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I would be furious too..see msg

Posted By: MT20+ on 2006-03-30
In Reply to: Dog pet peeve, no leashes on dogs sm - mlstoo

We have 3 dogs, all are inside pets, on leashes outside during walks, and play in their own fenced in backyard. We have a neighbor who now keeps her dog on a leash outside ALL the time, because she let him ramble all over the community until someone finally called the cops and went down and made out a complaint. They told her if the dog was picked up again, since a complaint had been made, they would fine her dearly and arrest her to boot. And this is in a town where they hardly bother to do anything.

On the other hand, the neighborhood my mother lives in, in the same town, has dogs running loose all the time. Her dogs are in a fence and they bark like crazy when they see one of these stray dogs. Of course, she is very patient about the dogs 'cause she knows the owners are to blame. She has called animal control hundreds of times, but they don't seem to do anything...find excuses, etc. I tell her at least she knows she is keeping her dogs up and that's the best we can do.

I can't see how the police didn't think this thing would hold water...this dog caused you to be harmed and jumped on your dog, which means he had to leave his yard to do so. In that case, he is supposed to be under control at all times, which he obvious was not. If this dog comes out of his yard while you are on another walk, down to the police station I would go and definitely make out those papers. Next time the dog might bite someone..at least the animal and owner would already be on record from a complaint.

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I am FURIOUS and need advice...pronto

Hey y'all,

This is totally not MT related, but...here goes; my D(ang) husband just called me and told me that his very good friend's (married man) friend (female...not his wife) just called my DH's cell phone looking for said MARRIED friend...

These 2 (friend and female caller) met this weekend at a local restaurant; he got too drunk to drive home (how attractive, right?), so she drove him home. Evidently, the friend gave the female his cell # PLUS MY DH'S cell # too! So this morning, she calls my husband looking for his so-called friend! I want this person's (I can't stand calling her a woman, much less a lady) number so I can call her and inform her that she better not EVER call my husband back looking for his MARRIED *friend*...but my husband won't give it to me!!!

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I'd be furious if I had driven 5 hours to get fired..sm
Absolutely unnecessary.  Is there and age discrimination issue in there somewhere??