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I was across the street from his house sm

Posted By: mlstoo on 2006-03-30
In Reply to: Unleashed dog owner in wrong. sm - Love Judge Judy

on a public sidewalk. I kind of think the officer is wrong, too, but I can still file a complaint. Luckily, I had a witness who saw the whole thing, too. I just might go ahead and do it. This hand is hurting where the leash twisted around it. I can move everything okay, it's just pretty bruised.

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You're full of sh*t. You should see the house across the street...sm
where they live. It's a total DUMP, and this is a pretty nice neighborhood. They've been arrested for selling meth supplies. They dump their garbage behind our house. They dump big pots of ??? (cooking oil, I think) down the storm drain in front of their house.

We tried being nice at first, but with behavior like this, I'm done. These people are just rude.

This is not "being prejudiced." This is having to deal with rude neighbors who are bringing OUR property values down with that weed-infested DUMP over there.

I don't believe you're Indian, just posing as one to stir the pot.
What street?
RadGuy, what street is this Arby's on?  According to an old post of yours on MT Stars we live in the same city, and I would like to stay away from that Arby's. Sheesh, what will they think of to offshore next?
There is one right down the street who gets out (sm)
He is cute, but the post office just sent us all a letter to keep our dogs in.  I hope he didn't chase the mailman.
Not street names, but how about....
the STUPID names they give the different models of new homes... When we bought ours, they were things like El Capitan, El Sonoro..... etc.  We bought the smallest and cheapest model and my DH always said that we bought the EL CHEAPO!
street names
Used to work on Blue Rock STREET...lived with my folks on Blue Rock ROAD...which has about 3 blocks of what people think are Cheviot Road...goes back to Blue Rock Road....then 5 miles away, next street over is OLD Blue Rock Road Road....creates havoc for delivery people
Street names
We have Easy Street and Boardwalk in our subdivision.
Street signs
We have a road named Creedmoor Road. You will see signs with it spelled that way, but also Creedmore and Creedmoore. Oy! Hey - I wanna spell it "Criedmore."

Sesame Street! How appropriate.
I am one. Can I change my tune? Maybe I'm across the street.

I won't even use words to describe you - there are none.

My neighbor across the street did that...sold

I was dying to ask her how much she got for her house but didn't want to be too nosy, so I didn't.  She was pregnant with twins and near the end of her pregnancy and not able to work full time anymore, and her husband had lost a good job and was working at a lower paying job to just try to get by, and the house only had 2 bedrooms and they already had a son and were having twin girls, and she didn't say but I think they were having trouble paying their mortgage.

Anyway, although I don't know if they got a fair price for their house I know the whole transaction was very fast and easy.  She told me that THEY were allowed to set the date that the house changed hands; it was totally up to them.  The whole thing was done in a just a couple of weeks, because they wanted to move and get settled into a place (they rented a duplex) with more bedrooms before the twins were born.

She told me that part of the reason they sold it like that was that the house needed some work done to it before they tried to sell it, and they just didn't have the time or the money to do it.

But, I have to say the company that bought it didn't do anything either.  She told me they told her they were going to go in and do work to it and then rent or sell it.  Well they didn't do a thing that I saw - no one was ever there working on it.  They put a sign in the yard that it was for sale or rent and within a couple of weeks someone bought it.

That's the word on the street - hijacked. We'll see. I like
Sounds cute! It's a street in Transcription City, USA
*Ebonics* refers to the street slang, etc. (often heard in -sm
rap music, etc. Lots of white people, Hispanics, and even some Asians (all gangsta' wannabes) speak Ebonics as well. It's practically a second language in itself, so referring Ebonics-speakers to ESL isn't off the mark at all.
Reminds me of transients on street...Will work for food!

Working for 4 cpl and 2 cpl is the same as working for free.  To make a measly 40.00 a day, you'd have to type 1000 lines, not to mention that whopping 20.00 you'd make at 2 cpl rate with 1000 lines a day.  MT is not easy work regardless of if you have experience or are fresh out of school.  Heck, is there even a guarantee you would be given 1000 lines per day? 

I can only imagine the portion of the total rate that is pocketed by SS.  I will guarantee it's a lot more than 4 cpl she is keeping for herself and charging to her clients. 

My advice to anyone considering this internship:  Hit your books a bit harder, visit LWW.com, Stedmans.com, obtain reference books with samples, look on MT-related boards for folks offering to mentor, look for MTs needing help with their overflow work, and most of all, have a bit more respect for yourself and don't sell yourself short.

By the way, a minimum wage job pays better, and a tank of gas still costs more.

Sorry for the negativity, but ever since I saw that ad, I've wanted to puke over it.

I'm really sick of the stupid suburbia street names recently too
Trying to sound so woodsy and rustic. Meanwhile the houses all are different shades battle-ship gray and look like they've been stamped out with a cookie cutter. Really lame.
Lady across the street says she wears a "J". I asked does that stand for "jugs?" lol
Idaho case was botched in that a convicted sexual offender was out on the street to
kidnap this little girl and her younger brother.  This is what the Arubans were protesting when people are saying they botched a case when this stuff happens in America. 
My uneducated but street-wise father had a term for people like that--"Smart Dummy"
She could probably sell the purse on the street for cash, then use the cash for drugs. nm
Yes.. In my house! nm
DQS in-house
I would think this is a dream come true. DQS can be used/bought by independent companies including hospitals and it doesn't necessarily mean that MQ is taking over the account or has anything to do with the MTs on staff at the hospital. Hopefully this is the case for the OP, because that is wonderful.

Also, regarding the demographic field, she is probably familiar with the little things of the hospital that sometimes MQ MTs struggle with, especially those of us with multiple accounts, like who dictates for whom, doctors who put in their wrong IDs, who gets copies and who doesn't, etc.

I hope MQ doesn't mess with the account too, because she, IMO, has the perfect set-up because DQS is really a pretty decent program and to be able to work on ONE account, in-house, would be my dream come true, anyhow! :-)

Oh, but maybe she should be warned that DQS is a speech recognition platform...
they are sending the supervisors or "workflow coordinators" (as they are referred to now) to work at home also. Those of us who cannot achieve the line quota are "offenders." I feel like I work for the devil himself. Not a good feeling :(
I do, my house is about as big as (sm)

a bachelor apartment.  It benefits me in the long run.

Get out of the house once in a while.
I get depressed, too, but I've got kids, animals, and everything else running around underfoot making messes.  Do you have any friends or family you can get together with for coffee?  What about puttering around a bookstore for a while?
Is this your first house?
If so plenty of programs available through Fannie Mae or FHA for first home buyers. If not look for a "rent-to-own" deal, usually sold by investors. You pay an "option" of usually about 5K to rent out the house for a year while you work on qualifying for a mortgage. Then a percentage of your rent each month is put towards your downpayment. The house is yours, and after a year if you qualify you have your home. Great program for those who have some bucks but not many of us can afford 20% on anything!!! Good luck.
Yes, but who does them in-house?
I think House is very loving. I think he realized that Mark loved and needed Stacy more than Stacy loved and needed Mark, that Stacy really didn't know what she wanted and would regret it if she left Mark. Finally, the fact that Stacy had left him, House, before and now just wanted to keep him in the wings made him realize he had to put it to rest.

I think will free House up for someone else - hopefully not Cameron, she really needs someone her own age. It was creepy to see them on their date last year - looked a Dad with his daughter.
No. If in-house - yes! nm
We had them at our first house

We didn't plant them, but they were probably about 5 to 10 years old when we bought the house.  We sold the house about 8 years later.  A couple of them at that time had already died, and they all died within a few years after that and had to be cut down.

They are very nice to look at and grow fast. I did not have any problems with "sucker shoots", they all grew upwards.  The trees also do take the wind very well, never any broken branches, etc.   If you need a quick fix, I would certainly recommend them.  Only downside is that they are not very long-lived.   


In-house MT job - sm

I would like to take a part-time in-house MT job.  Unfortunately, there a few jobs out there.  The local hospital has an ad for a full-time MT position.  I had applied there many years ago and withdrew my application.  The pay was quite low and the hours were not flexible at all.  For example, one hour for lunch meant one hour for lunch! 

I wondered if I should apply and tell them I am only interested in part-time, not full-time and see if they are interested.  Or should I just assume that they are still very rigid in their thinking?  I don't want to waste their time or mine but really would like to go in-house a few days a week at this point.

What do you think?  TIA

Either it's your house or it's not.
Do not do any work to it at all until it is yours, in your name, and you own title. Period. Until that happens they are free to do what they want with THEIR house. They haven't cared about the condition of it thus far, so why should you until it's yours and you will reap the benefits of whatever money and elbow grease you put into it. They are not giving anything away until someone else's name is on the title. Don't let them continue to manipulate you. If their house isn't worth it than don't bother. If you can afford to put money into their cra!py old house you can afford to put money toward a new one of your own. They sound like truly selfish people and they are not going to change at this stage in their lives, are they? You seem to have the brains of the bunch. Put those brains to use. Get your own game plan to take care of you and yours and forget the rest. I speak from experience. You cannot change the pepole around you, only how you react to them.
I do not want an in-house job
I was only inquiring as to how companies hire employees and those employees may work more than 40 hours/week and not have to pay OT.   I think for the most part the ? has been answered.
She needs to get out of the house...
and make some friends in her new town. Maybe part-time preschool for the oldest, if not old enough for school, and she could meet some people that way. Or check out different churches. Or She definitely needs to meet new people near her. Until she establishes some kind of life where she is, she will continue to pine for the old life she left. Has she met any neighbors yet? Maybe visit a garage sale, even if she doesn't need anything, just to be out with people?
and when she is done with your house
send her over my way!  That is wonderful.  I wish I could get, and stay, that organized myself.   You 

When I am in-house
Yes, I have to answer phones, take care of nurses, reception, billing all bringing me questions or requests, research doctor's addresses, phone numbers, splice tapes back together that have broken (yes, we still use tapes and work on WordPerfect 5.1!!), fix computers when they go screwy, etc. etc. At home it is soooo much more peaceful and stressless!
When I was in-house sm
I transcribed reports on friends, coworkers, people I knew in the community....I tried to keep my mouth shut as much as possible. But when you learn that a friend has breast cancer....it's hard.
going in house sm
Make sure you know exactly what you are getting into and have it all in writing. I had given up a very successful IC position to go into one of my hospitals. As an IC I was treated well, but when I went in house I was treated like I came to steal the silverware. I was promised there was a need for me and they would be pleased to have me. I did not get this in writing. The insiders hated my guts, had the job posted and and all the night shift and weekenders scooped up the hours, leaving me with only weekend hours and holidays. I went through the mill that year because I made such a wrong decision. Be sure you know what you're getting into. I hate to scare you, but be armed with backup in print, in black and white, before you give up your home office. You are used to working alone. I did not know people could be not only so mean-spirited but they were not of my caliber concerning professional behavior. Be prepared to deal with the witches of the world should you have to. I was not prepared for the change. Perhaps you will be more fortunate than I. I made a terrible mistake and gave up a lot. I had to leave and start all over again. It was not easy and not worth it.
new job in and out-house

Well, I did it!  I start with SoftScript at the end of the month.  Although there are fears and all that, I have done the right thing getting out of the unhappy in-house job I was in.  It's a big gamble, but I feel right about it.

I'm posting here to tell you if you want an in-house job, check the job board at a certain hospital in Central Illinois, near Morton, IL.  A big, Catholic hospital.  I think there are actually 2 Transcription jobs open.  The benefist are great.  The rest of it is OK to absolutely unbearable.  You'll see.  I don't think I'm allowed to name the hospital.  But the job is on the job board of the hospital web site.  Good luck, I guess.  Pray for me, as I will for everyone who gave me advice. 

I have found that working in-house for a hospital usually pays better than working at home for a service.... in some ways.  The hospitals I have looked at pay a decent hourly wage, but if you are a seasoned Transcriptionist and work on accounts that you are familiar with you can make more being paid by the line.  I have always worked by the line and when I first started out I didn't make crap.  I expected this though.  And now I don't do too bad.  I actually make more than I would if I worked in-house at one of the local hospitals and I have the benefit of being at home.  I save money on gas, "work" clothes, etc..  So I guess what I am saying is that maybe you should try to find something in-house for a while to have that guaranteed hourly wage.  Just a suggestion.
You're right - in-house is wonderful pay - but the downside is giving up the comfort of home. I made $19.00 an hour at a hospital job, but don't like working in the same room with other MTs - usually can't get your work done unless you are a die hard. You get the urge to chit chat and the hospitals do require a quota. Don't get me wrong.. it does have its good points.
in-house pay

It depends on so many things.  I worked "in-house" (was actually working at home for a hospital that had in-house MT dept).  Got paid by the hour, so depending on your production, you might make more by working in-house (if you produced less), or more at home (if you had higher production).  It depends, too, on the hourly pay scale -- the hospital I worked for I think was pretty much known for lower pay, in all professions, at their hospital

However, with working at home, I always factored in $$ I was saving by not spending $$ for gas, etc., and since I did not drive, I did not have a separate car either (insurance, etc.), so this helped "raise" my salary.  Also, at home did not have to spend money for "work clothes", could wear my jeans, etc., again saving $$.

Also, even though I worked at home, and had "set hours", there was some lee-way in there, so if I felt tired, I could easily take a break and rest for a while -- much more relaxing.


Actually ,yes I do own a very nice house and car.
because I'm good at my job and make good money. Why is that so hard to believe?
Not at my house it isnt!
any suggestions how to get them out of the house?
We've had our house professionally sprayed inside, outside, and entire yard 2 times already this month. This morning I got up to about 80 ants in my shower, and the other day I killed well over 200 on my desk while I was trying to work! Anyone have any ideas?
Well, I am the parent and I run my house sm
My kids are told to speak only when spoken to, and if they talk back in anyway, I smack them in the mouth. Granted, they are teens and not toddlers. In their teens, they try to push it to the limit no matter what situation. My kids know not to push!
Let them live in YOUR house then (sm)

I don't want them in mine.

In house transcription
A friend of mine recently left MQ and went in house too with benefits paid by the hospital and starting at $17.00/hour, however, in my area there are no hospitals that have in house transcriptionists, so I either have the choice of traveling more than one hour each way on heavily traveled freeways each day or staying at home and working.  I choose to stay home.  If the two hospitals in my area ever go back to in house, you bet I will be the first in line for an interview.
I do now and then, mostly stuff about the house but have been looking
for additional $$. Know what I want to do and currently researching finding suppliers, preferably here in the U.S. I'll be happy with an extra few hundred, but if it takes off...... I'll take that too!
I wish I could go back in house
I worked in-house in Florida and we made a base of 14 (this was back from 1997 to 2000), with $1 per hour more for everything over 500 lines per day to a top of 18.00 per hour PLUS 8 cpl for anything after 1000 lines per day. I made 1300 biweekly take home plus another 1500. monthly bonus. You could get up and stretch, talk to coworkers, etc. Now the circulation in my legs is shot, my hands are nearly non functional, and for nothing!
sounds like my house
I have a lab, husky and shepherd mix.  The lab would be sitting on my lap if I let him!
When I bought my house....sm

one if my requirements was that there had to be a room that was decent enough to use for my office.  In order to qualify for the IRS home office deduction  you can't use your office as a bed room or anything else.  

I have the best view in the house in my office - I can see outside to the flower garden and also see the road so I can watch the people and cars going by during the day.