then they had q&a sessions with several speakers.  You had to make out who was speaking etc.  The speakers were discussing new treatments, med's, etc.most of which were not in any medical dictionary or speller.  So to make a long story somewhat shorter, I found the most complicated sample that discussed new cancer treatment options and did ten minutes of this sample dictation to see how long it would take.  Now, I pride myself on being a fast typist (120+ wpm) but between looking up "famous" doctor's names, new theories, compound medications, etc. it took me one hour.  And, that was the easy part.  I had not reached the q&a portion of the seminar yet.  So that means that depending upon the difficulty of the dictation I would be making either $10 ph (for the most difficult) to, at most, $15 ph.  So I politely explained that to the client and further explained that I usually charge by the line or page and what I would usually charge for this.  I was told that the client only charged the company that provided the seminar $150!  (So, in order for them to make a profit I had to work for peanuts!)  I sent my sample transcribed dictation and my current price for the same type of work and if I get it fine, if not, I'll eat more hotdogs!  With 25+ years of experience I will not provide expert transcription services of complicated seminars for $10.00 ph.  We are so going backwards in pay!!!  Wrote about that another time but sheesh!  Enough is enough! 
If you know the name of your business plan they offered you for
the $50-60/month, could you share it w/me? MCI has nothing to offer. Their business 'plan' is pay per minute, 5 cpm. No thanks. I just want to know what exactly to ask AT&T for. Thank you again!
So if you were making 7cpl and were offered 10 cpl,
Well, I offered that and still didn't find anyone..sm
I ask what they need to be paid. Many state 10, 13, and 15 cpl. Now, 10 is reasonable for an excellent MT, but I highly doubt they are making 15 cpl at their other jobs. If they are, why are they looking (and again, what's the company so I can apply)?!? I'd take a 15-cpl job and latch onto it (assuming it's not a horrid dicator, etc.) I really felt like they were exaggerating line rates hoping I'd want them so badly that I'd put out some kind of miracle offer. I received hundreds of resumes, all with about the same experience and skillsets, so on the contrary, when someone tells me they need 15 cpl to start, I won't even consider them. I'd worry that even if they took the position at 9-10 cpl, they'd always be looking for something better and up and leave within a few months. Also, if you are requesting 15 cpl, then I expect to see 15-cpl test results! When you are asking for 15 cpl but show me the same exact results as someone asking for 9 cpl, I'm going to choose the latter. (Would you buy a designer dress for $400 if the same designer made the same exact dress and sold it through Walmart under a different name for $100?)

Another thing, production and line-count method is key to how much you make as an MT. If someone offers you 15 cpl and it's a 65-char line w/o spaces or headers, template lines don't count, crappy dictators, poor sound quality, etc., then you're still only making 8-9 cpl in the end, just in a prettier package that sounds good on paper.