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I did finish the test

Posted By: Kt on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: Sorry for you. - Anon

I did finish the test, over the weekend.  Then Monday had my interview.  Then Tuesday was told I got the job if I wanted it.  The next day I called and said I'd take it.  She said great!  I'll have management get with you to arrange delivery of your equipment and everything.  I took the job resigned from my job.  The she called back 15 minutes later and said I couldn't have the position we discussed.  I think its time to get in another line of work possibly.  This one can really ruin your self esteem.

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It's a test in progress to measure what MTs know and what type of test to give for the SM
different levels of MTs.  It's over $90.  That's a lot of money to pay to someone who is giving these tests for research as to what type of testing should be done for the different levels of MT.  The AAMT will probably take the results and make a test that they can give in India or the Phillipines or some other foreign country. 
tuning fork test: Is it about a hearing test? .See inside
A whisper is about 20 dB
Loud music (some concerts) is around 80 to 120 dB
A jet engine is about 140 to 180 dB

Hope I could help
Not a medical typing test but this website can test you..

It's called www.typingtest.com

Atleast it will give you an idea.. Sadly, I had to take it twice before I passed it LOL

Why would they do a microalbumin test when she has the period? A lot of test s will come out wrong
Why would they do a microalbumin test when she has the period? A lot of tests will come out wrong.
Neer's test is a shoulder impingement test

Don't think that has to do with the knee.  How about "bucket handle tear" of the knee?  Never heard of Neer having anything to do with the knee. 

didn't finish
I was SO tired last night, tried staying up to watch the entire episode, but couldn't. I know Dr. Jones was in labor and her husband was in surgery from an MVA, but fell asleep after that. Can anybody tell me what happened??!!
To finish the above,,,,,"MONEY"
faux finish
Check out Tatouage on HSN.com or ebay - these are rub-on transfers of different scenes that can be painted over when the time comes. Go on very smooth and look like paint. They are very detailed and look so real, but can be wiped off when necessary without damage. They are great and take a lot less time than painting.
Finish the course. I think there will be a shortage sm
in the future of all medical personnel from MT to MD. Looking at the whole picture, those of us from the baby boomer age are pushing 50 and as families, many of us had 3 or fewer children or none at all. So, in my opinion, that leaves a much smaller volume medical personnel to care for the aging in the future. So, finish that course so you can type my reports when I need them.
Definitely finish with blanks. nm
No way will she finish that course in four months.
Especially with all those kids, she probably won't even finish it at all. It's obvious she's not going to listen to anything you say, so she'll have to learn the hard way.

(If you want to be mean, wait about four months and then ask her for a loan, since she's rolling in the dough!)
I can't think. I mean to finish: wish everyone there was alive and well and the tragedy was just
Want to finish my studies this year - sm

So I can make the kind of living I was used to with less headaches and be able to do some traveling with my work.

Also will be able to buy a bigger house!!!

Ok- so what year did they get the MD after their name? I was told NO they are not until they finish
Thanks for the info...how do you delete their access after they finish? nm
loyal to Hitle, (Finish of above post)
bringin it up..you know you're an MT when...you finish your dr's sentence..
And we were supposed to finish school and work FT (sm)

after being offered a job making $25/hr. with full benefits and supposedly a future?  And now we're supposed to go back to school at 50 y/o because of this govt?  Are you with the illuminati or what?

This happens to be 2006.  There are many, many people who did not finish school because they were offered jobs that paid quite well.  Unfortunately, those jobs are now being given to illegals, etc., remember "the jobs that Americans won't do?"

I won't be going back to school, I made enough money. 

Do you relisten to your entire reports after you finish each one or how do you
edit your work before you send it in.  Do you reread each one.  Sometimes I think you can miss a word if you dont but not sure how to edit before sending without making minimum wage.
I leave a blank and finish the report. - (sm)
Sometimes (if I'm lucky), the doctor will say the same word again later in the report, only clearer.

Even if they don't say the word again, often once I've finished the whole report and am proofreading, if I listen to the word a while later, I can then understand it.

The post below that talks about reading the sentence out loud in that accent is also a good idea that sometimes works for me, too.

If the sentence is a fairly common one you might encounter in other similar reports (like in a physical exam, or a hernia operation, etc.), sometimes finding a few samples of those types of reports online can provide an answer, even if it's a different doctor.

If you have the capability to put that report on 'hold', and go on to the next one, that's also helpful, because you might get the same word again in the next report (especially if it's the same doctor), and you might be able to hear it, then. Even if you don't, setting it aside for a while and then going back to re-listen to it is often the most effective way to unravel some of the 'mystery-words'.
Wall painting faux finish techniques sm
Has anyone ever done their walls in a faux finish technique?  I have a rather large room inhabited by my husband and the 2 dogs in the evening while I work, a big screen t.v., a beige fireplace, beige and hunter green wood look vinyl tile on the floor and hunter green furniture. One wall is paneled in a pecan paneling as it couldn't be done any other way. This room was an add on to the house. Right now the walls are a gray color but am looking to paint it something different, something that might not show the splotches caused by the dogs shaking their wet fur on occasion and fingerprints around the switches.  I found the softly aged walls technique on the HGTV web site were you use 2 colors and a divided roller and divided pan. I kind of like the look and it looks fairly easy for me to do.  Anyone have any ideas?
Encouragement for hard times - are you going to finish strong? sm
http://www.maniacworld.com/are-you-going-to-finish-strong.html  This is a very encouraging video.
happens quite often i would test again or go see your GYN for blood test which is more accurate
finish sentence - hard to reference with small writing and is there a CD available nm
Read the report backwards from end to finish. Works great for me.

Did not finish above...need to find a noise canceling headset for a C-phone, TIA
To finish...no one obviously feels like typing up, so the night people get the pool garbage. Grrrr.
Yeah a 30 minute test---work for free, he gets enough to test, his work is done - nm
Or maybe that in itself IS the test! It's really an ethics test, LOL. nm
And a test

Wondering how many companies this is set up for....

HealthScribe, Avicis, Spheris, MQ, TRS, Medware, others?


You really should not be asking for help if this is a test sm
If this is a test for school or employment, it really should be done by you. It is not a fair test if someone else does it for you.  If this is not a test, please clarify and maybe people will help, but I think it is cheating otherwise.
test, this is only a test. nm

<img scr=http://bestsmileys.com/silly/11.gif"></center>


If this don't work, I'll quit.

If this is just a test then (sm)
why don't you just pick something...like @@@ or ??? or *** or something like that...leave it for where you find it inaudible, and when you send back your test just tell them. You could do ___inaudible___...anything. Just let them know when you send the test back. If you were actually working, then you'd go by the account specifics for how leave a blank, but for a test, just pick something appropriate and let them know.
We have to test because there have been....sm
too many times that people claimed they were transcriptionists, or could do a certain work type, only to find out they couldn't and were bluffing.  Testing is the only way to tell if an applicant has any knowledge or not.  Resumes don't always tell what their true skill level is. 
That's the best way for a co to test you because they never know if someone sm
is having someone else take a written test for them. The best way to test and just as accurate as mega transcription tests is oral phone testing. That way, it comes from what is in the person's head of what they know
Don't feel bad....I've been an MT for 24 years, & failed 2 tests, but passed several others.

Yes, and it's $95 to test for it...

I cannot imagine what they will come up with next!  Obviously AAMT is in a crisis financially and is trying to dig their way out.  Why would anyone desire this bogus, worthless designation? 

I'm thinking of offering  an "SMT" for only 10 bucks . . . and NO TEST!!!  What do you think???

Oh, what is "SMT?"  That would be Smart Medical Transcriptionist, of course!!!! 

To test him I'd say

Gee honey, I'd don't want to disappoint the children again.  Maybe next time we'll suprise you instead. 

I wonder what his reaction would be to that!

Okay. Just took this test - got a 136
I did a 3 EPT's all were positive with lines that were hard to read and yes the lines took a few minutes to show and a blood test at the doctors office which confirmed, by the time you spend money on pregnancy tests you can go to your doctor and pay a 10.00 copay and get a result... just an idea !!! I'm officially 7 weeks !!!!!
Probably a different test.
AAMT likely won't flunk many of them. They wouldn't want to scare away the hordes of potential buyers of their BOS and CMT certification.
Who can take CMT test?

I am just curious if I live in Canada, would I be allowed to take the CMT test ? or is it just strictly for american MT's? Would it benefit me as a IC ?




CMT self-test

I just took the 60-question self-assessment test. A passing grade is 51/60.  After 16 years of acute care experience, I got 43/60 correct.  That blows my mind!

I'm asking myself 'who needs this' ???

We can't help you take a test. You just have to do the best you can.
That's all any testee can do. After all, we aren't applying for the job. They expect you to leave blanks where you can't get something.
just a test to see if I can get

a post to go up here.  Last time I tried, I messed up royally somehow. 

before you test
Purchase Stedman's Ophthalmology Words before you test.