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Same goes for the ridiculous whining from marrieds and cohabitators...hahaha

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: "negative attitudes"...sm - no pity 2

It is just as "oh please" to hear marrieds and those with live-ins complain about all they have to "put up with". Same logic applies there -- they asked for their situation as well.

I personally think that parents deserve a little extra appreciation, period.

I have a softer opinion toward single parents as I have been one and I can honestly say that of all the married women I know, I have never seen one marriage that I would give up my lifestyle now for theirs.

So, I suppose we should ALL stop complaining about our own personal lives! We each and every made the decisions that got us here and we make the choice to stay!!

So, in trying to be fair, I'll not do any more extra cheerleading for single parents as long as I don't have to hear the same whine song from marrieds/cohabitators!

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Hahaha You mean a wooden nickel -- worthless! Hahaha
OK...for all you marrieds out there..

Long discussion short...would/do you *allow*, for lack of a better word, your husband to go out on the weekends w/HIS 20-something year old son and hang out at sports bars and the like?

I have a friend whose husband goes to these places at least 2-3 times a week after work to *relax* after a *stressful day at work*!!! Meanwhile, she is at home working (MTing)...with 2 young children...yet she has to stay at home while he's out drinking and who knows what else! This just infuriates me to no end, even though it's not my husband or really even my business...I probably wouldn't even know about it, but for the fact that this guy asks my husband to accompany him when he goes.. (they work together; my husband is his boss)...

I just want to know if this bothers anyone else as much as it does me...and I KNOW IT AINT NONE OF MY BUSINESS, I haven't ever brought it up to the friend...I just get angry when my husband tells me this...

About whining
I didn't mean that anyone in particular was "whining."  I know there are cherry pickers, I know there are company favorites, etc. etc.  My point is that if you, me....or anyone isn't making money doing MT and is in a constant state of agitation/unhappiness then it's time to find a better company to work for or even another line of work.  Life is too short.  Doesn't do any good to complain and wonder how someone else manages to make money, only "you" can control your environment.  I know that I have always done more than my share of the difficult dictators and I really don't mind doing it so long as it doesn't 1) interfere with my paycheck and 2) doesn't adversely affect my life.  I've only quit one company because of impossible dictators and that is the one that seems to be known to all; that after I worked for them for 7 years and suddenly all the "good" stuff (there wasn't much of that to begin with on that particular account) evaporated and I was doing nothing but the worst of the worst and I do mean WORST.  I don't know "why" that was happening but I did know when I  had had enough.
Thanks for the excellent advice, No Whining. Although this is my first visit to this site and I have never posted any complaints about MQ before, I am definitely one of those MQ Whiners you refer to! And this is the best advice I've heard in 5 years! Who do you suggest I apply for a job with?
i am not whining
i am merely trying to take a lighthearted look at other careers we could have chosen. you people suck! you are just mean to be mean. i think u are fooling yourselves that you are so secure in your jobs. i thought that too, i thought i was indispensable, but being an IC, i am disposable. i am just an accounts payable bill; they found a cheaper way to do and what do they do, they get rid the luxury item.
No, and I wasn't whining either.

I just made an observation that you hadn't responded yet.  And I was working myself, so I was trying to be brief.  Like I told Endiqua, it's not that I, myself, don't believe you or anyone else who is earning really good $$$ at MT.  I don't really care if other MTs believe you or not.  That's their problem.  I do believe it can be done, but I want to know how I can do it, too.  Honestly, I appreciate the advice and sharing of experiences.  I'm not trying to come across as snotty or trollish.

My last (??maybe?) question for you is how long you have been on your particular accounts, and are they low, mid or high level accounts?  I worked for both MQ and S, but I left for greener pastures because they kept bouncing me from difficult ESL account to another within a week of the last one.

I made more in the past year doing MT than every other year combined since I started several years ago.  I'm not working a part-time job as backup any more either.  I've also tripled my expander stats in the past month.  I could be satisfied with that, but I believe the potential is there to do so much more.


  So NOW what do I do??? He wants to see them (it's been two months!!)  I've told him I can't AFFORD to meet him and he only offers to "give me money" (that ole dangling carrot) if I meet him

I truly WANT the kids to have a relationship w/their dad, but I honestly can't afford the drive (I live in OK; he lives in TX - our divorce says we meet, of course)  Have been told by my atty that child support and child visitation are TWO SEPERATE ISSUES.....glad he has money to meet!!

More venting....thanx everyone for your feedback - wish there were not so many DBD's and DBM's out there, but it's NICE not to be alone!! 

who's whining here besides you. i'm calling

No whining, but ANGRY
With a MQ blog you could communicate and discuss to your hearts content, while you change nothing and your children starve.  And if MQ started the hole you are in, by still being there you are handing them the shovel to make that hole deeper.  Of course it is hard switching jobs and learning new accts but how does staying at MQ with NO jobs make that any easier?  If you have children and bills, you darn well better be doing something other than just whining about what a bad company MQ is.  You can start that process now or you can do nothing but whine and still have to start that process sometime in the future, all the while you bills are adding up and you kids are getting thinner.  And another thing, why do you have to buy anything for a new program or new job?  I have never had to buy anything for any company I have worked for.  It is hard to have alot of sympathy for a person who is constantly with the "poor me" but who does nothing to pull themselves out of the mire.  And if you think I am whining, you are reading my posts all wrong.  I am not whining, I am angry that you are letting yourselves be taken advantage of.  It makes all MTs look bad,  like we cannot take a stand for ourselves but feel ourselves to be at the mercy of any company that wants to take advantage of a hard-working MT.
What are you doing here? You're whining.
Use that energy to find another job and stop subjecting the rest of us to your pity party.

Enough already!
No - you started it with your whining about
Tired of the whining and here is why.
If you check out the posts, you will see what we are talking about.  MQ MTs whine about the horrible company they work for but don't leave.  I am angry that the "sit back and take it" attutude they have makes all hard working MTs look bad.  I for one know I am worth more than having to put up with being used like slave labor.  Even if it means working two jobs, it is better than just sitting back and whining but doing nothing about your plight.  And with that being said, no one is saying they should not be able to beat the dead dog amoungst themselve, they just need to take it to a blog, so we don't have to be witness to it.  And btw, i DO work two MT jobs.
Correction! That should be No Whining
Hahaha I like it!
and they can call it USI (United States of India Trans___s/l iption Servises.  Their website can brag of the great work they do and services they provide for their customers.  Like a TAT of 24 to 72 hours, depending on how hard the doctor is.  They can boast that they will have a 2 percent accuracy percentage.  That is 2 percent if you want the lowest rate which doesnt offer QA services.  But your accuracy percentage can go up to almost 50 percent if their experienced QA team glances over your document and can hopefully spell everything right that you dictate.  And then there is the only 2 reports out of 100 typed discount where they could only type 2 because they couldn't understand the rest and they cherry picked!  And OOPS, there is the no one else to type it cuz the Indians didnt understand you either discount.

You are all so arrogant.  Do you really think your abilities are sooooo keen that you can have this special sense of what poster is who?  Actually, I am the one ROFL because you all look so silly.  I AM a different poster than the other.  I dont work for MQ, just an MT who is SICK AND TIRED of hearing you gripe and complain like infants!  Not all MTs have bad attitudes and complain all day long.  And just because there may be 2 or more people posting good things doesnt mean they are really just 1 person. 

Of course, if it makes you feel better to think that there could only be 1 person who is tired of hearing it, then go ahead and PRETEND. 

HELPFUL HINT:  If you took all the time you spent complaining and applied it to work, MAYBE you could make more than the 2 dollars an hour you are complaining about. 

HAHAHA Whatever do you mean by that?!

There are quite a few good conversations to stay out of here. It's frightening, the character shown on this board! Amusing sometimes...mainly sad and frightening!

I appreciate the information. Thank you!
with a man who is on the down-low.....HAHAHA.nm
Hahaha! OMG!..................nm
hahaha, I like that !......nm
soooo should write that note!  Hilarious post
Yeah, that's why you're the one whining
online about a grocery store clerk a full week later.  It must have been pretty bad to affect your self esteem so much that you're still dwelling on it.  Have you ever actually worked in customer service before?
Hey DP/No Whining...whoever your alter ego is this evening....

.....I guess you really don't have a life...on here all day and now all night...what a


I'm not "no whining" that is a different poster ..
and I have quite a life! Bet I make more than you, as well!!!

Lots going on for me!! I'm not complaining about anything in my life!

Losers are the ones on here who whine about how bad their jobs are, or no work, or low pay, or how people treat them, or how companies treat them, or how bad they've got it ... now THOSE are losers. Willing to whine but nothing more!!!!

:) Does that irritate you?! LMAO
LOL I have no idea who "no whining" is but
see, we sound the similar because we have a similar problem -- sick of YOU.

Ya see, all of you whiners --are just the same. Every single one of ya. MQ cheated you. MQ STILL cheats you. MQ won't change. MQ IS changing. MQ took your money. MQ mailed you check. MQ doesn't give you any work. MQ doesn't, MQ does, MQ doesn't, MQ does.

All sounds the same to us. We're sick of you.

What's embarassing is the fact that you THINK you are really MTs! HOW FUNNY!!! Let me tell you something: Real MTs take pride in their work and control of their professional lives. They give all for companies that treat them well and they leave companies that don't. They don't stand for it.

I am not "no whining". I am a completely different person, have no idea who he/she is, don't really care. I'm just tired of hearing you complain over what you can change. It's petty, cheap, childish, self-centered, and downright unprofessional.

I've made over $200 today with MQ. How about you? Have you made any money today? NO? Hmmmm, wonder why!?!?!?!!!!!

My son, who is 14, most definitely YES! He is constantly whining to me about being bored, but...
my daughter is starting Kindergarten this year and she is my baby and my last and I am going to be a blubbering fool probably the entire first week of school!
quit freaking whining and do your job
And you are doing nothing more than whining. Re-read the post.
Not sticking up for ANYONE, just stating a fact. Get over yourself.
Hahaha Well, now have you had any MT experience at all?
Any education from an MT course?

You WILL have to learn! When I worked at the hospital and trained MTs, it was MUCH easier to train them starting on a specialty or two first, and I usually started with cardiology and orthopedics. Then went to neurology, oncology, infectious disease, and so forth.

Again, that is MY experience and MY perspective. Others may tell you different.
Illegal? Hahaha
Your so-called contract was a statement of what your rate would be at that time. It did not guarantee you any specific amount of work nor pay for any specified length of time.

Go seek help! Go seek an attorney! Throw more of the money you're losing to a cause you won't win.

It's disheartening, I agree. Spheris has done it...know what? They're still in business and they still have great MTs (along with the pitiful ones as well). A few jumped ship when it happened; some came back. New ones came on board. The company moved on and is doing better.

That is what will happen here. I'm not trying to downplay your reaction -- you are right to feel upset about it. But please, please don't waste more of what you are losing by seeking help where you won't find it.

Regarding the F9 feature -- absolutely no company is required to charge clients and pay employees on the same definition...and yes, there is a difference - it is called making a profit. If MQ (or any other MT company) wants to charge clients for a flat rate, a per-minute rate, a per-line rate, a combination of flat rate per report + lines, etc., but pay their MTs only a 65-character line...then that is their right. It isn't any MTs business what/how MQ charges their clients. That's business, period. Not just this industry either.

It IS your business that you be paid what you agreed to under your "contract". However, since they have adjusted their pay scale, that "contract" is null. You have the right not to accept it by quitting. You have as much right to nullify that contract as they do.

This is an exchange -- skills and services for money. If either party doesn't care for how the other is conducting/upholding their end, or if circumstances change, either party can leave. It is called employment at will.

Please, save yourself the money at least. Work on healing the heartache of it.
Hahaha -- I'm confused on who I was even
talking to...you or the one who answered below!!

Oh well, I think we all got each other's points!!

We are really dating ourselves here, huh?! Hahaha
The mother of one of my son's friends said something to that effect to me the other day. She is a stay-at-home mom and they live only on what her husband makes. Great for them. They are very religious. Great.

However, then she proceeded to tell me that if more women would just stay home instead of having to have their SUVs and their face lifts and their fashionable clothes, that the men could then make decent money to support their families.

Once she caught the look on my face, she quickly made a notation that of course that didn't apply to women like ME who had to support a family by themselves. I just smiled.

Again, if I have a billion dollars and want to work -- that's my right and my choice. I don't owe it to any man or any other woman to sit down and not take a job so they can have it!

That kind of thinking is dangerous, in my opinion.
hahaha! Thant's about right! nm
To Mac: HAHAHA - NO JOKE - sm

I absolutely love DEAL OR NO DEAL - *ROFL* - so JOKE OR NO JOKE - answer is NO JOKE sweetie!!!

*winks* @ Mac and laughs!!!! 

Talk is fine but enough with the repeated whining. sm
I think you are right.  You should not leave MQ until you have another job and absolutely, you should not settle for just anything.  While it is true MQ has put you were you are today, there is nothing that says you have to stay down.  Take your future in your own capable hands and run with it.  And I don't agree that where MQ goes, there goes the rest of us.  I would like to think MQ will teach us all a lesson as to what NOT to put up with.  And if we all make a stand against companies like MQ, I would hope all of our futures can be brighter.  I think that also means not sitting quietly by while our jobs are offshored.  Refuse to deal with offshore call centers and service centers.  It is a small step but we have to start somewhere.  Management of these companies has no job except for us, for that matter, state employees on up to the top, have no jobs without us.  There is no reason for any of us to take bad treatment without fighting back.  I think the future CAN be changed, if we all stick together and make our voices be heard. But whining incessantly just makes people turn a deaf ear to your complaints after a while.  A blog would give all MQers a place to support and sympathize with each other.
so "no whining" - still no SELF CONTROL, huh? The MQ draws you like a

to blood------------

you are the one pathetic.  Those of us who are trying to figure out how to get out of the muck MQ put us in, come here to share things and hopefully come out of this disaster in one piece.

Like others have said - -0 - - - stay away.

Don't click on things MQ.

Don't YOU get it?  We don't need your attacks.  We don't need your smart butt remarks.  If you don't have anything constructive to post to those of us in a bit of a mess, then don't say anything and move on.

Otherwise we are going to think you are MQ management, and we wouldn't want to think they would stoop that low.

That is because No whining/Barney is taking her meds.
That is because No whining/Barney is taking her meds.

Your tone sounds 100% whining and bitter.
That's why I call your posts whining and bitter! The other poster stated her case in a mature way, using stats as her back up. No whining, no bitterness. I have not formed an opinion on the AAMT either way to date, but am leaning more pro-AAMT by just the style of postings - those supporting it come off as calm, professional, and mature, while those not supporting it sound emotional, bitter, and whining. Just my opine and reaction to the posts!! Debate much? Its a great skill, and long lost in America...
HAHAHA ... That's funny - I meant 'obviously' ...sm
I haven't posted on this thread before and there's SO much to read on it! LOL

Thanks for pointing it out.

BTW...I never said I knew everything! Gawwddd, if I DID know everything I sure as heck wouldn't be on this board!! Hahahaha
Hahaha I know. I agree whole-heartedly.
When I first started watching this board, I was shocked. I truly was. Shocked at how infantile a good majority of the posters seemed to be.

Then, it became quite amusing. It is clear to me that what is going on is basically the Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde syndrome. These MTs must be nice, somewhat professional, decent to anyone who can see their face and know their names. However, give them a chance to be anonymous, where they feel no one will ever know, and their true underlying character surfaces.

They are simply miserable. They feel cheated. They feel they cannot bank (literally, hahaha) on this industry because it isn't what they want it to be. They feel wronged in that they must do hard work for good money or do without. Hard work never hurt anyone; it's lack of it that destroys people.

I have had some very good conversations with a few mature people on this board. People who are intelligent enough to hold differing opinions without being dysfunctional. People who recognize the difference between opinion and fact. People who do not subscribe to the infestation of misery in their attitude.

These children on this board find it perfectly fine for their own opinions to be displayed here (complete with all the little icons and capital letters -- practicing for school, I'm sure -- and slang language) but the minute someone posts who has a different opinion they get all hysterical.

Hahaha It's worth the amusement and the occasional good conversation.
Her name is mother alright. hahaha
Brace yourself.  You know it's coming.  It's Mother Busy MT'ing (???) Hammer (Preaching) Time!!!!    YOU WILL LISTEN TO BUSY MT'ING!!!!!
Balls instead of chairs - Hahaha

Just thought I'd pass this along in case anyone is tired of sitting in the same old chair everyday while they work.  I've seen this "tip" before but never bothered to try it until recently. 

I purchased one of those large inflatable exercise balls and use it instead of a chair.  It's a very refreshing change.  I did have to learn to balance a bit because in a chair you can move around, even when you're not aware of it, and the chair is stable but the ball isn't.  It also helps me keep better posture, is easier on the low back/sacrum, and I think it is helping my abdomen because you are working your abdominals and legs while sitting there. 

Anyway, it was worth a try for me.  I may not use it all the time but it is a great change. 

Hahaha. I just know I received it in an email
and regardless of the author, it is well written and speaks my perspective perfectly!

Thanks for the information, though!
Disgusting commercial, huh?! Hahaha
I use Brawny paper towels and Lysol Kitchen spray on counters and appliances. I use plastic scrubbies on the sink and anything I need to scrub up before the dishwasher and the put the scrubbie in the dishwasher as well. I spray Lysol on the sink and faucets before I go to bed.

I started this when I saw Oprah's show on women who horde and won't clean/throw away anything. The experts she had on the show had checked one woman's kitchen sink for bacteria and compared it to her commode and the commode was cleaner! I about fell over. I have dishcloths and dishtowels but they are washed after every single use! Ewwwwww!
Thanks.. just call me blind!!!! hahaha

ROFLMAO - too funny!!!! HAHAHA!! nm

HAHAHA! I LOVE the pic in your post! (sm)
I darn near died laughing when I saw that pic. I needed that today, thanks!

Elavil hahaha YUCK

for the first few days went to work in a very good mood, almost tipsy!! 


Surprisingly, I did not care for that feeling!

I had to take it in the morning or else I could not fall asleep!! I have ADD so that might account for the reason I need to take all meds similar to Elavil in the morning.

HAHAHA - AMEN, Patti !!!!!! SM
Like fine wine and cheese.........*grins*
Hahaha sounds like a song.....
the great toe, the toe, the great toe, uh, uh, uh, OH