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Posted By: nss on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: I can't believe what happened to me today - Kt

Check with your old job and see if you can stay (unless you REALLY hate it). At least that is what I would do.

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Just 1 in 1 year. No plans to change in the near future.

Even 4.5 is too low. doctors do not change - they still hem and haw, change, change stuff along wit
It is just not enough for the work. Speech is great on the wrists but you are not just reading what is typed, you are making a lot of changes. I have a hard time doubling a lot of days with all the changes I have to make. Just my opinion.
Don't change. I had to change back to cable. SuddenLink DSL stinks! nm


Change provider vs change to business plan

In your place, I would seriously consider changing providers if there were others available in your area, but I'd ask around about their service quality first.  It may not be any better.  If there are no other providers, then consider changing your service package to a business account rather than residential.  They're usually more expensive, but they also tend to get faster service if there's a problem.

Last summer, I had no electricity for 3 days due to severe storms, but there were some 600,000 in the same boat with me.  We just had to wait it out.  It's a downside of working at home.

Plans for THIS weekend?
Summer has gone by WAY too fast.  What are your plans for this weekend?  Anyone have a big weekend last weekend?  I am not sure what we are going to do.  Husband is playing in a golf tournament and I will probably take the kids swimming, maybe work a little.  Would be nice.
Got any weekend plans?

It's so hot, I may just work instead. 

My dinner plans
I am so sorry that your doggy had diarrhea all over your face. OH GEEZ, I didn't realize that is really what you look like - again sorry.
change attitude, change life
The first thing you need to change is that defeatist attitude! I know that's hard at times like this, but that's when you need to most.
I won't go into detail, but my financial situation is also at an all-time low, we couldn't even exchange gifts., daughter in hospital twice, & no med insurance)..but then I heard about how much worse things were for others around me this season. Now I'm thankful instead!
Did your husband know that the plans the mayor of NO used

were the same plans that were specified by the Department of Homeland Security when they did a simulation of this disaster in the 4 years prior?  When FEMA was absorbed by the DHS, they did simulations of events like hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.  In their simulation called Hurricane Pam, which was only simulated as a category 3, they said that the only place available as a shelter in this type of storm was the Superdome.  They studied this for years.  The mayor followed their recommendations.

As far as buses being available, the mayor made the public transportation system available for free but that was only inside the city of N.O.  He can't make private sector transportation services provide free transportation OUT of the city and then, again, he could have used the public transportation and the school bus system to transport them out of the city, but to where?  These people had no money - where were they going to go?  The only option the mayor had was to use the recommendations of the DHS and house them in the Superdome.  What other city was available in Louisiana that would have housed hundreds of thousands of people in shelters designed to withstand a category 4 (possibly 5) storm?  There was none. 

There was an article published yesterday in which many administration officials described how FEMA would work since it was absorbed into the Department of Homeland Security and what the responsibilities would be if the president declared any disaster an incident of national significance.  It was an excellent article and very eye-opening.   FEMA isn't the FEMA we knew from years ago that could act independently and at a quicker pace.

Long Distance Plans

Can anyone suggest a long distance carrier that provides unlimited long distance at a reasonable rate for transcription purposes?  I have been told that I have to have a business plan because it is against government regulations to use your home phone line to surf the internet, etc.  I have to dial into a long distance number to get my work through a Lanier.  I have statellite internet so I do not think I can have Vonage or anything like that where it goes through your PC.  I currently pay over $100 a month with taxes and surcharges to have unlimited long distance on one phone line.  Is there anything better out there? 

Had to cancel my plans again today to do MT (sm)

Although these doctors pay pretty well they are a pain in the neck.  I am about ready to give this up altogether.

I have tried other services and they only pay about half of what these guys do.  What next?  See items on E-Bay?

Long Distance plans
Depends on where you live. Do a Google search for your area. My employer told me AT&T was cheapest, but not in my area, ALL plans here run about 70+ a month for unlimited, but down south, AT&T was about $25/month. Big difference where you live. Hope this helps.
Family holiday plans (sm)

I just had to post this as it reminds me so much of a lady who posted about her family, saying that they were ungrateful.

I was going to take the Amtrak train to visit my family on Thanksgiving, it's only about an hour on the Amtrak, and about $80.00 for the ticket!  My stepmother says to me that it would be way to much trouble for them to drive the 15 minutes to the station to pick me up, they are having company that day.  My father would spend his whole Thanksgiving day going back and forth to the train station.  But I was welcome to come the day before Thanksgiving and stay until the day after Thanksgiving, that way they could drop me off at the train station when they didn't have company.  Company meaning her children, who have always come first.  So I am supposed to go to their house at an alloted time?  I'll be darned if I'm going to do that.

Now I'll be darned if I am going to pay $80.00 for a train ticket to spend a day with a family with this attitude.  I told them I won't be coming, I haven't had the time to spend 3 days there and have to work, and they said it would be too much trouble to pick me up at the train station on Thanksgiving.  Am I right or wrong in not going on Thanksgiving?  Any opinions?

AT &T and other co offer unlimited plans

We have an unlimited longdistace plan with AT&T for only $35 monthly I know there are a few other companies that also offer these type of plans. I would definitlly check into them if I had to pay longdistance charges.

I just got a letter too...please post what plans are available to us...TIA

What are your vacation plans this summer? sm
I'm getting married in 11 days so my week vacation afterwards will be spent honeymooning in Helen, GA, which is where we're getting married. 
VoIP plans are the only ones without restrictions
They do offer individual plans, but they are SM
similar to my insurance at Spheris. A very high deductible, many out of pocket expenses, no prescription drug coverage. Basically, will cover hospital expenses. However, the most out of pocket with them was $5000.00 per year; with Spheris it is $10,000 per year. I believe it cost $250.00 a month.

You could look into it.
long distance plans
I live in NW Ohio and having a difficult time finding a LD carrier that allows for medical transcription.  Anyone have any ideas?
A parrot may outlive you, so make sure you have plans

for where it will live after you pass.  I thought about getting a parrot, but I decided that it was too much of a responsibility considering how long they live and how much attention they need.  If they don't get attention, they WILL have a tantrum like a 2 year old, so make absolutely sure this is what you really want.  Also, parrots are LOUD, really LOUD.

I ended up getting female zebra finches and love them dearly.  They are not loud and because I have a cage with the seed catch, they aren't too messy.  Note: Boy zebra finches are loud, so avoid them if you can't handle the noise.  Girls warble, boys squawk.

Program worked well for me, but not the most economical of plans. sm

They do make it easy for you -- meals and snacks all ready, but when I did it 10 years ago, it averaged $80-100 per week, PLUS you still have to buy your milk and fresh fruits and veggies.  Still, it was a good plan for me.  I walked every day too, and managed to lose 50 pounds.  One of the things they taught me is true, though:  Your decision to quit exercising is your decision to gain back the weight.  Sure enough ... gradually, the exercise dwindled ... the eating habits slipped .. and the weight started creeping back. 

The other poster who mentioned Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine dinners is right -- you can supplement with them for a lot less $$. 

Good luck with whatever you choose! 

They don't want to look for their own jobs or figure out their own business plans. They want all
I have what is perhaps a dumb question about 401k plans. Can you have 2? sm

I am starting a part-time job in addition to my full-time job, and they both have 401k plans with matching, so if I could have both, I could get a little extra on both sides.  Somehow, though, I am thinking that probably is not allowed. 

Thanks for your input.

Affordable health insurance plans?
Do these exist? Any leads on where to find affordable coverage for employee and 1 dependent?
You purchase the plans which allow so much data to be transferred.
I paid for the $59.99 monthly package, which is a lot of data usuage and have used programs such as Dictaphone ExText and Escription on the road. It seems like someone told me you'd have to pretty much be on it nonstop to use up all the data allowance but you can check it out here..http://b2b.vzw.com/broadband/bbapccard.html
Cingular and T-Mobile advertise prepaid plans.
Business plans don't work either...been there done that with SBC & ATT...MTSOs/hospitals need to.

either offer 1-800 numbers or internet transcription if they want to keep hiring us all over the US....that's it!!  Maybe we could all share the cost of a 1-800 number or something, and for goodness sake, with all the technology out there, everything needs to go to digital dictation anyway.  Bottom line is MT is NOT allowed for ULD.  I even asked about some sort of special ULD transcription package through SBC & ATT and they wouldn't even consider it.  So, MTSOs, please listen up...the ULD is going to be a thing of the past real soon.  It's a wonderful option to you and it broadens the MT's working capabilities, but without ULD, nobody can rake out that kind of money!  We should all put our heads together (MTSOs and MTs) and try to get something going here.  We can no longer overlook this situation. 

Good luck everyone...I will be holding my breath for us all!

Agree w/the Tessier's, but I don't think plans are in the works for an updated one. :( nm
Sorry to hear it,, Lyndia. Sickness messes up all plans. SM
That you're nevertheless still able to put money aside is pretty amazing in itself. Feel better soon. :)
Yes but what you dont understand is MQ plans to bring out a new pay plan which probably will reduce
the base line rate for everyone and then their it on production and that will make a huge difference in what people get paid.
Any unlimited long distance plans for high-volume
I use 7000+ minutes a month but I know that most LD companies now will dump your unlimited plan if they find you using more than 5000 or if they find you are using it for transcription.  Has anyone had one of these plans for a while now without problems with high-volume calling?  Which one?
I'm doomed with dialup, too. It's simply AWFUL!!! Bright House plans on sm

servicing my area soon, after March sometime.   My suggestion would be to bug whichever companies supply DSL or broadband in your area.  Be relentless.  This is 2006.  There is no reason to settle for dialup!! 

I feel your pain. 




Any plans for Mother's Day? Hubby is taking me on a wine & dinner train ride.
Get out while you can. Things will *never* change unless you change them. (nt)

Their unlimited plans aren't really unlimited, which is

the problem.  Their limit is 5000 minutes and if you work full-time you'll need approximately 10,000 minutes. 

There have been several people who have received enormous bills from AT&T because they deemed their use as inappropriate. 

C-phone and phone plans....
I have a company that I have recently hired on with that uses c-phones.  At home I have an unlimited long distance plan, but I'm wondering if while traveling there is a plan that you can get in order to use a c-phone in a motel, relative's homes, etc.  I like to be able to still work while traveling and I feel this is going to limit me.  Any suggestions or ideas?
Yes you need to change everything to

reflect GA as your residence.   In my state you have 30 days to notify DMV of an address change.    You don't have to be head of household to claim office expenses and can claim in GA if you meet the criteria needed for a home office. 

From someone who has BTDT be sure you have a legal contract with your renters, even if family member and do a video of your house before you leave for your protection.  Also you might want to look at getting some additional insurance.  I had a trusted family member living in my house for a year, rent free in exchange for upkeep, and they practically destroyed the house, which is why I suggested the above. 


I once had a QA from HS change BMI to PMI sm

This was in vital signs.   The pt BMI was 35.  She/he changed that to PMI....... 

Anyone else have any QA mistakes they'd like to share?

The very first QA notice I received when I started (January) was to double space at the end of a sentence. I felt like the biggest dummy for not knowing this. But, after viewing these posts, I guess it is not such a common knowledge thing. I NEVER, NEVER hear from MQ. I wonder if it is because I don't have their e-mail. I know they have my e-mail address, but NEVER hear from them. I wonder how many CHANGES I have missed?
change that from 375 to
365, but feels like 375.
Wonder if they will change
the offshore concerns board to the offshore board.
Actually no change at all...
just venting. Sorry to have gone on and on with being upset and angry all day and other family issues that have caused stress. I could state my personal life on here and all of my business dealings, but do you really need to hear every bit of a story? Should I recount every little detail about my work habits as an MT? Is that really necessary? Fine, I was crying and upset in the beginning thinking of ways to find work, what to do, then that turned to anger. Then that passed and I realized how businesses are run and that posting on a board and not editing my post and misspelling words and not using proper grammar (EMPLOYED AS AN IC) is just unfortunate I guess for me and I won't be posting on any boards any time soon. As far as the year of working as an IC (hope that sounds better for you) there were plenty of times when I made mistakes and yes, even the MTSO admitted to having made a mistake or two and overlooked a document and then paid me for it on the next check or found something she thought I hadn't turned it and I actually had and I covered for someone who was sick that day and did extra work and yes, I really made a few mistakes when I missed the TAT. I am not wanting to hear something terrible from anyone, like, yes, you should write a letter. I guess just a little venting and typing out loud and..wow, I hope things get better soon too. Don't worry, everyone, PLEASE don't worry!! I didn't do anything terrible, I didn't send a nasty e-mail to anyone, I didn't write a letter and I apologized again to the MTSO.
This is what I am saying. She isn't going to change.
I'd begin trying to drown her out with the stereo or a water fountain that is somewhat loud and runs all of the time. I'd not say anything at all but what you could do, in a kind way, is when you talk with her, say something to her that you overhead her saying and then mention that you didn't mean to be eaves dropping but that sound carries and it is impossible to not hear her. Keep it friendly. A neighbor who dislikes you makes life hell if they are the kind who act out.
Name change SM
They should change it to DEFUNCT
Does anybody change
just the first few reports to get the difference in price per line and just use the new rate figured to calculate for their font and margins?

In other words, if the difference is 2.4 cpl or whatever, you just add that to your rate and count lines with their font and margins without changing them each time. Would that be kosher?

I was wondering if you could make a macro to do it. Excellent idea!

Thanks everyone.
If you have a "normal" set and you want to do another temporarily, you can add the font/pitch icons to your toolbar.   I always leave them there anyway.  Then you put your cursor at the top left of the document and click on the font and pitch you want and they will be good for the whole document, unless you bring in one from somewhere else (like Instant Text or another document) Be sure your default is set for any text you bring into documents to match the document you are on (the document you are on determines the font and pitch, etc.)  Or, if it is a permanent thing you are doing, set up a template for it.   You can set up in instant text too, if you save with the format on it. 
I have yet to see any name change

Everything that i have gotten from them lately has been AAMT and nothing else. 

We can now compete with China.  What a mess this is.

Change happens
Lots of jobs that existed in my lifetime do not exist anymore. Telephone operators were replaced by automated switchboards. Key punch operators are no more. And in the near future these jobs we do, too, will be no more. It isn't the Indian MTs that will eventually make them go away; it will be the improvement in voice recognition and all the blaming and complaining won't change it. The key punch operators and the telephone operators went to work doing other things, and we shall, too.
Name Change
The only way to change the name is to control T out of the document you opened and then start the document over and make sure the patient info is correct on your document info screen before you enter or say okay. Word pulls in the patient information through a template so you can't modify it once you're in the actual Word document.
I was reading your message with interest and an open mind, until I saw the word "dear," then realized the unnecessary condescension and patronization of your message.
I'm about to change over...
to just my laptop. I use the laptop for traveling, which is very convenient, but I have to "synchronize" my laptop to my desktop whenever I'm leaving because my client may want something that I typed on my desktop while I'm away, which I wouldn't have access to, of course, so I save work onto the laptop, etc. Also, I'm getting ready to have to update some software for a client, so it will be cheaper for me to just work from one computer rather than having to purchase two licenses of the software I need to upgrade two computers. I use a 21-inch screen, and an ergonomic keyboard. I will use a docking station for my laptop, so I can still use my big screen and my ergo keyboard. It will look no different, and it will be much easier when I'm traveling. I will just unplug the laptop and go and it will have all my current work on it, so no having to pull from the desktop to save onto the laptop, etc.