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If you feel you need to be seen at ER, go. It will just make your case stronger. nm

Posted By: Love Judge Judy on 2006-03-30
In Reply to: I was across the street from his house sm - mlstoo


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Do you ever feel as though this job takes over your life and you have to work all the time in case
there wont be work and you just keeping working and you cant get away from it and it gets to be no fun anymore. I am having a problem with that. Is it from working at home or just getting obsessed or what. I hate this. I feel like I am losing my life to it.
Or they make quite a case trying to CONVINCE us they do!
I would make something that could be froze for later in case it can't be used
Or in the case of our government, a million wrongs don't make it right, but ...

doesn't stop Uncle Sam from wronging us on a daily basis.  Look, the bottom line is I will do what I have to do to feed, clothe, and house my kids.  I don't feel guilty about finding shortcuts around the enormous mountains the government puts in my way nor should Doxie.  She's trying to take care of her grandkids so her kids can go to the middle east and serve their country and us all.  A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.

You can call me a thief.  My conscience is clear.  My kids are healthy, well-fed, and have a home.  I give to charity, tithe to my church, and volunteer at the food pantry in my town.  I give back when I can -- not to the government, but to my community! 

I am not the only person in American who stives to pay as little taxes to the government as I can.  The government cheats us all.  Do two wrongs make a right?  I'm not trying to make a right, I'm just trying to survive.

make shortcuts for stuff like that si in case u forget ur covered
This might not make you feel better, but...
I certainly feel your pain. I do 20 to 90-minute reports for psychology. Saturday, my dictator got through about 15 minutes before he realized that the patient he had been describing as a woman was actually a man. He'd even said her "husband" when describing the home life. I had to go back and change she to he, her to him, hers to his, and all the husband info to that of a wife instead! Yes, the patient's name was unisex and it's easy to get mixed up on the first couple of lines, but to describe the spouse and not catch it before then?! I guess he recalled the visual on the mental status exam. LOL
I'm sure this won't make you feel any better, but...
I make $35-$40 an hour. All of my business has come to me through word of mouth because, apparently, the quality of my work speaks for itself. I set the rate, do the work, and go to the bank. It works very well for me and as well as for anyone who is skilled and willing to work.
You make me feel better..

I have been feeling bad the past couple days about making my sister upset. They think I am too down on their son, which is WAY off mark.   I am down with the way they have given him this gift (car), and how he takes it for granted, and how THEY cannot see that.   They bought it brand spanking new, and he had it trashed the first few weeks with cigarette stink, never cleaning it, etc.  They would drop little hints about how he should maintain it....  but they hate conflict so there you go.  By calling this a gift and allowing him to do whatever he choses with it is merely them taking the easy way out.  My sister has not  had to earn a dime in the past 25 years.  Perhaps she does not realize how things like a new car should be EARNED not given... she does not know the value of a dollar.  Okay, I better stop.


maybe it would make you feel better if
everyone contributed a funny story about the mistakes they've made.  I have one - this one is actually something my aunt did just recently, and she's also been in the business for about 20 years.  Instead of "foramen ovale," she sent it in as "foraminal valley" - just had a brain freeze - everybody does it!!
don't let her make you feel guilty
Kids these days think they are entitled to everything handed to them.  So and so has this or that and lot's of kids brag and lie.  Just stick to your guns.  Mine used to tell me that things had changed since I was a teen but not really, i bought my flinstone mobile from my brother for 50 bucks...holes in the floorboards and all.
I just don't think it's necessary for you to try to make someone feel stupid. There was no ot

purpose for your post other than to make the original poster feel stupid.

I don't think it's necessary to treat people this way.  So why don't you take your keyboard and stick it somewhere for safekeeping until you feel a little nicer. 

All MTSOs try to make you feel it is only you
Good for you. Did it make you feel better?

do computers make you feel sick?
hey, i was just wondering if any of you transcriptionists dread spending so much time on the computer. Do any of you get headaches, or other discomforts from the EMFS or the chemcials outgassed from the computer?

I have a blog where I post info about outgassed chemicals from computers. if you get bad feelings from computers It might be because of the outgassed flame retardants and other chemicals.

These threads always make me feel inadequate... I'm not about to post...

"Uh, I dunno.. I'l sling the freezer open at 6 oclock and toss some fish sticks and french fries on a cookie sheet and slice up some fruit."

Seems like everybody is so gourmet....

I think it'll be Make-you-own night. I don't feel like cooking either. (nm)
I wouldn't use lower case. I'd use upper case. Don't worry about it. nm
apparently, WE are the stronger sex

Although I do not watch Survivor, from what you describe, the women were stronger than the men, correct?

Face it, women are way stronger than men. Why do ya think we have the babies? Cause the pregnancy alone would KILL a man!

 I love men, though, weakness and all! (Please, I am just kidding, ok!)

Oh please, somebody tried to make me feel guilty for leaving a horrible job using this same line.
How much $$ it cost to train ME.  Like I should feel sorry for the company who basically misled me every step of the way regarding hiring, training, accounts, etc., etc. The job was a horrible fit, and I stayed way longer out of guilt. Not worth it! Conditions are deplorable enough for the MTs right now - we don't need to now assume responsibility for how much or how little a company spends to train us. PLEASE!! 
I definitely feel like we are dealing with the same person! I think I need to make some phone calls
and put a stop to her!  I cannot stand the idea that she is out there still scamming people like she scammed me!
Did it make you feel edgie or have any nervousness or heart palpitations?
Thank you...truly trial by fire but once you get over it you're stronger. nm
Hooray for Jodi!! You are SO MUCH STRONGER

...than you were last week.  I am SO happy to see that.  I am glad that you came here for our support.  I wrote you a nice long e-mail in your original chain and was so worried about you.  I see with each additional posting that you are growing stronger and stronger!!!!  I sure like to think it was all the support we gave you here.  You deserve so much better than what was happening to you.  I am so happy for you!!

"I am woman...hear me ROAR!"  You rock, Jodi!  Please keep us updated, okay.  You know you are in a lot of prayers.  ((((hugs))))

Just staring at the computer screen can make me feel drugged after 9 hours.
This post made you defensive, just like those e-mail nastygrams make us feel.
I am 60, stronger, smarter, and better work ethic than any 20 yo
The only *perk* to offshoring is the companies get to pay them even less than they do us, not to mention they can train them to be a lot more obedient and not actually demand to be treated like humans.
chlorine is bleach, only stronger in a pool--sm
some people think that just because it is packaged and used almost on a daily basis, that it is safe. It is a harsh chemical and it is not surprising to me that it would cause hoarseness when swallowed. Just breathing it, for me, causes lung and breathing problems. He may be extra sensitive to it. Don't poo-poo is just because somebody else says "he is fine". It is a chemical...and if you don't believe me, swallow some yourself and see what happens...duh.
P.S. - I'm alot stronger cardio-wise also
switched to miniatures-stronger, more resistant to disease and pests.
and now I actually like them way better than the standards.
Upper case is lower, lower case is upper. Using InstaText. Anyone know how to fix this?

Aargh.  It happened all day yesterday.  When I brought in text that was all caps


and had lower case on keyboard (as always do), it reverses keyboard commands.  This is driving me c-r-a-z-y.

if you feel like that after 12 years, and I feel like that after six months
what hope is there?
I feel people who feel like this post
needs to a) either be a stay at home mother and not work or b) realize that she is no queen bee and I could care less about a degree. What company out here that you know of compensates for having a degree? Means nothing to them. Your working and being there when they assign/need/require/whatever is what you should do IF YOU WANT A JOB in this field, otherwise get out and do something else or become that babysitter.
No need to feel badly for me - feel badly for an adult who has no control of his/her own life!
I hope these people didn't produce any daughters! Bad, bad example!
You spending 3K in gasoline to make 4K plus all that time on the road?That doesn't make sense Pat

Won't be of much help to your case..
back in the middle 70s.. then got certification in 1987 by AAMT. Been at this for 30 years. Still going strong.. working 2 full time jobs.
In my case, it was because...sm
we live in such a rural area. I call it in the country. A subdivision was built nearby and I know of a couple of people on my road that were requesting DSL too. They put it in on my road shortly after the subdivision was built last year.
Well, in my case....
I work for a local hospital, deal with my boss and QA manager all the time, go in for meetings, and work a set full-time shift just exactly as if I were in-house.  No "maverick" status for me.  I have to play by the rules.  The  only difference is  that my butt  is in the chair at home, as opposed to the office. And I have worked inhouse numerous time, so I know how to do that and had no problem.
what would you do in this case?
I am a Transcriptionist with about 20 years experience who has a job which I do not like anymore, I used to liike the national that I work for but things have changed so much in the last six months that I almost cannot get up and get started and I even work second shift!  I am thinking about changing jobs but need to move the first part of December so will need time off and have a bunch of company coming at Christmas so have taken time off.  Do you guys think there are any employers out there who would hire someone to start, knowing that they are going to be needing time off in a month?   I need to find an employee position because I need health insurance.  I am a good worker and very seldom take any time off, this just happens to be a time when I need to.
In that case,
maybe they are afraid he will go to the EEOC - some of that stuff may be illegal age discrimination.
well, in that case, thanks!
Hehe. I've seen that (OP) before and never knew what it meant. But since I was the person who started this post I was too curious not to ask. Thanks for the info--learn something knew everyday! Happy memories to you!!!
looking for a case, are ye?.......nm
In my case...
it was in our court decree that ex would carry me for 6 months. I then had the option to COBRA on, think maybe I had the option of converting to a private policy also, can't remember for sure, but it was too expensive, so I got my own policy.  I don't think there was any way in our case, as his company was a smaller one, that they would have carried me as a "non-family" member on the company insurance.  I know that you can work it out in the agreement that the ex pays for the COBRA as part of the settlement, which mine wasn't willing to do.  I also thinks it depends on who the insurance is through.  I had a family member who was involved in a divorce where it was a federal agency health insurance plan, and they had only 1 month to remain on insurance as per that agency's policies.  I would be checking out what the exact options are, as you don't want to be blindsided with a lapse in insurance coverage. It's tough.  I was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years and just starting out as an MT not making much so kind of scary.  Good luck to you!
Definitely not the case...SM
He wasn't in jail over there for anything. That was a misreport. The only previous charges he has are in the US for child porn.
not sure what is going on in your case
The place I used to work had this function disabled but never told me about any feature that I could go back and see jobs listed there for any given date. I was told by this company they didn't have that information. I now work for KS and work on that same platform- Extext. They do not pay for headers or footers but the session statistics is enabled and I can check them at any time. The other company I worked for I could type and type 30 or more reports and the number was always the same 500, 600, 700 lines, ridiculously low. The Ichart website where you had to check was always lagging behind so was impossible to verify how many lines I was getting credited for each report. I type half that many reports now and the number is around 700. I feel like this is more in the normal range. Not sure what the situation is where you are but if it sounds suspicious why give it any more of your time and energy trying to figure it out? There are too many companies out there looking for MTs these days. Keep looking until you are happy and feel like your line count is fair.
So right ---- That is almost ALWAYS the case!
In case get job somewhere else, ST is yours.
Of course, you are right in which case IC needs
I wish that was the case for me
This week the doctors that I work for saw 221 patients which meant 221 notes. Actually more. One doctor is notorious for waiting days before he dictates and then he dictates 20 notes or more all in one day from previous days, plus some of the ones from that specific day. Arggg. I still have a boat load and I'm off Monday-Wednesday next week.
If that's the case, you are are NOT an IC

As an IC, you set the work hours, not the MTSO. If they are calling you and asking you to leave dinners, conferences, etc., as an IC you say you're not available. If by doing so, they dismiss you, you are an employee and not an IC.

An IC sets their own rate and work hours. The MTSO (or client) either accepts those or not. Period.

I don't think you'd have a case at all.
They'll just find someone else who will do that. They have the right to make agreements on what to pay just the same as you have the right to agree to what you will/won't be paid, too.

Just simply state, "I'm sorry but I bill in this manner" and if it isn't suitable for them, then you need to find different clients.

As unfair as it may seem right now, you have to be careful what you force in business. It is not the emotional energy or financial resources to force anyone to do it your way.

In this case