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It is their job...

Posted By: MT20+ on 2006-03-30
In Reply to: I also live in a neighborhood where - NCMT

They have cages to catch them in and they are supposed to put them out overnight and try to get them. They don't actually have to be on your property..they're supposed to be restrained. It just depends on each city, some are just too laxed about doing their job unless a large enough of complaints are made.

We had actually adopted a dog from Animal Control a few years ago and he broke out (chewed out) of our 6 foot privacy fence, was out for about 10 minutes before I realized he was gone, had gone down the street and a little old lady had called AC and said the puppy was trying to get in her house, was tearing down her door. Well, AC showed up in under that 10 minute time frame, took the puppy, and I found him at AC. When I asked them why they couldn't respond that fast to my mother's complaints on a side of town where rambling dogs are the norm, not the exception, of course they had no reply, except saying if they could get them, they would. But they did say they got a good laugh out of the little old lady, cause when they got there, her husband was playing with him and didn't want them to take him (he wanted to find the owner) and his wife was adamant he would eat her. It's true he ate a lot but mostly his many beds and all the towels he could find in the house. None of my children were ever found missing from having been eaten!! He was so friendly and goofy, this was the only funny thing about that.

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