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"negative attitudes"...sm

Posted By: no pity 2 on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: KT, I want to give you some personal advice ... - Busy MT'ing

Playing the "single mother" card is just as much a "negative" attitude as the that of the people you happen to disagree with here. So many single mothers have an entitlement attitude and see everything that goes wrong as being "against single mothers."

Most of them need to lose the chip on their shoulder, and maybe good things might start happening.

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And it is attitudes like this one
that will never allow the MTs to make more money - at a national anyway.

If the companies are having to hire more QA to do the work the MT should have done in the first place, how are they going to be able to give the MTs what they think they are owed? I know not all MTs have this attitude but it seems like more and more are getting it everyday. I just wish people could try to see the big picture instead of what is just going on inside their little world.

If you don't like the pay and you're not going to do the job correctly, please find another job!! It sure would be a mess if people we depend on in our everyday lives to do their jobs correctly so OUR lives run smoothly took on this same kind of attitude!

I'm off my soapbox now. May the flaming begin!!!!
WOW... attitudes...
Geez, look at the date on it.  You will then see it was posted way before I got a response.  Good eye ya got there! 
Stinky attitudes abound here.
If you were missing lines every day for every report you would have a bad attitude, too. This is not about people being petty.
i do my job. i send very few reports to QA. Yet I take offense at the attitudes of editors.
Quit beitching. You don't like the whole package of MT editing, get out. And I rarely hear from editors, do not have low QA (been with the company for 7 years) so I have no reason to "hate" an editor. I just hate the attitude here. And now you are hearing from someone who does their job.
Ugly, physically repulsive people with nasty attitudes have that effect on me.
Ugly, ugly, ugly