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she's a single mother! That shouldn't matter! nm

Posted By: nm on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: see message - NB


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I am 46 and the single mother of a young son.  I worked for the last five years at one of the premier universities in Chicago as a secretary to two urologic surgeons.  I resigned from my job almost two months ago, and beginning in one week, I will start my first independent contractor MT position.  My little boy will begin first grade the day after Labor day, so this will free me up to type for about five to six hours each day.  Does anyone have any advice for me on the MT home alone experience.  This is going to be a major adjustment for me.  Phyllis

Shouldn't matter.....sm
Your macro will open the original template each time. If you need changes to it, make the changes and save it as a different template and link your macro to it. I'm not a macro expert, but I've made a few and it really isn't hard. There's info in Word's help files.
If you an use your own computer, shouldn't matter
laptop or desktop.  I've been using a laptop for 4+ years. 
Yes she did play the single mother card. Reread the last line of her post... (sm)
the one that says, "She has really messed things up for this single mother."

Now substitute the phrase "single mother" for "black person", so the sentence would read: "She has really messed things up for this black person."

Now tell me you wouldn't believe somebody was playing the race card if they wrote that? It's the same with the "single mother" crap. The difference is that a person can't choose what race they belong to, but a single mother DOES have a choice. They can choose to:

A) Keep their legs closed.

B) Use multiple forms of birth control simultaneously to avoid getting pregnant.

C) Get sterilized.

D) Be more selective about who they sleep with.


E) All of the above.

So, it's not a matter of interpretation; she was playing the "single mother card" the same way some people get accused of playing the "race card". A pity party is a pity party, no matter who it's coming from.

Doesn't matter, IF you are not paid an hourly wage, i.e. a set amount no matter - sm
how much or how little you type, say $12.00/hour, you do not get OT. As someone mentioned here, certain jobs are exempt, and as most of us are paid a flat rate of .08 cpl or .09 or .10, whatever it is, that is all we get regardless of how many hours under or over 40 hours we go. If you want OT then go get an in-house job or get a job doing something else.
Then you shouldn't ben an SE or an IC. We all....
have to make the choices and or sacrifices that provide us with what we need.  You may need to find a job that provides benefits, as opposed to living on the edge regarding medical care.  If that means you work a rigid schedule because you're an employee, giving up the flexibility of being an IC may be necessary.  I did the same thing myself.  Canadian health care stinks.
They shouldn't be able to do that.

We used to rent and went through that.  I've worked as a housekeeper before, so I'm anal about cleaning.  Security deposits are for damages only, usually not for routine cleaning.  We had landlords try to charge us for many reasons, but there are Landlord/Tenant laws in each state.  In my state, the landlord has to notify us that the unit is not clean enough and give us time to clean it up before they can withhold from the security deposit.  If they don't notify you, your deposit is fully due to you.  They also have to give you an itemized list of specific charges, not just general cleaning.  I always took pictures before and after, too, just to prove that we left everywhere clean.

We had one altercation with a landlord in a basement apartment we lived in.  The foundation was cracked and leaking, and the ancient threadbare 1950s carpet got stained with water, moldy, and mildewy, so we tore it out and replaced it with remnants.  He tried to charge me for recarpeting the entire basement apartment.  I took pictures, though, and threatened him with a lawsuit of my own for providing substandard living quarters, failing to make repairs, and withholding my security deposit.  He tried to bully me by telling me that he had never lost a case, so I turned him in to the county.

Go to Google and type in your state name with "Landlord Tenant laws" and "security deposit" to see what it says.  Then call an attorney for a free consultation.  Send a demand letter for the funds owed to you.

Maybe I shouldn't say this but
Uninstall it and reinstall again, see what happens.
shouldn't have said it was better lol
I keep getting all lines are busy please try again later or We are sorry all circuits are busy now please hang up and try again 312506.
And I thought monday was over,,,,,,my bad!!!
Shouldn't we use ml instead of cc?
He shouldn't try to think.
No, you shouldn't do that. sm
I have always read NO, do not run 2 antivirus programs at once. I run Spybot and Ad-Aware along with my main antivirus (I use Avast), but you should not run 2 main antivirus (such as Avast or AVG) programs together. I don't know what PC Tools does so I don't know specifically if that is okay to run with AVG, but I would advise checking with AVG before you do anything.

I find that using something like AVG and running periodic Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware scans, plus using the immunize tool in Spybot, works well and keeps my PC free of pests (along with firewall, of course).

Just my opinion, but a lot of the "do-it-all" programs end up slowing down your computer with extra features you may not even need or want. Half the stuff they bundle isn't even necessary since many browers and ISPs bundle the same functions in their software. Therefore, you might be wasting memory resources on something you already have adequate protection for with your browser/ISP. You can compare it to medicine designed for cough, congestion, and allergy - if you only have the cough, you really don't need the congestion and allergy medicines so why buy the multi-formula med and subject your body to it unnecessarily when you could just get the cough med and be well?
shouldn't have to
you can program any key to anything you like.
and shouldn't that be...

Hehehe. I'm in a mood today.
What I wanted to do but never did (and probably shouldn't)
I always wanted to tape record about 20 minutes of the yapping and then play it back right outside when the neighbor had a window open, preferably in the middle of the night!
I probably shouldn't bite, but (sm)
Almost $30,000 (including July SE bonus).


Shift differential.

Incentive bonus (over 17,000 lines/pp) met 50% of pay periods.

Quarterly bonus for SEs (at least $500 per quarter).

Work 40 hours per week, sometimes more if I work an occasional weekend.

Two kids at home, over 17, but neither drive (boo me).

No husband or boyfriend.

I have as much of a life as I want.

shouldn't you ask your employer

Shouldn't an employer pay

Not doing that is what has made the world go upside down right now.

If I am paid 7/cents a line and my cost of living is based on 12/cents a line plus

benefits, it's almost impossible to keep working for that company who is paying

7/cents a line.

It's pretty simple.

America still demands that we live an "American life style - no sh^t in the rivers, building codes, codes on how many people can live in a dwelling, high insurance rates, etc etc"

well, paying all that and making what a company is paying a peoples who don/'t have those demands is insane.

It's a simple question to our leaders?

Do you want us to live like the third world country? or do you want to give us ability to make salaries to pay for the LIFE STYLE America is demanding we do.

Frankly I'm sick and tired of paying for free loaders of any color.  When I saw Laurie Duh (don't know how to spell her name) on Fox yesterday report that one of the homeless from New Orleans........went out and bought a LOUIS VUITTON PURSE

with the $2000 she got..........I STARTED SCREAMING and if I could have gotten my hands around the neck of the idiot who thought it was a good idea to give these people the money in the first place I would have strangled him.........and then I would have done the same to the woman who bought the purse.

I'm sitting here in pain from a bad tooth and no insurance.........and she bought a purse.........LOUIS VUITTON.

p.s. Billfolds in Louis Vuitton start at around $600 and the purses are around $1500 to $5,000.


You shouldn't be surprised
Anybody can get a husband.  You are a perfect example of that.  I'm not going to settle for just anybody like you did.  Just in case you couldn't tell, I have standards.
You shouldn't be ashamed..

So what if it's not the South of France.  As long as you had a good time and enjoyed yourself, that's what it's all about! 

I have done a lot of traveling, and I can tell you the best vacation that goes down in my memory book is going to Sanibel Island, Florida - surf fishing, catching fish - swimming in the ocean - and kicking back wtih my honey with a Mai Tai.  We sent out to dinner at lot at some really nice restaurants there, but the best was steaks on the grill the resort had available there and a great bottle of vino.

I hope you get to Myrtle Beach again and enjoy yourself. 

(High Five To Ya') 

But they shouldn't be able to make a law on it.
I find it ridiculous! This is just my opinion though, and not going against any of the others.

Unless they are going to make a law that is has to affordable for people that is!
You really shouldn't assume anything
about people you don't know. I am not overweight at all. I eat well and exercise regularly, but I don't condemn other people for eating what they like. It's very rude of you to call me overweight. You don't even know me.
Hey, I never said that an MT shouldn't send anything to QA at all. SM
I am a big believer in QA being utilized as one of the many resources available to MTs to help them do their jobs, but QA should be the LAST resource after exhausting all other resources.
You shouldn't have to. Maybe 5 years from now you will need
a Vista computer, but too many people have XP now for anyone to consider upgrading to something that won't work with XP. 
It shouldn't be necessary to do it once a week but sm

It's a good idea to do it every couple of months or so. It helps your computer to run faster and more efficiently.

Before I run defrag, I usually glance through my files and delete anything that is outdated or no longer necessary. I open my browser and delete history, files, and cookies. I empty the Deleted Items folder in my email. And I go to Add/Remove Programs and review all the programs I have installed and see if there are any I'm not using any more. 

You shouldn't have to buy it to work! If so, don't
shouldn't that be you're welcome?
When you have to pay money out that you shouldn’t , then
that is ok with you as in the section 8 house I never owned nor got money from? It apparently is my business when I am charged on MY taxes, it apparently is my business when others claim children on their taxes that are living with me and I AM taking care of, not them and yes it is my business when I have to keep dead beats on welfare, that is also my money that goes towards them. I consider this closed as is other's minds.
shouldn't be hard at all
I think it is very user friendly. The demo screen is easy to get through, finds the patient/visit you need. Where i work, you can only use autocorrect - no other Expander program is what I was told - but I adjusted and have added my own shortcuts like crazy. My previous job - 3 months ago - was using WordPerfect/PRD mostly, with some MSWord/Speetype - so I don't know much about other platforms but I-Type was very easy to learn. Good Luck.
No it shouldn't have taken so long but, unfortunately,
Shouldn't this be on the Style Board?
kidding - no offence meant to moderator
You shouldn't be so quick to judge.
Those of us who haven't got as high a pedestal as you have made mistakes in our lives. It is not the child's fault we made a bad decision. Single mothers have it really rough and I should know.

The above poster did not make it sound like it had anything to do with her being a single mother.

I am married now but, at times, have been the "breadwinner" if you will, for my family. Would that make it sound better?

I don't want to be treated any better than anyone else, but I have had to do a lot of things.

The recruiter made a mistake. She should have never put the offer out there if she wasn't completely sure.
Then you shouldn't waste the time sm

going on the cruise if you are going to have to worry about work even if it takes you no time at all to get it done.  When you have an opportunity for rest and relaxation you need to take it.   It will be more trouble having to worry with the work on vacation.   I agree... see if someone locally does MT and get them to do it while you are gone.  Have them sign a contract or something so that you don't have to worry about your accounts.   Or I would be they would hold their dictation and let you do it when you got back.   NO WAY should you take the work with you.   If you have been with them for 5 years, you have already proven your worth.   Chances are if you tell them you are going to take a short vacation since you haven't in 5 years, they will respond and so go, we will hold it til you get back. 


Good luck, enjoy yourself!!

You probably shouldn't waste your breath
You are so right.

How one finds themselves in a desperate situation like this is irrelevant.

I just can't help but think people who have the mentality of the poster to whom you responded are the same who claim to be Christians and Right-To-Lifers. I guess you only have the right to live if you're in the womb and not a sinner.

These people were totally disregarded as human. Make your bed mentality, have versus have not mentality, and as the poster below said, plantation mentality.

You shouldn't feel that way! No one has even ASKED

before they hired me.  Well, maybe at a hospital but not otherwise.  There was an older lady who worked at a hospital I worked at.  She was past retirement age but still working.  NOT TRUE that you can't still do it well; she did.  She not only transcribed but she acted as trainer for the new MTs the hospital had hired, started them out on discharge summaries and then progressed them as they learned.  She did a fantastic job.  I learned SO MUCH from that lady, and I was not a new MT and she did not train me, but still there is no substitute for all those years of experience.  If I had a question I sure knew where to go.  AND - she didn't mind questions!

So don't think you can't do it or they won't let you do it.  You sure can, and I bet you are much, much better than so many newer MTs.  Like I said, there is no substitute for all those years of knowledge!

Shouldn't need a business line
This "business" thing seems to vary. When I asked them about a "business" a/c they told me I didn't need one. Now I am running into MTs all over who have phone cos bugging them about usage.

LOL - it says "unlimited long distance" - it doesn't matter if you use it for friends or for dictation. I'd be curious to see what happens with a lawsuit, because they may lose.

Business a/c's are generally for people with multiple lines and special needs re quick repair times. It has nothing to do with how much you use the phone to call one number.

I'd try confronting them with this. Ask them - just what is a "business" a/c for. Because when I ask AT&T, or Comcast for that matter, they tell me exactly what I SD above - people with multiple lines and needing fast repair times, special wiring, etc. Not because they use the phone a lot to call one number.
I didn't say it shouldn't be capped.
My post says ibuprofen should not be capped unless at the beginning of the sentence. Maybe you should read that more clearly.
The info was on a disk and shouldn't have been
She also shouldn't have sung that 1st song....sm
She didn't do well the first time she did it and then her response for choosing it last night was really stupid - "I wanted to show I can sing a top 40 song and thought that if I stood up it'd make a difference." Gees - if I had been in the final 2 the last thing I would have chosen was a song that I was told the first time I did badly on! Who cares if she or anyone can sing a song that is top 40?
You're absolutely right. I shouldn't have said it that way. -nm
If you are worth gross, why shouldn't
you charge gross? I have taken on clients over the years who were used to paying characters and willingly took me on at gross because of my reputation to get the work done professionally and correct the first time around. Girls (and guys), we have to learn how to sell ourselves better!! If you are worth the $$, that's what you should expect to receive. This is a professional career; experienced transcriptionists are not merely typists. I for one will not work for less than 12 cents gross. I'd rather bite the bullet financially and take a different kind of job than "give" my skills away.
It shouldn't but without more information, it's hard to say.

If you change the setting for Express Scribe, it is only changing how that software recognizes your footpedal. If you don't change the settings in the other software you use the pedal for, you shouldn't have a problem. There's only one way to find though.

It shouldn't take that long to up/download. Probably

they didn't have a clear shot at the satellite to get a good enough signal.  I don't like DirecWay, but the up/download is fast, though upload is slower than download.  

I didn't like DirecWay because the dish is so big and ugly, if it rained hard, wind was strong, too much snow, etc. you would lose signal.   I had problems with modem and their customer service was less then stellar.  As soon as my year was up I cancelled. 

No, it is NOT the norm. You shouldn't be docked for that! QA
That should unnerve everyone, but it shouldn't surprise us. nm
Shouldn't the doctors be concerned?
Maybe put me on something other than indomethacin? I have spent so much time trying to research this, and either I am not looking up the right things, or there simply is not much information out there. I am very confused and kind of scared about ruining my kidneys while the doctors blow it off.
This isn't advice. Hindsight is 20/20. She probably knows she shouldn't have

But she did and now she's stuck.  The 2nd company is behaving unprofessionally and they should pay her for her time.

I agree...shouldn't have to worry if you know what you are doing...
that should be the least of your worries about companies, whether they test or not...much more important things to worry about...
shouldn't y'all be having this script elsewhere?
Anyone you can't spell JOB shouldn't AWWW anybody else..nm

Agree with this, shouldn't have a semicolon.