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I would!!! I get so irritated at irresponsible dog owners (sm)

Posted By: go get 'em! on 2006-03-30
In Reply to: Will pepper spray work? - aggressive dogs behind me

I hope you file a complaint. As someone else said, at least it will be on file.

I second the pepper spray!!! We have dogs in our neighborhood whose owners let them use others yards at their litter boxes, so to speak. I don't have dogs but have a yard full of dog doo. With kids who like to play outside, or even when MOWING! that is nasty!!!

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Irresponsible pet owners
This is similar to thread on the spotted board about irresponsible owners.  The posters there had sympathy for people who were careless with their pets.
Thats irresponsible too

Someone who allows a medical center to get that far behind in payment without doing something about it is not a very good business person in my estimation.  You have to be firm and persistent with these accounts you cant just let your workers suffer along with you.  If someone cant keep this under some control you can bet they are going to lose their business soon anyway so its better to find a more stable job than to hang around hoping they are going to develop better business sense.

My opinion on this subject is if you are going to step into being an MTSO to begin with you should know that this is a small business and you are going to need to set aside a reserve of money to pay your workers from even if your accounts are late in paying.  Other than that you should just have very good credit.  Why cant the MTSO borrow from their own credit to pay the workers, then just immediately pay that credit back with the check from the account who owed it.  I dont understand people anymore.  Some people try to run some awfully poor businesses these days and there is no excuse for it.  Almost every Junior College has courses on small business that one can take for little or nothing.

I hope you're not referring to me.  As I clearly stated, I've only had my OWN clients in the past, clients who have sought me out and I set my own hours, TAT, etc.  This is for a company is an independent contractor who is telling me they expect me to work between certain hours yet require a minimum line count.  My question  was what do companies typically require you meet the line count in as many hours as it takes you OR that you just work solidly between those hours.  Nothing irresponsible about asking what the typical norm is for companies.
Most teenagers are irresponsible
and some are just LUCKY. And they're all having sex. So there.
what a joke...someone calls you on your irresponsible comment, and all you can do is
comment on their grammer. At least come up with an argument in favor of your original post........or can you?
My point is that it would be extremely irresponsible for her to have more kids in that situation. nm
I think it's terribly irresponsible of the doctors, but ultimately it's THEM who is responsibl
I have a physician that is saying the patient nephrologist- I have heard him say this before - I thought it would be patient's nephrologist, JMO. Drives me nutty.
Do you know why you are irritated?
IMHO, because you apparently assume there can only be *legitimate* language barrier if the "problem speaker" is the one who does not speak English.

Furthermore, you are choosing to be offended. There can be a language barrier *any* time there are two people who don't speak the same language -

In this case, the doctor was simply stating that fact - regardless of who or why, there was a language barrier between himself and his patient. And please don't assume it's the doctor's fault just because he/she is ESL: tons of Americans are poor communicators.

Irritated with QA
I've been getting marked down for "not being consistent with other MTs". For instance: D: "q. 4 hours" so I type "every 4 hours" as per AAMT, but QA wants me to type q.4h. to "be consistent with other MTs".  That just sounds stupid to me, as if they're just looking for ways to cut my lines, even a measly 3 characters.  ARRGH! I'm been soo frustrated with them lately, picking at every single little thing to doc me for.  I've been doing this for 12 years and suddenly I'm an id**t!  (FYI-did you know you can't use the word i-d-i-o-t on here? Wouldn't let me post until I changed it, lol)
Very irritated and frustated
You know they lead you to believe how wonderful they are in a 3 hour phone call on your dime and then you get going they slam everything and anything you do.  They claim you are not completing notes and give you no credit for the job whatsoever when in fact I have total proof jobs were complete someone needs to open her eyes not to mention names Joann.....They steal you blind of lines.  Sure hope they can pay for all of their medical needs because I couldn't afford my children's health insurance premiums this month thanks to SoftScript.  I have since filed a claim with the labor standards board and the Federal Government due to the fact that you work over 40 hours a week and you get a whole whopping $3.66/hour is what it came out to.  They are crooked what it newbies.....
Me, irritated?! Hmmm...didn't think I was. But I must be if you say I am!
Just been browsing the boards, seeing what I've been missing! But not irritated...yet! Give it time, though, right?
You just said you were writing to ME cause you thought I was irritated!
Yet another post that spins totally into a rabbit trail! Hop, hop, hop...Is there a rabbit face thingie? I would prefer animal thingies!
I'm not irritated at all. Of course you're not the same poster

backing up the same posts with the same style down to the caps on words you want to emphasize.  It's mere coincidence that you and whoever backs your posts seem to use the same style.  Right!   LOL.  Good try. 



Irritated at my MTSO - Venting! (LM)

I am SO irritated.  Would you be irritated, too?  Just looking for some input, here. 

I am an independent contractor.  When I was hired, I made it very clear to the potential employer that I work on a 24-hour turnaround, less if told in advance that I am needed, but that I do not sit at my computer all day from 8-5.  I get my work done whether I work 8-3 or 10 PM until 4 AM.  (I work from home with children, and I do MT rather than use my degrees so that I can be with them.  This is why that was made VERY clear before I accepted the position.  I am not just sitting there waiting for work to come in.) If it comes in by 7 PM on Monday, it is back by 8 AM on Tuesday. That's my contract.

These are some things that have happened:

1.  The MTSO got mad at me one day because she emailed me in the morning telling me about some STAT jobs she needed done RIGHT AWAY.  Well, I had turned in my work from the previous day the night before, and I had signed up to be a chaperone on my child's field trip that morning. I was not on my computer until the afternoon.  That is what she understood when she hired me.

However, when I got on to work that afternoon, I had these angry emails from her wondering where her STAT work was.  When I told her why it was not done, she told me that I was EXPECTED to check my email every morning before I "go anywhere". I told her that would not have mattered, because even if I had checked my email, I would not have done the STAT work until I got back because of my obligation to my previously made plans.  That made her mad.  Frankly, my opinion is "tough noogies". My contract is my contract, and if I have no other obligations I will be happy to do STAT work.  But no, I am not going to put my child second to do a favor for her.  It's like the poster says, "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."  She's mad.

2.  I have a 99% accuracy rate. I consistently work weekends when the MTSO is behind.  I am an outstanding MT.  I work when I am sick, when my kids are sick, no matter what... I work.  Well, one day the workers in the street cut a cable, which took out my internet connection and my DSL phone. I did the transcription using my home phone line, which cost me an arm and a leg in LD charges, but I then had no way to securely email the files.  I let the MTSO know the problem and scrambled around calling until I found a friend not in my neighborhood who had Winzip and who had time to let me come to her house, use her Winzip and computer,and send my files.  My work was 3 hours late.  MTSO told me, "It's in your contract. It's not my problem what technical issues you have.  I need your work ON TIME.  Read your contract!"

How about my paycheck, which is CONSISTENTLY late because the MTSO doesn't get paid by the doctors on time?  I hear things like, "I can't pay you if I don't get paid." How about next time I say, "It's not my problem what financial inflow problems you have.  I need my paycheck ON TIME. Go take out a business loan using your phone system as collateral so that you have some operating capital, I don't care, but I need my check. The pay dates are in my contract. READ your OWN contract!" 

3.  Last thing I need to rant about today....  She called me one Friday saying that one of her MTs quit (shocking) and she needed help on another account.  I went into the account. No templates, no samples, totally flying blind.  I struggled through dictation for an hour with this doctor in a specialty I have no experience in at all, he has an accent I've not had to work on in years, it's totally new to me. In the meantime, my own accounts are stacking up.  I emailed her and basically said, very professionally, that I'd be happy to keep working on this other account, but my own are stacking up. Would she like me to put in my regular amount of hours on this account and then catch up on my regular accounts next week, would she like me to do my regular accounts first and then put whatever time I have left to the new account, etc.  She said that I needed to do the new account and then catch my accounts up over the weekend!

I told her that I was not available to work that weekend, so what would she like me to do as far as the options I had given her previously.  She was mad.  She said that for the good of the company, we all have to sacrifice, she will be working all weekend as well, etc.  Excuse me. The "good of the company"?  I have no benefits.  I have no 401K. I have no vested interest in the business besides the fact that I make a per line rate.  Sure, if she loses her business, I would lose my job... I would also have another one very quickly given my resume.  If SHE has to work all weekend so that the docs don't get mad, she should.  It's HER business.  What part of that is hard for her to understand?  Sure, if she had asked me ahead of time and said, "I really need your help. Do you have any time this weekend to work on this account?", she would have had a different response from me. But to tell me, "You have all weekend to catch up..."  I DON'T think so.  I am not a robot, I am a person with a husband and four children.  I told her I could give her three hours on the weekend put toward any account she chooses, but that no, I would not be working until it was all caught up. She was mad.

Needless to say, I am looking for another job.  But what is wrong with this woman?

I needed to vent.  If you've made it this far, thank you for listening!



I agree. I was shocked too. Laurie seems irritated; thought a little
mothering might help calm her down.

I'm raising my children alone. I know how it is.
You proof read signs and get irritated when there are mistakes.
you get irritated because you can't spell check your handwritten letters
Well I have a chronically stuffed up head, irritated throat and headache and I am getting sick of
it. Dont know if it is allergies or sinuses. I dont want to be taking antibiotics because mostly they dont help but I wish I knew what to use to help this. It gets old and tiresome. My throat feels sore and hurts. I always sound like I have a cold and I dont.
and it's mostly owners now but....sm

I have lived under 3 different families with children, all children being in the MASTER bedroom above mine.  I have had to wait for TWO sets of kids to grow up.  It's the noise from the kids from the first 2 families.  Ok, this current family, has toddlers - little toddlers of which the older one (5) is a little terror....

I transcribe in both bedrooms, the master for private MDs (as the 2nd BR used to be my daughter's but she's married now and out of here), and the 2nd BR for a national.  With this 3rd family, besides the children, this bruja (Spanish for witch) decides every now and then to BLAST her music at 3 PM so loud that my walls shake (it's the bass that bothers me the most).  I have complained at the concierge desk, has been documented for one year, and then a few weeks ago I decided to introduce myself, big smile on face, while her music was blasting, and tell her that I live under her.

HUGE MISTAKE!!!  This bruja says *oh, YOU'RE the one (who had been complaining)* and pointed her finger at me, and I said *NO, YOU'RE the one, the one who is totally inconsiderate of those above you, below you, to each side of you, and across from you* to which she said *take it up with the concierge* who met with her and said *you can take action* -

an hour later, the police came to my door, BECAUSE I RANG HER DOORBELL - can you imagine - well imagine the courts today, how they worry about the rights of the criminals and what about the victims.  While I wasn't a *victim* - the years' worth of documentation with the concierge AND security, should've been enough.  Nope, they told me not to ring her doorbell anymore and if her nose level gets that bad to avoid the concierge and CALL THEM.  I hate bothering the police for things like this.....but I WILL.

S. Florida is where I live in case you might be wondering where they could possibly be THAT inconsiderate.......yep, S. Florida......

Welcome new owners, but please let us know
or if our posts or information are shared with anyone.
This IS the owners board to do with as....nm

owners trying to compete
The companies are trying to keep their profits high, be competitive with India and the doctors want to pay next to nothing. It's a tough business right now. I would look to other options or really push for more money. I wouldn't work for less than 9 cents. On the other hand, there are MTs out there who think they are very good, but they are honestly terrible. I think if you push for a quality company and sell yourself and you truly are worth the money, you will get it.
I don't get it....the owners, the advertisers....
Owners set the tone
Owners can indeed be nice, but they also need to set the tone, or the corporate culture, for *nice*.  Polite and respectful has to be the clearly stated expectation for behavior by everyone.  *It goes without saying* does, indeed, need to be said and reiterated every so often.  The idea that everyone in the firm is a client of every other employee needs to be stressed.  Some of these things are fairly easy for the owners to check.  Ever call your own business as a potential new hire and see how you're treated?  Ever call Technical with a problem and describe yourself as a worker instead of a boss?  It can be a real eye opener, and it's something owners need to know.
That sure is odd! I wonder if they meant the OWNERS of
OSi owners can do transcription...lmao

For the board owners, just a note to say
Question for MTSO owners/ICs
After years of working for others, I am looking to start up my own service.

Can anyone tell me what is the average going rate to charge for a hospital/acute-care account ? I have no idea of where to start my offers out at.
Previous owners were jerks....dog got hit by a car, by the time they took it - sm
to the vet it had gangrene. They told the vet to put the dog down (a year old)...vet called a Husky rescue organization who "rescued" him and had the necessary surgery done. My family adopted him about 2 years ago....great dog, keeps our lab company too. He can run like the wind which is pretty amazing.
Service owners/cherry pickers
Why do service owners never seem to notice cherry pickers? Even going to great lengths to deny there are any in their group?
Because owners, managers, and CEOs are all trying to cut costs
so they can make as much moolah as possible.  EVERY OTHER JOB I have ever had provided on the job training, EVEN the salaried professional white collar positions.  Going to school or college does NOT train a person to automatically step into a position knowing everything.  Nurses, doctors, lawyers, managers, HR directors, personal bankers, vice presidents, all of them had apprenticeships, internships, training, or worked their way up.  MT is the only field I know of where nobody is willing to train or mentor newbies.  The training at my last MT job consisted of an emailed two-page explanation of how to pull up their jobs.  That's it.  No account specs, nothing.  Go live on day one.
I've noticed a lot of business owners
have their own way of doing things - sometimes too extreme for me.  They either have done so long their way - they don't realize things have changed since they started - or they go by the BOS down to the letter - each and every single letter - and possibly your accounts have not followed that closely in the past - or they are just picky as all get out and have a huge ego and want to make you feel inferior.  There is also the possibility you may be doing some things 'wrong' - but if you have been in the business for 20 years - cannot be that serious - and obviously you know what you are doing!!  I have run into absolutely crazy things in the last year with different MTSOs.... you dont' even want to know!!
Any small MT business owners in CA out there? I need advice!!

I'm looking start up my own small bus., just a couple accounts, but I need to know if there are any HIPAA contracts or anything else that I should be providing for the doctor and myself to sign.  Any advice would be truly appreciated!!

Thnx, Rachel

The owners of both Andrews and M-Tec very accessible and can help you with your decision.
Best of luck. :)
Why do you assume the names here are made up? Could it be the new owners
just posting to post? I have always been here (ss) and I have seen Hayseed, TRose, Country MT and many others that I no longer see anymore. If everyone would keep using their same names, initials we would know who is who.
The owners of the companies I work for certainly could increase my cpl rate. nm
the people who really make BIG BUCKS are business owners
especially when they go into...say- window washing or something right away, instead of into debt. In general, I'm for college - plan to push my kids to get their master's right away as that seems entry level nowadays - but where I made really good money was owning my own service. Make(made) more as an MTSO than I ever will as a nurse-practitioner.
And will you admit there are plenty of wannabe service owners also?
American Association of Medical Transcription Service Owners
They do not represent the rights of the individual Transcriptionist it seems but rather promote their organization in order to continue to exist and to continue to survive, they seem to think they should stand up for the service owner and not the MT.

You'd think they would be giving information on how to get more production since our wages have stood still and unless speed engines are used, we make much less than what one would think.

Solid company, nice owners, LOTS of ESLs nm

Wow..I'm so shocked. I didnt know this happened. I know the clients pay the MTSO owners so why ca
the MTs who do the work. Is this the same person. It sounds like she is a nice person but nice does not pay the bills. Anyone care to give initials of the company as I have been looking for a IC job and obviously with these people having a huge turnover due to nonpayment, I do not want to fall into that trap. How awful!!!
Dogs dying from 'miracle drug'. Heads up, doggie owners
Marketed as a miracle drug for man's best friend, Rimadyl is one of the most popular painkillers available for dogs. And it's killing dogs by the thousands.

Vince Sharkey was faced with the decision every pet owner dreads, whether to euthanize his beloved dog King Billy.

Arthritis and deteriorating bones made it too painful for the 8-year-old golden retriever to walk.

His veterinarian recommended putting the dog down.

"He had so much life in him. I said, 'I just can't do that'."

Then Sharkey discovered Rimadyl, a prescription anti-inflammatory drug heavily marketed to owners of older dogs. Sharkey says Rimadyl saved his dog's life.

"Before I had him on the Rimadyl he was not even able to walk. He would drag his back half of his body. The moment we got him on Rimadyl, he was back to being his normal self again.

But Lynne Bradburn tells a very different story.

Her Saint Bernard, Honor, was just 22 months old when he died after taking Rimadyl for a sprained knee.

"He'd been sitting in my lap. And he looked up at me, and he died," Bradburn said.

Honor died after taking just four doses of the drug.

"They tell you it's as safe as aspirin. But it's not. And yes, I'm angry. And I will always be angry," Bradburn said.

The FDA reports some 12,516 complaints about Rimadyl dating back to 1997, including more than 2,300 cases where the dog died or had to be euthanized. The largest number of cases involve liver or kidney failure or internal bleeding.

Rimadyl's manufacturer, Pfizer, maintains the drug is safe, saying some 10 million dogs have taken over a billion doses of the drug, with less than 1 percent of them experiencing any negative side effects.

"There are side effects just as there are benefits with all medicines, with all medical procedures and certainly with Rimadyl. The good news about Rimadyl is that for the overwhelming majority of those 10 million dogs, plus, it has provided safe and effective pain relief," said Pfizer spokesman Robert Fauteux.

But the FDA approved Rimadyl after it was tested on just 549 dogs, raising the question, were the rest of the dogs that took the drug acting as guinea pigs?

Retired veterinarian turned attorney Paul Mabrey says a drug for humans would never be allowed on the market with such a small sample.

In response to continued concerns about the drug, Pfizer sent a letter to veterinarians across the country warning them that some side effects may "occur without warning" and, in rare situations may result in "hospitalization or even death."

Still, veterinarians continue prescribing Rimadyl more than any other drug in its class. But they're careful to warn dog owners looking for a miracle cure.

"There's a lot of people that want the medication not fully aware of everything that's entailed with that but we make sure to do everything we can to educate before they go on the medication," said Dr. Deborah Feltz, a the Elliott Bay Animal Hospital.

It's a warning echoed by those who know first hand what happens when a miracle drug proves imperfect.