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My neighbors do that. They have

Posted By: Just me on 2006-03-30
In Reply to: Dog pet peeve, no leashes on dogs sm - mlstoo

3 dogs in their yard. Dogs stay out all night and barking is never ending. One is a hound dog (who never stops howling) rest are bull dogs and pit bull mix. The fleas in the summer are never ending. They bring their dogs across the street to play in the field daily w/o leashes. They had 4 dogs but last month one dog ran across the street, got hit by a car and died. They blamed the driver of the car and said since she was elderly, they wanted her to get retested for her license since she could have stopped in time. Had nothing to do with the dog being unrestrained or running out in front of the car. I've taken to calling animal control now every time I see them in the field unleashed because they charge anything and everything that is not their owners. They usually take them there to play right when school lets out so it could be a danger to them. Luckily for us we have leash laws here in our city.

File a complaint! Just in case something happens again there is proof that it is a dangerous animal.

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Some neighbors are child molestors, some neighbors are drug dealers and

those so-called normal people next door are being arrested for drugs and molestation, and other crimes. This ideology of people thinking that low-life scum only living in trailer parks and the like probably have an everyday-average-looking person right next door that they should probably pay more attention to. Won't THEY be surprised when Mr. Smith who waves at them and visits over the fence with them now and again is one of these perpetrators. Think about it people. It has happened and will happen. And it doesn't ONLY HAPPEN to people in trailer parks. JMO. 

Well, she could be like my neighbors.
She lets her kids play outside, screaming and running around, until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning because they sleep until noon then watch TV until dinner's over.  Better the kids should be tired and stick to their regular bedtime than be obnoxious little brats running the household with NO parenting or organized activities.
Hello neighbors
I'm from Georgetown - just found this board. Who do you work for?
I don't, but my neighbors do and all it does is bark

yap, yap, yap, yap all day long.  Enough to drive anyone nuts.  My kids have nicknamed him "Yappy."  A woman I work for also has one and hers yaps all day long too. 

So if you don't mind the constant yapping, go for it  They're still awful cute even with their little jaw flapping. :)

where are you located? We might be neighbors!
I live in the Chicago suburbs and a company down the street is owned by a man, and they have a VA account they are hiring for. Just curious if this is for BOS?
Sheesh! We must be neighbors.
How would the city or your neighbors know
you supposedly ran a business out of your home. Do you have employees, a parking lot at your home to have the employees park there, overhead including insurance to cover disability in case 1 of the employees has an accident on the job. First of all, no neighbor of mine knows I have a business (if you want to call it that, I don't) but secondly if someone from the city came by asking questions the answer would be I don't know. In fact I had the city to come by 1 time to inquire about work I had done inside my house, told me they needed to come in and I said no to them. Never heard another word about that. I do not know what kind of work the person on the right or left does, oh I do know 1 lady said she works for IRS and that is that. She might have a zoo in her home for all I know. I would never think about putting myself on the line to say I need license. Bunch of crock.
YOU try having them for neighbors. You might change your tune. nm
If neighbors have DSL, can pick up signal with that same
Exactly! It's just inconsiderate to your neighbors and unfair to do something like that!
People think they're being funny or cute but making your house look like a piece of crap is rude to the neighbors and DOES make their homes worth less than they should be. I agree that they should be forced by law to change it back.
What about your neighbors who work at Walmart?
But I know one thing. I'm shopping for a portable dishwasher. Walmart has undercut Lowes and Home Depot by $100. I'm buying from Walmart. I don't have spare $100 to boycott Walmart. Do you?
The neighbors are having garlic. Just walked
Just gave the neighbors a show
While walking the dog I did my best Jessica Rabbit walk sans the high heels. I noticed the dog walks the same way. Wonder if the neighbors saw me. I'm sure one of them will let me know if they did!
If you have neighbors, trying petitioning the company.
They're going to be more willing to listen when they know more than one home is interested in the service.
I talked with the police about this issue when one of my neighbors
kept trying to befriend my boys. The cop said that 90% of sex offenders are not in the database anyway because they have never been arrested. Those databases create a false sense of security because you think you're safe if nobody is listed in your neighborhood, but you still do not know if someone has the tendency or unreported history of sexual abuse. You have to treat everyone as a suspected child sex offender. They could have been doing it for years but nobody reported it. They could have had a plea bargain and charges reduced or dropped. They could have just never been arrested. We had a recent incident where a guy was driving past the elementary schools and kept trying to grab 11- to 12-year-old boys and force them into his car. The whole city was in an uproar because the police couldn't catch the guy, but he tried three times at three different schools. We suspect he's either moved on to another community or went back into hiding.
I would get off during a lightening storm. My neighbors equipment got fried. sm
my TV volume got fried during a storm. My company has told all of us that if we fry our computers during a storm, we have to replace them. I can't afford that. I wouldn't risk it.
Yep, I agree 100%. I live in such a rural area, though, that my neighbors, the natives, think I'm
NUTS cause I keep my dogs in the house, and actually still walk them on a leash in my yard.  We all have about 2 - 5 acres minimum each of woods in our neighborhood, and no real dog laws at all! Dogs run at large 24/7, which is no picnic for me with my dogs on leash, either!  And they ALL keep them outdoors, tied up with the chain and the smelly old dog house.  I think they just look at dogs strictly as deterents? Not sure really, come to think of it! Cause even if they were getting robbed, Fido couldn't get off the 6 foot chain! Oh well!  I used to be sad all the time for the plot of the dogs here, but I can't save them all! Only my guys!
Oh yeah, after 26 yrs, I have tinnitus and the T.V. blares so loud the neighbors comment about it.
Oh yes! Cops love it when the neighbors interfere, stand around, gawk. Makes their job
Stay inside. Ask later, if you must.