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Withdraw your resignation.

Posted By: it can be done on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: I can't believe what happened to me today - Kt

If this new company is already pulling stuff with you before you're hired, it will only get worse.

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Yes, I agree with the OP, withdraw your resignation but ALSO ...sm
make sure you make a very severe complaint about the recruiter/individual who acted in this manner.

I would write the CEO, COO and Board of Directors if at all possible. The Human Resources Director should know as well.

Bless your heart.
nevermind -- i withdraw the question!
also remember that they limit how much you can withdraw
from your Paypal account every month, otherwise they'll require you to upgrade your account which tacks on another fee.

I only use Paypal to get paid as a last resort and then I use the fees as a writeoff. If I can wait for a snail mail check, I will.
In the past I have always wrote a simple letter, stating the date I was leaving and that I had appreciated the experience I had gained with them but that circumstances change and at this point it was better to move on to new and different opportunities, yadda, yadda, yadda... Sometimes I really wanted to say Take this JOB and #!@%@#! But you never know when you will need the reference, so it's always better to be professional about it
re resignation
I apparently responded just as your post was being moved; could have almost written it myself. My guess is that you're leaving the Q and going to MDI-MD right? I did! Enjoy your freedom!!!
Email reply to her resignation
I forgot to post the email I sent her on the day she quit. Here it is:


This is very unfortunate! We have not received the files we assigned you for 6/30 submission and you are not answering your phone. I am dismayed by your lack of professionalism in not even giving us the courtesy of saying you will not do the work. That said, what personal problems you may have, I hope you work them out.

-----Original Message-----
From: Vanessa Satterwhite-Langston [mailto:vansatt@comcast.net]
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 5:40 AM
To: SEAN Meditrans
Subject: Resignation

I regret to inform that I can no longer work for SMT because of personal issues that need my immediate attention. I am sorry for the lack of notice, but it could not be avoided. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Thank you,
Vanessa Satterwhite
Proper way to submit resignation?
How much information does one have to include in a resignation? Just the date effective? Do you need to give the reasons in the resignation?  TIA!
Resignation from a large MTSO...sm

Dear Sirs:

I am turning in my resignation with giving the required 2 weeks notice. I have enjoyed working for your organization for 10 of the past 11 years; however, I feel that I must step down at this time.  Over the past year I have been asked increasingly to work outside my schedule because work isn't available during my daytime shift because you're now sending the work on the account overseas overnight, leaving little work for the day shift employees.  In addition, the benefits have decreased and while my cost of living has gone up, requests for a line rate increase to 8.5 cpl have been denied.  You forget that I am a top producer and transcribe over 2500 lines a day & have QA scores of 99-100, so perhaps you'll enjoy paying benefits for 2 employees to replace my production. 

You may wonder where I am going to work.  I have found a small mom and pops company that refuses to send our work outside of the US.  I will have guaranteed work from the same doctors each day and will have 24 hours to return work that I obtain Monday through Thursday, and Friday work received will be due back by Monday afternoon.  This will allow me to schedule my own work hours.  They are going to be paying me more than you are, because they realize that hiring one excellent Transcriptionist and paying them more per line is cheaper than hiring 2 inferior transcriptionsts, especially when you consider the cost of keeping that extra employee working for you.  The owner of this company is well known to take very good care of the employees and not jerk them around, and that is the way they also treat their clients.  Doctors love them for their dependability and accuracy of reports, and knowing that work will not leave the US unless they specifically request it do so.  


Suzie Q Transcriptionist

Tips on resignation letter

I am getting ready to resign from a company I have been with for many years. I haven't written a resignation letter in years. Should I detail why I am leaving or just tell them I am leaving? I just want to be as professional as possible, but thought just a few lines telling them why might be appropriate. I will be sending this to my new manager who I have never talked to and who has only been there a couple of weeks.

Anyway, since I haven't done one in so long, just wanted some advice.


I was in the same situation. I E mailed my resignation.
Offer up a small notice. They still have your last paycheck to send you and they sound really nasty. Do the minimal amount to do for them, be professional to them and then get out as quick as you can. Remember, though, if you want your check, just do what you can to make sure you seem professional and not stooping to their level. But if you are happily leaving, e mail notice ASAP and forget about them except for your small notice obligation and focus mentally on your blessings. This will get you through the difficult time left with them. THen let go of them and forget them. Trust me. I had trust issues with jobs for 6 months after a bad experience with 1 MTSO, and am just letting go now. Above all, preserve your self-esteem, be professional and courteous, but get out. Good luck!
Resignation letter ideas

I want to put in my two weeks' notice.  I haven't had to do this since working at home.  Just an e-mail to the supervisor?  Should I cc it to the manager?  Also, I would like to make known how much I like my supervisor. 


Don't throw up hands in resignation, EDUCATE
yourself. Immigration has been made into a HUGE issue to distract you from what you should REALLY be concerned about: FOREIGN POLICY. If Americans would sacrifice the 30-60 minutes they waste on TV garbage on any given night and actually PARTICIPATE in their own democracy, they'd be shocked and outraged to know WHERE AND WHAT their tax dollars are actually spent on...

Immigration IS a problem, but NOT in the way we've been led to believe.