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Whole point...Told you have the job...Call back, oh sorry, I guess not

Posted By: Kt on 2005-07-21
In Reply to: you - jj

You just don't tell someone they have the job, then call back and say, oh I didn't check your test, you didn't do good enough for the job. Sorry.

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Guess who told me that?......

my husband!!!

Oh geeezzz!! never spoke to him for one month!!!

Point is -- He told you to do it and you're not.
Geez, I guess I should consider myself told off.

The truth hurts and I believe in stating it plainly.  MTs need to stop giving their hard earned money to that association.  I'm going to say that at every opportunity.

The only way we can effect change in our profession is if we ALL wise up first.

I'm repeating what my accountant told me. Go argue w/him I guess.

He said find out what you need to make and then multiply that x 3.


I paid at least 30% tax last year, or more.  even with my piddly deductions.


I guess ya'll missed the point, but not surprising
I asked for opinions only of people who had SEEN the movie, oh well. I saw it and found it very sad, sad that people are condemned for who they love!!!
I guess all the companies finally over-hired to the point they don't need anyone else.
Thanks - I guess I have a phone call to make --
Good point. I guess if you do not feel comfortable dislosing sm

a list of your clients to your subcontractors, you could only hold them liable if they try to contract work with the clients they know about, i.e. whichever accounts they work on.  If you have accounts with Hospitals A, B, C, and D, but the MT only works for and knows about Hospital A, then seems like she would be within her rights to solicit work from the others since she does not know they are your clients.  I am curious, though, if you have them sign a noncompete clause already and they are working for you, why would you be reluctant to share that information with them?  They would be bound by the contract.  Maybe I am missing something .. I usually do (ha).

Hope you figure out a solution to your dilemma.  :-)

Someone told me that basically it mean without spaces so I guess that makes sense if your only count

I have a niece studing to be a PA. I told her to call me when she starts dictating sm
I told her to be sure to ENUNCIATE, spell difficult names. I hope that will give us one PA that will be clear. LOL
Good point. I've never done the Cobra because it was outrageous. I also did what you call a "b
overlapsed. I liked a cheap individual policy up ($7500 deducticle) before I lost my coverage..and kept the cheap policy until the new kicked in..
Ok, thanks. I guess I don't realize the volume of applicants they get. I will call Monday A.M.!!


Back to the point.....

I live in Florida, and we have had really bad press all the way around from ruining the presidential elections, to harboring sex offenders, etc., etc.  We, however, have had major coverage of many black, Asian and Hispanic children missing, mostly children of very low income and those in the "system" in foster care, etc. 

As another poster noted, it is impossible to cover each and every incident, someone, somewhere at some time is going to be upset because something was not "covered".  The subject about supposed lack of coverage on the missing of the poor and people of other ethnic backgrounds has been raised relatively recently on some of the TV news shows.  This is a "generalization".  If you stop and think about it, there has been quite a bit of coverage on others. 

Actually, I was told that back in 1972.
When I started my first transcription job at the marvelous wage of $2.00 an hour. At that time, my friends who worked at McDonald's were only making $1.60--and I think, but I am not sure, that the women who worked in medical records (back then we called it "filing") were making less than me, because my job had a higher skill level. Even now, discussing one's pay rate can cause dissension in the ranks, because despite my nearly 37 years in the business, if you've only worked 10 years and you make 1/2 cent more per line than I do, it would seriously annoy me, and I don't want to get annoyed because it kinda ruins my day.
Thank you! Guess I'll have to go back...
and try again!
Why would you not call them back?
Don't you want to know what the plan is about considering nobody knows anything at all about it?
Contract not renewed. She was told she was not coming back.


Sorry, I got cut off and didn't realize it. I was told it was more of a way to get the work back
I was told it was more of a way to get the work back and forth.  Does it actually affect the line counts? 
Call the company back now that DSL is
available, and get that job!  Tell them you thought you'd contact them again since you now have DSL.  MT companies always have openings.  Sometimes you have to do a little chasing down to land a job.
Call back and ask a few questions sm
Find out which classification they have given it. Each time I had an abnormal Pap, it was only ASCUS and went away on its own. Did they do a ThinPrep Pap? Also, did they test it for HPV (the virus)? You can be harboring HPV in your body for years and it can show up at a later time, so it's worth sending your Pap for viral typing to see if anything shows up.

In the meantime, if you can get on a good vitamin regimen and bolster your immune system, the changes can actually reverse. My Paps have been fine except during pregnancy (when the immune system is lowered).

E-mail me if you need more help/reassurance.
I guess the bottom line is any one of us would go back to in-house... SM

given the chance.  I re-read my previous post to you and I sounded like a b*tch and I wanted to apologize.  You sound like a very positive person who takes criticism and not so pleasant advice very diplomatically.

If your problems with your boss are more of a personal nature, rather than the quality or quantity of your work, I would maybe go over her head.  You already have an adversarial relationship with her anyway, so why not get it on record that you feel she is treating you unfairly?  Or maybe confront her yourself?  I would probably do the latter.  I'm not someone that can bite my tongue which probably explains why I work by myself at a computer all day rather than in customer service! 

Just an FYI, I actually am starting an in-house MT job at a hospital tomorrow!  I've decided that if they try to lay me off in favor of outsourcing, I'm just going to refuse.  I'm going say "nope, I'm sorry, I refuse to be laid off.  I'm going to get back to work now."  I wonder what they would do? 

I had back pain for an entire year. They did a trigger point
injection and it's gone. I couldn't believe it. I wish I'd found it sooner.
That DOES sound strange, I'd call back
and try to find out what was going on if it was me. I try to remember whenever I have to call an entity like that to make a note of who I am talking to so if I have to call back I have it available.
Left a message, still no call back.
Will call again today.
can't you just hang up on a report and call back in?
don't worry, you may end up getting a call from the hospital to come back - sm
it has been happening a lot lately. Hospitals are getting rid of certain services and taking the work back inhouse and local.
back again after my 7th call to the tech support
Thanks for the warranty/technician advice...

Our initial impression too was that it was so great having this satellite internet (compared to our only other option dial-up). We first had the DW6000, and decided to upgrade because of our extreme satisfaction with the system (especially my husband who has been trying to convert to Linux and has been downloading big software files for that purpose).

I just talked to the Advanced Support personnel (that was after 25 minutes of talking to the lower support), and all he could say was that they were still trying to resolve the issue and could not give me a timeframe, that if I wanted to use the net I would just have to check from time to time.

I hate being able to work for 5-20 minutes, only to get no connection again and make the 30-minute call again, and have the internet working again for several minutes (the longest it was probably continuously working was three hours last night, when DH dl'ed 100 MB of software). I decided to just have the day off (again).

I hope that this issue would resolve very soon. I pay their service using my MT income. Now I am losing income yet I still have to pay them monthly.

I wonder if I could try to use the DW6000 (we still have the modem) and see if it will have the same issues...I will ask DH about it when he comes home...

Meantime, I will do some chores. I have lost the gumption to work today...
I'm horrible with math myself but was told several years back by a pretty reliable source
that w/o spaces is about a 17% reduction in pay - and I would say the figures you gave pretty much leads me to believe this may be true.
I returned her phone call and she never called me back either..sm
As a matter of fact, when I returned her call, the person answering the phone, didn't even want to take my number. I suggested that it might be a good idea.... what's up with that
I was told I needed 2 phone lines, but was told I was dialing into the doctors' system. What woul

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Tax guy told me to hold 30%. After first year when got idea what I would be making, he told me
I didn't apply, so that's a moot point. The point I was making is that
she's ranting here about something that doesn't even pertain to most of us. You can't come to a MT message board railing at MTs without getting a response. That's why it's not called MTSOstars. Also, it's unprofessional of a business owner to let her emotions overrule her common sense. As for the newbies, they'll learn. We were all newbies at one time or another. None of us was born perfect, not even the MTSO.
You missed my point. My point wasn't perks but prestige...nm
The point wasn't that it was copyrighted. The point the poster tried to make
That's not my point. My point is previous owner hired
I told you once, I told you twice, eTransPlus is going down the drain!
Don't expect communication from anyone, we are only little "peons."
got the "phone call" -- get this, MQ has hired a bunch of telemarketers to call all of us to

we received our "incentive packet."  They don't even have the wherewithall to contact us personally.   These are temp-agency hired telemarketers sitting around a boiler room making sure we're reading our mail.... told him it don't pertain to me because I've been demoted from FT to SE.... He said, "yes, the letter is vague, but it does pertain to FT as well as SE...." yeah right, we'll see.

*70 will disable call waiting unless you are expecting a call and want it on (nm)
On-call requires on-call compensation by law
This field gets more disgustingly grotesque daily.
not my point, actually. My point was the bigotry is the same.
The bigotry's always there. Not all "Mexicans" are Mexican, nor are they all illegal. My point is, though, people used to make remarks about cabbage smell about the Irish just like comments are made now about how nasty Mexicans are.

Every time somebody says something about "those people," something bigoted is coming out. That's all I'm saying.
With short arms, I need chair with shallow seat, good back support and high back. Want arm rests
OK! I'm glad you're back down here. Now don't go back up there and read those evil posts ag
Okay? But I have to leave you now, sadly. Thousands of noble dictating doctors are anxiously awaiting my help with their "dictations"....They're all loading up on chips, drinking lots of soda so they can burp, and then have to go to the bathroom...You know the routine! Off I go to earn some pennies!! But, truly, I am thankful that I have a job!
PS.. It apparently worked..I heard back and already submitted the paperwork back.

I'm not sure how many people they are hiring but you shouldn't stress too hard over it. Do the best you can.

If it's different for each report, my guess (only a guess)
would be no. I think the macro would work if it was the same each time, but not sure if it will if the documents are different each time.
Call me, call me anytime.
I'm waiting to hear back on a job.  Call me!
Call KS and call your bank. Why ask here?
If they don't call you within 15 minutes, you should call them. There
is no excuse for leaving you sitting by a phone all day. At the very least, an e-mail explaining why the delay. If this is the way they train, how do they pay. Do you really want to work for a company who thinks so little of your time?